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Age of Sigmar: Aether War, Change & Unchanging

PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 11:38 am
by Xisor
I picked up Aether War!

I'm very excited.

I've dabbled in bits of AoS over the years, but only now am properly comfortable diving in deeper.

Better than that, I'm quite excited about both the Disciples and Overlords aspects of things, and keen to have a good, slow & steady progression.

I think what's most liberating is that both sides are quite a departure from everything I knew and was tempted by in WHFB - it's just getting into the territory where the division between old and new is severe enough that it feels distinct. Not just different, but like the gulf makes sense, the torn edges aren't torn as much as fascinatingly frayed and suggestive of big difference and self-similar patterns.

Which is appropriately Tzeentchy.

Flicking through the Battletomes ahead of a deeper read, I'm also intrigued by the emphasis placed on Tzeentch's change aspect; leaves room open for wider conspiracies of many gods, but narrows down the absolute chaos of Tzeentch in a way that's a lot more distinct than I'd seen before.

Not sure I quite like it as much as some other focuses, but I like the pull of it, the evoking it does for me is quite powerful.