Abaddon: Chosen of Chaos

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Abaddon: Chosen of Chaos

Postby Lord of the Night » Fri Dec 20, 2013 12:43 pm

So we have at last the first real taste of the coming Black Legion series, and it was a damn good and enticing one. A little bit about the Ezekarion has been revealed, Abaddon in his infernal majesty was described a little and we saw him interact with the last survivor of a loyalist Chapter.

The description ADB gave of Abaddon in his blog, about how he has no fixed form and that everyone sees him differently, has been expanded on. Remember how nobody can actually look at the Emperor for long in the Heresy, Abaddon is the same. According to Khayon it actually hurts for those with sixth senses to look at him, and as powerful as he is even he doesn't like looking at the Warmaster for long, and by long I mean more than a few seconds. But Abaddon's power is undeniable even if we didn't get a full-on description of how Khayon sees him. And apparantely Drach'nyen's whispering influence is not confined to Abaddon alone, it can reach out and affect others which Khayon seems to be wary of, enough that hearing those whispers makes him immediately break his gaze from Abaddon.

Chosen of Chaos wrote:It is difficult for those of us with sixth senses to look at him for long.

I risk another glance towards him. His eyes glint unhealthily amber in the fading sun. Veins cobweb beneath his cadaverous skin, thick with the power that ripens his immortal flesh. I hear his sword beginning to whisper to me, and realise that I have looked for too long.

The Ezekarion have been revealed, not fully, but we know some of their members properly now. Khayon of course, and Telemachon the swordsman with the flawless voice and with whom Khayon shares a rivalry in which they try to murder each other sometimes, though not for a few years by this point. A new reveal is Lheor, who appears to be a Khorne Berzerker but one who is firmly loyal to Abaddon and appears to have good control over himself. Also the Ezekarion are the only beings in creation who may call the Warmaster by his name, Ezekyle. Even the dying loyalist was surprised by that.

Chosen of Chaos wrote:Telemachon stands next to me, watching with arms crossed across his breastplate. His mind is sealed to me, and I am content to leave it thus. It has been nine years since I last tried to kill him. It has been seven since he last tried to kill me.

Telemachon has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. A voice to sway souls and cleanse consciences – soft without implying weakness; strong without arrogance. Even the crackle of vox corruption cannot flaw its smooth tone.

As to the protagonist Iskander Khayon, I got an impression of a warrior who dislikes the brutality that is the Black Legion's calling card, even threatening multiple times to take his fleet away from Abaddon's and move ahead. That he could actually make that threat multiple times and not be dead or something infinitely worse shows right away that the relationship the Ezekarion and Abaddon have is very very very different to the average Chaos Lord's relationship with his followers. Also that Abaddon already is not what I expected him to be, I would have guessed that anyone who even dares speak out of turn to him would regret it, or that nobody would even have the nerve to dare.

Chosen of Chaos wrote:He knows that I am weary of this war. I have threatened, more than once, to take my fleet and sail ahead of the Legion, hunting other prey. Only by the Warmaster’s request have I stayed with them here, on the front lines.

Abaddon requests it, now that makes me very interested in learning more about Abaddon and Khayon's relationship, perhaps it is unique among the Ezekarion or perhaps all of them enjoy such an easy bond with the Warmaster. Have to wait and see.

Abaddon's interaction with the loyalist was quite interesting, i'll post a few quotes later, but he spoke to him almost as a general speaks to a wounded soldier of the enemy, one whom he respects in a sense but ultimately pities for wasting his life by being his enemy and serving a corrupt power. He almost seemed kind in some of his speech, as if he were releasing the loyalist from bondage to a life of freedom, which was eerie.

Chosen of Chaos wrote:Abaddon withdraws the claw and kisses the dying warrior on the forehead – a Bronze Era warlord blessing one of his chosen warriors.
‘Sleep, brave champion of humanity. A life without worth is coming to a close, and you go to your reward in the Sea of Souls.’

The image of Abaddon kissing a dying loyalist's forehead is very memorable, and it does feel reminiscent of a bronze era warlord blessing his warriors, or a priest blessing the chosen few; either way it stuck in my head. And his quote is definitely something that throws his character into question, it seems like dogma worthy of the Word Bearers but they would never show such respect to a loyalist and would definitely not believe that a loyalist would receive anything other than eternal damnation. But Abaddon seems to respect the loyalist for surviving where his chapter did not, which falls in line with his actions in the 9th Black Crusade with Reclusiarch Jorus and his Death Company.

On the whole this short story has increased my desire to read about Abaddon and the Black Legion even further, but now I am truly curious as to who Abaddon is exactly, what new facets of his character and those around him will we gain from reading this series and what secrets will we learn about the Warmaster of Chaos and his aim to destroy the False Emperor. I can't wait to find out.

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Re: Abaddon: Chosen of Chaos

Postby sam vimes » Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:35 am

Wow can't wait and can't believe I'm going to say this as a loyal Ultramarine fan but "Death to the false Emperor!"
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Re: Abaddon: Chosen of Chaos

Postby Phoebus » Sat Dec 21, 2013 2:46 pm

It was disturbingly good given how short it also was.
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Re: Abaddon: Chosen of Chaos

Postby Xisor » Sat Dec 21, 2013 3:20 pm

Phoebus wrote:It was disturbingly good given how short it also was.

... he or she said.

(Sorry. :lol: )
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Re: Abaddon: Chosen of Chaos

Postby Liliedhe » Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:04 pm


It certainly had quite a ... penetrative aspect to it. :P

Sorry, single entendres are about the only thing I can think about with this story. Other than Ezzie starting to purr, given he's been turned into a cat. :roll:
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Re: Abaddon: Chosen of Chaos

Postby Vivia » Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:54 pm

Thank you for the laughter. First it was Kharn's German/Jamaican accent and this one. SM were given cat biology in the distant future. :lol:
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Re: Abaddon: Chosen of Chaos

Postby Mossy Toes » Tue Dec 31, 2013 1:27 am

Vivia wrote:Thank you for the laughter. First it was Kharn's German/Jamaican accent and this one. SM were given cat biology in the distant future. :lol:

Not to mention the wet-leopard growls of a certain space-puppy legion.

I like the sound of Abaddon as depicted by AD-B. Very much My Sort Of Thing.
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