60k: New Cadia

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60k: New Cadia

Postby librisrouge » Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:13 pm

I always felt that somewhere in the 60k setting there had to be some Cadian's. Not the actual inhabitants of Cadia, they're gone, but the descendants of Shock Troop regiments that dispersed after a campaign to settle some back water world or a regiment that was on campaign when Cadia fell and didn't, for whatever reason, go home and die with the rest of their people. This is the beginning attempt to tell the story of those people. Between works of narrative I'll also tell a measure of their past and the place I envision for them in Vulkan's new Imperium.

Part One - Introduction

“Ave Vukan! New Cadia stands!” Lieutenant Gemino shouted, jumping from behind a half collapsed wall with his lasgun ready.

Before the words had even finished leaving his mouth though he realized he’d likely just committed suicide. The enemy, seemingly statuary in front of him, was already reacting and turning their baleful kai guns in his direction, daemonic energy from those too trigger happy to aim properly washing the rubble around him in multihued patterns. Even a grazing hit would spell his demise, or worse.

Rapidly, Gemino raced backwards across the strewn destruction of a city whose name was no longer remembered by sensible people. The Crusade merely referred to it as Octious 155-C. Perhaps once it would have been an impressive, if vile, testament to what steel and stone could do but now it was mostly destroyed, rendered useless to both sides after salvoes of artillery fire and deadly street fighting. Too many fine men now fought and died over pills of brick and mortar and Gemino, almost tripping over some discarded rebar, was deeply afraid he’d join the latter soon.

His legs pumped under him, adrenaline granting him stamina and speed, but he knew that only luck was keeping him alive now. Despite their appearances the Kai Bane were as quick as an Astartes and would correct their aim soon. He only needed to...

The ground rose up to meet him smashing into his face and sending him falling into the half-filled remains of an abandoned trench line he’d planned on jumping over. He could swear he hit every bump or brick on the way down, their blunted points sure to leave bruises for later, and came to an abrupt halt.

Despite the danger fatigue forced him to remain still a moment longer but adrenaline continued its magical work as the sound of stone on stone began to become clearer behind him. Not desiring to stick around to meet the sound’s source, Gemino ran laterally down the trench line, shouldering his rifle and grabbing frantically at the bags and pouches that lined his belt. He worked quick, knowing time was short (*pfffft when wasn’t it*) and then moved to the next junction with all the stealth and speed a soldier laden with gear and tired with combat fatigue could attempt. Then, he waited.

He’d attracted two of them with his stunt. Both stood at least of height of a Mk. II in Tactical Dreadnought Plat, but instead of the martial livery and smooth ceramite surface of Astartes combat armor, these Kai Bane looked to be carved from rough obsidian and granite. The first appeared like a monster from legends, pig faced with great sharpened tusks and a body sculpted to resemble ogrish muscles. In contrast, the second appeared almost like a knight, its body molded to resemble great protective plates while its head was a mohawked war helm lacking in a visor. Both carried the humongous, brass etched firearm (*cannon*) that gave them their name.

Steadily the two monstrosities entered the trench and began to follow him. Clearly they’d pick up on his movement (*Daemonic talents? Heat vision? Good hearing?*) and moved with almost nonchalant purpose toward his hiding spot. Thankfully the fall had covered what was left of him in dust and grim or he’d likely have been spotted at the junction, his head peeking out to watch their advance. Slowly, agonizingly, the pair finally reached the spot where he’d left his marker, a simple food tin, and he tugged on the line he’d trailed behind him.

Several seconds later, seconds that felt like lifetimes, the explosives he’d planted in that deeper portion of the trench line detonated. The mixture of fragmentation lines, shaped charges, and scavenged construction explosives he’d acquired rendered the trench section into a bilious cloud and blocked the monsters from view. Gemino didn’t wait to see if the explosives had destroyed the Kai Bane pair. He doubted it would do more than slow them down and bury them for a few moments. Instead he continued his sprint that the fall had interrupted, running full tilt away from increasingly frustrated and certain death.

Clearing the dilapidated trench lines still at a run, Gemino heard the dual roar that told him his time was running increasingly short. Before the Kai Bane had been curious, in their own destructive way, but now they would be enraged. Resisting the temptation, Gemino continued his run, sprinting the last few feet into the remains of a manufactorium and hoping to reach the other side before the two had caught up to him.

Sadly, this plan followed the fate of all battlefield plans as the pair simply emerged from the manufactorium wall closest to the trench line they’d been in, their hulking forms emerging from the steel construction with explosive force. They leveled their guns and opened fire as one, destructive energy capable of tearing through power armor with ease narrowly passing over Gemino as he threw himself to the ground. Still his pack caught and had to be smothered by his rolled sideways toward a pile of wooden crates he hoped would protect him from what was about to follow.

Hidden in the rafters of the manufactorium were teams of other soldiers, all of whom silently aimed their weapons at the gigantic interlopers. Collectively, responding to the comm signal Gemino sent them as he rolled behind cover, the pulled their triggers. For some, las bolts would emerge, normally deadly beams of energy deflecting uselessly off the warp tainted surface of their opponent hide. These shots though were merely distractions to keep the Kai Bane from focusing on the heavier weapons: deadly anti-tank missiles whose explosive report quickly drowned out all other noise, rapid firing bolt weapons whose distinctive bang-whosh-ting-pop always reminded Gemino of wind chimes, and even the regiments one antiquated plasma weapon whose shots resembled miniature stars flying across the battlefield. This collective punishment rained on the Kai Bane like the fist of an angry god, destroying them utterly and sending the statues daemonic inhabitants back to the hell that spawned them.

Despite his exhilaration at the plan’s success, Gemino could only just lay there breathing. Next time, somebody else would get to serve as bait.

-------------------The End----------------------

I wrote this during a bored afternoon, so please be kind with your comments.
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Re: 60k: New Cadia

Postby nzhorror » Thu Jul 03, 2014 11:38 am

Liking it so far. Pretty sweet for an afternoons work :) Always figured SOME Cadians would keep up the fight. Heres to hoping for a sick showdown between the New Cadians and their dark brethren. Keep it up!
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