Enzo: A Horus Heresy Story - on going writing

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Enzo: A Horus Heresy Story - on going writing

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In the ruins of Choral City on Istivaan 3, the Loyalists of the legions took shelter. They had been bombarded and continuously assaulted by Angron's forces, each time winning all but a pyrrhic victory over their traitorous brothers. They had rallied under the command of the 10th Company Captain of the Emperors Children Legion, Saul Tarvitz. Of Tarvitz’s own Company only a handful remained. Sergeant Athuensa Enzo,Sergeant Lyco Cascar, Jadon Masus, Aticas Kendar and Alonso Luca were the only of their rank to have survived the bombardments, they had taken shelter in one of Vardus Praals Personal Guard Bunkers once their Captains Warning had come through and convinced Solanio Otan of the World Eaters and Captain Dimas of the Death Guard and Captain Gael Mathias of the Sons of Horus that their Squads should do the same. Since then they had been holding out against the traitors, armed with all but their Swords as most of their ammunition was long gone, not that many of them missed their bolters, as they were well trained with their blades of choices.

“Im Impressed” wheezed Jadon Masus, still recovering from his last bout with traitors of the Death Guard. “The dogs of Horus and Angron are being unusually held back.”

“I can only assume they’ve sulked away to lap at their new wounds with their tails between their legs brother” Aticas Kendar Laughed.

“Wouldn’t mind fighting someone more skilled with a blade than just death guard soon.” Shouted Alonso Luca Tauntingly, daring to stand up amongst the ruins they’d taken shelter in, to mock the retreating Death Guard.

“Could always go find them.” Solanio Otan suggested, absent mindedly revving his chainsword.

“Or we could hold our position as ordered by Tarvitz to protect the others” Enzo Snapped.

“Aye, we could.” agreed Cascar, watching over the open field that the death guard had marched over. They had agreed to let Dimas and his squad of terminators the space to put down the injured traitors. He watched as one begged for mercy before dimas slowly crushed the marines head into the ground, as if taking a slow step forwards as he walked over to another, trying crawl away from the towering terminator. The battles raging elsewhere seemed to have died out, as if both forces had tired, the will to fight dying with the sunlight filtering through the ruins.

“Assemble your men, we’re going back to the Barracks. This position is too exposed for a prolonged stay.” Mathias said finally as Dimas and his squad returned, bloody footed. Those still able to carried the injured and what equipment they could salvage off the dead or dying, saying their final prayers of rest, they filtered out into the dusk, heading for their adopted home.

“ fifty four men , seventeen or so bolters, enough ammunition for ten at most. Better than yesterday.” listed Aticas, checking the inventory as they returned.

“Are you not including the weapons left by Praals men, Aticas?” laughed another.

“The bolters will be more effective clubs than the las weapons are at range” arkias retorted. Although they were holding in the remains of the city, their moral was unbroken, they had the smug satisfaction that Battle-Captain Nathaniel Garro and his ship the Einstein had successfully escaped and would be on their way to warn of the betrayal. Though their group was small, they knew every second they dragged this war on, was another second that the imperium had against the traitors, everyman they slew was one less that the other legions would have to kill. They may be exhausted and their armour battered and broken, but their continued defiance and survival, every breath was a victory for the emperor.

“What news is there on the other forces?” Otan asked placing a hand on Enzos Shoulder.

“I know Lucius and Tarvitz hold strong, and Demeter has recovered well, but i know little of the other legions, of how your legion fares.” admitted Enzo, Proud his captain were still standing strong at the Palace.

“We should regroup and form up, then take the assault to them, not hide in the shadows and be picked off in little groups.” sighed the World Eater, his moral clearly jaded.

“The longer they spend searching brother, the longer word has to reach terra, and who knows, we might live long enough to see the Emperor's wrath fall upon the traitors here.” smiled Mathias, overhearing him.

“Im not holding up hope of surviving the next couple of days, esspecially as they know were hiding around here.” Otan Snapped. The sudden and violent clashing of weapons could be heard deeper in and they turned. Jadon Masus and Alonso Luca had found some piping in some rubble near by and were using it to practice.

“Are all Emperors children, actually children?” Laughed Mathias watching them and the cheering crowd.

“A surprising amount are” laughed Enzo. “ perhaps we should show them how to fight Mathias, after all, we are their leaders.”

“Are you calling me child, Enzo?” chuckled Mathias

“No but i’d rather be a child than a coward” smirked Enzo, giving the captain a friendly slap on the side.

Explosions erupted outside the barracks and the war cries of the traitors followed.

“Perhaps our duel should wait for another time Mathias.”
“Perhaps Enzo, Perhaps” He nodded before putting on his helmet and drawing his sword. He didn’t need to tell the astartes to prepare as they all knew the drill. They silently filtered out the far side of the barracks and moved around its flanks, to survey the attackers.

By Terra. There’s Hundreds.

Hundred of Emperor's children, Death Guard and world eaters poured forwards, almost flowing across the field they had fought on earlier.

“I think Otans suggestion of falling back and regrouping may be a good idea at this point, Mathias.” Jadon masus suggested, wiping the blood from where Luca had split his lip in their sparring match.

“Demeters Position is closest.” nodded Enzo, signalling for them to retreat. They slipped back through the city, unable to escape the sound of the approaching force.

“Permission to lead our squad, Sergeant Cascar, and the take the fight to them to slow them down.” Aticas asked catching up with them.

“What is your plan Aticas?” Cascar asked slowing down to keep in pace with the marine.

“Disperse amongst the ruins and assault them with what ordnance we can find before attacking.”

“With only three of you?” questioned Cascar bemused. “Hm.. No, three of you can't make a difference, all of us can't make a difference, that is why we are pooling with demeter and lucius, to fight together, and make the difference.”

“The wounded amongst us wish too, the ten of us that aren't fit for combat, we would like to” Aticas smiled grimly. “The quicker the rest of you can go, the longer you have to prepare, just give us two bolters and we will hold them up, Sergeant.”

Cascar nodded, glancing back at the limping and stumbling men behind all waiting to be given the command to turn and fight, he unholstered his Bolter and beckoned another marine over to surrender his. “I look forward to joining you all by the emperor's side, don’t shame our Legion, like they have Aticas. remind them of the Emperors righteous fury, for we are the Emperor's Children.”

With that Aticas turned and rallied the wounded men before giving orders to them. Cascar started to speed up to catch up with the rest of the forces.

He could hear aticas’ chainsword revving behind him, and as they turned the corner towards the palace, he could hear the bark of bolters, and a final cry.

“For the Emperor!”


“You look well sergent Enzo” greeted Captain Demeter as the marines eventually found their way through the dark ruins of the city.

“On the Contrary captain, You've Looked far better.” laughed Enzo, Saluting the captain of the Second Company.

“Its quite alright enzo, i don't think rank necessarily applies anymore, now what brings you back to us?” he asked enzo, clearly happy to see familiar places.

“It would appear Demeter, That the primarchs weren't all that happy with where we had holed up overnight, i suppose they thought a night surrounded by trustworthy brothers in a palace is more suited to warriors of the Emperor, they wanted what was left of one of Praals Barracks for their own, rather fitting i think, suits the mess the legions are in.” admitted Enzo, almost sheepish under the happiness of seeing a captain of his legion.

“How many men have you brought with you?” asked demeter, looking at the stream of men filing in.

“Nineteen of our own, twenty-one of Horus’ Lot, eight death guard and six of Angron's Hounds”

“We have just shy of two companies worth of men here, but, they lack the leadership our legion provides, whilst Lucius and Tarvitz is away you can command the forces of the other legions Enzo, you know, you were actually a favourite to become a captain of the legion, well, i think it's high time to make that happen.” smiled Demeter, putting a hand on the sergeant's shoulder.

“Would they not prefer the leadership of one of their own?” asked enzo, taken off guard by the proposal.

“Well, we are the emperors children, and Tarvitz is commanding us, i think its best an experienced marine of his own company were to lead them.” Demeter explained his thinking.

“I will see what they decide, captain, Captain Gael Mathias of the Sons of Horus legion is superior to me, as well as Dimas of the death guard.”

“And who is representing them now, Enzo, who has been leading them?” Demeter asked

“Well, Me Demeter, but-”

“They are seniors of another legion and they follow your lead and advice Enzo, i'm sure the others will do the same.” Demeter paused and glanced around, checking others weren't within earshot.“You were almost chosen in favour of Tarvitz, Enzo, and he commands all the forces here, despite being the second most junior captain here, only Lucius is a junior to him. Im certain the other legions will accept your command. By terra, i wish you were in the 13th, you’d have been picked over Lucius in a heartbeat.”

“But Lucius is the very image of an emperor's children astartes, Demeter, he is an excellent swordsman, great tactician and well kept.” enzo argued, taken aback by the compliment.

“He is cocky, arrogant, and not a leader, something fulgrim and the traitors have become, he was chosen over you by them with that mentality, he should have been put in the phoenix guard or the palatine blades, not made captain.” demeter reasoned.

“Then how come he fights with us, at Tarvitz side, loyal to the emperor?” challenged Enzo, not comfortable with Demeter insulting the swordmaster.

“Because, there is little glory in losing a war, and he know that all too well, did you not see how badly he coped with losing to Garviel Loken of the Sons of Horus, if you had the option too, would you die a hero for the winning side, or as a villain with a long list of atrocities you wrought against the victors?” demeter reasoned Lucius’ opinions.

“Do you think the imperium will win, Demeter?”

“Who could possibly stand against the full might of the emperor, Enzo, certainly not Horus, Angron, Mortarion and Fulgrim, not even if we all followed them.” Demeter said confidently.

“Do you mind looking after my men, Demeter, I would like to take a moment to pray.” Enzo asked quietly, as not to show weakness to the others.

“Of course enzo, go seek counsel, i will see to it that Captain Mathias and Dimas’ men are also rested.” Demeter said kindly to the young sergeant. Enzo nodded his thanks before slipping away.

“Wheres Enzo got to?” Otan asked his brothers.

“I wouldnt know Otan, Probably to see who is here and alive from our legion.” shrugged Masus dissmissively.

“Wouldnt he tell you? For someone who likes to keep on top of things, it seems rather odd.” Mathias countered.

“True, True.” admitted Luca.

“Brothers! I have a job for you!” Cascar said jogging over, having shed his armour so that it could be repaired.

“And what would that be?” grinned Mathias Eagerly.
“Enzo wants a couple of men to perform reconnaissance duty.” he said smiling back.

“So he hasnt been mysteriously bumped off then.” muttered Luca.

“I say myself and Luca Go” Suggested Mathias.

“I won’t object, its not exactly my specialty.” Admitted Otan.

“I wont complain” said Luca.

‘Well, they want you to double back the way we came, see where the Traitors are that routed us from that barracks. As we can't afford to leave that threat unchecked.” Briefed Cascar.

“Sounds easy enough, Luca, you with me?” Mathias asked

“Of course, Captain.”

Enzo entered the temple on the far side of the palace, enjoying the moment to be away from it all for a moment. Thankfully the temple had been left largely unscathed by the bombardments, only the ancient roof and windows had been damaged or destroyed. Behind a pile of collapsed Slates and roof arches, stood a shrine, admittedly Enzo did not know who it was for, as the sheer age had removed most details and an orbital strike had remove an arm. He clambered over the rubble and spotted a marine knelt before it, seemingly busy in prayer, holding…

“Captain Lucius, May i join you in Prayer?” Enzo asked as he quietly approached. Lucius looked around in shock, caught off guard by Enzos appearance.

“Why of course, Sergeant Athuensa Enzo, i always enjoy your company.” the lucius smiled gesturing him over.

“It is a bleak time isnt it, Captain.” Enzo Admitted, secretly glad to have found the council of Lucius.

“Aye, it is, Enzo.” lucius said hiding a grin from enzo, as he knelt down beside him.

“You killed him, didnt you?” Enzo sighed, looking over at the skull shaped helmet in Lucius’ hands.

“He was sent to kill me, Athuensa.” Smirked Lucius.

“To Kill you?” Enzo said surprised.

“Naturally only faith could beat me, and do it is only fitting that the enforcer of such things should be the one to try, although, i think only Fulgrim would possess the skill to do that.” Lucius remarked, the confidence in himself emanated like a blinding light.

“Are you suggesting Lokken is as skilled with a blade as our primarch?” Enzo mocked, attempting to dim the light of arrogance.
“Of course not.” Lucius snapped aggressively. “No one can compare to our primarch with a blade.”

“But you can? Is that not what you said.” Enzo pried, daring to toy with the captain.

“We could.” Lucius said, turning to the sergeant.

“We?” Enzo asked caught off guard by the suggestion.

“I could teach you, Enzo. You’re already quite the swordsman. It's a shame Tavitz knows how to say the right things to be made captain instead of you, i've already heard you lead a band of quite a few different legions dont you, even Captain Mathias and Captain Dimas follow your lead, that it is quite impressive for a captain. I think you would have made a better captain than Tarvitz.” Lucius explained. The sudden praise and almost adoration from lucius took him by almost more surprise than the initial betrayal of the legions.

“Why thank you Captain, i didn’t think i was even comparable to yourself or Tarvitz.” enzo finally responded. Lucius looked at him for a moment, he almost smug scarred face reassured him and boosted his confidence in himself alot.

“You know.. i could make you a Captain, Enzo” Lucius said kindly and sincerely.

“How?” enzo asked.

“Fulgrim is willing to give a second chance enzo, to redeem ourselves and rejoin the legion. He thought us weak, and unworthy to be emperors children. But he has been watching us Enzo, seeing who is strong enough to be an emperors children, who has the skill with the blade, who is skilled enough to lead, no matter the situation. Someone would need to replace Tarvitz or even Demeter to lead their companies.” Lucius said in a hushed voice

“How do you know this?” Enzo asked in a hushed serious tone, glancing around nervously. Lucius tapped on Charmosians helmet.

“You’ve been talking to them, up there?” he looked up at Lucius in shock. “Did you tell them where i was, where my men was, to test me, are you responsible for Kendar Aticas’ death?”

Lucius smirked and nodded.

“Give me that damned helmet. Now.”
Alonso Luca and Gael Mathias made their way back to the barracks surveying every corner and every building along the way they came. It was silent. Not even the sound of distant gun fights filled the emptiness.

“Well i suppose, no news is good news.” Luca said finally breaking the silence.

“Lets pray they decided to fall back and away from us, when they got too close.” Mathias said quietly, peering down an alleyway. Luca crossed silently over to the opposite side and checked a building. He signalled to Mathias to go in and clear and Mathias moved over to check it with him. They moved in silently through the darkened building, bolters ready.

“Bottom floors clear.” Luca whispered to Mathias. Mathias nodded and gestured to the stairwell. They moved over silently to it and began to move up, scanning every angle on the way up the softly creaking stairs. There was a thud at the top of the stairs. Mathias and Alonso looked at each other briefly and drew their daggers and held them under their bolters. There was a long corridor at the top of the stairs with several rooms leading off. However, the door at the end of the corridor was a broken door with several impacts of bolter fire surrounding it. The moved up quickly checking each room as they passed, reaching the far door.

“For the emperor” someone wheezed in the room. Mathias looked at luca as if to say don’t do it, but it was too late Luca burst into the room tracking for any hostiles. A couple of bolt shots were fired before someone let out a pained laugh. Mathias stepped in, again scanning the room for hostiles. There was none.

“Dammit Kendar!” Alonso hissed, having only narrowly missed by the marines shots.

Kendar Aticas chuckled and coughed up some blood. “Sent them packing.”

“They’ve sent you on a trip to the emperor’s side.” Alonso snapped.

“How in the emperor's name have you survived against all of them?” Mathias asked reasonably, far more relieved than the shocked Luca.

“Bolter and pistol, a good hiding spot and a bit of skill.” Kendar wheezed.

“Not enough apparently.” Mathias joked, noting the several bolter shells wedged in the marines armour and the cracked impacts of shell penetrating.

“Brother. What exactly happened to you?” Mathias asked suddenly.
“We.. set up abushes along this road, for their pursuit of you. We waited and then gave them all we had, we killed a fair few of them.” kendar said proudly.

“Did any of them come in here?” Luca asked,

“Aye, but i killed him.” Kendar smiled.

“Theres no bodies anywhere.. Mathias” Luca said softly.

“But me and my men, they’re dead and im dying from our fight, you can see the shots of battle.” Kendar said defensively.

Mathias rolled his eyes and looked at Luca. “Im so sorry brother.” he drew his chainsword and started it all in one smooth sweep as he aimed a slash at Kendars neck. Kendar rolled out the way and stood up, grabbing his own.

“You are a terrible liar, Aticas.” Mathias spat gritting his teeth. “Why?”

Luca stepped back into the doorway in shock and shivered.

“They promised me a second chance, Mathias. For a price of course.” Kendar smirked.

“What pri-” Mathias began as shot flew past him. He span around to see Alonso slumped to his knees in shock with a pained look or Horror. Mathias yelled in anger and launched himself at Kendar.

“You filthy traitor!” he snarled. Swinging his sword at the turncoat. Kendar parried it away effortlessly, knocking it to the floor with ease.

“You never wanted to hold them back, did you?” Mathias asked, slowly backing away from Kendar.

“Its why.. Its why you were so obsessed with keeping inventory and note of numbers, wasn't it, Kendar?” Alonso asked, gritting his teeth bitterly. A world eater stepped forward, pushing Alonso out of the way as he emerged through the door.
“Where are the injured, Aticas.” Mathias asked him looking between Kendar and the World eater.

“Hopefully dead.” Kendar nodded towards the world eater. Mathias glanced out the window and saw a few more world eaters moving into the building.

“Im Guessing me and alonso are the price for you to join the traitors?” Mathias asked.

“Well, the more important, the better, Captain” Kendar smirked. The world eater made a move towards him and Alonso stood up and tried to stab the world eater through the back of the head, kendar glanced over and shot him through the chest with his bolt pistol and in the commotion Mathias jumped through the window and slipped around the corner and out of sight. Alonso slumped forwards and grabbed onto the World eater as he fell, bringing the marine down on him. The other world eaters having only heard the commotion upstairs and ran into the room, chain axes revving.

“You’re too late, the captain escaped.” Kendar hissed at them looking out the window for him. As Luca fell he had used the force of the marines collapse to drive his dagger into his weak neck armour killing the world eater on him. His vision was blurred as he tried to look at Aticas and the world eater around him. He’d been shot twice, firstly by the world eater on him and his former brother, Aticas Kendar. The stimulants he had been given by the apothecaries were doing little to numb or translate the pain into pleasure as promised. Dammit fabius you useless traitor. His body ached and his armour was in a less than optimal condition, he let his head fall to the side, as if relaxed with the embrace of death to see where his bolter had fell, he could reach it, but he would have to move, he knew he didn't have long before his time was up and traitors would go but-

“-nd what of sergeant Enzo, what do we know of him?”

He focussed his attention back to the traitors discussion.

“He’s leading a portion of the remaining loyalists, he sent the captain and that miserable bastard this way.” someone said as they kicked him gently, disturbingly okay with the death of their comrade on top of him.

“Mathias was our ticket out of here. Lucius has already secured his. As has sergen-” Luca used the moment to grab his boltgun and sat up and unleashed a hail of bolter fire up into the traitors, grabbing and holding the world eaters lifeless body up as a shield incase they lived long enough to retaliate. He managed to gun down two of the marines before being set upon by the rest, they hacked through their dead brother with their chain axes with a savage brutality only the world eaters could muster, before aticas sliced off lucas hand.

“I’m impressed brother.” Kendar admitted as the World eaters dragged him up and held him against the wall. “Someone imperfect as you, someone so unworthy they weren't even given a second chance, to be able to think so cleverly. It's a shame, Alonso, your stupidity just cost you your life. You know, i've been rather fond of some of the remembrancers artwork, the beauty of it all, the deep rich red tones they've managed to put into their paintings, truly captures the life of sunsets and battle. Now.. how well does the blood of an astartes paint…” Kendar smirked as he slowly pushed his dagger through Alonso’s armour using his weight to push it deeper. Alonso gasped in pain and looked down briefly at the dagger before glaring at Aticas. “You sadistic bastard.” he spat at him as Aticas leaned in close.

“To be truely perfect, you would have to have experienced everything wouldn't you? What it is like to betray, to murder, to torture, to dismember the sill living, to see the suffering of an astartes as he watched his own body be used to decorate the last wall he’d ever see, to watch the horror in his face as i told him, who's betraying them, who is feeding them to those who stayed loyal to their primarchs.” Aticas whispered into his ear. “This will be a wonderfully long long night for you Alonso, one i will enjoy very much.”

Mathias shuddered as he listened from out of sight and silently prayed to the emperor before closing his eyes. He could, grotesquely use his brothers torture to gain the vital information he needed. He knew that Alonso Luca couldn't survive the wounds he'd inflicted upon him, he prayed for alonso to have a quick death and that he took his place by the emperor's throne. Mathias checked his armour for any critical damage, there were a few scrapes and dents from the fall but nothing major. He checked his comms and realised he still had a feed from Alonso’s helmet, pausing once more he opened the vox to hear what the traitor was saying, he didn't need the vox to hear his brothers yells of agony and pain however, those rung down the street. He listened closely, through the screams, through the suffering, listening to the true horror. the truth.

After he had finished praying Enzo made his way back to his taskforce.

“Have Mathias and Luca returned yet?” he asked out loud as he returned.

“No Enzo, they have not” cascar greeted him

“Can only mean the traitors must have fallen back a far distance then” he grinned “i’d expect at least alonso to be able to fight his way out of things. He is an emperors children after all”

“Your skill with a pen and obsession with your hair does not make you a better warrior Enzo” laughed Otan.

“No, but our skill with a blade does” he smirked. “We have a job to do men.”

“Aye?” cascar asked.

“There's a small camp of traitors to the north of the chapel, they've set up dangerously close to here. We need to see them off.”
“And what do you mean by See to, Enzo?”one of the older marines questioned, his mk.3 armour held many gouges and scratches, this was Fahim Pius, one of the senior veterans of the chapter, he had repeatedly turned down promotions, preferring to focus on his individual skills and personal traits.

“To kill the traitors.” he grinned “if they wish to turn from the emperors light, then they should be treated like those who refuse to comply shouldnt they? They treat us like any non compliant army treats the children of the emperor.”

“Well lets go, brothers, we have traitors to kill!” Otan shouted, holding his sword up high, gathering the attention of the other marines nearby.

“We shall strike in a few hours, in the moments before the dawn brothers, and with their deaths, we shall have secured this position and for the emperor, we shall hold it until our dying breaths! For every second Angron wastes on trying to kill us is another second the emperor has to prepare to defeat the traitorous bastards!” Enzo shouted as he felt himself being more and more energised by the prospect of victory.

Gael Mathias ran back through the darkened corridors, not caring too much for the risk of being found by traitors. He had to warn them of what he heard. He came to sudden halt by the corner of the ruins, several sons of horus were stood down the road, in between him and where the Loyalists were. He took a deep breath before walking out.

“Brothers!” he yelled to them. The marines turned around to face Gael, hands on their swords or raising their boltguns.

“Weakling.” the sergeant nodded, drawing his sword and gesturing to the others to stand down. Gael held a hand up dismissively.

“That’s where you’re wrong brother, i have proven my worth to the warmaster, i have rejoined the legion.” he walked towards them calmly.

“Prove it, captain.” the marine sneered.

“I handed Alonso Luca to Kendar and the world eaters.” he said coldly.

The marine hesitated, and slowly put his sword back in its sheath. He looked to the other marines to see if they agreed and they also lowered their weapons. Kendar spoke the truth, that means..

“How goes Captain Lucius’ plan?” Gael asked, masking the horror in his mind with the genuine curiosity and eagerness for the truth.

“It goes well, Captain Mathias.” the marine sighed “ do we have orders?”

“Aye sergeant, Kendar said there was a group of those loyal to the emperor to the emperor to the east of this position, we should go and purge the traitors before they can report back to their man postition.” gael said, smiling under his helm.

“Lead the way, captain.” the sergeant nodded.

“I’m afraid i can’t, sergeant, i must rendezvous with some of Kendars men, to find out if anything has changed in the defences of Tarvitz’s men.”

“..wouldnt you already know, captain?” the sergeant questioned.

“More than just Enzo’s rag tag group of astartes will have fallen back by now, sergeant. It would be idiocy to assume they are exactly as i left them.” he reasoned, as he noticed the sergeant's actions, he just needed them to go, just go away from here.

“Good point captain, we will report back to the others when we have scouted out and eliminated the weak, we shall see you there, i assume?” the sergeant said finally and Gael nodded.

“With haste men, bring glory to the legion.” Mathias saluted them before walking down the road. He hated what he had done, pretending to be one of them, but he had to, he had to know what he had heard, when alonso was killed, was the truth.

Enzo and his men moved out into the darkness, they moved as quietly as they could, using only protected vox comms to communicate, only muffled clicks could be heard to anyone else as they spoke, adding little noise on top of the sound of their movement. They were going to infiltrate the camp of the traitors and catch them off guard. All of them had repainted their armour to make sure they complied to their legions colours, all bar their left hands, they had left them worn, mostly bare metal. They moved silently through the ruins of the city, scanning every doorway and every corridor as they moved forward. They had separated into three teams enzo lead one, Otan another and Dimas lead the last, they moved into the camp with little commotion. Each quad moved to their positions, having silenced any sentries.

“For the emperor!” Enzo yelled as they charged into them. They surged out into the traitors quarters. Bolters blazing and their chainswords and power swords slicing through the astartes with little efforts, they out numbered them heavily, and the battle was short lived and bloody, but, as the sun rised over the camp the battle was over. The camp was controlled by enzo, they had won.

“I don’t like fighting so dishonourably, enzo.” Masus said quietly to enzo.

“Honour doesn’t win battles, jadon.” he replied, as he cleaned his power sword of its blood, with the tattered remains of the standard of the world eaters 14th company.

“No, but it makes for a victory, one that actually feels like you’ve won, not one that just feels like murder. We aren’t the night lords or the alpha legion, we are the Emperor’s Children.” masus hissed at Enzo.

“We pride ourselves on our victories, the worlds we’ve conquered and that against the odds we won, Masus, to achieve victory, we often have to use tactics that aren’t standard doctrine to us, each legion is gifted in combat, each legion has its prefered methods of doing battle, we fight our own legion masus, if we fight how we always fight, we will lose, masus, they simply have the greater numbers to throw in that fair and honourable battle you want.” Enzo said bluntly.


“Where is Enzo?” asked Mathias asked Demeter, running back into the palace grounds.

“I do not know, Captain Mathias, why?” Demeter looked up at the exhausted Son of Horus.

“I must speak with him urgently.” Mathias glared at the emperors childrens captain impatiently.

“He gathered the men to the east i believe, he was going to rendevous with some other astartes and push an attack on a traitors own.” Demeter said, almost alarmed by the captains urgency. “Can you tell me what it is that is so urgent, as one of Enzos superiors i have a right to know, surely?”

“It is a personal matter.” Mathias said reassuringly, not entirely sure who of them he was reassuring. “There might be some sons of horus scouting this position from the west, captain, i spotted them on my way here.” he said finally as he took a pause to catch his breath. thankyou for your help Demeter, we must catch up soon.”

“Indeed we must, Mathias” Demeter smiled, before walking away.

Mathias made his way over towards the camp, treading carefully on the loose rubble that made the ground as he snaked through the ruins. There was smoke. He checked his systems and after double checking, he ran. The smoke came from the east, where Enzo and his men were encamped. As he made his way through the last building, he saw the site of a massacre. The astartes had stood little chance by the state of the bodies. He slowly walked into the camp cautiously, with his sword and pistol in hand, incase any of the bastards were there. He walked over to what looked like the corner of a building that had once stood tall, where a son of horus lay still. He knelt beside the astartes and carefully removed his helmet. Gael shed a single tear as he recognised the marine. Esaa Saburo had once been one of his very own companies astartes, one of the more gifted of his men, he was charismatic as he was talented with his boltgun, and in any situation Gael would have wanted his covering fire to support him, and alway enjoyed the legionnaires comments in the aftermath of the battle. Esaa had been stabbed from behind and died on the spot it seemed, at least he had a quick death, but it was still a terrible, untimely one. Gael stood back up and looked around the area was littered with the corpses of loyalists of the legions. He started to look around for Enzo or any of the other captains bodies. A death guard legionnaire moved amongst the rubble. Mathias ran over to him and pulled him out, helping him sit up against a wall.

“Who.. are you loyal too?” the death guard wheezed looking up at Gael.

“The emperor, and Humanity, Brother.” Gael said softly.

“I was stupid.. I stayed with my legion.. It was only when.. They dropped the bombs.. Then i realised. They were wrong.. I went with angron when i got the chance, and came to help you.. Help you all.. Fight.. For the emperor..” Gael held the death guards head upright.

“That makes you far braver than any of us, brother, you chose to come here, to die for the emperor, to fight back against your own legion, i may be from another legion, but i am proud of you” he said quietly as the death guard's head went limp in his hand. He lay the dead death guard on the ground and retrieved a blood stained standard of the marines legion from near where Esaa had fallen and covered the astartes with it.
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Re: Enzo: A Horus Heresy Story - on going writing

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feedback is both welcomed and wanted!
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