The Wanderers of Ydra [60k story](sort of)

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The Wanderers of Ydra [60k story](sort of)

Postby Dafijis » Thu Nov 07, 2013 5:53 pm

----Ydra's background----

Through the void of space, planet-sized construction float on. Deserted and battered, these husks were once living and thriving cities. Then, the galaxy changed. New forces struck out, and many of theses space-born cities were burned by barbaric and wild races. Those few defenders were not enough to stem the tide, despite their superior skill. One by one, these worlds were either conquered and sacked, their peoples slaughtered, or they were abandoned.
These were the Eldar Craftworlds.
Several Craftworlds were destroyed outright, like the weakened Alaitoc, surrounded by the New Devourer, friendless and alone, its numerous exiles unable to return and save it.
Others, like Saim-Hann were damaged horribly by millenia of war, and soon the Craftworld was abandoned, the survivors taking the precious spiritstones of their brethren to the one place where Eldar still fought in large numbers, Biel-Tan.
But by far the largest group was the group that decided their times was up, fate called, and Ynnead must rise. These craftworlds all committed mass suicide, the upswing in Eldar deaths was said to make Slaanesh howl, and Ynnead roar.

Ydra was one craftworld among the thousands that had its fate twisted into a horrible mess. The craftworld from the time it left Asur, always headed south. The birth-screams of Slaanesh sent Ydra hurtling forward at greater speed, and the momentum carried the craftworld into a new threat. Ydra soon found itself outside of the galaxy as a result of reckless piloting and the waves of power issuing from the Eye. Ydra was smothered under a new psychic force, one more powerful than any other. The Shadow in the Warp as the Imperium would call it, cut-off Ydra from the rest of the galaxy. Tyranids poured at the young craftworld. The furious battle for survival began. Ydra was lucky compared to other future craftworlds that would attract the attention of the Tyranids, in that it was so early that the Tyranids found them, that there was barely any biomass on the craftworld other than the Eldar themselves. The Craftworld was also cramped and small, and so it was very easy to organise a cohesive defense. The Aspect Warriors were inexperienced, yet soon they earned their names in history. They bore the brunt of the crude assault, and cut them all down. Dire Avengers stood tall and impassive, shurikens flying forward, cutting down horde after horde of Tyranids, Howling Banshees screamed forward, their Power Swords cutting through the carapaces like a knife through butter, Striking Scorpions burst out of the shadows only to slaughter all those Tyranids that had seen them, before disappearing into the shadows again, Fire Dragons destroyed the larger beasts of the horde, melting them where they stood, and many other Aspect Warriors proved themselves worthy of their founders name.
Eventually, after three years, with the casualties spiraling, the Tyranids stopped coming. The Hive Mind had made a conscious decision. This small craftworld was not worth the effort of breaking it. The Shadow in the Warp faded, creating a blockade that powerful psykers could break through with enough determination. The Bio-ships ceased unloading its forces on the small craftworld. Quickly the Bonesingers began repairing the damage done, Wraithbone molded perfectly into the previous wall. The original walls were given an extra layer of Wraithbone. The recovery period was short, as Ydra knew it was under siege. If it were to survive, it would need to prepare adequate defences to last for eternity, a way to escape the blockade, and a place for the infinity circuit. For it soon became clear that the casualties would be great, and the infinity circuit would swell beyond its boundaries. The answer was one that was not ideal, but would have to suffice.
Every year, a piece of the infinity circuit would have to be removed, and placed in a safe location. For Eldar, these places were few and far between, but Ydra persevered. Having ensured that the Webway was not blocked by the Shadow, and cleansing it of Tyranids, the first group left for their destination. All that you need to know is they succeeded. This became the way of life for Ydra, a life of constant siege, a life where creatures worse than daemons flew by the windows, all the time.

Then, one year, it all went wrong. At the same time as Abbadons thirteenth Black Crusade, The Supreme Admiral of Ydra made a fatal error. He engaged with the Tyranids that surrounded the craftworld. Quickly the fleet was destroyed, and the Hive Mind was reminded of this 10000 year old nuisance. The True assault had begun.

This is the beginning of the Tale of the Wanderers of Ydra. The siege will be next, then the actual events that take place in The Age of Dusk. This is just necessary background. If Lord Lucan doesn't mind, I will also be writing a bit on Craftworld Luggantath's retreat into the Webway, and its construction of a new city, the Dawn City.
Hope you like it.
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Re: The Wanderers of Ydra [60k story](sort of)

Postby librisrouge » Thu Nov 07, 2013 10:25 pm

Neat. I can't wait to read more.
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Re: The Wanderers of Ydra [60k story](sort of)

Postby Meaneye » Sat Nov 09, 2013 12:15 am

I like it. It is always nice to see a new 60K story.
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