The last wall

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The last wall

Postby Fenris » Sat Mar 12, 2016 4:38 am

Quick things because it's late and i'll probably fall aasleep on the keyboard now that i've finished reading:

-finally a book where the IW are pummeled to death,go orks.I see where the idea for one of the next books synopsis comes from now,crazy as it might seems still.

-the last chapter....Even here i dont want to spoiler anything about it,worth reading


Spoiler: the people's crusade goes about as well as the real world one did.In fact,i expected the trap from the moment the idea crept in the story (truth to be told,i just expected the moon to be a giant fake bomb...The real trap was chillingly better)

-We start to see more regarding the concerns of the inquisition,and i guess it's really a case of "no one is wrong there".Also,a nice extended trip to the polar fortress entrance :lol:

-"32k: our high lords are shit" could be the alt-title of the serie
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