Star Wars: The Initiation of Theta Cell

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Re: Star Wars: The Initiation of Theta Cell

Postby Phalanx » Tue May 10, 2011 1:50 pm

Life comes first mate. I'm happy to wait :)
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Re: Star Wars: The Initiation of Theta Cell

Postby Maugan Ra » Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:46 am

Arielle knew that she was a proud person. She knew that it was her primary flaw, but despite the teachings of the temple, knowing that didn't help her very much in overcoming it. Her mentor had frequently sought to cure her of her pride, generally through a belittling comments and thinly veiled insults - though she had, at times, entertained the thoughts that such reasoning was merely an excuse for his... antisocial personality.

As a result, it somehow felt fundamentally wrong for her to go begging for advice, to admit that she honestly did not know what to do next. Jedi were not supposed to doubt - they acted with perfect, serene conviction in everything they did. At least, that was what she had always believed... perhaps she was wrong. And if she was, there was no shame in requesting advice, certainly not from such a revered personality.

Everyone knew Master Dooku was amongst the wisest of the Council.

With a soft sigh, Arielle made up her mind and began her transmission. She waited a moment to confirm that the recording had begun, then straightened up started to speak, taking care to keep her voice calm and respectful.

"Master Dooku, my name is Arielle, Padawan in the service of the Jedi Knight Bigg'les. I am sending this transmission because I find myself in dire need of advice, and I hope that you can spare a moment of your time to provide it.

I was recently assigned to mediate the trade disputes between the Verpine and Gotal, over the mining rights to a small system. After listening to both sides, I managed to convince the two sides to agree to a compromise, and I initially believed that to be an end to the situation."

"Unfortunately, it appears that I was incorrect. Though the two sides remain committed to the agreement, not everyone else is. I am dogged by questions from media types, and surrounded by accusations of favouritism and bias. And now the Mandalorians are getting involved..." She realised that word had been said rather more vehemently than she had intended, and that her right hand had curled into a fist. With a deliberate effort, she relaxed and calmed her voice before continuing.

"Two of their warriors have apparently attached themselves to my ship for the forseeable future. The Naboo officials blame me for getting them involved. My companions are... unhelpful..." she felt the ghost of a smile flicker across her face as she remembered the exact advice given to her by the droid, "and my master simply demands that I do better."

"Put simply, Lord, I feel out of my depth. I ask you for any advice and guidence you can provide me - I should welcome anything right now, and await your reply."

Arielle terminated the transmission with a curt gesture, and allowed herself to relax for a few moments. She'd have to leave the bridge soon, and that most likely meant she'd run into one of the Mandalorians. She had to remind herself not to grow angry - anger is a path to the Dark Side.

It didn't help.
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Re: Star Wars: The Initiation of Theta Cell

Postby Xisor » Tue Jun 07, 2011 3:25 pm

Sorry folks. I'm putting this on hold for the moment. I just can't properly get into plotting things out. My enthusiasm or vigour for the topics I'd had have...floundered. If someone else'd care to pick up reigns, that'd be handy, but I'm not really feeling it anywhere near as much as I had originally.

Again, sorry.
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