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Re: GDUK 2011 Reflections & Stuff

Postby TenGhosts » Thu Oct 13, 2011 4:38 pm

shadowhawk2008 wrote:
And I'd like to say that Graham McNeill is the most accommodating author ever. The queue for him and Dan were quite immense, to the point that at one time, Dan's queue had to overflow! But yes, back to Graham, there was a cut-off time for his signings towards the end of GD but he still took the time to sign my books. Give how busy he was throughout the day, it was much appreciated.

You must've been in the que behind me then. I was getting my copy of Outcast dead signed by the big guy, and normally we chat about all sorts, but I was aware of the time constraint. and of the good people behind me. so I buggered off.
I semi regulaly chat with Graham, and he's been the main inspiration for me to A. start reading again and B. try to get back into writing again.
He has given me lots of advice over the past about writing and editing, and in return i've annoyed him with my questions and theories.

Met with Pyro, had a lovely chat about the wonderful invention that is queing and got The Gildar Rift signed. Additionally i've found a photo of me meeting Sarah on the GW Facebook page. I'm Demi Famous :D

I'll be there next year, unfortunatley i missed out on BLL :cry: Oh well
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Re: GDUK 2011 Reflections & Stuff

Postby shadowhawk2008 » Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:43 pm

Ah. Missed opportunities :)

Perhaps at BLL next year, then?
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