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[40K] Eldar Introspection / Tails

PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 1:38 pm
by Uncle Le
Eldar Introspection

Interrogator thoughtfully looked over exotic items displayed on the low daises.

‘The more I study eldar the more I wonder how mighty they are… No,’ he shook his head. ‘Inappropriate word. Powerful…’

Inquisitor walked to a pedestal with an intricate blade on its top bathed in a bluish light of stasis field. He reached out with his right hand as if he was going to touch or even grab it. His fingers froze in mere centimeters from graceful weapon. Inquisitor looked at interrogator as if only now noticing that his pupil had stopped talking.

‘Why have you fallen silent? Please, continue. Develop your idea,’ inquisitor again looked at the sword in front of him, his fingers began to glide over the lethal blade. ‘Don’t fear to think. You ought to learn how to use your mind for you’ll must not fear later, when thousands upon thousands lives of imperial citizens will depend on your decisions.

‘Yes, master,’ interrogator inclined his head in a slight bow. ‘While reading works of our esteemed inquisitor lords, for example, as widespread as lectures of brother Guillaume of Stalynheim or as sensational as Cramer’s research “Ulthwe and Beyond” was in due time, I unconsciously ask myself a question as to how eldar, which wield such powerful technologies and most importantly have the means to foresee future, could suffer constant failures?

Gentle smile touched inquisitor’s lips. His fingers still fluttered along the blade of xenos sword as if playing it like a clavichord. At last with a light sigh he removed his hand and faced interrogator.

‘The answer is simple, my young friend,’ inquisitor folded arms behind his back. ‘It is fear. It gnaws them from within, robs them of peace and disturbs their sleep. No matter how powerful they could be they do not know faith or courage. They know only fear.’

He took a step to the next dais. On top of it there was a small pile of strange stones. Their smooth glimmering surface was covered with xenogenic symbols.

‘Without faith any power would turn to dust,’ inquisitor continued. ‘A prediction of future would be futile when faced an unyielding will. Look at the space marines. They know no fear, their faith is adamant. They won’t waver in the face of danger and will fight prevailing over any xenos sorcery.’

Re: [40K] Eldar Introspection / Tails

PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:15 pm
by Uncle Le
I found that other my short about this inquisitorial pair is missing now from this forum. So I post it here (not going to make separate topic for it).

+ + +


Standing on the scorched parapet of the high outer wall Inquisitor looked at the people gathered in one great crowd below.
Virtually all who were not absolutely emaciated by the toil in the mines rose against their slave masters, when Imperial forces had began to bombard the fortress. In the bitter fight most of the prisoners were killed, but several hundred managed to hold out until the Imperial Guard came.
Battered and filthy they were driven together in the inner courtyard of the freshly conquered fortress. Badly wounded were lying on the ground, it was obvious that many were not long for this world. Some others were sitting. There were people in the military uniform amongst the crowd; one could still see the distinctive colours and insignia of the different Guard regiments.
Wind tousled grey locks on the head of the Inquisitor. Shaggy clouds clumsily slid in the sky above arduously rolling over the distant mountain peaks. Inquisitor picked up handheld vox-caster and said shortly: “Execute”.
– You’d kill them all, master? – young interrogator sprang onto the parapet.
Inquisitor frowned:
– I believed that they were teaching the understanding of such things in the Schola Progenium. Are they not now?
– They are, – answered interrogator, a little confused, – but with the new knowledge… experience… the point of view can change.
– And how much did your point of view change? – fleeting smile touched Inquisitor’s chapped face.
– I… – said interrogator a bit more boldly, – did they all deserve to die? Many would be surely useful to the Imperium!
Inquisitor kept silence for a while. He stood on the parapet staring at the mixed throng below. Then he took a little gold coin from the pocket of his overcoat.
– Toss it, – said Inquisitor.
Interrogator threw up the coin and skillfully slammed it down with the right palm on the backside of the left one:
– Tails.
Inquisitor sighed.
– Toss up a thousand coins. Roughly a half would fall heads. Take the other half and toss up again. Remove those, which fall heads and toss the rest yet again. And do it until you have one coin, which fall heads down. This coin, doesn’t matter how many times you had tossed it, always did show you its tail. It is the same with people; some are just incapable of changing.
Inquisitor offered a palm for interrogator to return coin.
– Not all of them, but some, and let them be just a few, they will show tail again… a weakness. With what Imperium will have to pay for it? Battle cruiser? Imperial Guard regiment? We have no rights to endanger Imperium more than it already is.
Interrogator put the coin in the outstretched hand and it disappeared in the laps of Inquisitor’s overcoat. In the sky above were leisurely trailing shaggy clouds. In the inner courtyard of the battle scorched fortress were cracking lasgun shots.