Warmaster and Urdesh still coming

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Re: Warmaster and Urdesh still coming

Postby Andrew Telenyk » Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:24 am

Duke_Leto wrote:Back to Blood Pact - reading it made me realise what it is that I love about most of Abnett's writing and the GG series specifically. The lovely world building he includes. These books are not bolter porn despite being specifically about warfare and the Imperial Guard! I love all the little details that Abnett weaves into what is ostensibly a war story that the publisher expects to have battles and action in. You get civilian characters such as a doctor and a photographer. You get to understand more about what it is actually like to live in the Imperium though this series.

"Blood Pact" is just awesome! I nearly felt myself there, on the snow-cowered streets of Balhaut, when I read it on the snowy december evening in my uncle's studio. One of the most atmospheric books from the Gaunt series!
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Re: Warmaster and Urdesh still coming

Postby Duke_Leto » Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:53 pm

Been "chatting" with Matthew Farrer on Twitter about Urdesh. Definitely still coming. Likely now to be released to align with Anarch (so end of 2018). There were some problems with the book and real world issues that delayed it but as a result Farrer and Abnett used the opportunity to do some more plot knitting to tie the Urdesh book in better with both Warmaster and Anarch...so Urdesh straddles both.
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