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Postby Words_of_Truth » Tue Oct 01, 2013 5:49 pm

Athelassan wrote:Holding it at the NIA is not in itself an admission of failure. It used to be there back in the days when I used to go and it was packed with gaming tables, etc. The NIA is still a huge floor space; in fact when I strolled past GD in 2009 (I was rebuilding the LG arena at the time) it looked like the main area was substantially smaller than it had been at the NIA.


Yeah definitely, I loved it when it was at NIA last time, however it was drastically different this time, loads of space given over to tills and produce. Some areas like FW designers on computers designing models, small introductory painting area. There was no conversion contest, no massive boards with humongous battles going on with enthusiastic staff members, no air horns, nothing like that, nothing extra was added to the Golden Daemon or Armies on parade, you still only find out the top three armies. There wasn't anything new but there was drastically less to interact with. That's what it lost, it lost the interactive element of past Gamesday, you could ask questions and stuff, but there were no games at gamesday.
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