Rogue Trader Resources

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Rogue Trader Resources

Postby Xisor » Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:41 am

Good day, all,

I'll be popping some of my Rogue Trader resources/character notes in here. Nothing terribly fancy, but hopefully useful for reference. And, without further ado...

Br. Hector 'Karri' Malikai
17.8 years, Terran standard
Last of House Columnar
Ward of Magos Varokin
Initiate of Confessor Abelthar
Missionary for Lamartina Dynasty
Rogue Trader Eveline Lamartina's second cousin

"The Ancient House Columnar is long dead, only I live on. The Imperium lives on, and in its service, I serve the Lamartina Dynasty."
"Perhaps I might go to Naduesh, one day…"
"Did you ever hear the story of Saint Cognatius? He was never found."
"I do actually have family. But they're not inheritors; by the Lex - I was the last. Hence debtor's prison, before I was eight!, and off to the Mechanicus. Magos Varokin, contemptible bastard. He set me on the right road though - recognising treasure. Yes, now you mention it, I have a few ideas about that…"

Archetype: Missionary
Homeworld: Child of Dynasty
Birthright: Fringe Survivor - Heretek
Lure of the Void: Archaeotechnologist
Trials & Travails: Press-Ganged
Motivations: Prestige
Career: Reliquarist
Lineage: A Proud Tradition - Shameful Offspring

WS: 25
BS: 30
S: 25
T: 27
Ag: 30
Int: 33
Per: 40
WP: 40
Fel: 40

Wounds: 8/8
Fate: 3/3
Insanity: 3
Corruption: 4

Dynastic Warrior: However, a group with a Child of Dynasty Character may not exchange their Ship Points for Profit Factor—any unspent Ship Points at the end of creating their starship are lost.
Honour Amongst One's Peers: A Child of Dynasty gains a +5 bonus to all Fellowship Tests to interact with high-ranking officials of the Imperium and members of the Imperial nobility in a formal setting (exactly when this bonus applies is up to the GM).
Jealous Freedom: Having endured captivity once, you have no intention of doing so again. You react violently towards the prospect of imprisonment or loss of your freedom. You may take a Willpower Test to avert this, modified by the provocation and the consequences (set by the GM) of succumbing to your dread.
Unseen Enemy: This character has an enemy who covets their position, their wealth, or their ship. The Child of Dynasty has no idea who this person is, or the fact that they’re coming for them. The GM determines this foe and is free to reveal this enemy at any given time. The character gains the Enemy Talent; the group is this unseen foe.

Common Lore (Imperial Creed)
Common Lore (Imperium)
Common Lore (Machine Cult)
Evaluate (Talented)
Forbidden Lore (Archaeotech)
Forbidden Lore (Heresy)
Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed)
Speak Language (High Gothic) +10
Speak Language (Low Gothic)

Basic Weapons Training (Universal)
Decadence - When drinking alcohol or similar beverages, he does not pass out until he has failed a number of Toughness Tests equal to twice his Toughness Bonus. The character also gains a +10 bonus to resist the effects of addiction.
Melee Weapons Training (Universal)
Pure Faith - Immune to Daemonic Presence
Talented (Evaluate) - +10 Evaluate tests
Unshakeable Faith - May re-roll Fear tests.

Best-Craftsmanship staff
Best- Craftsmanship lasgun
Best-Craftsmanship guard flak armour
Best-Craftsmanship Chainsword (Fear's Teeth of St Eris)
Ulia - Servo-skull with auspex
Kratos - Servo-skull with lumen globe
Charon - Servo-skull with pict-recorder
Ecclesiarchal robes
Aquila pendant
Censer and incense


Forthcoming: a little map of his shipboard chapel (the Chapel of Vengeful Recrimination), perhaps a little detail on his trio of servo-skulls, a personal timeline outlining his past affiliation with the ship's chief explorator, and maybe even a family tree detailing the exact arc between the group's Rogue Trader (Eveline Lamartina) and Malikai himself.
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Re: Rogue Trader Resources

Postby Xisor » Sun Dec 03, 2017 9:05 pm

Introducing Hector Malikai's Chapel of Vengeful Recrimination.
The full size version can be seen here, but there's also this smaller one:

The gist is: big chapel, unlike the cruciform of many Christian buildings, I'd encountered the idea that Imperial places of worship might take the layout of the Aquila. My art's not perfect ( :lol: ), but you get the idea - two slowly widening sets of pews for the vast bulk of the congregation who're there to get their daily dose of indoctrination.

Off to the sides in the raised galleries are the nobility - on the left side the Rogue Trader family and senior humans of the ship. On the right hand side is space for the allied infidels of the Adeptus Mechanicus, a well as the provision for the astropaths and navigators. (Both of these raised wing galleries would be invisible to the crew in the main below - it might be a glorious ship, but there's no place for spectacle that isn't venerating the Immortal God-Emperor and Their works. Certainly not during worship!)

As you can see, the two 'heads' of the Aquila sit behind the main altar where services would take place. On one side is a more secluded and private shrine for the veneration and artefacts of Saint Eris, Penultimate of the Angevinian Saints. (E.g. the Saints who had direct ties to Angevin.)

Anyway: that's the space for the relic-chainsword to be displayed and venerated, but also useful for proper, err, use. Most of the above is in a state of disrepair - it's only the shrine that's even been vaguely patched up in the time since Hector's taken residence in the Chapel and suites.


Beyond the shrine, for the other head of the Aquila you've also got the Confessional/Penitentiary, which might be where you'd be able to display sinners and deviants for certain Feast Days (a la Crossfire by Matt Farrer), or as props to encourage the faithful/see Divine Justice being enacted. (Or for more machiavellian purposes.)

Then you've got a refectory - if Hector were more of a proper flock-tender, this might be where the priest would entertain smaller crowds of the faithful - would-be fraeteris militia, acolytes, inductees into the faith, whatever sort of monks or nuns might be in situ. Similarly, the servants of the faith who're lay, may be invited 'behind the scenes' to foster better relations. Again, this is where they'd be entertained/victualled.


Beyond those, you've got the library/study - which I imagine is mainly ruined with crumbling shelves and a fair bit of mildew. Nevertheless, it's about as lively as much of the exterior of the chapel gets, it'd be where anyone of any serious status that's coming to meet Hector might be met, and if ever returned to reasonable shape, it'd probably be suitable as a very fine library indeed. But, as that's not yet happened, it'll still be very... down at heel. Suitably gothic, I suppose.

The room next to it, 'above' the shrine on the diagram, is a spare module. Perhaps one that used to be 'fully' stocked, a site for arms men if the previous incumbent was more of a firebrand/action-hero/accomplished than Hector currently is. Still, I imagine it being basically a big-ish empty room, followed by an even bigger empty-ish room, through which you can then start making your ways to the other corridors 'off the beaten track' of the main ship. (I envisage the main corridor that adjoins the entrance doors at the feet of the Aquila to be out into the main companionways of the ship, albeit in a bit of the ship that is more down-at-heel than other areas of the ship. Somewhere the nearby elements of the crew theoretically could get to easily, y'know, like a church would be!)

The bits off the bottom of the wings are literally where the servitors live, and where shipboard technomats can come in and perform the maintenance as needed, as well as the people that (if Malikai had many friends) might come in and help out with the tidying. The other-other one is assuming that the Relics and/or preacher becomes quite successful, and starts attracting pilgrims or acolytes or whatever - so you'd want to be able to keep them at arm's length (yet still on church property) rather than housed in the parochial house itself. (At such times the leading preacher might relocate to those quarters to supervise indoctrination and maintenance of the faith.)


Up from the library, where the title text is, is I imagine a fairly small suite of 'style over substance' flatpack rooms that have been knocked together quickly to give the impression that Hector's been given a well-appointed set of suites to live in, but that actually are mainly made of fairly cheap (for nobility) furniture that's been thrown together quickly and isn't of much value beyond not being generic ship's issue.

In that respect, I'd imagine:
- a cook-accessible kitchen that's almost never used, except for deliveries.
- a small dining room.
- a personal study/prayer room.
- a living cell.
- ablutorium.
- gymnasium with some equipment. (The sect Hector's aligned to is fairly missionary [indeed, he's of the Missionaria Galaxia, sort of], so an emphasis on physical fitness as part of devotion is present. Unfortunately this detail may have been overlooked by the dynasty in setting him up so the gym is probably the most dodgy-looking deathtrap rather than a sensible place overseen by a diligent gym-bunny.)
- a small hydroponics/herborium bit.
- an arms locker/room (lasgun & armour in here).


So, there you are - some further details!
"When my housemate puts his bike in the middle of the living room floor, I find that inordinately jarring, annoying and rude, but for me to refer to it as "genocide" would be incorrect." -Ath
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