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Re: The Naughty Little Woodpecker... [40K] [GS]

PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:01 pm
by Colonel Mustard
Perhaps, as a slight addendum to the system, we could have the part posted up on this thread here before it's 'made public' so to speak, instead of being sent to all the authors, so that, for example, Anguipes could say about Gaius' part; "I like this this and this, but I'm not that Paula would act in quite that way." etc so that we can remove any inconsistencies in characterisation before they are posted on the thread to be picked up by readers.

Re: The Naughty Little Woodpecker... [40K] [GS]

PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:26 pm
by shadowhawk2008
I would suggest that people post their stuff and critiques are done via PM? Or you guys could even put together an address list on google or something and do your critiques/discussions that way while one of the story leaders keep posting regular updates here. Or something.

Re: The Naughty Little Woodpecker... [40K] [GS]

PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:28 pm
by Colonel Mustard
Shadow: A good point, and one to consider, definitely. I suppose if we signed up to Google Documents we could have a running thread of the story as a whole to refer to as we write, and could even post up parts of chapters as we write them for others to look at as they're written and developed.

Also, here's my psyker character. Finally.

Name: Almis Holborn

Age: 31

Previous occupation: Imperial Guard Battle Psyker

Appearance: Slightly taller than most and somewhat gangly, with thin blonde hair and grey-brown eyes. Usually wears old Imperial Guard fatigues.

Equipment: Laspistol, focus-stave (doubles as a handy club)

Almis’ psychic talent blossomed sometime when he was about eight years old, and it was not long before he was picked up by the Black Ships. He was one of the lucky few, however; he manifested talents as a pyrokine, and was not overly-powerful, and so instead of being used to fuel the eternal-burning flame of the Astronomican, he was sent to the Scholastica Psychanum.

Always somewhat of a sullen and temperamental child, Almis became somewhat of a poorly disciplined pupil at the Scholastica, quite possibly fuelled by his anger at his time on the Black Ships. He regularly argued with teachers and fellow pupils alike, and his talents became focussed solely on the destructive side of warpcraft, and it was decided by his tutors that he would probably find a home in the Imperial Guard; his destructive skills would be of great use on the battlefield, and perhaps the Commissars would be better at teaching him discipline than they.

As misjudgements of situations went, it was a pretty terrible one. Almis argued with the guardsman he was assigned with even more frequently than he did with his fellow pupils, was rude to officers and even got into occasional brawls with his ‘fellow’ soldiers; it was only his skill on the frontline that spared him a bolt from a Commisar’s pistol. However, the situation did not last long; a Lieutenant Sarken requested Almis’ support, but unfortunately for him the psyker had a deep dislike of the man, the two having fought over several things before (Sarken taking a dislike to the psyker in the regiment, Almis constantly needling the man with barbed comments and insults). In repsons to Sarken’s request, Almis simply replied; “Let the bigoted old bastard get shot.”

Fortunately for him, Inquisitor McTavish was operating in the warzone at the time, investigating the supposedly daemonic nature of their enemy. Realising that, while his somewhat abrasive manner may occasionally not always work with the rest of the team, his somewhat gutsy nature, quick wit and psychic skills would be of great use, McTavish ordered him off the firing squad into his retinue, and for the last five years Almis has been working with him since.

Personality wise, Almis can generally be described as ‘not a people person.’ His behaviour is by no means outright sociopathic, but he can be bad tempered, overly critical of others, somewhat mysogonistic and takes great joy in needling the others with his acid tongue. However, he holds a great deal of respect for Inquisitor McTavish, who he realises saved his life (even if he does personally think that the Inquisitor can be a bit too much of a stick in the mud at times) and generally isn’t so confrontational around other members, especially Scipio, though only because, in his words; “He’d cut me into lots of little pieces.”

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:09 pm
by Gaius Marius
A good mix of character traits there mustard, it will be nice to see how his antisocial traits mix wth Scipio`s people person ways. Im mentally plotting out the sweep of my first chapter and will commit it to paper when able. So far it consists of Scipio going through his daily routine of endless practice and work outsamidst insomnia/nightmares and lots of memory and introspection during the last day of a trip on a mechant ship on its way back from his solo mision. The second half will be about reuniting with the retinue and exploring the plitical situation as is. Later on im thinking that maybe an increasingly irratic Scipio will try to engage the antagonist inquisitor in single combat as a way to both prevent the bad guys election, prevent Mactavish from soiling his soul amd "redeeming" himself of hisown sins, probably without the consent of his group as a whole (the in story group, not you guys).

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:17 pm
by Geradin
You both bring up good points, sieur Mustard and shadowhawk.

Though problem is, I have no idea on how to use this Google Documents. Which means somebody else would have to set it up, and run it. (Would you be up to the challenge, my PEEP?)

And excellente, Mr.Mustard. Excellente.

(I think I must introduce a new retinue of ours, Petra Cappadocia, a member of Mechanicus if Maugan does not make it in time. Of course, he would be like the stay-in-ship type side character of a retinue.)

And a re-cap of our Intro-First Chapter Layout

- Character Introduction via whatever means
- Introduction to our Inquisitional Fortress, the tribune and just a slight brush by with antagonist in the fortress
- MacTavish would be assigned a task by and go to a planet to carry it out
- We will run into the "bad guys" of the planet, but machination of the antagonist Inquisitor as well, but solid evidence cannot be established

That will be the end of first chapter.

In between the political struggles, there will be missions to abridge or further connect to struggle via gathering up support from certain key personnels or acquire technology/information as well as doing Inquisitorial work at the same time. So, hopefully, it won't get stale for you guys.

As said before, this will be more like Dawn of War 2 approach. Writers will have various choices, and each of those choices may influence future of the story, for the better or for worse. But remember to have fun.

Edit: Gaius, as per that later part, I'm not sure, but I want to hear more developed idea when the "google documents" is set up or PM me on it. I think it has very interesting and great potential, but if developed wrong, it could sound ever so cheesy, so I'm interested in elaboration of the subject.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:44 pm
by Colonel Mustard
Gaius: The duel idea would be a good one, especially seeing as not all the characters would necessarily be behind it, and the introduction idea works with me.

Ger: I'm setting up the Google Documents thing now. As I'm a lovely, helpful person, I'll stick a guide up quickly.

First of all, go to, and if necessary, create an account with Google. You can use your existing email address for this even if you don't have a google email, and my one works with hotmail.

Then, sign in to Google documents, and pm me your email so I can share the document with you. Isn't that just brilliantly simple?

Anyway, as Google Documents in a cloud computing thingymajiggy, we can edit the document in realtime (so we could have writers peering disconcertingly over other writers' parts as they're put up) and have multiple notes and addendums etc added as they go. So basically, send it to me, and then we write with the power of technology!

Omnissah vult!

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:46 pm
by Anguipes
*registers general agreement and understanding*

I hope you guys don't mind if I hang back a bit in the beginning, especially from general planning/organisation - like I've said, this is all new to me. I'll go along with whatever you decide (unless it's "Ang writes everything, in a week" ;) ). I'll try to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:41 pm
by Gaius Marius
Well I was bored so here.s part of my first part. The grammar is bad and it needs lots of editing as I'm doing this on a kindle , my thumbs!, but what does everyone think?

`Please don`t leave me,` she said, it said.

Scipio`s eyes snapped open, wide, piercing,guilty, terrified. He inhaled, his broad scared chest heaving with recycled ship air. The room was dark, save for the low red glow of his alarum cogitator. It blinked 0241 at him remorselessly and the Crusader blinked his eyes in an elusive quest for sleep. His gesture was wasted and the old man knew he would have no rest tonight.

Less than three hours tonight, he thought to himself as he rose from his horse hair mattress. It had to have been, for Captain Rilana had appeared at his door shortly after 0020.

`I'M lonely tonight she had said, the dull light of the ships passenger corridors framing her. The woman's figure was as curvaceous as her eyes and hair were dark and her uniform was unzipped in the front.

"I'm sorry he said to her, "not tonight."

He had said that every night for three weeks as the merchant ship plied its across the warp lane. She had left then, her face framed with disappointment and rejection. Scipio's heart had twinged as she left. Desire he had not felt for years died with her passing and part of him, some small traitorous, weak part chided him for a fool.

I do not break my promises he told himself. Not again.He arose from the sleep the captain had delayed and his conscience murdered falling to his palms and knees. His muscled arms rose and fell, moving him through a hundred push ups.

Rejuvenants paid for by his dear friend Mactavish and supplemented by the carbon fiber weaves the Hunkpapa had implanted into his body gave his arms the strength of a man half his age and his physique was as an 18 year old Olympian's. Through Inquisitorial procedures and his own exercise regimes he would enjoy the physical benefits of youth for decades more , if not centuries, defying the aging process. But one part he had left.

He would not let the chirugens touch the skin of his face, would not let them remove his wrinkles and lines,restore his vanished hair. That was his old face , the one that had spoken his false promise and he could not bear to see it again.

Please don't leave me.

He ignored it, pushing the memory low as he threw himself upwards and seized the bar in his closet. He jerked himself off the deck, pulling his chin above the bar as the start of his morning hundred.

One, two thee, four five.

I need you I cant live without you, please don't leave me.

"I'm right here and I wont be going anywhere," he had lied an unknowing child of twenty not knowing what would happen a week later.

Fifty one fifty two fifty three.

"I have to go the marching orders came in today. I am so sorry but Ill return my I swear love. My service has a year left to run."

"No please don't go," she had begged, "I cant be alone. Please don't leave me."

"Ill be back," he promised, he lied again.

Liar. Liar. Damned. Damned. Damned.

One twenty eight one twenty nine one thirty.

"My son, I am so sorry," read the message from his father, "There was a miscommunication of some sort. A chaplain and officer were sent here by mistake. I don't know how she got the gun Cabinet open but when she saw those two coming to the door ...

His grip gave out at two hundred thirty and he fell to the floor, lactic acid burning his biceps. He picked himself up from the floor and hauled his fatigued body to his sword. The falchion hummed softly, crying out for the blood of the damned. He denied it that morning, just like he had every day for thirty years and just like he had denied his saber for fifteen before that. Instead he took a whet stone and worked its brutal slashing edge and the hideous serrations the Fire Beast artificers had added after they had repaired the first broken blade after Tejas.

What ever rust or dullness had been accrued overnight were scoured away and Scipio donned his black plate. It was tight across his muscled chest and its plasteel surface was engraved with Hunkpapa coup markings and Halbried Sabers. He picked up the falchion, 5.5 feet of adamantine from razor tip to pearled pommel and set himself to practice. For three hours he parried and thrusted and slashed at imagined enemies without rest, until he fell shaking to his greaves with sweat pouring off himself in torrents.

It was better with training servitors, who could maneuver against him and try to put up a defense. And onto whose withered faces he could pretend to project the visages of the Daemonhost Carlus, a thousand rampaging mutants, chaos astartes, snarling blood letters and rotting unclean ones, their features hiding those of the one face he longed to destroy.Alone he could only slash at his unhidden self.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 11:53 pm
by hypomaniac
Bad spelling aside (kindles can access the internet? That's almost incentive enough to buy one), that was a very interesting piece. Almost painful to read that last part about his lost love.

Re: The Naughty Little Woodpecker... [40K] [GS]

PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:21 am
by Gaius Marius
hypomaniac wrote:Bad spelling aside (kindles can access the internet? That's almost incentive enough to buy one), that was a very interesting piece. Almost painful to read that last part about his lost love.

Yeah the newer models have a pretty nifty web browser. I was able to use it on theentirety of a 7 hour bus ride with out losing signal. Ts free too,but sites with a lot of pics slow it down.

So i guess Scipios source of madness has been partly revealed.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:59 am
by Geradin
Though it was painful for my old eyes to read them, as exiquisite as always, Mr.Marius.

Angu - My character's going to be hitting on your character. ;)

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 1:24 pm
by Anguipes
Geradin wrote:Angu - My character's going to be hitting on your character. ;)

FFS, she's a nun! Hit on one of the other female chara... oh. :lol: (seriously though, not a problem)

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 4:49 pm
by Colonel Mustard
Gaius: I like it so far, but sort out those spelling mistakes, mate! :P

Ger and Ang: Hehehe

Also, I'm afraid I'll be off the grid until next Saturday, so won't be contributing much. Feel free to continue without me, and I shoul have plenty of time to dedicate to this in the next couple of months afterwards.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 4:56 pm
by Stuart000X
I'm currently busying making my prelude at the moment.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:16 pm
by Maugan Ra
Right, my bio. I discussed it with Mustard and he's generally positively inclined, but since it's a GS here it is for general consideration.

Name: Tzu Shan
Alias: Jeremiah Black
Age: 132 (appears to be late twenties)
Appearance: Thin and lanky, with pale skin stained with a thin layer of grime that never seems to come off. Usually wears a patchwork assortment of clothes in his old gang colours.
Equipment: Jeremiah's most prized possessions were a pair of ornate duelling laspistols, gifted to him by the Inquisitor.

Bio: Jeremiah Black was a gunslinger from the depths of some otherwise unremarkable hive-city, where he fought and bled in the endless gang-wars for the first sixteen years of his life, before Inquisitor McTarvish found and recruited him. He served at the Inquisitor's side for the next ten years, wielding his twinned pistols with consumate skill in firefights against the very worst the galaxy had to offer. Then, as he rested in his quarters one evening, an assassin by the name of Tzu Shan broke in, murdered the ex-ganger in his sleep, and using the drug Polymorphine took on his appearence.

Tzu is a renegade of the Callidus temple, slated for deletion after he was judged morally compromised following an infiltration of a Chaos cult. Since then, he has taken to working for the independent and mysterious group known as the Hated Saviours, who do their best to protect the galaxy as a whole through whatever means they can muster. He has replaced Jeremiah Black on the orders of the Saviour's leader, the ex-Inquisitor Hormann Darvius, and his purpose here is two-fold - to seek out potential recruits for the Saviours, and to keep an eye on Inquisitor McTarvish. The Saviours believe that McTarvish has an important role to play in ensuring the survival of humanity, and wish to make sure that he survives to fulfil his destiny.

Thus far, the rest of the cadre have yet to notice that their comrade has been replaced by the Assassin, and Tzu intends to keep it that way. He has perfectly imitated Black's trademark duelling style and caustic wit, and has privately grown rather fond of his new comrades, but he is still entirely prepared to kill any of them if it is required to maintain his cover.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:50 pm
by Geradin
Anguipes wrote:
Geradin wrote:Angu - My character's going to be hitting on your character. ;)

FFS, she's a nun! Hit on one of the other female chara... oh. :lol: (seriously though, not a problem)

My character's a 35 year old virgin, what do you expect? Hey! Don't start judging my character based on that. ;)

Excellent, Mr.Maugan. Simply tasty, in fact, so tasty, I wish to eat the character... :lol: . (Though I must say, it's Inquisitor McTavish, not McTarvish) Glad to know you're still on-board as well.

Most outstanding, Mr.Stuart. I have great anticipations for your introductory piece.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:26 pm
by Anguipes
Hated Saviours crossoverness!?!? *does happy dance*

An idea that's been growing on me, presented for general critique: I'm wondering about playing Paula as "ambiguously psychic" - little things that may be coincindence, or luck, or intuition, or the Emperor's blessing, or the power of faith... but might not - and in collosal denial, at least at first.

Re: The Naughty Little Woodpecker... [40K] [GS]

PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2011 9:45 am
by Geradin
I strongly urge everyone to forward their google-linked email account for Google Documents usage to Colonel Mustard.

Angu - It's certianly plausible. Though I must say, it doesn't necessarily need to be psychic power to have "divine acts" going on. There are other acts of Emperor's Divine Will that happens in the 40K world. Living Saints of Sisters of Battle and sanctified weapons being more effective against daemons are one of them.

But I do agree that it is a nice touch. Little ambiguity between whether it's psychic or drawing on divine power of the Emperor through faith/whatnot/blah blah. Nay, it's not just a nice touch, it is a great touch. I am most privileged to have you onboard, Angu.

- Edit: What do you guys think about this? The group's opinion supercedes my personal opinion.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2011 1:02 am
by Gaius Marius
Incomplete post deleted.

Re: The Naughty Little Woodpecker... [40K] [GS]

PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:15 am
by Gaius Marius
Scipio Ursicus walked to conflict, the wide, half lit corridor echoing with his foot steps. He hummed an old Halbreid war song through his steel teeth, the tap of his coup stick punctuating the bars of Sun and Steel.

"You`ll die as you live in the flash of a blade."

Captain Rilana had come to him in the morning, fear on her face instead of desire. Er ship was small and the head of her equally tiny security team was dead. One of the other crew, a tattoo encrusted ganger had gutted the chief over a game of cards and now was down in the security office as he and his cronies tried to crack open the small arms safe. They had already broken out shock batons and combat knives and the other hundred members of Rilana`s crew were terrified, having locked themselves in their cabins, waiting to see who the mutinies victor was.

"In a corner forgot by the world."

The last time he had gone into a fight had been back on [Mining Orld] where he had rode atop a screaming war horse with the thunder of eighty thousand hooves at his back and a massive targeted barrage to his front. Scores had died breaking the heretics devil wire and thousands had been fed as cattle to the endless hunger of the enemy guns. But the spoiling night attack had been successful, breaking the momentum enjoyed by Carlos and his army of mind slave prospectors and unleashing Ursicus and twenty thousand rough riders into their weak logistical train.

"You live for the touch for the feel of the steel.

His ad hoc cavalry had burned thirty bridges, dynamited fifty locomotives, collapsed nine rail tunnels and let five promtheium pipelines open to disgorge a flood of black oil. Thousands of cooks and mechanics and teamsters had been put to the sword and a mountain of supplies had been burned. The Daemon host Carlus had been enraged and had broken of his attack on the worlds last loyalist city to pursue Scipio. The Crusader and a thousand arbites and naval auxiliaries turned rough riders ambushed Carlus and his retinue in a narrow pass, hoping to end the war for good.

"One man and his honor."

Please don't leave me.

"Wait," he thought, "that's right. I have no honor."

He leaned heavily on his coup stick, affecting a limp as he did so. His bassinet with its face hiding eagle visor and its great headdress of Harst eagle feathers that added a foot to his height was back at his cell. He let the world see his grand fathers face and let his shoulders sag in an old mans slouch. His last plan had only half worked, but this one would be better.

"As a young boy chasing dragons with your wooden sword so mighty," his voice croaked.

The acolyte allowed his voice to weaken and sound like a sad old man made weak with age. He scrapped the bronze tip of the coup stick across the deck ad let himself stumble.

"Hey get out of here you old sack of tripe," one of the two rebellious crewmen guarding the security room's double door shouted, "you`ll be getting yours soon as we stick that bitch of a captain."

"I ... I have come to stop you" he gasped, sweat trickling down his face. The last part was easy, for he had been finishing his daily 12K run when Captain Riliana had alerted him and had not had a chance to cool down.

"Shut it old man and maybe we`ll let you have a turn with the high deck bitch when the rest of us are done.

"Impudent whelp! Scipio yelled," wont let you deflower a maiden such as she! Ave at it laggard!"

The crusader raised one armored hand slowly to the hilt of the falchion om his shoulder. "Idiots," he thought of the two arms men, carrying only knives as their compatriots within tried to open the gun locker. Did they think cursing was invented by their generation or rape?

He made a show of the great cutting blade being stuck fast and took his hand off his coup stick to help pull it free. As the falchion drew free, he tumbled forwards his seemingly bad leg buckling. He let go of the blade and grasped his hip screaming in fake pain.

"Stupid old wanker , one of the arms men, a thirty year old with a five o'clock shadow and a beer gut stretching his filthy combat armor laughed, "Cant even draw his friggin blade without breaking a hip"

"Well guess what old boy," laughed the sentry, sliding out a rusty knife from under his paunch, "I can sure as shit draw mine."

"Want any help, he looks pretty big?," his partner asked an ugly hiver with a bulging adams apple and the red rimmed eyes of a skooma addict.

"Naw, that's just his armor Hes gotta be some shriveled up old prune inside there the way hes walking."" said the fat man ," go tell Dido that this old bastard is all that the whore can offer. Ill let hi have the old farts rat sticker if I can get that eagle helmet I saw him wear when he got on."

The fat sentry advanced as the thin one slipped through the hissing hydraulic door into the security room. Through his fake cries of pain, Scipio caught glimpse of five men with hammers and blow torches assaulting a weathered, rusting safe. It wouldn't hold much longer so he would have to be quick.

"gonna gut you good , " giggled the fat man as he neared.

"Please," lied Scipio from the floor.

The fat man laughed at that, closing his eyes and missing the crook of the coup stick swing up and hook around his neck. Scipio`s strong arm pulled, yanking the man by his neck and pulling his crotch straight into the acolyte`s boot. The fat man gagged as his balls were smashed and doubled over, Ursicus`s red and black gauntlets grabbing the sides of his head as he did. Hands made strong through decades of blade work squeezed and twisted, snapping the sentry's neck like a twig.

"You`re Macharius or Vulkan and you always kill the beast," sang the Crusader in a voice like thunder.

Except for once, he thought , except for once.

Scipio sprang to his feet and grabbed the falchion as he did. He trotted to the security rooms door as it slid open and the skooma addict stepped out. His mouth opened to say something, but Scipio`s falchion filled his mouth and exploded out the back of his skull.

"But times change very quickly and you had to grow up early, your hab just smoking ruins and dead bodies at your feet.

Five men gaped at him from the other side of the corpse as the Hunkpapa ignited his swords power field. He could have killed them all at that point as the lock on the safe had only just been broken and Scipio had a loaded stubb revolver in his hand. But that would be cheating and instead he kicked the dead sentry's corpse off his blade and took a guard position.

"You have two seconds to surender yourselves and beg the Emperors Divine Mercy."

"Get him!" screamed the man closest to the safe, who Scipio took as the leader. The lesser mutineers balked for a moment until the Hunkpapa took a step forwards into the small room with its tiny cell, cluttered desk and broken gun safe and slashed away the throat of a lanky man with dreadlocks and boils.

"The smell of risen leather and the steely iron mask as you cut and thrust and parry at the fencing master`s call," sang Scipio swinging the blade around to knock away a shock baton and then degaguged to cut the arm that held it off at the elbow.

Another flew at him in a tackle, trying to knock the Crusader to the deck. Scipio slammed his sword`s pommel into the back of the man`s neck. The pommel was made of adamantine, covered in ivory and shaped like an eagle`s beak. It crushed the man`s skull and spinal cord to leave him falling meat and Ursicus spun around the flying corpse with cat like quickness.

"He taught you all he ever knew, to fear no mortal man" bellowed Scipio at the remaining two mutineers, the leader who was snatching at a combat shot gun and a box of shot and a hulking seven foot mutant from the cargo deck with hick knots of muscle under its horny skin and burlap rags, one bleary eye and a massive rusted wrench in its hands.

Please don't leave me.

He cut through the wrench as it was swung down at him, leaving the ogryn to hold a four inch iron paper weight. It screamed n agony as Scipio darted to the side and hacked its arm off at the elbow. It pawed at him with its remaining limb but he stayed behind it and whipped the serrated rear edge of the sword acrost its knees. The Fire Beast forged sword parted tendon and bone with ease and left the mutant on stumps. He slashes the sword and took its cyclopian skull off.

The mutinies leader slammed a shell into the breach worked the slide and aimed at the old/young crusader`s head.

To Scipio the muzzle was the size of a train tunnel and far to far away to reach.

I'm coming to you love, he thought as the gun clicked loudly on a dud round.

And now you take your vengeance in the screams of evil men."

Scipio sighed as he took two steps forwards, ducked under a desperate swing of the gunstock and sliced through the man`s knee caps with surgical precision. As the man`s legs gave out, Scipio cut off his hands and then his head before he hit the floor.

One day soon, he promised himself, promised her.

He put the still living out of their misery and folded the hands of the dead. He said a brief prayer for them, calling them fools and traitors and mutants, but asking Him on Terra to look after their souls anyway. Scipio found a mop and rag and cleaned up most of the blood and shit before calling Captain Rilana to send in a priest and life servitors.