What Are You Reading?

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Re: What Are You Reading?

Postby Major Rawne » Tue May 15, 2018 12:57 pm

Duke_Leto wrote:Ah a fellow boltholer who is behind the curve on the HH like me! Though truly admire you switching between books (can't do that myself).

I am currently reading Path of Heaven and I agree, very good so far. Chris Wraight seems to be very good at tying together various threads from other books and giving the reader the "state of the universe" without it feeling shoehorned in.

As I said above I am on an HH MMPB binge. Pharos was pretty good. It is harder to say about the anthologies (War Without End and Eye of Terra) as I find myself choosing to only read those shorts that appealed rather than all of them. The novella Aurelian was awesome (yep very behind the curve for me as never bought any novella).

Aye that's me, Mr slow. It's my reading goal for this year to get caught up on the heresy in at least MMPB. The particularly bad thing is that I bought up to Master of Mankind from Deathfire in Hardback then watched them collect dust.

As for reading more than one book at a time, it's not normally something I do as I can't particularly focus on more than the one. However it's easy enough with an anthology as you can just read a story here and there. I still have Magos running in the background for just that reason.

With all that being said I have just Grey Angel to read in The Silent War and that will be another one down. Of particular enjoyment was Ghosts Speak Not, some really wonderful early faction building going on.
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Re: What Are You Reading?

Postby Chun the Unavoidable » Wed May 16, 2018 8:26 pm

Now about Hiero's Journey, by Sterling E Lanier. I'd never heard of this until very recently. Apparently, it's good.
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Re: What Are You Reading?

Postby Aristedes Colettas » Thu May 17, 2018 12:52 am

Finished Path of The Warrior by Gav Thorpe. What a great read.

Great depiction of Eldar emotions that are the same as any human would have. My favourite line was when one of the Eldar said he will follow a different path the Path of the Idiot. Not too much action other than the frenetic battle with the Imperium. Loved the brief appearance of the Phoenix Lords and the Phantom Titan. If only we humans can live longer and experience different paths in life. (I should stop before the Inquisition shows up).

Now going back to the Horus Heresy Book 39 – Praetorian Of Dorn by John French
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Re: What Are You Reading?

Postby Rob P » Fri May 18, 2018 7:38 pm

Reading Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton. Beast of a book. Really interesting and comprehensive so far.
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