Crimson Flight [50-60k]

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Crimson Flight [50-60k]

Postby emprasfinest » Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:19 am

Hello to all of you who are reading this. Like many, I have found myself captivated by LordLuncan's works, The Shape of the nightmare to come and The age of Dusk. As such ,I decided to craft my own story within this universe, Concerning the Blood Ravens and how they endured during these times of turmoil. I hope that you as the reader with be entertained, and find it worthy of existing in this universe. Without further ado, let's begin.

[The following records come from the archives of Lord Scholar Vetruvius, Sergeant of the Eighth talon, DATE UNKOWN]
The final conflict is almost upon us. The Emperor Vulkan and his noble brothers lead the mighty forces of the Imperium Pentus to thrust deep into the Imperium of Travesties. My fellow Lord scholars inform me that the Traitor Primarchs Angron and Perturabo move to spring a trap on their brothers in the Corbellus System. They have already sent out warnings to the Primarch-Emperor, but the turbulent nature of the warp makes it unlikely. Still, one can only pray to the Blood Fathers to guide our kings to victory.

While many of my brother Astartes desire nothing more than to join than our lords in battle, the task entrusted to us by Lord Vulkan is of no lesser importance. Day and night, My Lord scholars probe the maelstrom in search of the Planet of Sorcerers and the redc cyclops Magnus who rules over it. Once we detect it, we are to inform the Primarchs of its location, mobilize the entirety of our forces, and prepare to join Lord Russ and his wolves in the inevitable assault. I do not dare question why Lord Vulkan has granted us this duty. Perhaps it is simply because of our Psyker abilities, notable even amongst the librarians of the other Commraderies; Perhaps he believes our shameful heritage (known only to him and the other Primarchs, save of course Lord Russ) allows of us sort of connection to our traitor-father, one that will lead to his discovery and demise. Whatever the reason, the Blood Ravens shall be prepared. Even now, the Nine Talons are preparing their ancient weapons for the insuring battle, and the three thousand ships of the Crimson fleet maintain orbit over Perseus XI, ready to depart at a moment’s notice. Though it is Lord Russ’ right to slay Magnus(only a fool would dare contest that), our Blood Father Valence has vowed that we shall insure that not a single Thousand Son will survive and escape beyond the reach of our ships and their guns. If need be, each and every Blood Raven (myself included) is willing to back this vow with our lives and to the last man, something that seems quite likely.

Though we are ready to meet our demise, the Blood Ravens shall not go quietly into the night; we survive in the form of this archive, the responsibility of composing it laid upon by mighty shoulders. Enclosed here is the entire history of the Blood Ravens from the fall of the imperium to the present moment. The Aurelian Cataclysm and Eliphas’ blunder, the war of the Talons, the crimson crusade and the pillaging of Ulthwé; each of these stories shall be addressed, among others. The countless tomes and archives I have sifted through and cross-referenced have lead me to creating this compilation of our legacy. I can only hope that one day this record might be read by someone other than myself, and that whatever information gleaned may yet serve a greater purpose. For if the Blood Raven’s know one truth above all others, it is this:
Knowledge is power, guard it well.
[record closes]

Note: The Blood Ravens, due to being somewhat isolated from the greater events of the galaxy during the second aged of strife, would come to establish a unique culture and hierarchy when compared to the other Space marines companies and Commraderies. I plan to address the majority of these differences later in the story, but here are a couple things I want to clear up here:

1. The “Talons” are simply another name for the Captains of each company. Each company is composed of around 400-500 Astartes. With nine talons, that makes the total around 4500. There used to be 10 talons total, but that’s a story for later…;)

2. The Blood Ravens, having spent the prior 10 millennia or so roaming the galaxy in their imperium fleet, had managed to survive the infinite conflicts and horrors of the Second age of Strife (an Amazing feat in itself) due in no small part to the large number of Librarians that compose their chapters numbers. Time and time again, the prodigious skill of these warrior-scholars proved instrumental in the continued existence of the fleet nature of these centuries passed, these librarians rose to key positions in the Chapter (but not as Talon’s or the Chapter master, for reasons that will become apparent) and the fleet, often acting as Admirals or generals. This has in turn resulted in them adopting the new title “Lord Scholar” instead, as a sign of their elevated status amongst their fellow Ravens. This continued even after their integration into Vulkan’s Imperium, something which has naturally caused some tensions amongst the other Commraderies.

Feel free to offer any questions, comments, or critiques you may have. I welcome any suggestions for improvement, as I am still fairly inexperienced with writing fiction.
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Re: Crimson Flight [50-60k]

Postby librisrouge » Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:06 pm

I like it and can't wait to see where you go from here. I've considering starting a similar tale myself, focusing on different changes and alterations to a faction from 40k as it makes its way toward 60k.
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