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Re: What Are You Reading?

Postby Duke_Leto » Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:25 am

So after a BL hiatus over December/January (following on from reading Warmaster I needed to let it settle and then Star Wars came out and obsessed me for a few weeks and then I dived into a few crime novels by Peter James) I then restarted my BL reading habit with The Magos...

BL hunger rekindled I worked my way through a very tasty set of books:

Pariah = well I just had to dive back in and read for the third time following on from The Magos and all those shorts.
Firecaste = dark, awesome, full attention requiring. Loved it. Need more Ferhervari (yes I was late to this party).
Watchers of the Throne: The Emperors Legion = very nice indeed. Great read (my first set in the "new era"). Chris Wraight gets better and better.
Black Legion = was good/solid but...didn't find it quite as engaging as I had hoped. I know lots of people are massive ADB fanboys which is fine. I think that may be because of how he expands the lore and delves into unexplored corners but...sometimes I find his writing a bit, hmmm, dull? Saying that there were some brilliant bits, really brilliant bits.

I am now embarking on a massive HH binge in an effort to start catching up. As I categorically refuse to buy the HH books in anything other than MMPB format (well they look nice a uniform on my shelf) it means I am way behind the curve of releases. In addition after reading Deathfire I just needed an HH break which ended up being fairly extended!

So I am now reading War Without End (though not reading every short, just those taking my fancy) then...

- Pharos
- Eye of Terra
- The Path of Heaven
- The Silent War
- Angels of Caliban
- Praetorian of Dorn

Which should nicely bring me to the point where Corax is released as a MMPB and/or even Master of Mankind (just in time for my holiday in July).
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Re: What Are You Reading?

Postby Major Rawne » Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:38 pm

With my week off over I knocked out a few titles I had been meaning to read for a while. First up was Spear of Macragge followed swiftly by The Hunt for Magnus, both thoroughly enjoyable, though perhaps would have benefited from being read with their prospective tie in novels.

I then raced my way through the Age of Sigmar Call of Chaos advent bundle from a couple of years ago. This was not very good, might put the 40k Call of Chaos off for a while if it's going to be of the same quality.

Next up were a couple of free part 1's to a couple of serialised novels, The Lost King and Furnaces of Haeleon. The former being particularly good.

Finally I made a move away from BL and got stuck into A Closed and Common Orbit, book 2 of the Wayfarer series from Becky Chambers. It is so far turning out to be an absolutely beautiful follow up to the first book, and making me salivate for the third even though i'm only halfway through.

Lunch time reading will be taken getting caught up on the Heresy as I did make a promise to myself to get caught on everything i'd bought this year. First in that goal is Eye of Terra.

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Re: What Are You Reading?

Postby Aristedes Colettas » Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:47 pm

Finished Scythes Of The Emperor not bad some harrowing stunts by the Scythes in battling the Tyranids a solid 7/10.

Now unto the 42nd Millennium and Dark Imperium by Guy Haley

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Re: What Are You Reading?

Postby Therion » Wed Apr 18, 2018 1:31 am

Even if I’m temporarily happy, reading about their repulsive privilege just makes me livid for hours.
It’s just so painful, knowing they are playing life in easy mode and are constantly rewarded for it, while I have to play in difficult mode and I’m constantly punished for it.

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Hate! Hate! Hate!
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