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Postby Duke_Leto » Tue Dec 09, 2014 8:05 pm

Ok I know this was released ages ago and in fact I have not listened to it since then. However, after a break (brought about by the BL hardback releases making me wait for the mass market paperbacks) I have now caught up with all things (paperback and audiodrama) Horus Heresy. That includes a marathon Calth/Imperium Secundus session and that brings me to my question...

If those on Terra are ignorant of what is happening in Ultramar and therefore unsure on legion loyalties (and vice versa hence the establishment of Imperium Secundus) AND if warp travel into/out of Ultramar is virtually impossible then how is it that Garro is despatched to Calth to recruit a Knight Errant and manages to get out and back? Even if he was able to get in/out then does that mean he carried news back to Malcador of the Word Bearers attack on Calth and Ultramar?
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