The Arrested Fall [Alternate 30K]

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Re: The Arrested Fall [Alternate 30K]

Postby HafezFromParadox » Sat Aug 17, 2013 4:31 am

In the original time line, it was Lileath.
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Re: The Arrested Fall [Alternate 30K]

Postby LordLucan » Sat Aug 17, 2013 7:44 pm

HafezFromParadox wrote:In the original time line, it was Lileath.

Indeed it was. A research failure on my part.

Morai heg merely said that eldannesh and the eldar would be the ones to decide the fate of the eldar, Lileath specified Khaine would be torn apart.
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Re: The Arrested Fall [Alternate 30K]

Postby HafezFromParadox » Mon Oct 07, 2013 10:08 am

Does/Do the Nex exist in 'verse?
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Re: The Arrested Fall [Alternate 30K]

Postby LordLucan » Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:11 pm

The Nex exists in all universes. :twisted:

But no, it likely won't be appearing in this setting. The god number countdown hasn't gotten far enough along yet by this time)
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Re: The Arrested Fall [Alternate 30K]

Postby HafezFromParadox » Tue Nov 05, 2013 6:05 pm

How did the insurgents operate eldar ships when they have wraithbone based controls?
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Re: The Arrested Fall [Alternate 30K]

Postby LordLucan » Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:45 am

Magnus, Ahriman and the Emperor/Malcador, working together.

The specifics will be explained and elaborated upon, when I get around to writing that part. ;)
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Re: The Arrested Fall [Alternate 30K]

Postby Alcatur » Fri May 29, 2015 9:06 am

In case somebody doesn't know, Lord Lucan recently posted four new chapters of this story on spacebattles forum, in the following thread: ... 0k.258722/
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Re: The Arrested Fall [Alternate 30K]

Postby Sumeragi Atsukuni » Tue May 31, 2016 7:31 pm

Vileth took the palace, and captured the royal family. Their court was made to watch as the Young King, the Phoenix God’s representation in the Materium, was put on trial. The trial was a farce, only the Muses of Vileth and his supporters were allowed to provide evidence of the King’s crimes. Unsurprisingly, the King was sentenced to death. Before the wailing cries of his subjects, and the cruel laughter of Vileth’s cronies, the executioner approached the King, who knelt before a block. A beheading; a primitive method of execution, which Vileth found fitting for a King who worshipped primitive tribal gods. The Imperial executioner wore his traditional armour of sculpted bone, and bore the great scythe, the symbol of Kaelis Ra. The executioner raised his blade.

But when the blade fell, it fell upon the guards restraining the King. Disgusted at what was demanded of him, the executioner, known to history as Maugan Ra, attacked Vileth’s men, and managed to escape the palace with the Young King, escaping through the Labyrinth dimension to the port city of Commorragh, the last stronghold loyal to the Old Gods.

Here again, Lord Lucan did something crazy awesome : he made Maugan Ra my favorite Eldar character. Ever. Forget Love Can Bloom.

Sadly, most people, even those reading this, will never understand how incredibly awesome that was. Should I try to name this event, I would fail, for nothing can hold it's glory : "Triumph of Royal Sacredness", "Victory of Free Will over Dictatorship", "Age of Righteousness, Year 1, Day 1, 1rst second of the 1rst Minute of the 1rst Hour". See ? It doesn't fit !!! ><"

At first, Vileth dismissed this heresy as nothing more than backwards aliens telling tall tales. General Xelian had assured King Vileth the so-called Emperor was just a Terran mad scientist, who had died when the Iron Martians had sacked terra, before the webway war had even started. If these alien fools were following the Emperor, then they were following a ghost.

Fools ! Doctor Kishiwada sold his soul to Science, but he never claimed to be an Emperor ! Did it ?! :p

It had long been assumed by the eldar that the human realms were isolated, and hadn’t the means to communicate with one another, let alone coordinate themselves. This was prove wrong when previously assumed to be independent empires, such as the mon keigh-xenos Interex alliance, the totalitarian Nostromon Imperium, the Republic of Kiavahr, the Kingdom of Ultramar, the Inwit empire, the Technocracy Pilgrim fleet, the Baalite League and many hundreds of other independent human congregations seemed to declare their allegiance to the Warmaster simultaneously, across the galaxy. Not only that, several alien races also began to throw their lot in with the rebels. The L’huraxi, the Tallerians, the Ne’kulli, the Demiurg; all made their loyalties clear. Mind-bogglingly, even the orks of Gharkul Blackfang seemed at first to have sided with Horus.

The Demiurgs are Homo Sapiens Rotondus. :p

Excellent, though, all those Primarchs realms making an alliance.

This means the Vilethian regime still maintains large standing armies of eldar warriors, the greatest being Vileth’s personal force from his home world, known as the Arach-Cyn Praetorians. Eldar are physically superior to humanity in every sense; they are both faster and stronger, with more powerful senses and the capacity to learn new skills rapidly. They also possess innate psychic abilities, which most military eldar channel into further enhancing their physical attributes. One eldar is generally considered the match of ten ordinary Insurgency Troopers.

Interesting... in other fantasy settings, this is not quite the case, though.

For exemple, in Tolkien's universe, Eldar are indeed all of that and more... but they are not physicaly stronger than Homo Sapiens, they also seems to be less vigorous than a well trained human. And they are not really wiser too, though some are in some ways.

In my Jipang homebrew Fluff, the local humans are a bit different and more evolved than the standard Imperium humans. It would be long to explain, but long story short, they can possess a "minor" psychic power of psychometry (which is not blocked by the usual anti-Warp bullstuff, because it is as much psychic as psychologic, and other psy based words for classification...). This allow to... rearrange... their bodies.
For exemple : Could we learn stuff Matrix style, by downloading martial arts and skills in our brain ? Well... it is impossible, simply because the brain doesn't work quite like a computer. And even when a computer learn (memorize) stuff, it is still as dumb as before, no sapiens whatsoever. But "Homo Sapiens Japonica" can. Somehow, the psychometric process also influence other parts of their bodies : all the system is learning the movements and correcting them, just as well as if their learned it the natural way, by making efforts and training.
Of course, they can't learn just anything. They can't, for exemple, learn how to writte by simply using psychometry on a pencil... their powers are not that advanced.

Crunch wise, it was symbolised, in the 4th edition version of the codex, as "Samurai Sword" and "Samurai Bow" being Master Crafted Rending weapons. This is the "Ippon" concept : a perfect stroke on theory will become a perfect stroke in practice, through the power of the Warp. (Samurai Swords, Bows and Arrows in Jipang Codex's Fluff are some kind of Force Weapon variants). A better WS than the opponent could also allow Rending easier.

Wether or not I keep this version is dubbious, for I have a lot of other crunch theories, and though this is one of my favorites, the problem is current edition rending is COMPLETELY NOT OK with that. Because, the "Ippon" thing is about skill. Such as "Weapon Skill". See ? It was about skill and the strength of Humanity, something no other faction had : master crafted weapons... Trustworthy, humanistic, artfuly forged Swords, who would always match the swordsman's skills and Valour.


With current edition, it is no longer the case.


Homo Sapiens Japonicae also have several differences with normal humans. Such as better regulation and mastery over their immune system, heat system, life energy spending regulation system, photo-synthesis (not sure how it is written in english... basically, they can eat sunligth through their skin, like plants, and thus need a lot less food and water... incidentally, their skin doesn't become too much darker because of other regulatory effects), etc.

In general, the idea is Samurai are using Psychometry on tools ; while on the other hand, Heaven Marines are specialists of Psychometry upon their own bodies. Crunch wise symbolised mainly by FNP, S+1 & I+1 and some other stuff. In practice that makes the average Heaven Marine an unarmoured muscle bound man, bane of the Eldar-kind... why ? Naginata crunch wise are not power weapons... but they give +1 Strength and +1 Initiative. So most Heaven Marines are in the end, S6 and I6 : they strike faster than Eldars and Instant Death them.

Heaven Marine's "Rôshi" ("Old Master", abbot, their role is both one of a Sergeant and Apothecary, sometimes a Copist ranked Librarian too) also serves as super-effiscient doctors too. Because they can use quite advance psychometry on other people's bodies, among other things. This includes re-growing a normal human's limbs, healing cancer, prolounging erection (lol), etc.

The origins of the Heaven Marines sub-race is shrouded in mysteries too. Some believe it is an Unknown Legion, from an Unknown Primarch (though they are a lot of hype in-universe for this, and rumors too, such as the Shingon-shû safe-keeping an immense set of Power Armour, twice the size of an Astartes). Other thinks it is the particularities of Jipangian race who caused those mutations to appear (and indeed, it is known at least some Hevaen Marines are actually from the Dark Angels gene seed, which led to conflict between Jipang hosts and the Unforgiven).

In game, I have tested multiple times Yari Ashigaru versus Vanilla Tactical Space Marines. 5 Space Marines vs 15 Ashigaru, for exemple, would lead the SM to have at least 15 shots, maybe 25 if they are lucky, maybe 35 if they are very lucky and have a lot of place to retreat behind them. But. If the Yaru Ashigaru receive the blessing psychic power "Shigurui" of the Senpô domain, that means they will charge on (2D6)*2. So their move will actually be somewhere between 10" and 30", meaning it is possible the Space Marines won't even have a chance to shoot at them.

Then, it depends of what the Yari rules are. If they are Strength +2, Initiative +2 and AP 3, Melee, Two Handed, 1 use... it's rape time. But if instead of AP system, I use the "Bujutsu" system version of IRL martial arts, AP value is -, and instead they got "Shittôjutsu +2", meaning a malus of 2 points to the Armour Save. Touch on 4+, Wound on 3+ (or 2+ if they receive the Ferocious Charge rule...), Armour Save on 5+ (which sounds a bit more Fluff, for "easy Space Marine killing" is bullshit, right ?). With 2 attacks for each Ashigaru, that would make up to 30 of those attacks. And it works against pretty much every infantry forces of the 41st Millenium.

BTW, unlike Imperial Rough Raiders, Yari spears don't explode, in fact they even "self-reload", because it is part of their kami-objects "instinct".

That's why I'm actually confident even against Neo Devourer threat. Unlike Bushi, Ashigaru can be mass produced at low cost for Jipang. So, depending of the time period, they could have either millions or billions of Ashigaru charging with those psychic spears. Fluff wise, they don't explode, unlike Cavalry lances of Imperium Rough Raiders. They just use up all the psychic energy inside the shaft, to concentrate on the blade, and possibly also into the spear-wielding guy, allowing him to feel AWESOME, even if it is just for a moment : their Strength and Awareness increase a lot, at the upper limit of a normal human might and possibly beyond it's "wall".

And that's also why Jipang Samurai rarely bother fighting against foreigners. Not even Eldar dare to mess up with them on a regular prickly basis (as explained, even if it's just 1 Million Ashigaru, if it is invading a Craftworld, they woul be in deepshit).

Slannesh hasn't been stopped. Slannesh has been changed, as the eldar here worship themselves as avatars of slannesh. faith and emotions mould chaos gods; ileth has simply changed how slannesh manifests.

Indeed. But it is already far too late. Slaanesh would be born anyway, so I believe it wouldn't work. Beside, "Slannesh" is no rooted in the Dark Tongue, it is merely a pun on the "Slann" name for the Old Ones of the old Fluff.

So, look, for exemple, in the Grey Knight codex, an entrey states that some populace begged for rain. Nurgle heard them, and brought them rain. But he brought to much, which ended by provoking swamps, and thus death and devastation.

The Eldar way of life nurtured Slaanesh into the Warp for at least dozens of thousands of years, if not millions of years. Worshipping him in a slightly different way wouldn't change anything to this course of action.

For exemple : do you think, if 1 thousand years prior the birth of the Star Father, the human population in the whole galaxy suddenly got pacified, it would stop the creation of the Star Father and it's manifestation ? Or that he would be different in nature ? Even if the Emperor is worshipped differently in many parts of the galaxy, it is still the same Warp God, the Star Father. There were many variants of the Ministorum cult, many feral worlds would worship the Emperor as a Solar deity, or a sky god, or a warrior god, even a god of love (Spess Jeez style). But in the end, that would nurture the same Warp entity that granted miraculous powers to the Sisters of Battle.

Basically, you have Slaanesh, the most petulant, capricious and obnoxious tantrum throwing entity in the universe. Flattery wouldn't save anyone.

Just my opinion ; no need to change your story (especially going out of your way to make big changes).

With full access to their innate warp powers, Imperial eldar would be far stronger than humans. Just look at DE in 40K taht are pumped up on soul energy.

It goes for humans too. All humans... no... all sapient beings have the power to tap into the Warp. Most of them are just not Sapient (Wise) enough to "notice" it. Lo and behold, the great tragedy of Mankind, primitive race of unenlightened dimwits, unable to accomplish itself through objective understanding of The Real.

Look at Biomancy : S+3, T+3, I+3, A+3, FNP, IWND, Eternal Warrior... perfect body. Imagine for a moment a being who could do that while succeeding all his psychic tests, having those bonus active ALL the time. That is pretty much the idea behind the Senseï AND the original Old Fluff Primarchs. I mean... look at Kurze. Baby Kurze fall into a pool of lava, and emerged through it, woed and screaming in a frenzy, but alive, and he healed (though maybe not from the trauma).

In my homebrew Fluff, the god "Illuminas" (Buddha, Dark Tongue name : "Phaos'leth") is the god of wisdom, spiritual power and Enlightment. The 2nd strongest deity in my homebrew Fluff's mythos, after the metaphysical Cosmic God worshipped under the name of "Ame no Minaka Nushi no Kami" / "Dainichi Nyôrai" by Jipang Shintoists, believed to be either a transcendatal being, the personification of EVERYTHING, the god of Shinra Banshô (Genesis, all of the Creation, everything in existance), the God of Eternity, or the "pillar" (axis mundi) around witch the setting itself is coiled. Though he could be everything of that. Crunch wise, current version of AMNK allow the Jipang player to win arguments over rules issues with his opponent. LOL

IRL, AMNK is a very strange god, probably "created" by metaphysicians, who sought an underlying principle. But it's much more complicated than that. Very rarely worshipped, especially alone, which is why he has such a strange (and yet incredibly powerful, and aloft) special rule / effect over the game.

1) If this is based on TableTop (and Codex) it's not all that reliable when applied to "In Novel" examples, so to speak. After all Space Marines are much tougher in reality than they are on table.

I disagree with this way of doing things. There should be an harmony between the two.
For exemple, if we used Campaign rules as in 4th edition, we could roll a dice for loss. Each miniature who dies, you make a roll. 1 means the mini can't be used in the following games during this campaign.
Then, Space Marines' 1 and average Imperial Guard's 1 is very different Fluff wise. It means the Guard probably died, but could be replaced. While the SM simply fell into artificial coma, and was awoken some days later after the Apothecarion patched him up, and then returned to the front lines as if nothing happened.

See ? Original rule, Fluff intelligent, Crunch intelligent, and it doesn't create too much problems.

Their was also a Chapter Approved for fighting in space who suggested rules that would be somewhat of a problem for pretty much everyone but the "Space" Marines.

Khaine and Khorne are indeed very similar and Khorne might indeed have stolen some (or a very huge chunk) of Khaine's rule and power after the fall but to slap them into one being? But Khorne existed even before Khaine was dismantled in this universe.

I'm using the old reference from old GW material where Khorne was born in middle ages and Nurgle during the Black Death (as if the Galaxy is revolving around one tiny world called Earth... Hah!). Even if these events are just unhappy coincident (or more likely were shockwaves of birth of those Dark Gods) this would mean Khorne and Nurgle are old and their existence is separated from Eldar Gods.


Khorne was born just a couple of millenias after the New-Man, and just before Tzeentch. Khorne was indeed born from the primal RAEG and primitive wars among humans from the War of Fire in prehistory up to ancient humans adoration of strength and barbarism. Which is why Bloodletters looks like that. But latter, the mass-scale manifestation of the Rage concept, "War", changed aspect. This is why Khorne also had in his portfolio all the warring demon-technologies (it was said, for exemple, that he captured psykers and sorcerers in order to craft weapons and war machines in his sub-reality).

Proof that Khorne and Khaine are different entities is that their "chemical composition" is different. Khaine is Warfare under it's many faces ; he is considered a god of murder by the Eldar simply because he killed their "heroes" which were actually, likely their representation into the sacred time, mythology (in other words, the same archetypes as Adam & Eve, in History of Religions). On the other hand, Khorne is pure "RAGE" and it's means and manifestations (people are angry against each other, for some reason, so they wage agressive wars against each other... and sometimes the chronological opposite happens : they are angry/heinous/furious because they are trapped into War). In fact, the name of Khorne means "Lord of Rage".

Long story short... Khorne is the main reason why the Emperor was born, in the first place. Khaine was never a source of concerns for the Shamans, while money and agriculture didn't existed yet or was soon created, thus politics didn't existed yet, so Tzeentch was barely even a larvae and thus not a threat (actually, it is more complicated than that, but I don't want to speak of that... yet). It is half-sleeping Khorne and half-sleeping khornate daemons who hunted the Shaman's souls, at that time.

Though I will admit that this...

No blinded, Khaine in this setting is Khorne.* Khorne is just the psychic shockwave of Khaine being branded the Bloody Handed, Khaine's fall into madness.

... explanation by Lord Lucan sounds convincing. This is expected, of course. And as always, even if I am bitchin' about some aspects in contradiction with the Fluff, it is okay. After all, for exemple in the AoD and 50k, those accounts are written by not-omniscients narrators, often a bit insane, etc. So no need for LL to go out of his way to accomodate my rumblings... ;)

According to Lexicanum there's this guy "Malice" who seems to be the embodiment paradox of chaos in being enemy of itself... maybe he joined Khaine and dethroned Khorne?

Malice is Malal with a changed name because of copy-right bullshit. It is not the god of paradox, but the incarnation of self-hatred, and self-destructive aspects of Chaos. In other words, he is the god of emos. And revenge. And spite. It sounds like a paradox, but it's not.

The one true god of Paradox is YHWH "viewed" by modern "Christians", btw. :p

There are no aspect warriors in this setting, no craftworlds or path system. The eldar do not need the path, as slannesh didn't cause the fall, and isn't leeching every eldar's soul anymore. Also, the PHoenix City eldar still have all the other gods on their side, and are not dead.

Yeah, right. And the Chinese Communist Party's officials are satisfied with their salary, so they don't need to covertly steal from the people. Just like the French President and Prime Minister, of course not silly, secret hides transmited from mandate to mandate don't exist, just like fictious jobs are but slander and wild imagination of jealous commoners (middle class). Or just like €urocrats, they don't need a lot of mon€y nor privil€dg€s ; why would th€y r€c€iv€ s€v€ral hundr€ds €uros €ach tim€ th€y go to th€ parliam€nt, th€n liv€ imm€diat€ly ? :D

I hope you guys will get enlightened by such comparisons : Reasonable Slaanesh is perfectly logical. B|

*(Liber Chaotica implies Khaine was always part of khorne, especially during the birth of slannesh visions, where khaine was depicted as the 'mechanical body' of khorne, destroyed by slannesh when Khorne tried to fight her birth)

Again, though this sounds convincing, I insist that Khorne and Khaine are different entities. Shamans (and thus Psykers) started to exist since "primitive men wlaked under the sun of Africa" and some of them could actually remember that time, around the time where they created the New-Man.
They started to be attacked by Khorne, even though their mindset were verry different from his (and thus didn't pulled his attention much), since 9000 BC at least. And he was not even awaken yet.
Meaning, if Khorne was Khaine, and thus already awaken, the Shamans would have started to get attacked since the apparition of Homo Sapiens, if not Homo Habilis. See ? It doesn't fit ! Beside, human population at that time was very inferior to what it was around the birth and youth of the Emperor. Thus, they would have likely got wiped-out, as soon as they started waging wars for stupid reasons and thus being possessed by primal RAEG, primitive honor and such, because Khaine-Khorne would have caused trouble for them starting that point in History, instead of dozens of thousands / hundreds of thousand years latter.

And as I previously explained, it couldn't be Tzeentch, and thus it couldn't be Nurgle either who were hunting down Shamanic souls. So it can't even be Tzeentch revisionism and misinformation : there are too much proofs that he can't falsify. ^^"

BTW, remember that the Chaos Gods have always been joke villains before being Metaphysical Fluff. When they were invented IRL, Khorne and Nurgle were simplified a lot : God of Blood & God of Plague. They existed merely for antagonistic roles, whose efforts would be broken and wasted by what would came unto existence as "Ultramarine Plot Armour" personified by Cato Sicarius. It's their destinies to be sore-ass looser ; fuck machine rebellion. :p

Woah, woah, woah. Since when have any of the Chaos Gods been 'allies'? I don't think they know the meaning of the word. 'Guy I hate, but not quite as much as that other guy' is probably the closest they can get. Khorne gets too powerful? Tzeentch and Nurgle will join up to knock him down a peg. Nurgle gets too powerful? Khorne and Tzeentch become buddies and push the Plaguefather back down, etcetera, etcetera.

Nurgle in this storyline seems different too : Nurhal is he called. That may be because Nurgle was not created by humans alone. Different galactic spanning events may have modified him (as it has done for "Slannesh").

Beside, the chaos gods are not really arch-ennemies. They merely have another "major warp god" who happens to be formed of antagonistic abstract concepts. This is why Khorne is opposed to Slaanesh, and Nurgle to Tzeentch, and vice versa. Because of mindset and ideology. But... before Slaanesh came into existence, Khorne didn't had any opposite deity, Nurgle and Tzeentch were the only two having an hard boiled relationship with a fellow god. Khorne's place inside an Unholy Trinity is quite aloft. And it goes for this setting's Khaine too.

Khorne might hates sorcerers (unlike Khaine I might add, who is neutral to them) but Nurgle positively wants Tzeentch and all he stands for gone and the feeling is mutual (Despair=/=Hope).

Indeed. Khaine and Khorne basically are positionning themselves about The One Major Problem of Fantasy setting, personnified in Warhammer by Psyker Alpha + (be careful to not confuse it with a "more Alpharius" plea :p) and Teclis. That is to say... apocalyptic magic powers. Why would you build a castle... if said castle can be destroyed by an high tier spell, provoking an earth-quake or a rain of fireballs ? It's the same idea that the creation of artillery brought down the use (or at least, creation) of castles in modern warfare, and automatic guns caused armies to stop gathering in huge formations, but used small squads of well equiped and well trained soldiers instead.

In other words, Khorne says magic is ruinning allthe fun. So he give overpowered Witch Denying tools to his mignions. While Khaine considers it another aspect of warfare, though not his speciality.

blinded: None of your plot holes are plot holes*, because this universe is different to the current timeline. The chaos gods's origins are slightly different, each of the Primarchs' origins and subsequent legions are different, due to the massive change of the fall not happening.

Note btw that my arguments for Khorne and Khaine being different entities are unaffected by the Fall being arrested and such.

Answer to *: I'd think the trio would have played "Three Kingdoms" with Khorne being Wei, Nurgle Wu, and Tzeentch Shu rather than how I described it first (with Nurgle and Khorne kicking the heck out of Tzeentch).

Very good comparison, Blinded. o.O

On a related but incidental topic: I use dto love playing the Dynasty Warriors game for PS2. Lu Bu forever! :D

My favourite moment in a Dynasty Warrior game : evading Lu Bu attacks with Guan Yu, stilling his horse and fleeing like a biatch to lick my wounds, while that idiot run after me from afar. :v

The original point of divergence is actually pre-fall, with Vileth realising what the eldar were unwittingly creating, and managing to hijack this process in order to develop the eldar empire how he wishes. In th eoriginal timeline, the eldar neither fully realised or cared about what was happening; that was the future, and they were focussed on the present.

Actually, the Old Ones warned them. And the Eldar remembered the warning, up to the Fall and after it. So "why did it happened ?" you may ask.


Is the answer. Because it is a satire of hedonism, fake epicurism and decadence of civilizations. They knew. They always knew. But they didn't cared. Much like, for exemple, an uncarring patient doesn't listen to his medic advises, and doesn't care about, for exemple, that smoking before his lung operation is an highly stupid idea that will get him killed. Or, for exemple, that if he and all the others continue to take too much medication, it will usher a Post-Antibiotic era, that would throw Medicine back to the dark ages. Or the climatic change because industrial activity is heating up the planet's atmosphere. Or bullshit modern economy collapsing under it's own weight because of the Financial system being retarded (among other things).

And indeed, all of that is happening to Mankind. Right. Now. We know all of that, but countries and world-wide society is not doing anything about it, and certainly not what should be done.

The Eldars of the Fall were exactly the same. But in worse. Far worse. And far more retarded. Imagine people with very advanced technology and highly sophisticated thought patterns... living under Idiocracy. And being proud of it.

And many of the most "aware" among them, not only they don't care, but they are actually watching the freak show. They are actually awaiting the Fall.

The Fall was a terrible and frightening Master Piece of a satire. Doesn't get half the credit it merits.

And this is also why "The Arrested Fall" already seems so great, and both Horus and Vileth already being great characters.

Thank you for all your writting and hard work, my lord. ;)


Over that century, Noosphere became more than a mere AI. Billions of petaflops of data flowed through its network, as the Noosphere evolved. Soon enough it transcended mere machine life. To some, it was becoming like a machine god. Nevertheless, Noosphere’s hololithic avatar was made in humanity’s image; a shimmering azure-fleshed female, flawless and beatific to behold.

Curtana spotted... :v

To call the entity imprisoned on Mars an alien was to grossly simplify its composition. It was a creature composed of maths and physical certainties, manipulated to serve its purpose. It spoke to Noosphere in the language of the machine, in nanosecond data bursts swollen with knowledge. It was older than the planets, and full of an apocalyptic rage Noosphere’s cold mind could scarce fathom. It was clever too, and it told her secrets that would send a lesser mind mad to know.

Yes, it is all in order to sell miniature plastic toys, for some pink ball of arrogant shit to prospere in contempt of it's clients... said clients being neckbearded men and female mutants known as ca/tg/irls. And everything is plotted by Tzeentch and the Ultramarines. BTW, the Inquisition already knows this, as it is established by an (old) official novel. ;)

If I was teleported in Warhammer's Galaxy, my first priority would be to find a Null Rod. It would save me a lot of troubles against telepaths. :v

The Void gave her mathematical proofs for problems she had long thought impossible.

The Void Dragon taugth her some of the ways Mathematicians are actually useless ? The equation for plot armour ? Chain Swords STC actually being better than fighting bare handed, Crunch Wise ? GW intelligent reform ? All of the above ?! :v :p

And when the worlds of the biological were rubble, only then could Noosphere create a better society for all living beings.

For Noosphere was the only one with the intelligence to make Utopia, was she not...?

She has the intelligence to make a land & political regime that doesn't exist ? LOL In fact, forget my criticism of the Magellan Reich and Dabaku : those guys actually knew better... at least they understood it was the humans' job to do the philosophical work out ! :v :v :v :v

By the way, did the Void Dragon not told Noobsphere who sent it into Martian prison ? That Curtana look alike will have a nasty surprise when the Emperor appears to spank her blue butt.... ><"

Faction Four: The Empire of Gharkul Blackfang

“This humie... this fackin’ humie right 'ere... He comes ‘ere, all armoured up and spoiling for a throw-down scrap with me! He smashes through all my boyz, chopps down ol’ blue-tongue, and the Chain-Ripper, then he half throttles me, the ‘ard bastard! HA HA HA!!!!

“What do dey call you, eh? Orris? Orrus? Orrible 'Orrus the Warboss... nah, ‘Warmaster’... sorry sorry...

“Look ‘ere ladz, this is why I ain’t killing this facker right now. These humies, we’ve been fightin’ for fasands of years; they get it. They iz proper fighters, they know you have to take a punch to get a punch. They fight like boyz... even if they iz the wrong colour, eh? HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! But those pointy ears...

“No, they let those lanky bony deadboy fackers fight for 'em, they hide in their nice bit palaces, with all their flash gear, acting like they iz the boss without even bleedin’ fer it! They’s worse than flash gitz!

“You wanted an alliance Orrus? You has it. My boyz will kill the pointy ears wif ya. Then, when this is done, we’ll find out just which one of us is ‘arder, hmm?? HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

- [Part of Gharkul Blackfang’s speech at the treaty of Ullanor.]​

(Primarch 20-3... yeah, you actually thought they were only twins ? :p)

Games Workshop should pay you to writte his Fluff and give tips to make a model ans special rules for him. And ask beg the Queen to give you a promotion too, while they are at it.

Sain-Shelai was the city of black sand, where the one-eyed Crone goddess Morai-Heg’s cultists flocked. Here, under the tutelage of venerable Thirasalar the Matriarch, Farseers were trained in their art. Upon entry into her temples, adherents sacrificed an eye in order to enhance their prophetic powers tenfold.

Baseless superstition. It is solely based on the myth of Odin, who simply submit to kharmic retribution for his new power (or rather his increased understanding of the Real through the workings of the World Tree / Cosmic Tree archetype). In the 40k setting, loosing an eye wouldn't be enough. Loosing senses increase psychic powers, simply because the Psyker's brain re-direct it's efforts, it attributes more % of it's mass for another task (it does this IRL too, when, for exemple, your sight cease to work for a reason or another, this is why your other senses becomes better, they receive each a small percent of what was dedicated to the lost sense). If you still have an eye and using it actively then it doesn't make any sense. The only way it could is either superstition creating an effect because of belief... or... the Sain-Shelai is a certain's dick senpaï.

Some people could pinpoint the case of the Astropath. Yeah. But Astropath don't become that much more powerfull. Their powers don't increase tenfold. They become phonocall specialists... not even Telepathy specialists, all they do really good is phone-calling ! It's beyond 1 discipline specialisation, it's a 1 psychic power specialisation. And it's because they are all linked through the Emperor's soul they can communicate like this among themselves.

And as for Sôkushibutsu, well, it's true... but unlike those Sain-Shelai prophets, Sôkushinbutsu Heaven Marines sacrifies ALL of their senses and momified themselves alive, through a long process. They die from hunger and thirst, and yet transcends death and suffering. They have the ultimate willpower. They re totally unlike mere transient beings such as the Astropaths, or the weak-minded Eldars. Jipang's Heaven Marines don't know PTSD, and they don't know fear... not even from Demons or Primarchs. "Meet the buddha, slay the buddha. Mee the gods, kill the gods."

Yeah, the Emperor only really cared about th eprimarchs who actually achieved stuff, and did what he wanted. If you failed, he wasn't interested in picking you back up, it seems to me at least.

To be fair, Angron DID achieved something, despite the terrible odds he was put against. He fought gruelling and desperate battles against oppression, slavery, cruelty and evil. On a scale none of his brothers ever did, not even at Istvaan. And he did so multiple times, never renouncing. Even after Angron broke, he still fought against oppression.

Just like old Fluff sensei...

Oh ok. Does feel a bit of a disadvantage since there's no exarch armor with the memories of many eldar warriors that wore it this time.

For Magnus was he recruited in a raid for test subects in Prospero for people with psyker potential?

Souls are not, in 40k Warpology, some kind of indestructible spirit matter that will survive your deth, so that YHWH and Jesus can welcome it into paradise. That is not your brain's ghost. That is not your memory, and that is not "you". It is your Warp reflection, just like in a mirror, but with the strongest (most intense) aspects of your personality and emotions ; which is why their are "SOME" memory too, because it is linked. It is the core of your being linked to your brain by a chain of willpower.

Which is why, by the way, Tau are such uninteresting, materialistic commies. If they have a weak presence in the Warp, that means the inner core of their beings is... tasteless.

Eldars are the opposite because their brains and senses are very sophisticated.

While the Old Ones, the Shamans, Senseï and the Jokaero have very harmonious, beautifuly radiant souls, not simply because of their psychic powers, but because their live in harmony with Nature, along with the Cosmos. Unlike most humans who have untamed personalities with chaotic thoughts and emotions troubling them.

Mechanicus propaganda. When the average Man is unable to explore the tenets of his reality without buying into their religion, Man will be forever chained.

The poor guy is already under "their" influence. BURN HIM !

Also, know that Slaanesh Slannesh stole your sword ans is now playing with it. By the way, swords are dicks. ;)

Also the bit about would be suitors - the Primarchs aren't sexual beings but could that, amongst other things, change? Some of the Primarchs such as Gulliman and Vulkan were models of physical, mental and spiritual stability. But others had quirks both within the gene seed they gifted their legions and their own intrinsic natures. Curze for example seemed to be slowly mutating into somthing truely inhuman toward the end of the Horus Heresy.
Maybe the Emperor only concerned himself with ensuring that the Primarchs had the long term stability needed to complete their roles within the Great Crusade, as opposed to the really long term stability such beings would truely require. Maybe it was an unforseen or unavoidable consequence of creating such powerfully warp touched creatures. Who can say? But it is likely that given enough time most of the Primarchs will undergo a degree of supernatural growth/evolution/mutation. I don't suppose it helps Magnus that he is living in a stewing miasma of mystic energies (even if they are beneign by the standards of the Warp).

No, thou Black Library heretic.

The Primarchs from original old Fluff were supposed to be super humans healed from the taint of Chaos, much like the Emperor, the Senseï and the Old Ones. Most of those features that made both their Glory and their Decadence, were caused by the (way too) early contact with the Warp tainted by Chaos. Sanguinius was not supposed to have wings and Magnus was not supposed to be a one eyed red skinned giant counter on ginger jokes. And Guilliman was not supposed to be tasteless guy using a toilet as sigil for his legion.

This is why, ironically, the Grey Knights are the closest thing their is to the Emperor's actual dreams for Humanity. The only problem is that most of them don't have fabulous hairs (because GW and Citadel Miniature sucks at that).

I mean christ, pretty sure "parry every single bullet from giant machine gun at near point-blank" is beyond mere space marines and goes straight into primarch bullshittery (especially considering that was him at the edge of his tether). And apparently every myth about him is real, in some way or another. Like that fire staff that evaporated an ocean. Or being as large as a mountain ("A supoptimal idea, in hindsight. Makes you a bigger target, and I don't really lose strength when small, either)

It does make you unable to parry bullets, especially at point blank range. Mountain size is several kilometers. Imperator class Titans are around 60 metres.

So it's bullshit "fluff" to create hype.

To be clear: I've never considered Khaine a patsy of Khorne. if anything, I consider Khaine to be the father of Khorne. Khorne is Khaine, as seen through the polluted madness of medieval humanity.

As I wrotte previously about Khorne being born in high antiquity / pre-Jesus History. Khorne was born before the 1rst city was funded, but long after the Emperor.

Also, medieval Humanity was not mad. It was actually a glorious era, especially for Europe. I'm not making this shit up.

For exemple, people say "all wars are horrible & atrocious" here's the truth : no, you fucktards, your REPUBLICAN wars are horrible & atrocious. High middle age wars, for exemple, were fought mainly by Knights against fellow Knights... most of the time, they spared each others. Also, they wore good armor and protection, that their weapons couldn't defeat unless they drove the point into the right place or something. That is because they were often friends, cousins, etc. It was especialy true for Monarchs, who married in other Regal Families in order to maintain peace.

And that was barely different in Japan. Samurai from the most knightly eras fought gallantly. Hachimantarô would be total bros with Chevalier Bayard and Don Quichotte, while all of them would cry manly tears for the Atsumori tragedy.

On the other side of the world, "Flowery Wars" of the Pre-Columbian Indians were very civilized too. Sure, they sacrificed their prisoners to the gods. But that's because they fought not to kill, but to capture. So the guys they sacrificed, usualy; would have been killed in battle if they had fought the same way as Democratic "civilised" (translation : materialistic barbarians) human right abiding (translation : shameless teletubbies) people do.

And what about China ? Republican revolutionary President who brought the Qing Dynasty to an end, after he lost against the communists, finally ADMITTED Imperial Chinese were so free, and enjoyed so much liberty, that they never realised it, nor understood what it was. When the english ambassadors came to the Imperial Court to ask if they could sell drugs and shit, the Emperor told them "no, because my Empire is self-suffiscient and their is nothing of interest your culture can bring us..." and instead they reported the Emperor refused because they refused to Kowtow. Despite Confucianist ideology having been enforced in Imperial China, I am regularly told by politically corrects aligned western people... that the Chinese were an oppressed / humiliated people. I can't even lol about such stupidity.

In the Eternal Egypt, under Pharaoh Monarchy + Theocracy regime, high priests surveyed every new scientific discovery. And if they deemed it dangerous for society and humans, the research had to be burned and a smalll part of the papyrus was symbolically fed to the researcher.

Understand that things such as Nuclear wars would have been unconceivable for those "mad medieval humans" who, seemingly, knew better than modern humans about stuff such as how to govern your own country, or to wage wars with less overhall regrets and global madness. Even World Wars woud have sound retarded to them. Sure, they were poorer, superstitious, had inferior technology, etc. But all of that still exist. The Historical Hiatus has always existed. And now, while their are super-rich people, on the other side of the "world" their are people who never saw actual light produced by electricty with their own eyes, and people who get possessed by "spirits" and ask Vatican sent Exorcists to save them.

And that is why Khorne was NOT born into the Middle Age, but during the pre-history.

Then again, in 40k setting and writting, it is somehow ok to say, for exemple, that the Aztecs were actually making sacrifices to Khorne, and that Taoist Chinese were worshiping Tzeentch unknowingly. For exemple. It is fine. But understand that is just a certain vision of History, just like mythology indeed, and that it is not the actual truth of the events.

But in conclusion, I'm disappointed you think my work will be soul-destroying, but I respect your descision. Goodbye Chandagnac.

Ain't that a praise ? People say the same about George R. R. Martin, so it must be... :p

Faction Six: The Horde Innumerable, and the Diaspora of the Great and Terrible Maelstrom​

The Disciples were formed by the disciples of Khaine banished by the forces of order long ago, who carried the Bloody handed One’s legendary weapon back to Hresh, the Throneworld of Khaine, where his mile-high iron body still sits like a statue atop a throne of skulls. Uniquely, the cult worshipped Khaine as an icon of chaos undivided; they claimed that Lileath as a Goddess of Hope shared aspects with the Changer of ways, and Kurnous as the god of the wild and the seasons, had aspects of the Lord of Decay. They believed that when Khaine captured them, he took on some of their aspects, and thus embodies the true essence of chaos.

Typical modern sect bullshit. They base themselves on coincidences, and then claim it is the truth of the matter. While in fact, Warpology wise, it is clearly not ; they are clearly different entities. And that's a very realistic aspect of this story... shitty chaotic sects acting like shitty IRL sects. B|

Also uniquely amongst the Diaspora of the Maelstrom, the Disciples of the Wailing Doom have a well-defined hierarchy and discipline amongst their servants and cultists, including their elite fighting forces, the diabolical Hresh-selain. There are but Eight High Archons, who serve as the rulers and greatest warriors of their order, with daemon-wrought powers and abilities beyond the ken of mere mortals.

Yeah. Deamon-Princehood downgrading + Avatar of Khaine being defeated by grots on tabletop. Get Hype ! Get Hype ! Khainegrotbowl !!!! :v

The Androids themselves call themselves the Savage Artisans, and wear shreds of flayed skin and bone on their hulls, in ritualised attempt to steal the souls of their victims, and so become ‘real’ life. The warfare expert system is known only as Valchocht the Decimator.

You really like this guy, right... ? ^^'
Well, I hate dat facker... but it's okay.

But most deadly of all Khaine’s armies are the Hresh-selain, the deathless Immortals. The Hresh-selain are ten thousand strong, always, for that was how many suits of armour Vaul built for Khaine before Khaine’s exile, and ten thousand were the warriors he took with him. Such was vaul’s genius, Khaine never learned how to produce more. They are Khaine’s Praetorians, and have never faltered in their loyalty. Some say the original creatures within were eldar, but with each death of the host, the armour is bequeathed to another servant of Khaine deemed worthy to join the ranks of the Hresh-selain. Each suit of armour absorbs the experiences of its many hosts, becoming more skilful with every passing century. The dread ten thousand are at the very spear-tip of every major Diaspora attack. They are eager to test themselves against the best warriors of the galaxy, and in particular have heard much about these so called Mon keigh ‘supersoldiers’ the Astartes...

Slannesh worshippers are retards. They must be, to dump such powerful gods.

Though, I've always thought that the 'one or all' requirement of Chaos worship is a bit odd. Obviously you can't worship two opposing Chaos gods simulateously and I doubt Khorne would stand for being lumped in with sorcerous Tzeentch either.

- Dualistic religions exist.
- Strangely, Khorne is fairly neutral toward Tzeentch. Possibly because Tzeentch is the only one among the 4 chaos gods, in old Fluff, who can give airborne support.

Malleus, the cult uniting all the Insurgency Empires (led by the Sigilite) , has the faith of the Perpetuals, which preaches the evil of chaos and installs its own Pantheon into local faiths, discreetly uniting the religions of the integrated empires as well as their politics. They always place a gleaming storm god, known often as the Thunderhead King, at the head of each pantheon. In these faiths, the Thunderhead King is the Emperor of all sane species in the galaxy, and he is the Hammer of Daemons.

Wouldn't fit in Jipang Shintoism, though.

In my Homebrew Fluff for the Jipang (Space Nippon) codex, Take-Mikazuchi-no-Kami is thought by some imperial scholars to be a mythical representation of the Legiones Astartes pacifying the land of Jipang (myth of Kuniyuzuri), before installing Imperium's Civilisation and PAX IMPERIALIS, represented by Ninigi-no-mikoto. The Emperor is then either Amaterasu-Sume-Ô-Kami and/or Kami-Musuhi-no-Kami. (btw, Amaterasu is neither a wolf nor a woman)
But that's just a theory.
Other interpretations include, for exemple, the Amatsukami being Eldars, while the Kunitsukami would have been locals and their religions, or possibly Exodites. IRL, this is based a lot on real Japanese History and debates / research around Japanese antiquity. It also take into account, in an ironical / subtle way, the fact that Eldar (and Tau) replace Asian, especially Japan and China (through highly shagadelic reasonings and poor research by the authors... I in all honesty, did much more research and invested much more efforts than them).
Official theory, accepted implicitly by the Adeptus Ministorum, Adeptus Terra and Jipang authorities, is that they were all Arahitogami, and that the Kôshitsu (High King / Sovran Dynasty) are the descendants of Amaterasu through Ninigi-no-Mikoto ; and thus of the Emperor, identifyed as Izanagi-no-Mikoto and/or Izanagi-Ô-Kami (when it meet a new human religion, the Missionarius tend to invent a syncretic faith by "identifying" a local deity with the Emperor of Mankind, remember ?). Which is funny, because they accidentely admit the Arahitogami (and thus the "senseï") as the Emperor's descendants ! BTW, if the irony killed ye, O reader, please, rest in peace knowing that I am sorry for your death. ;)
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Re: The Arrested Fall [Alternate 30K]

Postby BigDaddyCalgar » Sun Jun 11, 2017 5:38 pm

Is Cegorach still a Deciever shard in this universe, or is he something different? If he is, do the eldar gods know he is a c'tan, and if so do they care?
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Re: The Arrested Fall [Alternate 30K]

Postby LordLucan » Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:04 pm

Cegorach's identity in this story remains ambiguous. It's possible Cegorach himself doesn't know what he is any longer. The Harlequins still exist in this alternate timeline, and they are venemently anti-chaos. If they know the true nature of Cegorahc, they aren't telling the Young King, and so long as they are his allies against Vileth's regime, they do not much care.
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Re: The Arrested Fall [Alternate 30K]

Postby OshawaIcedHands » Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:00 pm

@LordLucan Sorry if you have been getting this question often and if this is the wrong place to ask but what has become of the Age of Dusk? Perhaps we can return to their adventures soon, or is the story for now at a standstill?
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Re: The Arrested Fall [Alternate 30K]

Postby L'Arpenteur » Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:39 pm

You don't get it. It's a grand scheme from LordLucan to ascend to deity. The more we're waiting, the more we're focus and prey for his glorious return, the more he gains in power. BELIEVE OR WAIT FOR ETERNITY, FOR HE IS THE ONLY TRUE TALER, HERETIC !
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