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Warhammer 40k-57k: Emperor's Thousandth Son

Postby helix123 » Fri Feb 13, 2015 12:18 pm

Hey guys.

Just a basic Warhammer 40k related to a Chaos Sorcerer. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Btl ... sp=sharing

Let me know. I'd rather not post each time in here, and I just find it easier when I can keep it in one place. Any criticism? I'm at the start and this is pretty much rough. I'm still dithering whether I should it on fanfiction as well.
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Re: Warhammer 40k-57k: Emperor's Thousandth Son

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As promised, I am commenting your underestimated 50k-60K related spin-off.

Seriously. Consider their are people who actually watch filler episodes of Naruto, for exemple, and those who make them are paid for it. While in truth, your work is actually better than theirs ! Crazy, ain't it :?: I know I criticize a lot, but regardless that's what I think.

First, my overall impression is that it is averagely good... But... the reason it has no popularity is likely because the style is so much different from Lord Lucan's main text, unlike 60K : the Eridani Records, and it lacks the awesome and epic fighting scenes of Shadow Fire : 50K.

Even if you lack talent, don't despair, for it is the case of most authors (cough average writter cough journalists cough Hollywood scripts cough...).


During the Horus Heresy, Heka had fled Planet of Sorcerers just after he parted his ways with Ahriman, having once been a member of Coven that had casted their spells, seeing this as a disastrous end. Not only that.. the very Thousand Sons were changing and Heka knew he did not want a part in their corruption. In their change, so he fled.

Once Upon a Time, every TS character would be a Sorcerer part of Ahriman's group. Because Tzeentchist players are big fuckin' nerds, just like their God, and armoured Zoroastrian automatons sounds nerdy. Then, this glorious era ended, after the publishing of Prospero Burns and other Horus Heresy novels. :lol:

Heka had considered himself fortunate that he was an Alpha plus psyker since birth, and his powers had grown thanks to Rubric of Ahriman,

Alpha + ?! Of course he is, that would be, crunch wise, Psyker lvl 4 or superior... ><"

In that moment, a bright flash occurred on the fateful day. Heka found himself falling through unknown space, and Heka was surprised to see many alternative realities flooding before his eyes. Alternate histories. He saw alternate heresies. Dornian Heresy, Gulliman Heresy and hundred others and there were even events where Heresies did not occur. Heka witnessed many different fates of Thousand Sons on alternate timelines as he continued falling. Heka formed a psychic bubbleshield, in order to defend himself. He saw hundred things, so many things that were impossible before his eyes.

To make a Prophecy in 40k is using psychic powers to try to understand how things will evolve, using the Warp to gather the datas and then your own brain's analythical capacities (boosted by Warp energy) to calculate. In other words, it is but Strategic planning.
It is also why the Eldar are better at it than humans, their brains are much more sophisticated.
And so, that doesn't mean he is seeing "alternative settings" of Warhammer storyline, nor that those even exist in the first place (I consider the "alternate universe" Si-Fi concept to be stupid in most cases).

Only thing he could mutter was “Neverborn… the souls that should have been born but were not born. So.. enraged at being Neverborn.”

BTW, in true, original Warpology, those things don't exist. ;)

The inky blackness flowed away in the sky, to Heka’s surprise, and he saw countless faces, and he felt powerful sense of wrong in there, so much hate, so much.. darkness. Nothing good could ever come out of this.

Poor Heka, he is trapped in Kirby's mind. Yep, (almost) nothing good ever came out of this CEO. :lol:

“You have strong will. Will of iron and you are one of the most powerful psykers in the galaxy, are you not?”

Two words.

Torquemada Coteaz.

It had a symbol of swastika on a little cloth wrapped around his right arm. the figure was that of a human, clearly infamous for mass deaths early in human history. A middle-aged human, whose hair was combed to side, and had toothbrush mustache for a beard. A tyrant of Jermani in the Old Terra. “You resisted all our offers and it intrigues me greatly.”

How mean ! :shock:

His reputation for evil is mostly media induced bias. Actually, democratic (communist) heroes such as Stalin and Mao Zedong killed way more people, and they did so with their own citizens and ethnic group, not against foreign nationals. Beside, even the so-called "6 millions" number is dubious (6 millions "victims" sounds almost possible, but 6 million people burned to death or gazed is clearly impossible logistic wise). It would be possible for some kind of über evil from the deep warp to manifest itself using that guy's face, but... that would be assuming his infamy is still superior to those of hundreds of thousands petty dictators and cruel warlord, so much that it left psychological traumas on people who never heard about him or anything. Which is why I say it is mean. Just because everyone is doing it doesn't mean it is righ or true. Beside, old Fluff clearly indicate their were far worse dictators during the Age of Strife, including on Terra itself, that were so infamous it's still sending chill down the spine to 41rst Millenium humans when they hear their names. And it is useless to argue, those are facts. :roll:

A spiritu dominatus Imperator libra nos. From politicall correctness and old terran superstitious bullshit, Our Emperor deliver us.

BTW, sociopath and psychopath are not the same thing at all. It's like cats and dogs. ;)

BTW, at least, if you still want to use Hitler as the face of Evil, at least admit he is awesome, so much that he conquered the deep Warp and shaped it as his own identity, or face at least.

“This is what I offer you. An alliance. A power. You were classified as Alpha-plus psyker by Imperium of Man. Now.. imagine… To be made more powerful, beyond mere mortal limits, to exceed even Emperor’s power.” Heka saw all this, and he was tempted, but despite the temptations, he grew suspicious. The monster continued on “But forgive me! I have been so rude not to introduce myself! I am known by many names by other races. I am Nexusofeverfatedrisingmadnesshopeofallturnedblackdoomtoallthebeligerentsandtheirgodsallhaildoomnight”

'I am being trolled by Mork & Tzeentch, please help me." :lol:
BTW, his offer is clealy a scam. Don't loose, Heka !

Seriously, that Primordial Anihilator is really BS, both IRL wise and Warpology wise, it is very clear that Tzeentch works for Games Workshop, and for his own prosperity, manipulating the other chaos gods and factions to manage this end result. Everything until now was according to this plan of Tzeentch. Chaos doesn't destroy itself, it works mostly for prosperity, because the gods are almost sapient.

“What.. is the catch?” was Heka’s soft reply. “Nothing so difficult, so grand. It is something you already have.” Heka immediately saw himself in third person, as though as he was looking at his own body. All you have to do is… hand over your free will, and soul. To bind yourself eternally to me. In return, I will ascend you beyond Primarch, beyond Emperor himself.. to join my Pantheon. To become a God. Do that and you will accomplish so many of your goals”

I knew it.

To continue the Warpology lesson, I believe Tzeentch at least, being the most intelligent of the 4 Chaos Gods, have more Sapience than the others gods, and can actually go against his Kharma, that he has a form of free will. Even then, his free will doesn't equal the one of an enlightened mortal, but he has far more freedom that you might think. Consider a AI that could evolve enough to alter it's own programation. That would be something akin to this. He wouldn't have as much control of himself, but almost. It is also possible Khorne has that kind of intelligence too, because in past editions he was also the god of warmachines and war technologies. He didn't forged them by himself. He didn't created them by himself. They were not projection of his demons form into the Materium. Khorne actualy captured mortals, sorcerers, and brought them into his sub-reality in the Warp, so that they would do it in his stead.

With this interpretation, I believe the Chaos gods are evil enough so you don't need to create some kind of transcendant villain, who makes phony jokes. All that Heka want to do, it would be impossible without his free will. Obviously.

Heka was shocked. He found his skin to be reddened and found his once black hair had changed to red. As red as Magnus’ famously red hair.



“It was the only way I saw it or watch the last member of Thousand Sons die.” Magnus curtly replied “And now I see you are different. You have become much more powerful, and have attained the prize so worthy that every servants of Chaos would fight to death for it.” Magnus’ voice grew more indignant “Especially those who seek Godhood. And your followers would have ascended you beyond my father. Why.. degrade yourself? Why stop yourself from ascending? For to be a God is an honor!”

I am sure I already wrotte it elsewhere pn this same forum, but mortals can not become gods. Not even Sigmar did become one. And the Emperor didn't either : something else that may or may not have absorbed his "soul energy" did, while being nurtured by beliefs, that is to say, people's opinion on what you are.

Normally, I think the God "Annihilus" would be born, regardless of Heka living or dying (btw, it should be "Annihilatus").

As for the historical character known as the Emperor / The New-Man, he was simply an extremely powerful human psyker, people considered a god from the point of view of Archaic Societies & History of Religions ; but he was not one according to Warpology. After he died, it became different.

And then, there are the Primarchs... long story short, BL is full of heretics. :p


Magnus was grew more curious yet he also felt horror rising within him. Heka continued “Tzeentch was not just responsible for damnation of Thousand Sons. It tried to turn me into a God. Do you know now why I had to commit the Atrocity on Uralan?. Before I show you everything, you will have to forswear your service to Tzeentch. And your oath to watch the galaxy burn.” Heka’s telepathic voice grew more stern “That is the price for the knowledge I am granting you. You will forswear your service to Chaos, and eventually, you will act against Thousand Sons.” Magnus staggered back in shock, at the force of Heka’s words “Either keep Thousand Sons alive and be an eternal slave of Primordial Annihilator or end Thousand Sons and be permanently free”

was grew ? I know they arein the Warp, but... :mrgreen:

See, the Black Library vision of Magnus is so different of mine that I developped while reading old Fluff, back in days of yore... In the BL books, the Primarchs are not really intelligent. They are "intelligent" in the ways of the Jews and some Scientists, maybe, that is to say their IQ is high and their spéculative and logico-mathématique intelligence is well developped. But that's it. Is this real Intelligence ? No. They are still primitives.

This is a weak point both you, helix123, and the Eridani Records have, so hearken now, thou fanboy. :mrgreen:

In truth, Magnus should have been a Newton of Warpology. He sees the Warp with his mind, and then asks question to himself. And then, he tries to experiment in order to understand how things works. And then, before having reach full adulthood (maybe in 5 years since his fall), Magnus has discovered all the basic laws of the Warp, and unraveled half of it's mysteries through it : "If similar thoughts and emotions tend to regroup, can this huge mass of energy become sentient the same way animal bodies evolved into humans ? And what kind of intelligence does it develop ? What kind of being is it ?" To put it bluntly, Magnus already knew about the Chaos gods and Tzeetch before the Emperor came to Prospero. It is even likely that Magnus unraveled the mystery of the Emperor's birth, simply while talking to him and analyzing his composure and behaviour, much like a master of psychology can determine elements of your life and past simply by observation of the signals you send to others unknowingly. This is not something that was invented in modern times... Zhuang-zi mentions a master using it in a very specia disputatio against Zhuang-zi... and Zhuang-zi appears to be immune to it, because he have actualy control over himself. That would be an awesome duel of minds between the Emperor and Magnus the Red, or any other Primarch for that matter (especially Horus and Lionel).

Newton asked : "If the apple is falling... does the Moon falls too ?"

Magnus should have asked : "If the gods are made of thoughts, does humanity breeds gods ?" It is, actually, inferior in awesomeness to Newton's one ; and in fact, it has been asked a lot by philosophers already. But BL Magnus seems to not even having thought about it. While, actually, Old Fluff Magnus did asked this question. And fell to Tzeentch's schemes anyway. Which says a lot about Tzeentch, destiny, and the human condition. And then, he would also have asked :

If humans souls "is" the energy that compose the gods, then, did they become parts of the nascent gods before or after their Animus Vitae broke ? Were they consumed, or did they gathered as Ghosts in the Shells, leaking shells, lead their by similar mindsets ?

Doesn't looks like it, but it is a big question. And also...

Mindset... or causality ?

After all, the Emperor had reached the pinacle of individual strength.

Heka continued as he managed to prevent Magnus’ drilling psychic strikes from breaking into his mind. “A failed king who damned us all to the Changing Abomination. And a failed king who is nothing more than a slave”

What an exagération, how biased ! :o BTW, slaves don't receive salaries. Did you never read the Chaos Space Marine codex, Heka ?! :lol:

Heka and Magnus fought each other even more fiercely, for Heka was well too aware that Magnus was unlike any other foes he’s faced, but he is nothing compared to the Chaos Abominations… and even they are… but parts of that thing. The fount of all troubles. The cause of Magnus’ deep corruption, but Heka sensed there was something still pure left within him. He wanted to draw it out of his father.

Since I see Magnus as both Warpology's Newton and an asshat sauce Grimdark, I now think, after reading this part, that he should have yelled "JUST AS PLANNED !!!" after it finally succeed. At least into himself, so the others don't know how much of a fucking asshole he is, that he has well earned his place into the pantheon of Paradoxe Poker. Because, hearken now, when the Star Child redeem a Chaos Champion, all mutations are destroyed, everything that makes him looks non-human. But. All the rewards of the gods and stuff that are NOT making him monstrous can stay, if the redeemer is okay with it. And why not, after all ? In other words, Magnus, may be could transform into a non-mutated Primarch, while staying a Daemon-Prince, and having still all the Power-Up he had under Tzeentch. While at the same time not being under his control. In other words, that would be something Magnus planned before accepting Tzeentch bargain. And at the same time, he got to save many of his Thousand Sons, all those guys who turned to dust because of Ahriman, while that same Ahriman and most other TS sorcerers, especially those who helped him, are turned to dust. Magnus win. He win pretty much everything, on this gambit. Everything that he ever desired. The corruption works by changing the way one thinks, changing the mentality. Thus, Magnus knew (both on a scientifical basis and Divination Discipline basis) that he would be serving Tzeentch willingly after becoming a Daemon Prince. So, he laid back and pulled some strings, so that he had a serious chance of taking back his freedom latter, and then accepted the pact of Tzeentch, a gambit, because he knew Tzeentch would try to fuck him, and he knew that he knew he would try to fuck him too - just like IRL business. And then, millenias after, Magnus regain his freedom, while being even more powerfull, possibly looking like a 1rst edition Senseï (space marine size, blond hairs, muscle bound and naturally pigmented skin, instead of a bright red one... and two very well fuctionning super human eyes) and having the strength and the means to rebuild his Thousand Sons legion.

This is indeed the very essence of "Just As Planned" invented by the god known as Kira, Yagami Raito.

The Daemons began to burn walls, floors and everything as much as they could to produce light, and wove their spells to attack directly Heka the Red. The moment that Magnus’ rage had snuffed out, and was replaced by the creeping sense of fear, he looked at the Daemons acting irrationally out of terror

Hearken now, and know my most glorious martial (dice throwing) prowess. In the time of yore, when the 4th edition was Fluff, of the Deamon Hunters and Chaos Space Marines codices, long before the 5th Chaos God corruption was laid as black propaganda upon the Chapter 666. Arcturus the Grey King, Grand Master of the Grey Knights, fought on the edge of the battle field inside a ruined chapel dedicated to the Imperator where the Grand Master had teleported, against a buffed Khornate Daemon Prince. The monster was almost immune to psychic powers, and though hath been wounded by the Psycanon before entering into glorious duel, the Grand Master failed to banish the Beast in 3 sub Assault phase, for Khorne protected him against the Force, his most lethal strike ; yet survived, barely, the monster's onslaught, protected by the power of the Icon of the Just. At last, the Grand Master called for the Sanctuary, and the daemon was pushed back from the Realm of Man. And thus, according to the Rule Book, crying like a little bitch, desperately alerting his allies about their foes being Invincible. That is Fluff. That really happened. Grey Knights came. Grey Knights saw. Grey Knights won.

So, who is the greatest daemon spanker in da galaxy ? :mrgreen: :twisted:

At the same time, Heka was not happy. Either get killed or gain more power, slightly reverse some of the beneficial effects the Atrocity on Uralan had on him.

This too is a big question of Warpology... Can the gods actually absorb the energy (understand "Warp Charges") of slain daemons ? Or is it just "spent"... ?

I think it would not be possible, because of the very nature of this energy. Those are composed of similar emotions and thoughts, so, for exemple, energy of Change would be composed of everything related to hope and scheming ; so that only a Universal Chaos daemon or a Change composed daemon could claim it.

If the gods could simply do that, demons would have a quite short life span, and very cheap existence, being hunted down by the gods themselves. However... Even the gods can't just kill their own daemons and eat them. Especially powerfull ones. They have to use their True Names, in order to weaken them first. That is why they created True Names, actually, as an insurance against ambitious daemons. They weaken them, and then re-absorb their energy, effectively terminating their individuality, killing them, but recycling them.

Imagine the bank account of a super rich. You can't fight with you main bank account, that is why even as a super rich you will have to create some minor accounts, at least as safe-guard. Thus, even if you buy things on the internet, an hacker won't find out the pass of your real account, only little money : you are safe. And it goes for many other situations.

That is also why gods don't fight by themselves, they would actually harm themselves in the process. And so, they create demons, miniaturized versions of themselves (though few actually looks like them) with their own individuality.

And True Names are also the reason why Magnus won't be able to simply forswear his fealty to Tzeentch. Goes for all daemons in fact, especially Daemon Princes. And that is also why, by the way, Skarbrand is known as a fucktard whose acts of rebellion could only lead him to disaster (and that's also how intense his burning RAEG was :lol: ). Since it's your story, though, I will let it slide : it is possible for a god (maybe, at least for the Star Child) to still Champions and maybe even Daemon Princes, from other gods. In theory.

He did secretly look for ways to free himself, but knew somehow Tzeentch would anticipate this and Magnus suspected Tzeentch had mislead him many times, while being… partially honest.

That's right... their is a theory saying Warp daemons do not lie.

Magnus smiled as he felt his soul fling free from Tzeentch’s grip“One cannot change what has no form”.

What you wrotte here is deeper than you might think. For Shiki soku ze Kû, Kû soku ze Shiki indeed. In my homebrew Fluff, Illuminas is the only god who can really understand this. Chaos Gods, Order Gods, Neutral Gods and Imperator derived can't even barely grasp it for the most of them. Tzeentch at least somehow "knows" it but more like a Buddhism of salon "practionner" know that meditation and life in a monastery is good for health and spiritual life, but is highly unlikely to ever do it seriously ; let alone Taki Shugyô or jump from a mountain summit just to prove a point. It is because it is too far from his nature... and yet it is not. But if he did tried to go this way, even Tzeentch would cease to be Tzeentch ; thus he doesn't attempt to grasp Illumination. For that same reason, Illuminas consider mortals "better" than most daemons... :ugeek:

Instead of a large giant with a bulky super-human body that all Space Marines had, Heka’s body was shrunken and lithe, almost similar to the Eldar’s body, but still human. His muscles had orange-yellow glow on his muscles, with a black centre, almost as if to form an eye. The “eye” also seemed to have formed on Heka’s chest, similar to Horus’ eye on the chest, except Heka’s version was that of vertical oval. His skin had turned to ashe blank, making the “eyes” more significant on his body.

“Almost like the Neverborn I’ve fought in Deep Warp.” Heka stepped back into his armour. “That, in many ways, is how corrupted I am. I don’t know deep and many would see it as a reward, I do not. None but I know the truth” Heka warned. “No one should ever seek Godhood at all. No one. Nothing good for one who seeks it”

Thou heretic ! Guan Yu doesn't look like this at all. :mrgreen:

“So Heka. This is how you greet your old friend. What a terrible shame” Orikan’s voice took on a disappointed and mocking tone. “Yet here we are. I never expected you to come across this little playfield” the Cryptek laughed. “I foresee everything, yet.. You? You exist out of time somehow. I cannot see you nor expect where you land. Yet it is a strange coincidence that you are here”

BTW, IRL we do not know yet the real nature of Time, yet. I wonder if GW took a decision for the setting with the creation of Orikan, or if Orikan is merely the personification of Games Workshop retconing the Fluff to fit it's interest / whims, or saving itself from shame. Eurêka. :idea: :lol:

Anyway, while Orikan is not a bad idea, I don't think Astrology could be used to predict time on a... tactical scale. Astrology can do a lot of things, but no that.

Magnus spoke before Heka could reply “I’m sure I would mind that. As a father, I would not want you laying hands on him.” Magnus knew Heka was truly helpless, he could see the Mote of Deep Warp struggling to hold him together, and spotted space time itself seem to intersect with Heka’s body, rippling through it as though as invisible knives were slashing at his body from random places. Magnus’ bladed staff blazed with psychic power, it’s glow as bright as a blue sun.

Magnus trolling Orikan / Geedubs ! It's so funny that I am actually crying over this... let's see who is the one true king of the #JustAsPlanned ! :lol:

After the initial clash and parrying strikes, Magnus and Orikan moved back, this time, they were moving around each other, observing. To Heka, it appeared as if two apex predators were circling each other, watching, waiting for the next move.

They are trying to retcon each other ! :o

My theory was correct. Tzeentch vs Matt Ward in a duel of retconian dickery ? :shock: HYPE !!! :lol:

The Mote of Deep Warp had known not to try taking over his body to save his life, but at this moment, it was trying to hold his atoms together, to keep him real.

Even Heka is being affected by the Retcon. My theory was correct... :v

Magnus also suspected this one was not a Necron, but something else entirely for Orikan had a very bright glow to his being yet this thing commanded the Necron somehow. No matter. Magnus knew he needed to get Heka out, as his options were dwindling rapidly in this moment. He found he had no choice but to fight Orikan then fight his way out of here. Magnus and Orikan then rushed each other other, parrying each other’s strike, psychic bladed staff holding it’s own against the baleful green highly technologically advanced staff. For duellers, the time seemed to crawl to a pause while for Heka and others, the duel grew more rapid to the point, where even to the eyes of Eldar, they would be blurs as they continued to utilize their abilities to manipulate the timestream to affect the outcome of the duel.

I think Magny Magick is being underestimated in your writting.

In /tg/ Thousand Sons codex, Magnus cost 666 points. And he is Psyker lvl 6.

Though it is stated that it is not is true level, only the amount he can bring at this distance (one of the rules makes him use 2 Warp Charges when he bless himself).

The way I see it, those anti-psyker fields are filters of Warp energy, not something that increase the "Deny the Wytch" but something that drain this power. In other words, Magnus would loose D3 Warp Charges. However... 1D3 goes only for the "global field"... I will explain. In 1rst & 2nd edition rules, it is explain nly 1 power field can be active at the same time ; that is why even Inquisitors who have multiple ones only use 1 at the same time. However, it is possible to have at least 2 "layers", you see. For exemple, when you are inside a space ship : even if you have activated your Rosarius, you are protected both by it and by the ship energy field.

Thus, their could be 2D3 drain of Warp Charges from the Warp Charges pool. One from a global filter, and one from Orikan's personal one or something like that. And since it's Necron super-technology bullshit, that means they can cheat, and have 3D3.

The reason I say D3 and not D6 is because, in the end, they still lost against the Old Ones, right ? You can not possibly filter all the Warp energy, because the Warp is everywhere. Everything has a warp soul, a representation in the Immaterium. So you can filter only the energy from the outside.

Magnus would have 6+1D6 Warp Charges, minus 3D3. That would means at worst no Warp Charges at all ; at most 9 Warp Charges ; and maybe 3 Warp Charges on average. That is far more than enough for UNGODLY RAPE of Orikan. Magnus just need to increase his stats with Biomancy, and then it become impossible for Orikan to keep up. Then, even Orikan augmented profile can't keep up. Reason is, Magnus can save against his attacks, and can touch him. Wounding him a bit hard, but the problem is completely solved with Biomancy or any other trick.

Orikan would be killed in 1 Assault subphase.

All Necrons in the room, Orikan included, were surprised at Magnus’ survival, for Tachyon arrow were known to be extremely lethal to other races.

Eternal Warrior USR + multiple Wounds left + Invulnerable save... Diviner my ass. He won this fight only because of Ultramarine class plot armour. Friggin' Matt Ward.


Somehow, he sensed that presences’ strength eclipsed his own. That strength… It was borne from Warp, yet it was completely pure. It should be impossible. Not even Grey Knights’ psychic powers were completely pure. This was proven by Star Father when Heka fought the corrupted Grey Knights that followed Star Father, the lost Grey Knights who did not manage to make it to Titan after the death of Emperor.

There is no reason for isolated Grey Knights to convert to the Star Father. The only ones who possibly could would be all the Grey Knights who performed the Soul-Bound ritual. But then again, they should be bound as much to the Star Father as, let's say, the Star Child himself.
In the original 50k, it is clearly stated by the narrator that the Custodes and the Grey Knights consider the Star Father as unworthy of succeeding the Emperor. The only GK described who has fallen is Kaldor Draigo, because of his own special circumstances (absolute hatred of daemons, and trapped in the Warp sniffing that fine Warp Dust). And probably because Lord Lucan (although that is just my theory, I never asked him) wanted to mess with The Spiritual Liege. So he made a fallen Draigo fight against a fallen and crazy Sicarius king of a crazy Ultramar. And then, Guilliman as the avenger of the neckbeard community.

In my homebrew Fluff, their is always at least 1 squad of Grey Knights stationed in the Paradisio Subsector, Hermes planet, which is a Inquisitorial fortress world AND a civilised world under the Inquisition's dominion. Their, two Lord Inquisitors from the Ordo Malleus and Ordo Hereticus are running an experiment to make people learn about Chaos and the problems the Imperium actually face. All the population being under Inquisitorial scrutinity / dictature, children are required to make a career that will benefit the Imperium War efforts. A lot are recruited by the Inquisitorial Shock Troops and the local Sororitas too. If their is no problem, after several generations, they will extend this system to other planets. That is one of the reasons they keep Grey Knights around.
The High Lords know the Imperium needs reform, but they fear the cure may kill the patient... so those Inquisitors are making research on the cure here, on Hermes planet. It was started in the 41st Millenium, so the experiment would actually be running since several centuries when the Doom of the Imperator happened. Hence, their stability, credits and production would have been increased. It means more Grey Knights around (I never abide to the 1000 SM size for the Grey Knight chapter, that is bullshit, they can't be only 1000 for logistic reasons AND reasonable reasons...).
After the Doom of the Imperator, the one who would have automatically knew about the situation AND at the same time be able to do something to solve the problems that is caused... would be the Heavenly Sovran of Jipang.
Jipang's Heaven Marines (space Buddhists Monks) having the means to cultivate geneseeds, the Grey Knights would have survived in Paradisio.
Unless the Heavenly Sovran is absorbed by the Star Father. Which would be unlikely. At least, not until M50, when the Star Father rose. So the Grey Knights would still be able to recover, because Jipang would send millions of soldiers everywhere (even Ashigaru are more dangerous than what they look...).

Heka turned to Magnus and saw the look on the Primarch’s eye. “It can’t be. No. it cannot be. It’s not right, it cannot be. I’ve seen Father die. He died the moment he killed Horus. How is this possible?” Magnus mumbled as he tried to process what was happening.

To be more precise, the Emperor "died" either when he cut off his compassion from himself, creating the Star Child, OR the Emperor "died" just after he destroyed Horus. Actually, even then he didn't died. And it was not Horus per se that killed him. The Emperor's body was simply too damaged by his own psychic powers, not even by the wounds Horus inflicted to him.

Psychic powers work by opening a "portal", draining the energy of the Warp in your body, in order to manipulate the Materium through this energy from the Immaterium, shaping and directing it with your mind. The Emperor opened a too FUCKHUEG portals and too much energy passed through his body, stressing it too much, way beyond the limits of even an augmented human body. He did that in order to pierce through the many multiple layers of Horus' defenses. In efect, it was akin to something similar to a Perils of the Warp that "killed" him, or at least, it could be rendered as such in game.


Even then, the Emperor didn't died biologically speaking, and Warpology speaking. Because, not all the functions of his organism were stopped. Chiefly, his brain was still active, and the "link" with his soul was still there, though damaged, it was maintained by the Emperor superhuman willpower - hence he was not dead from a Warpology point of view (Force attack consist in breaking this link, this is why Force weapons had no effect on vehicles in 1rst and 2nd editions). Which is also why the Emperor's destiny is soooo Grimdark. Souls are not sentient, save for the biggest ones (gods and daemons are huge mass of souls, and so the Emperor). He is "awake" trhough the whole fucking process, and his energy is leaking, so much that he can't control it properly, and his body can't regenerate... it just keep decaying. And the energy he receives from the psykers that are absorbed by the Golden Throne is not enough to reverse the process.

He never died. So, it is strange that Magnus felt him "dying".

Which is also why Magnus is such a cunt, and not just a "sexy bastard" as claim his BL reading Fanboyz. He condemned his father to a destiny far worse than death. And he is not doing anything about that.

Every second trees began to reveal a mirror-like look into alternate timelines, alternate universes, some of which Heka was aware of, and others he was not aware of, but Magnus did not seem to know, for he had not fallen into Deep Warp nor witnessed alternate universes as Heka had. Both Magnus and Heka looked into the mirrors and saw their alternate selves as well as others walking in their paths, copying their actions as though as this was a mirror.

Somehow, people keep assuming the string theory, Big Bang theory and 10th dimmension universe, are correct in 40k. Despite that the existence of the Warp makes the laws of physics different. Among other things.
Somehow, people also keep assuming in science fiction, that by looking at "alternate universes" they will see themselves or alternative destinies of things that are even somehow related to them. Instead of, for exemple, a world where humanity died from cold and predators before modern Homo Sapiens. But no... among the many possibilities, they see world with alternative story line. -_________-

Magnus and Heka were puzzled as they saw there was no one in the room yet there was a throne made of the living wood, with trillions little spots that contained countless tiny books. A bookshelf throne,


Wait... it's not Magnus sitting their ? :v

Heka came across their extremely fragmented history from the Eldar libraries on the long-since lifeless craftworlds he visited as Necrons in his experience, never revealed their history in any shape or form.

In the first Necron codex, their is a text saying about their « history », if I remember it is inscribed on a wall by a primitive Xeno race that worshipped the C’tan, and they were visited by the Necron for human sacrifice. Or something. I don’t really like the necron fluff.

Any mortal would have screamed in terror, nor wail in suffering and despair due to countless sharp legs and endless biting. Heka was no mere mortal. He had lived for a very long time since Horus Heresy.

Though, he lived for how long ? I don’t remember the chronology (Lord Lucan never really bothered to keep one lol) so it’s at least 22 Milleniums… it’s not like ‘mortal’ apply to someone who live that long.
In some fluffy bits, it is said Space Marines usually live three times the average lifespan of normal humans. So, 70*3 ? Except for Blood Angels that can often live 1000 years and more, without it being explained by their rules (not even Dante, who should have an infantry version of ‘Venerable’ special rule, logically).
It is also said rich Imperial citizen average age (understand middle age folks) are 300 years or something.
So… 900 Years ? Blood Angels Millenium suddenly become something ridiculous to show some sort of Space Vampire bullshit. -_________________________-‘’
This is one of the most impossible to understand aspect of the fluff. That and the shitty overrated war of Armageddon (IG vs Orks, I mean, Angron and his Bloodthirsters retinue being slayed by 100 Grey Knights Terminators is badass… though Draigo, Crowe, Hyperion & cie stealing the glory of the Captain who did slay Angron piss me off).

Magnus watched as Heka suffer and knew Heka had voluntarily drew in more pain, for he suffered as well, only less, as Magnus understood it was likely that Heka realized the strength of the psychic bound they shared. Magnus noted he felt much less pain and he sensed Heka was pulling in as much pain as he could towards himself, like grey sands drawn towards to the magnet. Magnus knew he always had been selfless, remembering his actions that brought several worlds to the rising Imperium of Man in the 30th Millennium without conflict.

What a good man.

He was silently frustrated as he could not understand some of the data transmitted by the scarabs, for some of the information had defied logic.

« They breath oxygen, yet can swim into fluids without problem ? Impossible ! This defy Logic !! »

Orikan turned to Heka in the sullen calmness “Then enlighten me. What have I been missing out so far.... human?” Orikan replied in an insulting tone, as like Necrons, he had considered humans to be lesser creatures than they.

Mon’keigh… :3

Magnus noted Heka had no sense of fear, which may have been affected by Mote of Deep Warp, unlike other Space Marines who simply had a different way of dealing with their fears.

Depend of the chapter in question.
Grey Knights have no fear at all, because the centre in the brains that causes fear are isolated somehow. So the fear they could possibly have won’t feed Warp Tempests. That is why sometimes Living Saints coming into Imperial sector with an Imperial Tempest… to quiet it. The people believes miracles will hapen because of the saint, sot hey stop having fear. And it work. The miracle happen simply because they believed it would. How clueless. That is why the Emperor was so pissed off about religion (or rather about Superstition, but WASP people are almost unable to grasp the difference, as well as to differentiate Religion to Christianity, quite unlike Mr Priestley indeed, the real original Emperor of Warhammer 40k, and who conceived it as a Pan-Human figure, rather than… British pop-culture), but then again it doesn’t justify the Imperial Truth new fluff and all the atheists ridiculous pretend.

Orikan frowned as he walked around, appearing to think and consider his options, but Heka knew that Orikan could think faster than a mortal, just like any high ranked Necrons he knew of. Heka waited as Orikan walked around Heka’s Tesseract Labyrinth. Orikan made sure to move the device into the centre, just so Heka could be the centre of attention while Magnus’ Labyrinth was moved to the wall, facing Heka.

Their below Orkish initiative though speak volumes about their lack of deep understanding of the Real.

Magnus smiled “It is natural, for your soulless kind. I have noticed Warp seems to evade your touch” Magnus turned his head to Orikan “You wish to shunt out the Materium from Warp, for I have seen your edifices on Cadia.”

“Not just that. The disjunction realm is anathema to us, as much as our anti-psychic technology is anathema to you and Heka, and of course, you both are disjunction entities”

Yeah… no. Everything is reflected by the warp. Everything. Animal world. Plant world. Mineral world. From a tiny stone to the biggest, brightest star.
Even Assholetep. It’s just that the original souls of the Necrontyr have been destroyed (eaten) by the C’tan or something stupid like that, and now the Necrons only have the tiny souls of their kinda-metal bodies. As such, their souls are too tiny for them to be ever able to use psychic powers. That is the ONLY explaination, their is no other game in town.
The C’tan fluff though is less.. explainable. And more retarded. All this anti-warp thing is really bullshit.

“I will let you and your son sleep for the night. It was quite rude of me to keep you awake” Orikan turned around. “And of course, I will leave both of your heads free for my own little purposes. For biologicals, sleep is very important, don’t you think?” Orikan turned away and left.
Neat. Cruelty is for the weak.

Magnus and Heka looked at each other, and Magnus appreciated Heka’s sacrifice but pleaded with him “My son, you did not have to do this, you know. I am amazed you were somehow able to draw the pain into your, the pain I’ve felt.”



Revelation smiled “Exactly. You two have fulfilled one competing prophecy and denied the other. In a grand scheme of things, prophecies dance around the stars, dueling with each other”

True, though not entirely. The Eternal Return always happen. IN a way or another.

That is no help. I do know there is a dark time coming. But I must keep myself hidden, for I want humanity to think for itself beyond the confines of religion. I am just a man.

Actually, the Emperor is likely to be one of the foremost and most ancient metaphysician.
According to Mencken’s Treatise on the Gods, metaphysicians are likely the ones who invented the concept of monotheism.
And also, he was one of the first Kings. For the ancients, Kings were sacred existence, living in splendor and sacredness, walking among mortals yet between Heaven and Earth ; hence tributes (offerings) were brought to them.
Beside, it was very clear since the 1rst Edition that, though He didn’t saw himself as a god, he didn’t saw himself as a mere man either, but – at least – as the apex of Humankind. It is written than the Emperor is the cornerstone of Mankind and that he unraveled all mysteries before any other human scientist or philoopher, yet simply watched from afar (probably because he knew better than interferring directly, had superior wisdom such as a Taoistic one, and his « plan » was already broadly in place). He is clearly called « the New-Man » and it explained his true name as a Warp god, Numen, comes from this. Ironicaly, in Jipang’s fluff, the name Numen is translated « Shinjin » which can be the reading to both « New Man » and « God Man » (the Emperor is enshrined under various names, mainly « Tentei », for diplomatic reasons, but in mythology and theology, he is identified with Izanagi-no-mikoto by the Ministorum’s priest, which, ironically, is the exact historical AND mythical truth, since the Emperor IS the Cosmic Man ; as explaind in the Eridani Records). As such, he is not ‘just a man’. Beside, the Emperor quite clearly belong to Engaku-zen, and not to the Six Path of Transmigration, though he has kinda fallen into Jigoku and with the Star Father, rised to the loft position of the Deva… sooo, calling him ‘just a man’ is clearly abusive.
All this WASP atheist delirium is quite sad.
Though I think HFY and TTS explain this in a way that makes sense.

Some thought it was unfair. Of course, for Heka was one of the few alpha-plus psykers to be born in 30th Millennium. Magnus had expected kids to be in awe of Heka’s psychic power and was shocked when they were not.

In some countries, the concept of fariness simply does not exist. One might say that it is because some are simply barbaric, others are simply different. French for exemple doesn’t have a translation for « fair ». Funny Prospero has one. :p


And then the villagers who envied Heka’s powers, had schemed and conspired to take his powers through any means, no matter how dangerous, no matter if it would draw the sharks from the Great Oceans to them. Surprisingly yet, none dared to spring their plans, for they were extremely crippled by their wild imaginations and implications that Heka already knew their plans and could act to destroy them.

This is one of the things I would have done unlike the Emperor. I would have trained the humans to not be petty. And I would have done so openly, since the begining of abundance, or slightly before (starting with the 20th century for exemple… but maybe that would have been a century or two too early). Then, with the millenias, that would have become part of human mentality, even though that would have been under a dictature, since it would have been needed to do so openly ; yet, my teachings about Accomplishment would have remained. Maybe the Emperor thought about doing so ; maybe not… because, he had to be secretive, to cover his tracks, not only against Chaos, but against the Eldar empire too, as explained by The Arrested Fall of Lord Lucan.
So, the Emperor’s plan was already set at that time, and really well thought.

All he had wanted was a friend. His greatest talents lay in the Biomancy, which he enjoyed doing so.

Good. A lvl 3 Biomancer is powerfull, he has a good body and it solves most of his problems in life and in War. Though, Heka is not a specialist of Biomancy, since he can read thoughts and other things.
Unlike other disciplines, Biomancy is very polyvalent. And it does solves one of the greatest problem with human beings, one of the things I call the Greatest Tragedies of Humanity...

Magnus witnessed passing of the years, Magnus saw Heka married Hathor. They led a few happy years until the day Hathor had died giving a child birth.

Actually, Astartes need to be adolescent or child in order to be created in the standard process (the one recomanded by the Codex Astartes, and that has become as obscure and ritualistic as the Mechanicus’ rituels, in most chapters). This is part of the whole ‘sacrificing your Humanity’ thing. Other methods exist, two at least in Canon : the one used by the Blood Angels (the Primarch’s blood circulate into the recruit’s body and remake them, but it likely need the Progenoïdes before, and maybe the black carapace after or before). It is possible the Thousand Sons had another technique ; or that he was recruited only because of hys psychic powers. Yet, this is why their are so few Archivists : probabilities are VERY low, and people like Tigurius are supposed to be very rare if not unique.

And that is also why the so-called fluff written for the Grey Knights since Matt Ward is so ridiculously stupid and unrealistic.

One of the reason their are not a lot of Archivists is because the Black Ships, according to Canon, comes only once per century. In other words, most Renegade Psykers simply never had the choice of surrendering to Imperial authorities, even if they wanted to, simply because they were not born at the right time. GRIMDARK.


My Grey Knight character, « The Grey King » Arcturus, is so manly that he was recruited at 12, and had already unknowingly fathered offspring. MANLY !
Henceforth, he has all the implants of an Astartes. All of them. MANLY !
The circumstances that led to his recruitment are pretty unique and epic. And one of the rare occasion an Inquisitor has to no be a cunt and negociate. Because… he was the child High-King of a Knight World. MANLY !
Born with everything a mary sue could have desired, but that none has the ingenuity and necessary imagination to design and invent (I’m looking at thee, 5th Chaos God).
And actually… he had twins. MANLY !
One of them was recruited in the Grey Knights too, by incident, while the other pursued the bloodline. Until an Apothecarion came and was like « Justicar Arcturus, the new recruit we gave thy geneseed to hath the same facial features as thou… Both of ye really look alike. » What a mess. MANLY DINASTY ! :o

In my homebrew Fluff, their is another method, the one used by the Heaven Marines, and that is one of the main reason they are considered a different species to the Space Marines ; it is called the « Process of Origins », « Mandala method » and « Purple Lotus Transmigration » among other poetic / esoterical naming. It consist of literraly bathing the recruit into the Warp, after implanting the Geneseed into his body, and training him into meditation techniques. If he can return from the Warp unmutated, he will then be Enlightened, having a deep experience of Kenshô (Seeing the Nature) / Satori (Illumination, Enlightement).

Hymn of En the hermit (used as theme of the Heaven Marines, in the Jipang codex) :

Be grateful to master Kûban for hearing it, and seeing those sacred pictures. Gasshô. _/\_

Sometimes, adults are allowed to try, even though the chances of failure becomes very high for them (well prepared children helped by a Rôshi and a qualified Onmyôji have very high rate of success, superior in every aspect to the Codex method). Most of them are great samurai heroes (Taishô or Daimyô), because a super human willpower Serenity and objective understanding of the Real becomes absolutely needed ; basically, it would be like gazing into Hell and be both undisturbed and uncorrupted. And it doesn’t involve the mass cybernetisation used for some Primarchs foster father. Hence, it is also a mystery where this technique / method / heresy comes from, and when it did appeared. If it originated from the Great Crusade, it would have been used for Luther & cie… but it was not. Despite that ‘Process of the Origin’ refers to the Primarch being spirited away into the Warp, while not even completely formed.
That may be why though it becomes harder for adults ; however, another theory by some Magos Biologis is that it involves the hormonal system… but some Death Watch Apothercarion counter by saying Homo Sapiens Japonica is neither Adrenalian, nor Thyroidian (since most Jipangian lack the refined artistry of a flowering culture, though it is still high quality, since based on classical, medieval and pre-modern Japan), nor Analytical (unlike standard Homo Sapiens throughout the Imperium). Maybe they are all Interstitial, but then, what about the normal Homo Sapiens Japonica which is not an Heaven Marine ? And what about Heaven Marines who originated directly from Space Marines ? And why the Heaven Marines psychometric powers and those of the Bushi are different ? And why some Heaven Marines (the Rôshi) sometimes become Psykers, or have a huge boost in their psychic powers ?
Which is… strange. It may be that biology knowledge from the 41st Millenium is not enough to understand how the Heaven Marines’ bodies really works.
But in the end, just like a lot of things about Jipang, it is shrouded by mysteries and a shit load of academical debate. Maybe their is also a lot of cover up from the Inquisition. Or from the Illuminati. Or the Heavenly Court of Jipang. Or both.
Their are not a whole lot of corpses to experiment on, even when they manage to kill some Heaven Marines. Hell, the Mechanicus has already a hard time understanding how the Tau Etheral and Hrud works.


Cough… sorry.

Anyway, this « Process of Origins » allows the Heaven Marine warrior monk a greater controll over his body and spirit ; in effect, Heaven Marines have the same profile has Space Marines, save for a S5 and I5 (as if they were « always » charging ferociously, yet without being ferocious, since they have almost perfect control over their hormonal system and emotions), an Invulnerable save 5+, Feel no Pain and a couple over rules. Before fighting, Heaven Marines often practice a re-enactement ritual, inspired of real Japanese Buddhist Rituals, they will bathe unto the flames of the Warp / Change, and yet returns unscathe and unmutated ; wich will increase their Feel no Pain. Heaven Marines have 2 Wounds because of a special equipement, so they in fact don’t die nor become mutated even if they somehow fail the ritual. One of the weapon they can use, the Naginata, has no AP, but increase S +1 and I +1 ; meaning they instant death most mere mortals, and actually strike faster than charging or counter-charing spearmen Ashigaru (S5, I5, AP3 ; the Yari is one use only, of course).
Because the Rôshi (Abbot, Ancient, Old Master : serves both as a sergent, an Apothecarion and possibly as an Archivist) gives them a FNP 4+, they actually have high chances of surviving the rituals ; which will give them FNP 3+.
Though they seems invincible, an Heaven Marine with Naginata cost 52 points, and 20 morte points for a Rôshi.

Anyway… back to Heka’s love story.

Heka wept as he took the child out of Hathor’s womb and passed it to her. She smiled as she cradled the baby and kissed her forehead. “Her name shall be Farida. Fine name, don’t you think?”

Nope. I would have expect another Egyptian deity reference.

The daemon was stunned as this was not expected and it was about to answer when Heka already deduced this thing was lying, and from his memories, none of the spirits that hail from Great Ocean were to be trusted, especially if they came with deals. It lunged at him but Heka, in his ethereal form, banished that spirit and sent it flying back to Great Ocean.

Actually, in such situation, they can even be killed. The reason they are banished from the Materium, it is because they are projecting their energy into the Materium from the Immaterium. It’s similar to playing a video game. Their real self is not inside the Materium. But a psyker can go for the real body, instead of it’s shadow only. And since Heka is a Psyker class Alpha and that he has sanity, he should be a… dangerous prey. To put it simply, it’s like you are attacked by a troll on the internet ; but instead of parrying his troll comments, you find him IRL and punch him in the face.
Another proof the Ward false god doesn’t know shit about the Fluff ! ><

Had the touch of Chaos not touched Heka nor his daughter, there would’ve been a cure or atleast a way to delay the transformation of Thousand Sons Legionnaires into Chaos Spawns. This infuriated the Crimson King. He turned to Revelation and saw Revelation was looking at him, and he had a look that made Magnus realize Revelation wanted to show him a simple truth of what Chaos had done to Thousand Sons even that early.

Had he not joined Tzeentch (the god of mutations…) that would not have happened.


He recognized these warriors as Praetorians. He had only seen one or two in his battles. He used his emotionless Rubric sword masters to deal with them, as he moved his other warriors in engaging other foes. These lethal warriors were known to reap armies in their thousands and command even the Necron Overlords. But four of them following the large Necron? And without his Rubric Marines, if he was to fight them without his psychic power, he knew he would be in utter trouble, for they were also known to be excellent melee fighters unrivaled by most melee fighters in the galaxy.

Naye… it’s good, you can do it Magny Magick. They have only S5, T5, W1, I2 and Save 3+. Funnily enough, 7th edition makes their power weapons dubious. In fact, all power weapons are dubious in 7th edition, save for the Lightning claws, Power Fists and Thunderhammer. Magnus has a 2+ save, he will rape them in less than 2 turns. ^^

With an intense glare, the Praetorian said to Heka, as he came close “You stand within the sight of Silent King, Lesser subject. You shall answer when asked. Remain silent otherwise-”

That’s something funny with modern English. Even when they try to speak with contempt, they still use vouvoiement !!!! xD

The Silent King thought of Heka’s offers “And your plans will not conflict with our interests?” he continued to speak through the same Praetorian “Regrettably, I must act ways that will conflict with your interests, It is required if I am ever to foil, if not then, delay the plans of the Deep Ones, for we

Unfinished ?


(already done elsewhere)


“Do you think I am incorruptible? What a joke. I AM corrupted, but I will and will ever remain a Loyalist to Emperor, that was once a Man. And I will pass this power to his child, but you, you who seek power.. will not attain this, not for your supposed “fight” against Chaos”.

Actually, and despite all the slanders from Black Library and Games Workshop staff, Inquisitors are as likeliy to convert to Chaos as are Custodes (yeah, it happened) ; accoding to statistics. Yet, people treat the Custodes as if they were incorruptible, while the Inquisitors are allegedly easily corrutible and uneffiscient. What a joke.
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Re: Warhammer 40k-57k: Emperor's Thousandth Son

Postby helix123 » Sun Jun 12, 2016 11:51 am

Well, shit. I'll have to read it all when I got a spare time. That's some pretty comprehensive information. That should help me out when I get time to finish up Emperor's Thousandth Son.

Edit: You do make some good pointers. I'm just reading through all that stuff. by the way regarding Heka, that love story relates to Heka's time as a human. I mean.. y'know Thousand Sons were psykers. what if they used their spells to help themselves through the process that turned them into Space Marines in that scenario?

Edit 2: Fixed some of my mistakes. Thanks man. My story's not done yet. Not quite so. I'm just updating them when I have time.

Chapter 10 and 11 are not done yet. I'm intending to continue them.
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Re: Warhammer 40k-57k: Emperor's Thousandth Son

Postby Sumeragi Atsukuni » Tue Jun 14, 2016 11:31 am

True, Thousand Sons could use their psychic powers to help their operation succeed. :geek:

But, according to what I know of the main version of the Astartes creation method (the one used by the majority of Chapters and Legions, or at least the loyalists ones), it would simply boost the chances of success, the %. These operations are practiced on people between 10 and 18 years old because of several reasons, most of them are related to the human body, it's hormonal system and the growth process. By using Telepathy and Biomancy in certain ways, and maybe minor Telekinetic powers with great deal of precision, that would increase the chances of success, but maybe only by manipulating the human body, not "changing" it the way these operations and implants are doing. For exemple, it could be used to artificially control the circadian rythms or something... but not to transform your lung into a post-human lung. You see, it's not because they were old men, and thus less strong and "tired" by life, that Luther and Lorgar's dad were made into Iron Hands like Space Marines, using cyber-ware rather than normal implants. No. It was not just because their bodies didn't had the strength to handle it, but because of the natural cycles of human biology.

Now, about other methods (Space Wolves, Blood Angels and Fabius Bile, for the official ones, the Heaven Marines' one in my homebrew fluff)... we do not know much. If it is possible for them to make older men into Astartes, how old ? The Blood Angel's method mostly consist of blood transplant. While the Space Wolf method is OKTOBERFEST IN SPESS ! And what about women ? Why not women ? /tg/ already talk a lot about women Space Marine, so you can go other their for intels.

I don't know what method is used by the Thousand Sons. It is possible they use an alternative, unknown method. :3
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Re: Warhammer 40k-57k: Emperor's Thousandth Son

Postby helix123 » Tue Jun 14, 2016 12:09 pm

Sumeragi Atsukuni wrote:True, Thousand Sons could use their psychic powers to help their operation succeed. :geek:

But, according to what I know of the main version of the Astartes creation method (the one used by the majority of Chapters and Legions, or at least the loyalists ones), it would simply boost the chances of success, the %. These operations are practiced on people between 10 and 18 years old because of several reasons, most of them are related to the human body, it's hormonal system and the growth process. By using Telepathy and Biomancy in certain ways, and maybe minor Telekinetic powers with great deal of precision, that would increase the chances of success, but maybe only by manipulating the human body, not "changing" it the way these operations and implants are doing. For exemple, it could be used to artificially control the circadian rythms or something... but not to transform your lung into a post-human lung. You see, it's not because they were old men, and thus less strong and "tired" by life, that Luther and Lorgar's dad were made into Iron Hands like Space Marines, using cyber-ware rather than normal implants. No. It was because their bodies didn't had the strength to handle it, but because of the natural cycles of human biology.

Now, about other methods (Space Wolves, Blood Angels and Fabius Bile, for the official ones, the Heaven Marines' one in my homebrew fluff)... we do not know much. If it is possible for them to make older men into Astartes, how old ? The Blood Angel's method mostly consist of blood transplant. While the Space Wolf method is OKTOBERFEST IN SPESS ! And what about women ? Why not women ? /tg/ already talk a lot about women Space Marine, so you can go other their for intels.

I don't know what method is used by the Thousand Sons. It is possible they use an alternative, unknown method. :3

True. I'll have to ask someone, lol. Thanks man!
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