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In all of Creation!!!

PostPosted: Sun Apr 24, 2011 8:14 pm
by shadowhawk2008
Inspired by something Shogun_Nate said and because I enjoy this sort of thing and because I think it is a really cool process, I give to you "The Create a Chapter Contest". Its a simple enough thing: choose a legion (First Founding) or a chapter of any of the later foundings. You have two weeks (until midnight 9th of May) in which to create a space marine chapter of your own. There will be a shortlist of three potential winners for the voting process.

#1 - 6 points
#2 - 4 points
#3 - 2 points

Keep the background tight and simple is my advice. The judging (based on people's voting and their feedback) will be on the quality of your submission. Other than that feel free to go wild.

The two things I would caution people from doing are A, making your chapter the ultimate roxxors chapter which has the toughest marines this side of the galaxy, and B, avoid cliches and if you really want to do something cliched then at least develop your own spin on it. That is just plain unhealthy and not really a test of your creativity.

To submit a chapter you have the following constraints.

1. Basic Details about the chapter: Name / Founding Chapter/ Primarch / Founding /Chapter Master/ Homeworld / Fortress-Monastery /Colours / Specialty / Battle-cry

2. History - Basically how the chapter came to be formed. Anything interesting with regards to their actual founding? What have they been up to? Any particular highs and lows? Stuff like that.

3. Organization and Doctrine - A wide field here but mostly explain how and why your chapter adheres to the Codex Astartes. Or does it? Any quirks in their organization? What is the disposition of the chapter?

You have the added option of talking about your fleet disposition here if you so prefer.

4. Gene-seed - Any mutations? Inherent flaws? Inherited flaws?

5. Beliefs - Traditions. Religious?

6. Homeworld - What is their homeworld like? How are the people like? If you are a crusading chapter like the Imperial Fists or the Knights of the Raven then tell us if there is a particular ship in the fleet serving as your home.

7. Recruitment - How does the chapter recruit? What kind of worlds does the chapter recruit from? Any particular traditions that are followed here?

8. Heraldry - Codex markings? Non-codex? What is your heraldic icon? What are your colours? Any particular reasons for those colours?

9. Notable Marines - Anyone and everyone goes. 2-4 characters only. Short blurby-bios are fine as well.

10. Famous Battles - Describe 3 battles your chapter, as a whole or divided, has participated in. One victory, one loss, one 'draw'.

Final thing, if there are less than 5 submissions for this (keeping in mind that the BL submissions window is coming up and people may not really have the time) then I may extend the time for this as well.

Have fun! Interested to see how people do this.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 24, 2011 8:39 pm
by Commander Shadow
hmmm, do you think we could do another with the Imperial guard regiments?

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 24, 2011 8:43 pm
by shadowhawk2008
Commander Shadow wrote:hmmm, do you think we could do another with the Imperial guard regiments?

Sure why not. I'll post up details like I did for this one tomorrow. ;) cheers!

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 24, 2011 8:47 pm
by Commander Shadow
haha thanks! Not that i have anything against the astartes or anything...

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:40 am
by Shogun_Nate
You have two weeks (until midnight 9th of May) in which to create a space marine chapter of your own.

You had me here! Unfortunately, you lost me at:

Keep the background tight and simple is my advice.

I'm left wondering how to condense twenty pages into something tight and/or simple! :D Maybe I should just pull something out of the proverbial hat and go with it lol!

Consider me taking up the challenge!

Good luck and good writing,


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PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:43 pm
by Erunanion
I'm up for this. I submitted a novel featuring an Iron Hands successor chapter that I really liked. When I get some time this week I'll post it up :)

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 10:40 pm
by Colonel Mustard
Just a quick rejigging of the Sons of Thunder's background and I'm sorted! Count me in, Shadowhawk.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 2:15 pm
by shadowhawk2008
I will be posting my nascent ideas here in a few days.

I've picked the Invictors chapter which I will be writing as an Ultramarines successor. They are going to be fun. :roll:

This upper part is all old hat now!

Here is the Invictors chapter:

(In order: 3rd Company Captain, Sternguard and Vanguard of 1st Company and 2nd Company Tactical)





Basic Data

Name: Invictors
Founding Chapter: Ultramarines, XIIIth Legiones Astartes
Primarch: Roboute Guilliman
Founding: Unknown Founding, M34
Chapter Master: Octavion Solus
Homeworld: Vectroyne
Fortress-Monastery: Scimitaris
Main Colours: Yellow and Lightning Blue
Specialty: Infantry Shock Tactics
Battle-cry: ‘Nos esto Invictora! Nos mori Evalescuo!’ – ‘We are the Invictors! We will prevail!’

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:41 pm
by shadowhawk2008
So how are people progressing on this?

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:15 pm
by Erunanion
Right, let's have a go with this; I am feeling in a 'fun' mood, and its been a long time since I returned to the Steel Sons...

Steel Sons Adeptus Astartes

Basic Data

Name: Steel Sons
Founding Legion: Iron Hands, The Tenth Legiones Astartes
Primarch: Ferrus Manus
Founding: Unknown Founding, M36
Chapter Master: Luka Feron
Homeworld: Belami
Fortress-Monastery: The Spire
Main Colours: Jade green and crimson
Specialty: Mechanised Assault
Battle-cry: "Never Broken!"

History - Basically how the chapter came to be formed. Anything interesting with regards to their actual founding? What have they been up to? Any particular highs and lows? Stuff like that.

3. Organization and Doctrine - A wide field here but mostly explain how and why your chapter adheres to the Codex Astartes. Or does it? Any quirks in their organization? What is the disposition of the chapter?

You have the added option of talking about your fleet disposition here if you so prefer.


The gene-seed of the Steel Sons is pure of taint, as certified by the Magos Biologis of Ryza.


The Steel Sons are an intensely religious chapter, still holding to the tribal beliefs of the Belami tribespeople. The Emperor is worshipped in the aspect of a Star-Father, a spiritual being that is warden of the skies in which lies Mother Belami, the planet which they worship in an earth-mother aspect. This form of reverence has been sanctioned by the subsector Ecclessiarchy pontiff.


7. Recruitment - How does the chapter recruit? What kind of worlds does the chapter recruit from? Any particular traditions that are followed here?


The Steel Sons do not cleave particularly closely to the Codex system of markings; aside from chapter iconography and company numbering, each Astartes' armour is his own affair, providing that any decoration is in keeping and appeasement of its machine spirit.
The chapter's symbol is a clenched steel-grey fist before a white mountain, rising from a green field. This icon is representative of the chapter's bloodline and homeworld. The fist is their Primarch, the honoured Ferrus Manus; the white mountain is the Spire, their fortress-monastery; the green field is Belami, their home.

9. Notable Marines - Anyone and everyone goes. 2-4 characters only. Short blurby-bios are fine as well.

10. Famous Battles - Describe 3 battles your chapter, as a whole or divided, has participated in. One victory, one loss, one 'draw'.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 7:24 am
by Falkenhayn
Landlubbers beware, the Submarines have landed.


The Submarines are a successor chapter of the Dark Angels, with whom they have very loose ties. They are a mobile chapter, but are almost exclusively engaged in wars in Segmentum Tempestus.
Their battlebarge, Nautilus, serves as their headquarters when they undertake purges of Tyranid infested systems.

When the chapter was almost annihilated by a splinter fleet, Captain Marcus Ramius petitioned the Dark Angels as well as other Unforgiven successor chapters for replacement recruits. The Dark Angels, goaded by the silver-tongued Interrogator-Chaplain Sarpedon, insisted that the Submarines should disband and be annexed by their progenitor legion since they no longer were deemed an efficient fighting force. Captain Ramius famously replied:

"You wish us to be subsumed by your chapter? Submit to your command?
Brother, the time for subtleties are over. Go

The animosity and resentment that followed left the Submarines with no support from their supposed brothers, and they set out on their wrathful quest to end the Tyranid menace in the Segmentum Tempestus.

This lack of support, and the fact that their entire Chapter was wiped out while on patrol, means that the remaining second company has no access to Terminator armor and presently fields no Dreadnaughts.
Nominally a Codex adhering chapter, the Submarines have been forced by circumstance to dramatically alter their force disposition. They currently field only two minor companies of roughly forty battlebrothers each.

Besides the Nautilus, they have control of two strike cruisers, the Das October and Red Boot. The strike cruisers are used only for space combat as there are simply not enough battlebrothers to countenance splitting up the fleet.

Bloodied and battered, but not broken, the Submarines continue their tireless vigil in the void.

-Due to a geneseed flaw, the inner ear of Submarines is faulty, resulting in a constant sensation of seasickness when in space.

-It is customary for a Submarine to eat the first termagaunt he slays in a battle, in remembrance of their dead chapter master. This has resulted in unusually active Preomnor and Omophagea organs in the remaining Submarines.

Dear reader:
If you had not noticed, this is not an entirely serious chapter. I know it is not in the spirit of the competition, so if I am disqualified that is completely understandable!

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:52 am
by Colonel Mustard
That made me giggle just a bit, Falk. I like the Submarines a lot.

On a somewhat more serious note, I've got my background written out for the Sons of Thunder. Enjoy!

    Chapter Name: Sons of Thunder
    Founding Chapter: Salamanders
    Primarch: Vulkan
    Current Chapter Master: Denius Kelgin
    Original Founding: 19th Founding
    Homeworld: Polyphemus
    Fortress Monastery: The Citadel of Storms
    Main colours: White, with gold shoulder pads and knee pads.
    Speciality: Mid-ranged mechanised combat
    Battle cry: “We are the lightning of His wrath! We are the thunder of His hate!”


The Sons of Thunder were founded in 561.M35 as part of the 19th founding; using both Salamander geneseed as well as a small core of volunteers from the chapter, the stormworld of Polyphemus in the Uhulis Secor was picked as a homeworld and staging post for the chapter.

For the first few decades since its founding, the Sons kept away from combat, instead choosing to build up the chapter’s numbers. It was only in 615.M35 that the Sons entered their first combat operation, in order to support an Imperial Guard force fighting an Ork Waaagh on the world of Lokir III.

The campaign was a success, the Sons of Thunder’s brutal tactics of large-scale armoured assaults proving devastating against the xenos horde. Using Rhinos, Razorback and Predator variants in concert, the Sons swiftly broke the back of the Orks and, with the aid of their mortal counterparts, hunted down and exterminated the xenos in a matter of months.

The Sons of Thunder have participated in a large variety of campaigns along the Southwestern fringes of the galaxy, as well as various other notable engagements in other parts of the Galaxy. The Sons have maintained close ties with the Salamanders, having fought alongside them on several occasions, and have also secured a lucrative supply of quality materiel since their defence of the Forge World of Lusita in 039.M38.

Organisation and Doctrines

The Sons are notable for extensive use of armoured vehicles in their assaults, choosing to mount their squads in Rhinos while being backed up by large numbers of Predators and Vindicators, with company captains famously going to war in super-heavy variants; some have even gone so far as to describe them as the “Armoured Regiment of the Adeptus Astartes.” This has in turn reflected on their rather unorthodox organisation; each of the Sons’ ten companies is only fifty Astartes strong, while the chapter is made up of another ten Divisions, each Division assigned to a company (fourth Division would be assigned to the fourth company, fifth division to the fifth company and so on). A Division Commander and an Infantry Commander serve as lieutenants to the company captain who will either fight on foot or in a vehicle dependent on the situation.

However, this reliance on tanks often means that, when faced with large numbers of enemy vehicles, they find themselves at somewhat of a severe disadvantage as they find themselves outnumbered and often outgunned. As such, they often struggle to deal with large concentrations of enemy armour, and instead have to rely on less practiced infantry tactics to defeat the foe. They also tend to not get on too well with Ultramarines or their successor chapters, for reasons that are fairly obvious.

Due to their close ties with both the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Salamanders, the Sons are skilled ironmongers and artisans, their wargear of an extremely high quality. A notable proportion of their personnel also serve as techmarines (dubbed Forge Priests by the chapter) in order to help maintain the large number of vehicles the chapter has in its arsenal. This ready supply of heavy firepower has, in turn, lead to a great love of big guns amongst the chapter, and they are noted for having an affection for any ranged weapon that is particularly powerful. Not only this, but their attitude to combat can often be somewhat of a gung-ho one, with a reliance on big guns to tear apart the enemy from afar.

While the Sons are of the Salamanders gene-stock, it should be noted that, on some points, their attitudes to the treatment of civilian populations has differed. While most commanders of the Sons of Thunder are reluctant to sacrifice the lives of any citizens that they view as innocent, should any perceived blasphemy be found on a world the Sons are mercilessly thorough, going so far as to methodically slaughter the populations of any worlds they deem deviant, crushing civilian populations under treads and with bolter fire in great massacres that see worlds run slick with blood. What is notable is the ruthlessly thorough nature of these purgings; each city of a world is attacked and annihilated, with the Sons remorselessly cleansing whatever they find without any notion of care for those they kill, or any willingness to consider halting their purges once they have started; on the world of Hasua III, it took the direct order of Inquisitor Amis Kratner to stop the Sons from completely slaughtering the civilian population of the planet, even after their commanders had been handed evidence proving the planet's innocence of any heresy. As Brother Captain Sveinesson of the Space Wolves once remarked; “Aye, they claim to be of thunder and lightning, but deep down, those marines, they’re of ice.”

Gene seed

Using Salamander Geneseed, the Sons hold many of the hallmarks of Vulkan’s gene-sons, such as a love of smithery and metallurgy and a slight slowing in their reactions in comparison to other marines. Notably, however, most of the Sons do not develop the ferocious black-skinned, red-eyed look of the Salamanders, instead taking the more pale look of the natives of their subterranean homeworld of Polyphemus. That said, however, there have been notable cases of those who have been exposed to large amounts of radiation developing an appearance similar to those of the Salamanders in the past.


The Sons are not a particularly religious chapter, holding with the old doctrine of the Astartes that the Emperor is merely a man, not a God. However, many of them still hold a great affinity with both the earth and the sky, most of them having lived in the tunnels of Polyphemus that protects them from the storm above; it is not uncommon for the Sons to view storms prior to battle as a good omen, and imagery of lightning bolts and thunder clouds are not uncommon upon the armour, weapons and vehicles of the Sons.

The Sons are also rather utilitarian in nature, an attitude birthed from the upbringing of many in mines and underground arcologies where rationing is common, but also are noted to be willing to commit acts of self sacrifice for the sake of their battle brothers, believing that the individual is less important than the whole.


Polyphemus is a stormworld, a theoretically temperate planet with water existing in a liquid state. Unfortunately, the planet is also in a rapid figure of eight orbit around a pair of binary K-type stars, Zebedee and Salome, lasting only forty hours per cycle, resulting in rapid changes in temperature from hot to cold. Such rapid changes in temperature result in equally sudden changes in pressure, and as such massive hurricanes tear across the surface at regular intervals.

The inhabitants of Polyphemus live in large underground arcologies and mining settlements, in cramped conditions. Rationing and martial law are common, and strict provisions are placed on supplies in order to ensure the survival of the community as a whole, with brutal punishments administered for the smallest of crimes.

Aside from food shortages and cramped conditions, there is a third threat the people of Polyphemus’ continued existence; the troglodytes. Thought to be a degenerate breed of Orks from some ancient waaagh, generations of existence without sunlight has reduced them to much smaller, frailer version of greenskins, eking out a feral existence in the deepest tunnels of Polyphemus and surviving only through pure viciousness and their alarming breeding speed. Many arcologies and mines are in a near-constant state of warfare with the creatures, using militia armed with lasweapons and, more often than not, simple industrial and agricultural tools. Occasionally, troglodytes gather in numbers enough to be a credible threat to the various tunnel-cities and arcologies, at which point the Sons will leave the Citadel of Storms in order to deal with the threat with lethal force; not even a hundred troglodytes are a match for a fully armoured, fully trained Son of Thunder, and many battle brothers refer to such occasions as “trog hunts,” treating such easy combat tasks as little more than sport. While the Sons could easily wipe out the planet’s troglodyte population in a matter of months using only whatever garrisoning company they have available, they choose to let some of the creatures live; not out of any kind of mercy, but simply so they keep the population of Polyphemus tough in order to make the most promising recruits.


The main method of recruitment used by the Sons is to use the troglodytes that infest their planet; most arcology or mine cities are attacked by troglodytes near-constantly, and as such, this tends to have a high mortality rate on those unable to fight, while mining parties go with the protection of armed guards. Generally, most notable civilisations have a number of serfs secretly planted there in order to monitor the young men of the area; particularly promising recruits are alerted to and are collected by the Sons. Some, however, come to the chapter by different means, often particularly resourceful lone survivors of raids; Knight Lord Crowlin, current commander of the First Company, was found atop a pile of troglodyte dead, armed with a blood-slicked mining saw that he wields to this day (albeit now upgraded with an adamantium blade, reinforced armour and a power field, making it more than capable of cutting through anything in his way).


The usual heraldry of the Sons is a crossed hammer and lightning bolt, symbolic of both the stormy nature of their homeworld, Polyphemus, and also of the link between them and their gene-father Vulkan.


The traditional colours of the Sons are white, with golden shoulderpads, kneepads and upon the elbow joints on their power armour, though gold filigree is often commonly added to armour according to the taste of each individual battle brother.


Notable Members

Denius Kelgin: Current chapter master of the Sons of Thunder, Denius Kelgin is a venerable veteran of hundreds of campaigns, and has led the Sons with wisdom and skill for nearly four centuries. As chapter master, he often commands the venerable and incredibly rare Doomblade-type superheavy, Pax Imperator.

Nokra Lo’Shan: One of the founding fathers of the Sons of Thunder, Lo’Shan was originally of the Salamanders chapter before he created the Sons. He served as chapter master for three hundred years before he was grievously wounded on the world of Alken, whereupon he was transferred to a dreadnought sarcophagus. His combat record since then is a long, if sporadic one, as he is woken only when his millennia of experience and combat skill are needed most.

Olarin Admatus: Forgemaster of the Sons of Thunder, Olarin is one of their most skilled craftsman and most important members, not far below Denius Kelgin in the hierarchy of the chapter.

Chief Librarian Antius: A powerful psyker and seasoned veteran, Antius is a veritable mine of information and experience.

Famous Campaigns

The Second Defence of Lusita: In 974.M41, the forge world of Lusita, the Sons’ main supply point and one of their closest allies, came under attack from the rogue daemon-magos Lomoch Achmalin. The fourth company was deployed, under the command of Brother Captain Almorris, and rushed to the battle. Lusita, already defended by the large columns of armour it was capable of producing as well as having hundreds of thousands of Skitarii and combat servitors, along with the Legio Vindicta, to defend it, was able to hold Achmalin at bay for a good seven weeks, even with Achmalin’s corrupted Imperator Titan, Erado Omnis predating upon them. The rest of the Sons arrived as reinforcement, and with another nine hundred marines and the chapter fleet threatening him, Achmalin was forced to flee, swearing that he would avenge himself upon Almorris and the Forge World.

The Battle of the Burning Plains: When the Sons of Thunder were called to defend the world of Almahein against the encroaches of the traitorous regiment of the Herexian VII, they expected an easy victory. Unfortunately for them, their campaign against the traitorous guardsmen did not go quite as well as planned; once an armoured regiment, the Herexians had a large number of Leman Russ tanks at their disposal, as well as a few superheavy variants of their own, and what should have been a swift and decisive battle turned into a gruelling campaign of culling enemy tanks over time while trying to conserve numbers of Predators and Vindicators. The war ground on for a long stalemate, with the Sons withdrawing to pursue other campaigns once additional support elements from the Imperial Guard arrived to try and finish the job. The war went on for another ten years before the Herexians were finally forced to pull back, mainly thanks to the heroic efforts of the Vostroyan CXI.

The Fall of Kasyr Luiten: The Sons were one of the forces defending the planet of Tarinth against the forces of Abbadon the Despoiler, with the second, fifth and sixth companies, along with a large detachment from the first company. Despite the forces of the Sons fighting valiantly, the numbers of traitors, heretics and daemons assailing them were too great, and they, along with the rest of the Imperium’s forces, were forced to withdraw from Tarinth with heavy losses, including more than eighty brothers and the Shadowsword, Striking Lightning.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:10 pm
by shadowhawk2008
Just to put it out there folks.

If you all could main me your entries via worddoc and also send me your image links that would be great. I am going to be posting the progress of the competition on my blog. And you all have until the end of the deadline to make any changes and let me know if you do make any changes.



30/4 12.02am My entry above has been updated with preview pics of the chapter.

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PostPosted: Sat May 07, 2011 8:50 pm
by shadowhawk2008
We only have 5 people in this!! Need more!!

Unfortunately I myself haven't been able to devote too much time to this other than what we already have.

I will just extend the competition :)

Details soon!

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PostPosted: Sat May 07, 2011 11:11 pm
by Shogun_Nate
Good! I'm still trying to carve out a semblence of simplicity to post up! :D How long will we have now?


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PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2011 7:25 pm
by shadowhawk2008
How do an extra two weeks sound?


So instead of the 9th this goes on till the 25th!

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PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2011 11:51 pm
by Falkenhayn
No! I want to win NAOW! :)

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PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2011 1:03 am
by Shogun_Nate
Two weeks should be enough. Maybe... I might just scrap using my own DIY chapter and make one up on the fly. So much less work to contend with. A basic background, some pompous, long-winded diatribe about the destruction of all things not human (and some that are) and finally a good battle cry that will resound through hill and dell. I was thinking "SPOOON!". :D

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PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2011 9:49 am
by Bane Of Kings
Name: The Iron Fists
Founding: M37
Founding Chapter: Iron Hands
Current Chapter Master: Verchen
Homeworld: Hyacinth
Fortress-Monastry: Neptunus
Main Colours: Blue-Silver with gold arms and gauntlets
Speciality: Lightning Strike - A lightning strike is an assault carried out with such overwhelming force, from such an unexpected quarter, that no defence is possible and the enemey is smashed aside and utterly defeated. Chapters that specialise in the tactic tend to maintain highly mobile forces, eschewing heavy firepower for manoeuvrability
Battle Cry: Faith and Fury!
Estimated Strength: Nominal strength.



A Chapter Is Born

The Iron Fists were created at the dawn of the 37th Mellenium, to deal with several unknown xenos raids into the Hyacinth system.

The Hyacinth system was far too dangerous, and its enviroment considered too harsh for any Imperial Guard Regiments to assault, as the core world of Hyacinth was listed as one of the top ten Death Worlds in the Imperium. Indeed, even if the Imperial Guard was called to do this task, there were no nearby regiments that weren't busy aiding the Steel Legion on Armaggeddon against the Ork threat.

So naturally, the Iron Hands being the only forces nearby, they dispatched a quater of their chapter to try and discover the idenity of the xenos.

Noras' Gambit

Shortly after the Iron Hands landed on Hyacinth, they were attacked and outnumbered by several xenos who were confirmed to be Dark Eldar. Fighting their way to the nearest settlment, the Imperial defenders welcomed the adeptus astartes, and aided their efforts to attack the xenos.

After the third clash with the xenos had left with heavy casualties on both sides, the Captain in command of the Operation and later to be founder of the Iron Fists, Yeral Noras, decided that a desperate course of action would be needed if the Dark Eldar were to be defeated.

At dawn on the thirty first day since the Iron Hands had landed on Hyacinth, an armoured coloum of Chimeras left the capital of Hyacinth - Neptunus, containing several voluenteers in the form of retired Imperial Guard and young, eager members of the Planetary Defence Force, with an aim to send Imperial aid to the villages cut off by Dark Eldar raids.

The Dark Eldar fell for the ploy, and struck the Chimeras as soon as they had vanished into the jungle that surrounded Neptunus, feeling confident that they would crush the enemy and reap more souls.

However, before they could reach the convoy, the Colonel in command of the expedition relayed Co-ordinates to the Iron Hands waiting in orbit above, in a ship concealed via cloaking devices.

Several Drop Pods deployed to the jungle even before the Dark Eldar reached the convoy, and the Iron Hands lead a strong counter assault that cought even the Dark Eldar unawares. Thunderhawks bombarded the xenos from above, as the Assault Marines were dispatched to board the enemy transports.

One-by-one, the Dark Eldar carriers were destroyed, leaving only one left by the dawn of the thirty-second day, and that one belonged to the leader of the raiding force.

Before he could depart the area, Captain Noras played his final card. Before the dispatch of the convoy, the Captain had requested the aid of several Terminators from the veteran first Company of the Iron Hands, who had arrived in orbit above Hyacinth as the Iron Hands had struck.

Even as the Dark Eldar leader turned to flee, several Terminators teleported on board his Raider, and sought him out and destroyed him.

With the death of their leader, the remaining Dark Eldar who had not participated in the raid fled the planet, and departed Hycanith altogether, vanashing back into the webway to seek refuge at Commorragh, the Dark City.

However, Captain Noras forsaw that one day, the xenos would return to Hyacinth, and so, according to the legends of the Iron Fists - he sought the High Council of Terra and asked for a chapter to be created, to stand watch over the Death World and to become its protectors.

Eventually, the High Council of Terra granted Noras' request, and the Iron Fists were formed, their Fortress Monastry becoming Neptunus, the only Hive that had managed to withstand the brutual attacks of the Dark Eldar.

Organization of the Iron Fists

Unlike Most Codex Chapters, the Iron Fists have slight differences to the chapters that adhere to the codex's every word. For one, they see a time that one day they will have to fight not by the book, for their enemies will expect them to fight the way they have always fought in the past.

Another difference to the Codex Chapters, is that similar to the Dark Angels, the Iron Fists Second Company, lead by The Master of the Assault is compromised of entirely veteran assault marines, meaning that the Company often shares a great rivalry with the 8th, the Iron Fists reserve Assault Company.

Below, you will find the Organization of the Iron Fists as of the end of the 41st Mellenium.

Chapter Command:

Abraham Verchen
Chapter Master of the Iron Fists
20 Honour Guard
Lead by Chapter Champion Epathus Adeon
2 Land Raiders
“Fist of Iron” “Gorgon’s Wrath”
Commander Chaplain Seleucus Kraus
1300 Chapter Equerries and Servitors


Glavius Kranz
Master of the Forge
12 Techmarines
50 Tech Servitors
13 Predators
4 Vindicators
2 Whirlwinds
5 Land Raiders


Corpus Gavinus
Chief Apothecary
17 Apothecaries

Fleet Command:

5 Strike Cruisers
2 Battle Barges
“The Annihilator” “The Interceptor”
7 Rapid Strike Vessels
13 Thunderhawk Gunships


Amael Castus
Chief Librarian
2 Epistolaries
6 Codiciers
9 Lexicaniums
2 Acolytum

1st Company:

Veteran Company
Heraldic Colour:
White / Silver
Captain Markus Thorn
“Lord of Iron”

87 Space Marine Veterans
2 Dreadnoughts

2nd Company:

Assault Company
Heraldic Colour:
Captain Abadiah Draco
“Master of the Assault”

10 Assault Squads
2 Dreadnoughts

3rd Company:

Battle Company
Heraldic Colour:
Red / Sanguinite
Captain Lexandro Vidius
“Master of the Watch”

6 Tactical Squads
2 Assault Squads
2 Devastator Squads
3 Dreadnoughts

4th Company:

Battle Company
Heraldic Colour:
Captain Betheor Exodus
“Master of the Fleet”

6 Tactical Squads
2 Assault Squads
2 Devastator Squads
1 Dreadnought

5th Company:

Battle Company
Heraldic Colour:
Black / Ebonite
Captain Obadian Kai
“Master of the Marches”

6 Tactical Squads
2 Assault Squads
2 Devastator Squads
4 Dreadnoughts

6th Company:

Tactical Company
Heraldic Colour:
Orange / Vermillium
Captain Zamiel Luthor
Master of the Rites

10 Tactical Squads
1 Dreadnought

7th Company:

Tactical Company
Heraldic Colour:
Heliotrope / Indignium
Captain Augustus Davion
Master of the Household

10 Tactical Squads
2 Dreadnoughts

8th Company:

Assault Company
Heraldic Colour:
Grey / Steel
Captain Xavier Halden
Master of the Skies

10 Assault Squads

9th Company:

Devastator Company
Heraldic Colour:
Captain Vladimir Aurio
Master of the Siege

10 Devastator Squads
4 Dreadnoughts

10th Company:

Scout Company
No Heraldic Colour
Captain Isaiah Lazerian
Master of the Recruits

Scout Squads

The Hyacinth System


Name: Hyacinth
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Hya Sector
Subsector: Hyac Subsector
System: Hyacinth System
Population: 14,000,000
Afillation: Imperium
Class: Adeptus Astartes Homeworld / Ocean World
Tithe Grade: Aptus Non

Hyacinth is a Ocean World, entirley Ocean but for three contients that vary in size. Indeed, many of the cities on Hyacinth are in the gigantic underwater caves, situated in strategic places that give the civilans a good place to seek shelter during an invasion. Hyacinth is also the homeworld of the Iron Fists, but cede the administration of their subjects to a ruling class drawn from the populace, issuing broad directives but maintaining their distance from the inhabitants, preferring to let them run the world allowing the adeptus astartes to oversee training of aspirants and carry out their crusades with little disturbance.

Teoris Secondus

Name: Teoris Secondus
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Hya Sector
Subsector: Hyac Subsector
System: Hyancith System
Population: 120,000,000,000
Afillation: Imperium
Class: Hive World
Tithe Grade: Exactis Prima

Although Hyancith is the most notable world in the Hyancith System, it is not the only one. There are at least eight planets, some civilised, some not, each sporting all types of enviorment, meaning some breed hardier citizens than others.

Teoris Secondus is one such world, a planet that has suffered almost as bad as Hyancith itself during the clashes with the Dark Eldar, and was only dealt with after Hyancith was freed from the xenos grasp, meaning the Hive World was in a far worse state in the 37th Mellenium.

However, as all worlds do, Teoris Secondus has recovered, and not just recovered. Indeed, by the late 41st Mellenium, the Hive World has reached new hieghts, and is prospering more than ever before.

The Iron Fists do draw recruits from this world, as they all do in Hyancith, and due to it being a Hive World the recruits are tough, deadly and usually the gang leaders of the people on the world. This has naturally lead to a rivalry within the various companies of the Iron Fists.

Casturn Reach

Name: Casturn Reach
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Hya Sector
Subsector: Hyac Subsector
System: Hyancith System
Population: 13,000,000
Afillation: Imperium
Class: Death World
Tithe Grade: Solutio Tertius

Casturn Reach is the planet closest to the sun of the Hyancith System, and therefore is entirley volcanic, aside from several training bases that the forces of the Iron Fists use to train their aspirants. It is a harsh world, with such a low population that if it were to be invaded, it has been deemed not worth saving by the Iron Fists, the only reason for its colonisation was so that the adeptus astartes could train their aspirants.

Re: In all of Creation!!!

PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2011 2:09 am
by Falkenhayn
Friends. Fellow scholars and magisters. A heinous act has taken place.

I call a vote to strip shadowhawk2008 (henceforth known as The Hawk) of all his honors and holdings, and to cast him out into the wilderness.
He shall be found guilty and sentenced in accordance with the laws of the Emperor. The sentence shall be carried out by the savage... things... who dwell outside the walls, in accordance with the laws of nature.

-The Hawk said this competition would run until the end of May 9th.
-The Hawk then extended the competition by a fortnight, without proper warning or adherence to the Codex.

I rest my case, and find you guilty. May the Emperor show mercy upon your soul, for I, and the Things, most certainly shall not!

ADDENDUM: Shogun_Nate shall be arcoflagellated for the crime of being inspiring.

A Lex Imperialis ad Pax Imperialis