The Rogue Il'Fannor

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The Rogue Il'Fannor

Postby schaferwhat‽ » Fri Jul 14, 2017 12:33 pm

The Rogue Il'fannor

The heat was a problem with most T'au worlds; Volosi Raptor thought to herself walking the sandy streets from the space docks keeping pace behind her personal Shield Drone, it was too hot for her magenta bodysuit let alone the overcoat she wore open, yet once in any of the dome structures that typified their alien architecture the chill of their air conditioning would necessitate the attire. It would be better they assured her in a few months; they'll have environmentally sealed grav-trams by then, but she had to come now and that meant she would have to sweat.

The city had grown since she was last here, but her Shield Drone had updated a new map of the city and effortlessly guided her to her destination past buildings and through alleyways that did not exist two years ago. Two years, she frowned, her anxiety about this meeting was increasing exponentially as she approached the Green doorway to the domed hab where her mother lived. The door opened automatically, her drone communicating her access codes without instruction and Volosi stepped into the cool, crisp embrace of the conditioned air.

'Should've known it was you, it has been years but you are the only visitor I have.' A bitter voice called from another room obscured by trees planted within from the rock garden that stood before the entrance way.

'From what I hear mother, you would have more company if you didn't turn down every invitation from the Aun and the Pors,' Volosi replied making sure that her drone captured her gesture to halt on one of its many lenses before venturing further into the hab.

'They're Xenos, Volosi' her mother practically spat the words out, 'you expect me to entertain their kind? To accept their hospitality and their gifts like you have done?

'If your conditions are not to your liking I can make some requests on your behalf for improvements. If you would talk to the Aun once in a while you could make any requests yourself.' Volosi interrupted before her mother started on a tirade.

'The conditions are fine, this is the most comfortable prison I could ever dream of spending my last days in. Do you want any refreshments, the beverage unit actually makes a surprisingly good recaff, I don't have the taste for xenos liquor but I imagine you have developed a taste for it now.'

'Recaff will be fine mother'. Volosi answered, sitting at table opposite the machine her mother was operating to produce the drinks.

'I'm guessing today isn't the day' her mother said over the hiss of beverage unit.

'The day?'

'The day you realise you've made a mistake. You're pissing everything your father gave you up the wall and squandered the birthright of over ten thousand years of Raptor's venturing the stars in the Emperor's name and come to me to try and make amends.' The mother said pointedly placing the two tankards of hot black recaff on the table and taking a seat.

'The succession of the dynasty goes to the child not the wife, it is mine to do with as I deem fit.'

'If only your older brothers were still alive.'

'They aren't alive. That's the point. The very galaxy itself has been torn asunder by warp storms and a rift, the Imperium along with it. They died in a futile attempt to-'

'It isn't futile, the Imperium still stands, Guilliman has returned, one of the Primarchs, we will be saved so long as we have faith,' her mother interrupted

'Guilliman is but one figure, the galaxy is too large for him to save alone. For ten thousand years it took all the Emperor's might just to allow the Imperium to endure and it wasn't enough, the galaxy is to vast to rely on either of them across its entirety.'


'It is reality that blasphemes I merely state facts.' Volosi shouted back.

'And you really think these T'au offer more than the God-Empeor himself in times such as these? What did we do wrong when you growing up for you to be so stupid?' Her mother asked, tears swelling in her eyes.

'I think the T'au have made massive advances in a short amount of time. That there is more potential here than remains in the Imperium. That the Imperium will die a slow, tortured death that will take centuries or more before the forces of Chaos will threaten the T'au in earnest. The T'au will be ready by then, especially if we help them.'

'We? You came here hoping that my years trapped in this dome will make me a convert to your treacherous thinking and I would assist you in anyway? What could I do to help you anyway Volosi?'

'Harrumph Dian' Volosi said, biting back her anger.

'The Planetary Governor of Molchis V?'

'There isn't a world in the T'au empire that can match the output of a human hive world, it would be a great capture for the T'au. You are recently widowed and I seem to recall Dian had a fondness towards you'.' Volosi explained, thankful that the conversation had finally got to her objectives.

'Harrumph Dian is a dog on heat. You are a beautiful young lady yourself Volosi, you can charm the man yourself.'

'I have other business to be engaging with and you have a much better established prior relationship.'

'Oh be careful Volosi,' her mother said smiling 'my hosts could be listening and I'd hate for them to think you wouldn't whore yourself out for their empire.'

'I did not mean...'

'Of course you did. You were what 13 Terran years when we were last on Molchis? You weren't daft then, you noticed that your father played the exact same game with Dian and I was the pawn of choice. What's disappointing is that you think you can turn a planetary governor with such tactics. Harrumph Dian visits a different temple of the Imperial Church every day, for all his failings his faith is not one of them. It won't work Volosi, it doesn't matter which one of us messages the man's ego and other things beside, neither of us will be that convincing.' Her mother lectured.

'That is not my plan mother. Harrumph Dian is planetary governor because ceremonially the head of Primus Hive is the governor. But Primus hive has been declining for centuries, it is now only the fifth most productive hive of the eight on Molchis. You can argue that the largest of their moon mines is of more economic consequence. He merely needs distracting whilst I manoeuvre around his irrelevance.' Volosi explained.

'Bold, but Primus isn't just the seat of Imperial power because it is the oldest Hive it also houses-'

'The space laser, focal point of planetary defence. I know but the space laser can be taken out of commission.'

'So you will endanger the planet by crippling its defences in order to save it by bringing it to the T'au Empire?'

'The planet will not be defenceless, T'au Orbital Ion Cannons are being built at each of the 6 moon mines and will be completed within the month.'

Volosi's mother nearly choked on the Recaff she was drinking.

'There are T'au on the moons already?'

'You need to stop thinking of Explorator Zash and how jealously and obsessively he guarded his secrets. The T'au trust in progress we have human engineers doing the work. Everything is set up and prepared for this.'

'This insanity joining the T'au not withstanding it seems maybe you are as smart as I thought I raised you. Still I don't get why you thought I'd consent to helping you betray humanity.'

'As I said I am trying to save humankind. But maybe it was because I was a child but I always looked up at you and saw a woman of vision and thought you'd see the possibilities here.'

'Possibilities to betray the Imperium, I see them very well.'

'Possibilities to leave this Prison you think I've stranded you on. You could have the choice of Palace Spires on Molchis V, some of them even have sealed atmospheres, living off their own private internal forests for oxygen. You wouldn't even have to share the air you breathe with the Xenos you so irrationally hate.'

'A fancier Prison? Is that all you have to offer Volosi, how desperate do you take me for?'

'I take you for the young woman who was little over ten Terran years older than me when I was 9 and you married a one hundred and eighty year old man to be part of a dynasty and be part of something that had impact in the galaxy.'

'Well you've taken that away from me already. No need to rub salt in the wounds.'

'That was twenty years ago, you have time to start again to do it on your own terms. You could be a big deal on Molchis, Molchis will be of great import to the Empire for years to come, you could have a family of Galactic significance in your name not that of your Husband. When Linhere died and I became the head of the dynasty you became irrelevant. How about you stop being irrelevant and start being worthy of the admiration and love I felt towards you for those two decades.'

'Hell of a salespitch Volosi, you'd have made a great Rogue Trader if you stayed loyal. But if I become some sort of planetary player because of this what do you get out of it? You must know the T'au won't honour the same terms as your Warrant as the Imperium does. What becomes of you?' her mother said.

'I'll become the head of a human sect of the Water Caste. The name Volosi Raptor will become a title, a rank used amongst the T'au for millennia. I won't just be one of a list of Raptors, whose accomplishments will be shared with generations of others who share my name and warrant, I'd have made my mark on history.' Volosi said.

'Can I think about it?'

'Of course you can mother. I have a lunch meeting with the Aun tomorrow before I leave so I'll see you for Breakfast, give you a night to sleep on it?' Volosi said.

'That will be fine, and Volosi?'

'Yes mother.'

'Your father has been dead almost three years and as you've said there is only ten Terran years between us. You can stop calling me mother now.'

'As you wish, I'll see you at Breakfast Aspira.' Volosi said, undoing her coat as she walked towards the door of the hab ready to meet the heat of the street once again.
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Re: The Rogue Il'Fannor

Postby Xisor » Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:57 pm

I love it. Good topics, great focus, immediate characterisation for the dynamic at hand, great detail. Raced through it too.

Nice linguistic wordplay too in the title.
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