What is your Speculation on HH Blood Angels

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What is your Speculation on HH Blood Angels

Postby Duke_Leto » Sun Sep 18, 2016 9:51 am

Just wondering what you all think is going to happen regarding getting the Blood Angels to Terra in time for the siege? How is Sanguinius going to extracate himself from Imperium Secundus? Will this cause a clash with Guilliman? How will the BA get through the Ruinstorm?

I originally thought they would have some kind of Odyssey and battle through at great cost but Nick Kyme already did that with the Salamanders in Deathfire.

I did just read something interesting on B&C where someone posted an extract from Baal series of books where there is an interesting Easter egg about the Silent King (Necron) and Sanguinius forging some kind of alliance previously. Hmmmm?

Thoughts and ideas?
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Re: What is your Speculation on HH Blood Angels

Postby Duke_Leto » Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:09 pm

Oh balls 21 views and not a single comment! Poor show boltholers :lol:
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Re: What is your Speculation on HH Blood Angels

Postby Xisor » Thu Sep 22, 2016 9:47 pm

I was thinking about this... the my brain started on a tangent of a rant about how Kyme's Deathfire isn't an odyssey in the slightest.

It's more like... some idiots sail out to sea from the coast in the midst of the worst storm they've ever seen, dragging the body of their dead dad, get about half a mile out then meet with predictable disaster, only to be rescued by their uncle (a quite competent, if down on his luck, fisherman).

You can see why I got distracted...


One of the big ones is Necrons, but, at this stage, it feels almost entirely 'deus ex machina', err... Mechanicus? Well. It's a very compelling suggestion 'in universe', but narrative lumb it lacks anything interesting at all as a concept.

That said, before 'now', there was nothing esecially narratively compelling about the plot elements of "Path of Heaven" - so you can see the flimsiness.

Still - even Necrons as they are are still a bit of anews incoherent force in folks' minds. Do people like the more melodramatic ones? I liked the turn they got in the Shield of Baal stories (especially Laurie's and the Necron-centric novella). Could Sanguinius have anything to do with the likes seen in the older Dead Men Walking? Hard to imagine -but if someone wants to try... shut up and take my money!

Jim Swallow did a very neat turn in the second Sisters novel, even if they were a touch more high-sci than I liked.

You get the idea- doing Necrons at all is fraught with difficulty - no least the difficulty of people's perceptions and sometimes soured experiences with them already.


So, if not Necrons, you're left with a few more difficult options.

They might be able to force/slog their way through and sort of do an... exchange (both attacking a weak point to let the larger force through, the smaller force being sacrificed to join the Dark Angels for the long haul?) with the Space Wolves?

Basically what the Scars might have been able to do, just without the opportunity?

There's wackiest ways too, of course: Eldar, miracles, Magnus, unheard of psychic powers, all sorts.

But Necrons are a known active force at the time, and as we've heard nothing (and it's been foreshadowed), I have a vague inclination to think they'll be involved. But I don't quite see it working, yet...
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