(38K/SM-Blades Eternal) Citizens of the under ship

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(38K/SM-Blades Eternal) Citizens of the under ship

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“What are we to do with them Lord Shyama? I can find no fault in them.”

“And yet still they flee to the outer rim. They defy our orders to stand down.”

“Yes, it is troubling but can we blame them. They trusted in the establishment once and that trust shattered their chapter, leaving only a handful of them remaining.”

“Another reason not to exonerate them, with so few remaining why spend the resources to rebuild. Is it not best to just erase the error of our predecessors and begin anew? As for blame my young apprentice, we are his majesty's Holy Inquisition, blame is our trade.”

“But these Astartes battled non stop for nearly a melina along side the Vorpal Swords, helped successfully purged more than 400 worlds within the Eye of Terror. Surely that must count for something.”

“Enough Interrogator, morality doesn't factor into this situation. But they seem to have made an advocate of my brightest pupil so I am left few choices. They will not get the exoneration you so badly wish, but I will not condemn them either. You have one mission from this point forward, prove to me their innocence. I will leave this matter in a state of limbo for now, but I warn you. Should any discord come of this, it will be your head upon the executioner's block, not mine.”
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Re: (38K/SM-Blades Eternal) Citizens of the under ship

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“Almos, you will prepare the way till the future reveals itself from those who serve the lance. You will be their
shepherd and they your flock.”

Chapter 1 / Part 1

Jenna ran as fast as her slender legs would carry her through the brightly lit corridors of the “off’s”. She knew these halls were forbidden to her people, but to avoid capture or worse from the pleasure gangs she had been forced to detoured into the “uppers” against her better judgement.

The sentinels who patrol this hallowed ground would undoubtedly respond to her intrusion harshly and Jenna, looking to avoid retribution from the metallic guardians, raced through its’ silvery passages desperate to find a way back home. All too soon though, the clanking of metal upon plate began and any hopes of a easy escape vanished as she knew such sounds usually heralded the coming of the “Blanks.”

Turning down a random corridor she looked back only to see two metal apparitions appear from the passage she had just left. Frantic, she knew she needed cover, any cover, and so fled headlong into the nearest doorway hoping it would lead back to the undership only to instead be confronted by a massive barrier that halted her forward progress instantly.

Skidding to a stop she could only look up and marvel at the one blocking her escape. A colossus of nearly twice her height covered from head to toe in thick plates of armor. From its’ massive breastplate a silver bird screamed with outstretched wings whilst inscribed onto seemingly every part of its armor were strange runes that glowed with a purity like cleansing fire. At its’ waist hung two great weapons the first of which was a strange pistol far too large for a mortal person to wield. The other was a blade sheathed in an ornate scabbard that almost seemed to be spilling smoke from its’ hilt. As odd as its appearance was to Jenna she found the most unusual part of this entity was a strange device mounted to its’ arm. Akin to nothing she had ever seen before it resembled a collection of needles and drills that ended in a short chain blade.

Calmly the unnamed goliath reached up to its’ helmet and began to work the mechanism at it’s base till with a hiss the helm detached from the armor and Jenna bore witness to the man inside. He was a giant with skin of deep brown and eyes of red like the flame of an open hearth. His head was without hair but upon every inch of his face and scalp were silver lined scars shaped like the writing on his armor.

Jenna opened her mouth to say something to the one that stood before her but was interrupted when a set of cold metallic hands took her to the deck. Fear immediately replaced the wonder that had filled her just seconds earlier as the reality of her capture sunk in. With only escape now on her mind, Jenna desperately struggled against the “blanks” that restrained her. All too soon though she realized she could do nothing against the metallic muscle of her executioners grip and with the sentence seemingly clear, tears began to creep into her eyes as she accepted this fate. She had no doubt that her life would have ended there and then were it not for a deep baritone voice that granted her a reprieve with two simple words, “Thallaxii hold”.

Motioning for the “Blanks” to give him room the unnamed warrior knelt down beside her and began passing the instrument on his forearm above her body. For Jenna, time slowed as the sounds around her faded till all that filled her ears was the pounding of her heart. Each beat echoed in her mind like the ticking of her existence and though she was never a religious person, in that moment she found herself silently praying to the God Emperor for deliverance hoping to just somehow survive the day.

“Return to your duties.” The one aside her said peaceably but with the air of command the metallic ones obeyed.

Promptly released from their clutches Jenna heard the “blanks” leaving but her gaze was solely on the Demi-god before her. To her relief the face she now looked upon seemed kinder than before and there was almost a smile upon his lips. His eyes still burned with a fire that was ready to consume the unholy but it was now softer if that was possible and somehow comforting.

“Where do you come from child?” he asked motioning for Jenna to stand before sliding back seamlessly so he knelt as one would do to meditate.

Jenna, still stunned by the recent events, was unsure how to respond. Her first instinct was to lie as sharing any information with an outsider was dangerous at best. But she knew this had to surely be a test for those who walked the halls of the “off’s” know all. It was obvious one such as he would strike her down if she dared utter a single falsehood so she remained silent while the question worked around her mind.

Still pondering she slowly rose to her feet, noticing even when standing at her full height she was dwarfed by the one kneeling before her. Conflicted, her mind continued to race as the battle between her years of hard existence fought again the truth before her.

“I’m of Urret tree my lord.” She finally said allowing truth to win out. “Jenna of Urret tree.”

The man smiled widely at the answer while nodding his approval.

“Well Jenna of turret three, I am Apothecary Del Almos of the Blades Eternal. I’m glad to meet you my charge. This will be joyous news to the Regent as well.”
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Re: (38K/SM-Blades Eternal) Citizens of the under ship

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“It is not natural to be separate or above those you serve, our father forgot this when he created you. For you to fight for humanity, you must still be human for your deeds not to lose their meaning to arrogant warmongering.”

Chapter 1 / Part 2

“Where are we going mylord?” Jenna asked in her thick, low gothic accent.

“Topside,” the Apothecary said matter of factly. “Your wellbeing is vital to our revival. You bare the future and as such I must insure your health so I am taking you to the Apothecarium.”

Jenna didn't know what an “Apothecarium” was but something about his statement gnawed at her. Thinking it best to not question him at this time she instead simply followed behind her armored master while marveling at the clean gleaming lines of this section of the ship.

“Is everything this nice up here?” Jenna asked.

“No,” He replied. “Most of “refuge” is still as torn apart as your home sections I suspect. But now that we are free of “the eye” the Regent has seen it best to direct our skills to rebuilding. I have been overseeing the refurbishment of this section for those who have faithfully served the lance.”

It took a minute before the full meaning of Almos’s statement sunk in. Once it had a look of joy came across Jenna’s face. All she had ever known was the decayed and cramped quarters of the lance clans and the thought of living in such splendor was beyond any of her most wildest dreams.

“Jenna, if I may pry,” Almos continued changing the subject. “What were you doing so far from your home? I chose these decks because they, though close to the guns, were breached and left to the void till recent. Only the sullied and exiled live so close to the outer hull and I can see you are neither so it leaves me to wonder why you would venture so far from your home.”

“It’s personal,” She replied trying to be a vague as possible. “One who wronged me lives among the sullied and I had hoped to disguise myself and confront him.”

“And your reason for entering into an area clearly marked off limits?” Almos continued.

“The pleasure gangs,” she said. “The provisioners send them into the lesser areas to collect pit fighters and joy girls for their clients. I had the misfortune to run into one.”

Jenna didn’t know where this line of questioning was going but hoped it would end soon as the unpleasant thoughts of her recent past, and unhealed wounds were still raw. Thankfully Almos seemed satisfied by her responses and asked no more. Instead the two remained silent for the final few minutes of walking till they arrived at the entrance to a travel tube.

Jenna’s was surprised to see the hatch closed. In the rest of undership, all of the tube doors were broke open in some fashion or another to allow free access. Wanting to help she stepped forward intent to show her resourcefulness when a voice from above her said “Please step away, lift coming.”

Jenna hopped back in surprise and look around for the source of the voice. As the message repeated itself two more times, she found it was coming from a small box at the top of the hatch. Confused she looked to Almos for clarity and saw the amusement of his face.

“Patience Jenna, things are different here.” he told her as they waited.

Soon sounds of rushing air and moving metal began to emanate from behind the hatch slowly rising to a crescendo before suddenly ceasing. Once the noise died, Jenna could hear a single voice of a man singing somberly. Seconds later the hatch rolled away of its’ own accord revealing the tunnel interior Jenna had been expecting had been replaced with a cylindrical room filled with seats.

Almos motioned for her to enter and once they were both inside the Apothecary looked at the only other occupant of the small room who sat in front of a set of controls. He was an older man with grayed skin and breaded black wires emanating from the back of his shaved scalp which were attached to a dull metal box mounted to his upper back. Seeming to take little notice of his two new passengers he continued to sing his praises to the Emperor while they climbed aboard.

“The main Apothecarium choiremen, no stops.” Almos said before turning his attention back to Jenna.

The Choiremen paused his singing for a moment as if thinking before he responded, “Astarte override confirmed, Apothecarium, no stops.”

With his orders the driver began a new hymn while working the controls and seconds later the hatch to the hall they had come from closed. Jenna felt the whole room begin to move and unused to such things she sat down quickly upon the nearest seat gripping the armrests tightly as a wave of anxiety washed over her. As the minutes passed and the feeling of acceleration and deceleration did little to ease her nerves, but the reassuringly calm demeanor of her new lord was comforting enough for her to began to relax. As she did a thought that was cooking in the back of her mind finally came to the forefront and needing explanation.

“My lord what did you mean by I “bare the future” ?” she asked.

“I speak of your unborn.” He replied.

The words seemed to echo in her mind. She has been so consumed with her new surroundings that she had assumed his comment must have been in some reference to her clan and had completely misunderstood this vital remark until now. Thoughts of her mother speaking of child sickness came to the surface as the realization of her new situation left her in a state of numbing confusion. At only fifteen cycles she was young but knew she was well within the birthing age and a new type of fear grew within her replacing the now missed emotional void.

“Do you know who the father is?” Apothecary Almos asked kneeling down to be closer to eye level with Jenna.

“I think it is a man from da provisioners named Antonio.” Jenna said as tears fueled by the waves of despair and dread that rose within her fell from her cheeks.

“We was in love, or at least I thought.” Jenna began. “My parents said I was too young for courtin, but I let him convince me to sneak off to some place anyway, you know and be intimate and all …But that’s when he found us.”

“He?” Almos asked.

“Some worthless trash who have forsaken the oath of the crew.” She said. “A thug with cold lifeless eyes and a touch dat made my skin crawl. He said he takes what he wants, and on that night it was ...”

Rage flared within Almos as in the acquard silence that followed volumes were said between the two. A face that was once joyous was now red with tears and the raw emotion Jenna now felt sparked something Apothecary Almos he thought lost as an Astarte with centuries of service to “the Emperor”. He saw the pain in Jenna but knew he had no way to cure it. Without knowing why the impulse of this battle hardened instrument of “the Emperor's” wrath was to open his arms wide and as he did Jenna fell forward into his broad chest hugging it with all her might.

“He overpowered us then bound Antonio before..,” Jenna paused to collect herself then continued. “He made Antonio watch the whole time….”

Jenna stopped again not wanted to completely lose it in front of Almos and needed no further explanation he gave her the silence she needed.

“When he was done he just left,” she said. “I thought Antonio was so strong you know? A man of means who could…. but he just sat their once I freed him, curled up like a rat in lamp light, scared to move...”

“He couldn’t even look at me after that. Jenna continued. “I was the one who had been violated but all that wretch could talk about was the shame he had to bare as we went home. It was almost worse than da attack, the gall of that prick...

A burst cold of rage had filled her voice. Almos was glad she was displaying such strength in her sharing. As she continued to weep Almos felt a change within himself as well. Emotions left to wither began to bloom as kindness flowed from his heart that for so long had only known hate and regret.

“I had a swear, swear not to tell anyone of the attack before he took me back… Then he left. Refused to answer any of my voxs. Can you believe that? He said he would make right, but instead da bastard just, left me...”

Jenna fell silent after that, lost in the emotion of it all. As the two continued on no more words were needed as they glided through the transport tube sweetly serenaded by the choirmen who guided them. Almos gently, held the young Jenna as he stroked the back of her head with the pointer and middle fingers of his right hand. Each sharing in the passion while lost in the moment as only two human hearts can.
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Re: (38K/SM-Blades Eternal) Citizens of the under ship

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"You’re the last son of Guilliman within the Blades Dolan, the last of the old guard. Understand it is not that the seed of the “Avenging Son” is unworthy, but rather a more selfish motive that drives me to foster another geneseed. Fate has hidden a gift among your ranks. A line I though lost to the galaxy and a legacy I will see reborn. Protect those whom serve you. Guide them with your last breath. For the young remaining carry the legacy of a lost primarch."

Chapter 1 / Part 3

“What have you done?” Baroness Malfante asked her child as the blanks led them to the hall of worship.

“Nothing mother, this must be a mistake.” Antonio answered.

“One is not summoned to “the hall” in error boy. Every family is on slick footing now that the Astartes endless war is over. All now need to tread very carefully and we can ill afford is the scrutiny of a trial.” The Baroness continued.

The two carried on bickering in such a fashion till the clanking of the blanks metal feet ended at the foot of a massive set of silver doors. Antionio having never been this high within the ship was amased with what he saw now he began to observe his surroundings. The doors before them seeming ten meters tall and were inlaid with priceless gems that depicted deeds of the Emperor meant to inspire greatness in any who passed within them and warned any of the folly of those who would oppose the father of humanity.

The doors slowly began to open and reveal the passage beyond. As they did the two nobles felt a rush of cold air from the hall beyond that brought the smells of sage and other incense with it. As the holy scents greeted their noses their ears heard the angelic voices of unseen chioremen beyond which filled every empty space around them with praise for the lord of Terra.

Slowly and with deep reverence the two proceeded as directed to the center of the hall, to the silver throne and he who sat upon it. With awe they stared at the god before them in armor black as the void. As they staried at him dumb founded by his presence the massive the Astarte said nothing in return but only sat motionless while staring holes through them behind his grinning skull helm. His presence was cold and unnatural to the provisioners and as the seconds passed the mother and son began to feel as if the very warmth of their bodies wicked away as if a cold wind had now surrounded them.

“We have come as summoned Lord Gasch. To what honor to we owe your attention.” Baroness Malfante finally grew the strength to say.

Taking his helm from his head the chapter master of the Blades Eternal placed it by his side before leaning down to speak to the provisioners before him.

“It is my understanding a crime was committed in your presence boy, and not reported by your demand. Is this so?” Lord Gasch asked Antonio with a voice deep and powerful.

“I know not what you speak of my lord. Who offers such falsehoods.” Antonio responded his voice quivering with uncertainty.

“I do.” replied a soft voice Antonio had never wished to hear again.

Stepping from the shadows was a woman he barely recognized. Clothed in an ivory robe that covered all but her face she looked nothing like the girl he had left only a few months ago. Gone was her shy submissive demeanor. Instead the woman who confronted him stood tall and carrying herself with poise and grace of one much older than she. Her face, once pretty in a plain manner, was now striking and sharp with piercing blue eyes which seemed to cut at his soul. Accenting her face were silver lined ruins seemingly etched into her flesh which flashed when they caught what little light was in the hall.

Upon her arrival Lord Gasch rose from his throne and slowly walked over to Antonio dwarfing him in his shadow.

“She lies my lord, would you believe the word of a trollop over me?” Antonio sniveled unable to meet the gaze of Lord Gasch.

“TROLLOP! Jenna has been purified, found not only to be without taint but endured the process all while carrying our son…” Roared a new voice from behind him.

Before Del could finish Jenna had already gracefully walked over to him and placed her hand upon the white armored Astarte. Letting it linger there for a moment she allowed his rage to subside before responding to Antonio’s less than flattering remarks.

“Del, I have forgiven him for his weakness and you must also. This is a matter that Lord Gasch must see to and unleashing your rage upon him is not needed my love.” Jenna said.

“My humblest apologies for my sons foolishness. My son’s philandering is quite well known. If his advances harmed you in any way I will be only to happy to make whatever restitution is needed.” Baroness Malfante said addressing Jenna directly in hopes to salvage the situation.

“But she wanted it, she came onto me mother. She kept going on about wanting a better life. That she would make me happier than any other woman could.” Antonio said interrupting the Baroness.

The runes upon Del’s armor lit up and burned as bright as sunlight upon hearing the boy’s remarks. His eyes red with anger, seemed to pulsate as his two hearts pumped in readiness to fuel his body with the blood needed to erase this little man before him from existence. Spinning skillfully around Jenna’s calming touch he swiftly approached Antonio with fists clenched ready to end this fool once and for all.

Antonio froze in the path of the armored executioner, his sharp and foolish tongue unable to make even the slightest of sounds. Instead he closed his eyes unable to stand the image of he who brought his demise. To Antonio's surprise his death was was averted by a most unlikely source. Daring to open his eyes Antonio for a moment he saw the apothecaries face maybe a foot away from his own. Lunging forward, Del’s arms were being held behind his back by Lord Gasch. The fire that was once in his eyes was flickering like it was being drained from his body. His dark complexion growing paler and veins from his neck and forehead began bulging from under his skin.

“Del, control yourself.” Lord Gasch said straining to hold back his rage filled brother. “If you kill him she will need to go to aid in finding the gene father. Do you wish to put Jenna and your son in such jeopardy?”

Del after a few more moments finally relented and was released from Lord Gasch’s hold. With anguish on his face he walked over to Jenna and knelt down beside her.

“I am sorry my bride.” Del said looking to the floor at Jenna’s feet.

Jenna softly placed her hand under Del’s chin before lifting it till he looked into her smiling face.

“No apology needed husband. You honor me by defending my name. Let us take our leave, we have no more business here; that is of if course we are dismissed Lord Gasch.” She said turning her attention to her chapter master.

“With my blessing.” Dolan said dryly before turning his attention to the Baroness who had a look of confusion and fear upon her face.

“I do not understand? What has transpired here?” The baroness gasped.

“Your son is a fool, and his cowardice now lays on the floor. He has not only bore false witness with in this holy hall but has soiled the very floor of it as well. His sentence shall servitude for a period of my choosing. That or death by Astarte should he prefer.” Lord Gasch said his words sharp like daggers.

“I will server however you need me my Lord. Just keep that other from me.” Antonio stammered only now coming to grips with how near to death he had come but still failing to notice he had relieved himself with the high holy place of the Blades Eternal.

Dolan said nothing else before taking his throne to oversee his new serf’s work. In his mid the matter was over the trial complete and only the sentencing left.

“Baroness you are dismissed, the Thallaxii will show you out.” He said motioning for the metallic guards to escort her from the hall.

Fearfully, the baroness looked at her only son as she was practically carried from the hall. Only once the great doors closed behind her was it that Dolan turned his attention back to the arrogant fool she sired.

“As for you low one, it is time to begin you penance. I want this floor cleaned.” Lord Gasch commanded pointing to the urine beneath him.

“With what my lord, I have nothing to clean it with?” Antonio asked suddenly realizing the fullness of his shame.

“Use your tongue boy as a dog would. Your actions have show me you deserve no better.” Dolan said.

Antonio froze for a moment before what little will he had left expired and he fell to his knees in fear. As disgusting as the demand was he was far too broken to refuse. Instead he complied with his master's request and began to lap up his own waste, surrendering to the humiliation and shame he felt the under ship girl had gotten him into.
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