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The Exarch Factor.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2015 11:05 am
by schaferwhat‽
To celebrate Games Workshop releasing a new Eldar codex, why don't we stretch our creative muscles and take up the slack for things that GW didn't put into the Dex. Namely countless (we'll count them eventually don't worry) new Eldar Aspect Warrior temples.

What better way to do this than in some sort of talent contest? I can't think of one and with the endless excitement that such shows garner on television it is clearly the best way forward. Let it not be said that Schafe is more than a couple of decades behind popular culture trends.

So here is how it'll work. There will be a variety of tasks for producing fiction around your idea of a new Eldar Aspect Warrior type. Competitors should aim to complete at least three of them as scores will be averaged across all pieces submitted. I've yet to decide if all tasks should be open at once or stagger them to keep interest going as this will take a few months, to garner all the entries I imagine. Please give your thoughts concerning that (and anything else). Anyway without further ado, the tasks all of them have no bottom limit for words but lets say 2000(ish) for the other pieces which aren't the showcase. To keep the reading and writing to manageable levels for producing work and judging it.

1)Imperial Designation:
A piece detailing what the Imperials call the aspect warriors, think of them and what not. Either an in universe piece of tactical data, or a story that some how gets details across (featuring a briefing maybe? I don't know do what you want).

2)Aspect of Khaine
All Warrior temples derive their imagery and style from an aspect of warfare or of Khaine the god of war's rich storied past (remember that time Khaine decided to retire from war and become a dentist only to be dragged back into the killing?). This piece should detail that. Maybe it is just the piece of Eldar Mythology they draw upon or some piece about taking instruction in the temple or maybe you can think of a better idea. Do it, it'll be fun.

3)The First Exarch.
This is called the Exarch factor mostly to riff off the X Factor brand but someone had to have founded the temple, is it just an unspecified old temple and thus has an all new Phoenix Lord at it's head? Or is it a minor temple. Either way there is a story there, and if not of the founding itself whoever did go on to found a whole new Aspect Warrior temple would generate stories after that deed.

4)RiaR Destroyer.
Can your aspect warriors perform in a 850 to 1150 word short story with the theme "Destroyer"?

5)RiaR Heroics.
Can your aspect warriors perform in a 850 to 1150 word short story with the theme "Heroics"?

6)RiaR Sacrifice.
Can your Aspect Warriors perform in a 850 and 1150 word short story with the theme "Sacrifice"?

7)The Showcase.
Big finish, double points for this one. Between 3500-7000 words (give or take we won't be too strict). Do a short story featuring these folks heavily to showcase them and what they can do in fiction if given the chance.

How judging works:
Pieces 1, 2, 3 will be judged on both execution and concept, out of ten for each. So the quality of the prose, story whatever is being judged separately from however cool and fun and exciting we find the ideas behind your new aspect warriors. So if the story has faults but your aspect warriors seem really good you can still salvage points.

4,5 and 6 will only be judged on execution of story (though judges are free to let the ideas put forward colour their marking) also out of 10.

7 will be marks out of 20 for both categories. Final totals will be worked out for each category as an average of points scored over tasks completed. So we may have differences in best writing and best ideas at the end. Judging won't start until I say it does. Thank you for your interest.


Re: The Exarch Factor.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2015 1:45 pm
by schaferwhat‽
Forgot to clarify. This will be an open judged thing so anyone wants to read everything can put marks down on it. (marks will be averaged across the judging so it shouldn't matter too much if somethings get less marks. I'll endeavour to judge everything).

Also the more I think about it working on timings for judging and entries.

31st of May entries for task 1 will close and judging will open. Then every week after we'll close the next task. then a couple of weeks to mop up judging at the end?

Re: The Exarch Factor.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 10:24 pm
by Mossy Toes
I know it's a somewhat different matter, but I'm honestly somewhat burnt out on the thought of New Eldar already based on the comprehensive buffs their codex is getting across the board, when they were already the strongest army out there. The thought of having to face them, and the debates rules-wise I've been having with folks... that's enough fatigue for me (I say, to justify not hopping on board here).

Re: The Exarch Factor.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:02 am
by schaferwhat‽
No worries, I saw a heft of activity about it and thought maybe we could channel some of the passion into politely ignoring the things going wrong and making cool stuff to distract ourselves. But I understand.

Re: The Exarch Factor.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:13 pm
by ninja101
Giving some serious thought to giving this a go. Any idea on a timescale?

Re: The Exarch Factor.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 1:48 am
by schaferwhat‽
As there are a lot of rounds and thus words in play here, a fairly hefty timescale should be in place.

Entries by the 2nd of August, judging closes the 31st of August.

Would it be best to stagger the closing of each round within that time frame?