Hivefleet Ghoul

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Hivefleet Ghoul

Postby timeking565 » Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:15 am

Emerging into the Galaxy near the Halo Stars Hive Fleet Ghoul was originally a standard tendril of the Great devourer seeking organic matter to absorb. Ghoul had the misfortune of finding a System near the Eye of Terror known simply to the only being who visited it as “Spawnhole” For as long as even the ancients of the Traitor legions could remember Chaos Spawn was dumped in this out of the way system and occasionally harvested for various uses. Ghoul went about its business reawakening from hibernation to begin feeding on the Spawn world of Red Marker, the entire surface of this world was covered in billions upon billions of spawn. The Hivefleet began to devour this world, and the hoards of abominations on the world in turn feed on the fleets Biomorphs. After centuries of this constant orgy of consumption and chaos there was no difference between Spawn and Tyranid. The entire world was one massive organism that was completely and utterly insane. A single impossible desire to feed was the only thought of the Tyranid-Spawn. Separated from the hivemind and the Dark Powers of the Warp this new being burrowed into its world and fused with it. The World of Red Marker came to life. It was one organism. A mass of twisted flesh and corrupted stone unified by the overpowering insane hunger of Chaos and the Tyranids. The Devouring World as it would become known set out to do one thing, Eat. its warp-attuned spawnblood let it make short warp Jumps to new worlds where it devoured all it discovered. Thankfully lacking the Shadow in the Warp this mass of corruption lurches through the warp mistaken for a particularly large Space Hulk by those who can sense such things. Eventually it screamed into existence near the edge of the Eye. Now it stalks this hellish void devouring Chaos and Imperial forces alike. It seems to hold a special hatred for the forces of Chaos, and has devastated Worlds and fleets of Chaos adding their biomass to it. Rumor has it that the Warmaster himself has been readying the Planet Killer to face this new threat, but this is not a living world to be destroyed by the unholy power of Abaddons capital ship, for it is Dead and what is Dead may truly never die...
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