(40k GS) By Any Means Necessary

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(40k GS) By Any Means Necessary

Postby Stuart000X » Mon Nov 14, 2011 5:14 pm

By Any Means Necessary

Taken by the Death Guard Warlord Ghu’drag, the forgeworld of Anvil’s Dawn now lies in the claws of chaos. Its infrastructure shattered the populace; under the slavery of the now corrupted Dark Magos; their alliegeance now sworn to Chaos and Ghu’drag, seek to rebuild the ruined factories, and to press into the service its legions of tanks for Ghu’drag’s disposal.

A counteroffensive but many months away, the Imperium have sent a lone squadron of soldiers to Anvil’s Dawn, their task; to either harass, deny, disrupt, or destroy enemy operations on the forgeworld of Anvil’s Dawn; to prevent the enemy complete and total preparation in readiness of the impending Imperial attack,
by any means necessary.


And that is the gist of my story. The inspiration behind my story’s plot comes from old WW2 commando type films, i.e. Where Eagles Dare, the Dirty Dozen, The Guns of Navarone, but with a 40k twist to it.

I haven’t quite decided on what will be the full number of our writing team, but I reckon anywhere from 3 - 6 writers should suffice for the job.

As per usual with a group story, each individual writer can put forward a character he wishes to writer on his behalf. I’ll write out below what will be the blueprints of your character creation, but bear in mind these parameters.

The soldiers that are being sent in are of Imperial Guard origin, so no Space Marines, Psykers, Sisters of Battle, or anything out of the ordinary (I can’t believe I just said that, seeing as we’re making a 40k story!) but there you go, nothing too fancy.

But on the flip side, I’m thinking that this squad is one that was put together at the last minute, it being made up of people with differing backgrounds, so they’re not all from the same regiment; thus giving us some diversity.





Physical Appearance:

Regimental Origin:

Background History:
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