The Age of Dusk [60K] [SECTION 54 IS UP!]

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Re: The Age of Dusk [60K] [SECTION 54 IS UP!]

Postby OshawaIcedHands » Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:41 pm

Chaos Prophet wrote:@LordLucan

Two questions:

1. Why is Cadia called the Heart of the Eye of Terror if it was outside the Eye of Terror during the Age of the Old Imperium? Why did Lorgar choose that place as his capital and not Sicarus? And the Primarch crusades against the Travesty make almost no mention of any Crone World Eldar forces, or the Impossible World that the Draziin-Maton first sprung from. What are they doing as the Travesty burns?

2. Is Lorgar trying to become a Chaos God? Because I'm still not sure what he's doing on Cadia.

I can answer at least one of the Questions, but take it with a grain of salt. Cadia's Pylons probably broke from the strain of the Black Crusades (It did take 20 for Abbadon to Conquer it) allowing for the Eye to expand beyond its Old Imperium Boundaries. Even if the pylons weren't destroyed, the planet is still fortified to hell and back and would be easily defendable by a token force. Sicarus is a Daemonic Shrine World that the Word Bearers were using as a base post-Heresy. Churches are not exactly that defensible, even by Traitor Legions. Plus the infinite birth rate in Cadia would allow Lorgar to gather enough Sacrifices to hypothetically become a God if he managed to find Ahriman's Cube of Godhood.

As for the Crone World Eldar and Draziin-Maton, no idea since the focus has been placed on the Eastern Fringe and Iacob's Sanctuary
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Re: The Age of Dusk [60K] [SECTION 54 IS UP!]

Postby Chaos Prophet » Sat Sep 09, 2017 11:06 pm

Thank you.

Also, I've started reading the Eridani Records, and from what I can tell it seems to be saying that the Ophilim is the name of an entire species, of which the Ophilim-Kiasosz is a singular member, and that they're from 'the realm beyond the realm.'

What exactly are they? Do they have any relation to the Deep Warp or the Nex, since both their realm and the Deep are described as being beyond?
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