To Make A Warp Storm: Forum Project

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To Make A Warp Storm: Forum Project

Postby Alexius Superbus » Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:58 am

The Warp is an extremely volatile medium. At times, disturbances can turn areas of the Warp into raging storms of incomprehensibly destructive fury. These storms can last for days, months, or even centuries. Ships caught in these storms, at best, might be blown off-course, to emerge thousands of light-years off course into uncharted areas of the galaxy, or can find themselves trapped inside the Warp, a terrible fate for its passengers as they become playthings for the dark creatures that inhabit the malign realm...

...The storms also cut off Warp travel through certain regions, isolating systems from the Imperium for months, years, or even centuries. Some systems have always been isolated and show no hint of becoming otherwise.

So, entirely on my own initiative, I had this idea for a world-building forum project, to see if we as a forum could create a Warp Storm in the Warhammer 40,000 galaxy, like the Eye of Terror or Maelstrom only far smaller (about the size of an Imperial Sector) and populate it with all sorts of characterful and interesting details, worlds and personalities.

I'm eager to hear of any ideas you lot can bring to the table.

Here are some things to get your creative juices flowing:

1) Name. What is the Warp Storm called? Is it named after its discoverer, or a local feature, or something else entirely?

2) Worlds. What are the worlds contained within it like? They need not all be stereotypical 'everybody worships Chaos and lots of fighting' - there could be Dark Mechanicus Forge Worlds, death worlds even worse than Catachan...even Necron Tomb Worlds somehow caught within.

3) Personalities. Are there any notable characters within the Warp Storm? Chaos Warlords, Pirates, Daemon Princes, Necron Overlords...

4) Are there other beings than human Chaos-worshippers and daemons inside? The tattered remnants of an Imperial Crusade sent to purge the heretics, xeno species turned to Chaos, Dark Eldar...maybe even non-daemonic Warp predators.

5) History. Is the Warp Storm recent or has it been raging for millennia? When did the forces of Chaos take notice of it? After the Heresy? What has happened since then? Any notable events or battles.

So, any takers?
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Re: To Make A Warp Storm: Forum Project

Postby Mossy Toes » Wed Nov 02, 2011 5:27 pm

Oooh, this is a massively engaging idea, to which I would love to devote time and energy...except for NaNoWriMo.

Still, I'll devote a few minutes right now, and perhaps a few more later. :P

1) Name. Well, from this map that I knocked together (and Green River massively improved, visually), we're given the option of the Laplarch Rift. The added benefit is that it would place it near Nyx... (and give us the dynamic of how the imperial presence at St. Kirschien's Reach is handled)


2) More than a few daemon worlds, I should hope. Even if they're rather "mundane" things--you know, a planet with desert poles and a frozen equator, or something. That's an idea that's just popped into my head and latched there, limpet-like. I'm sure that we could come up with a good group of planets, tides, anomalies, and favored or dangerous warp jumps.

3) I would suggest something central--a daemon prince to influence the overall aspect of the storm, perhaps--to act as a bridge to the deeper warp, who occupies the central area of the storm. He/She plots, schemes, and is the central (and rather sedentary) power broker is sort of like the Huron Blackheart of the Maelstrom. Perhaps it could be meditative and rather detached from day-to-day, week-to-week, and year-to-year affairs, like the Daemon Primarchs.

Beyond that, there's room for all sorts of scum, warbands, cult leaders, tainted xenos, etc as "characters." I could see there being historic figures, famous leaders of the past that have threatened and besieged St. Kirschien's Reach (to varying degrees of success); and modern figures, the various villains around today. And of course, at least one of those from the past might very well have taken a new face and identity, playing the long game...

4) I like all of those ideas. Perhaps the crusade (launched from the muster point of St. Kirschien's) has been warped to a particularly Malicite(/Malalite) viewpoint, still holding to dregs and vestiges of its faith.

5) I doubt that all the Traitor Legionnaires, cast out and in disarray, managed to make it to the Eye. I could see a bunch of Iron Warriors or Word Bearers setting up camp here immediately post-Heresy. Or maybe a detachment of Alpha Legion, seeing as they never really fell back to the Eye en masse, instead creating a galaxy-wide espionage network. Then over millenia, their purpose could slowly be perverted, until their original leader becomes the Daemon Prince that acts as the fulcrum and power center of the entire storm.

Hmmm...that's if it was around during the Heresy. It could also be fun to have cultists tearing open reality on their world, creating a wound on the fabric of reality, and that wound being teased open further, torn, caressed by various forces--and eventually a desperate attempt by the Inquisition and company to halt or turn it back, after it's eaten up a dozen star systems. This coincides with the establishment of St. Kirschien's, and pretty much halts the Rift/storm's rapid growth. And along with that halting, that locking of the Rift...comes a long-term goal for the chaotic folks inside. To Unkey the Laplarch Rift, allowing it once more to grow, to expand, to engulf...

Of course, it's not necessarily a case of "one or the other." We could easily have both--the rift starts small, and gradually grows (aided by the Alpha Legion or whoever sheltered there post-heresy), until several millenia later, Imperial forces become alarmed and take action.

Hmm, historical events: Various incursions against St Kirschien's Reach, and circumventings to attack Lazze/Nyx, are options on this side of the Rift. Of course, space is large, and there are undoubtedly other angles and warp jumps that lead into the Rift...assuming we even use this map.
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