Legacies of Betrayal sort of review

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Legacies of Betrayal sort of review

Postby sam vimes » Fri Jan 02, 2015 9:38 pm

Well was bored and decided to write short reviews/reactions for each story in this collection its a bit long and some are only one sentence long, but hope to get some discussion going and refresh some memories for those who read these before:

Legacies Of Betrayal I don't think I'll EVER like the machine pure sterotype of the Iron Hands just so bloody boring to me and two dimensonal, hunters moon was bloody good, honour to the dead was a typical balls'o steel Ultramarine Calth story damn good ending, the bit were the asartes looks at the baby and can't believe his superior was once that small had me chuckling, the rest so far are remaining to be read but so far I'm enjoying a lot.
Well I've read the rest and here's my thoughts on them:

Ugh look Iron Hands you guys really need some better character than hating flesh and going on and bloody on about the weakness of mortals, you share many of the same weaknesses and the more flesh you cut from your bodies the worse your mental weaknesses will get, all that aside. Riven was good objectively speaking:

Strike And Fade:
Well this was a good read the Salamanders learning the hard way and utilising tactics other than kill it with fire were shown it pays to trap the bastards then blow stuff up in there face

Butchers Nails:
Lorgar and Angron stomping limp wristed Eldar into paste... I loved it and this line on particular "Two mon-keigh God-Princes? There was only supposed to be one!"- The Dark Eldar Lord and Angron my money is on Lorgars lads to beat yours just saying...

Aww Horus feeling jealous and the pressures and realising he doesn't have the most stable of allies although if I didn't know how the heresy ends I'd be shocked that Robute is still standing as it is... you fluffed it Horus nuff said in that regard two crusades and big blue is still standing next time send Angron or something at least you'll get a MAD result in that regard.

The Raven Guard Nykona Sharrowkyn who btw KERB STOMPED Lucius in a another great novel and Sabik Wayland show that they are a perfect buddy duo to give filthy heretics a bad day at the office and the story itself very reminiscent of the enigma code machine hunt in WW2.

Wolfs Claw:
Bjorn being a fething hard case and stomping Alpha legionaries and also shows nicely how he will one day earn the name fell-handed

Thief of Revelations:
Magnus the red still playing the odds and I think he might just one up the lord of change he's certainly playing his cards close to his chest...

The Divine Word:
Well in extreme times you find extreme ways to deal with the hell going on and Marcus Valerius you need to have a long sit down with Corax at some point and share your dreams with him the Raven Lord might just be more understanding than you think I feel.

Lucius: The Eternal Blademaster:
Well this was funny Lucius throwing a massive sulk throughout, Sharrowkyn kill him again just to piss him off please?

Khârn: The Eightfold Path:
Well damn Kharn and the world eaters are falling fast a good read but damn Kharn is losing his character and becoming the one track minded killer we all know

Cypher: Guardian of Order:
Ok something made this guy crap his greaves we should all be scared the librarian Zahariel also appeared again thank feth he has a big role to play I feel.

Heart of the Conqueror:
Dear Angron and Lorgar screw you a navigator showing what loyalty and service is, good read although even money says Lorgar foresaw what she was going to do smug bugger he is at times.

All I'll say about this stonking great read is Aeonid Thiel? If Robute doesn't give you a chapter to command he needs slapping upside the head this chap knows how to fight dirty and from the hip, got a Saul Tarvitz vibe from him in know no fear

Bjorn: Lone Wolf:
A hacked off space viking is not someone I'd want gunning for my head....

Over all a fine collection a nice breather piece from all the other books we've had, helped fill out and round the HH out, roll on The Crimson King by Graham Mcneil in summer I believe is its release date
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