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Postby schaferwhat‽ » Tue Sep 10, 2013 12:29 am

Stemming from the current discussions on the new Space Marine line GW has released I have come to consider how hard it is to develop something new for a setting where progress runs against theme and you have fans with decades of prior knowledge that you are trying to retcon.

I have also, and perhaps always been aware that sometimes GW produces some material of questionable quality and that we here oft come to our own take trying to make the stuff produced work in our own individualised world view of the fictional universes.

So it struck me why not make this some sort of competitive endeavour. Every month/arbitrary period of weeks we set a design brief to either adjust something that exists or add something new to the setting. You can then produce fiction, fluff, rules, models, paintings, sketches, videos of interpretive dance routines* to meet the brief and then there can be voting and judging and maybe even if we're lucky some sort of mention on the bloghole (perhaps not a winners only thing but a run down of everything entered with some sort of commentary and a mention of how they placed).

*you wouldn't be expected to do all these things, just as much as you want to do with regards time constraints.

Because I'm not one to allow there to be a fantasy/40k rift if there needn't be one, I am going to offer a brief for both universes, feel free to enter one or both, as many times as you desire we may see if we limit to one qualified entry depending on how many entries come forward. Next post will feature the briefs, we'll see if it works better to have responses here or on their own threads.
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Re: remake/remodel/reinvent.

Postby schaferwhat‽ » Tue Sep 10, 2013 12:45 am

Here come the briefs.

WHFB: Truthsayers/Dark Emissaries:
There once was a dark shadows worldwide global campaign. Back when GW did those things well. In it there was established on Albion an order of human wizards who followed an oracle and knew part of the Old One's grand designs. Then there was corruption and treachery and the Bale influence of the Dark Master who was also the Shadowlord of Mordheim and Bel'akor the first everchosen of Chaos. The world was threatened and treasures and secrets of the old ones would be revealed to the races across the world. Then it was retconned away as GW decided against letting the gamers sway what happened and the truthsayers and dark emissaries were rendered mysterious figures, maybe not even connected in anyway any more. Merely wizards come monsters that can participate in storm of magic games.

The slate has been wiped clean yet spirals and other symbols still seem to appear on the slate as if by magic. Time to define one or both of these factions, who are they? What do they want? who do they follow? Why should anyone care? I'd like a connection to Albion please but Albion is a mysterious setting, an island of fog and constant rain that is almost impossible to navigate to, so you can define a vision of Albion if you want as well. Also the truthsayers and dark emissaries must remain wizarding folk and originally of human stock. Other than that do what you want with them.

40k: A new codex unit for bog standard space marine chapters:
A topical one in light of the lack of enthusiasm for certain models released with the new space marine codex. Do better. Old Roboute wrote a big long book about how Space Marines should fight, there are all sorts of weapons and things that exist in the universe, what haven't we seen yet that feels as if it could always have been there?

Design specs.
Unit must number between 3 and 10 space marines.
Idea must feature reasoning/justification for the battlefield role the unit fulfils.
Idea must be suitable to work in any standard codex chapter.

Closing date for entries will be the 13th of October unless mass peer pressure changes that. Good luck.
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Re: remake/remodel/reinvent.

Postby Ghurlag » Tue Sep 10, 2013 3:51 pm

Hey schafe. Don't know how much this fits with what you're after, but I've worked on some stuff with Albion,

Generic Background (more exists, only partially posted).

The link in my sig is to an (also incomplete) fiction set there, part of a quadrilogy I have planned out.

As the misty veil of Albion is cast aside, we turn our gaze to the war-torn island of Albany, where the Red King vies with his former master for the control of a realm in dire threat.
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Re: remake/remodel/reinvent.

Postby The Hillock » Wed Sep 25, 2013 3:04 pm

I'll have a crack at the 40k one, seeing as I'm one of the whingers. This is a left field choice, given how it really isn't very grimdark, but I think it fits potentially with some of the more 'noble' chapters. I'm going for the Rules option, although I might try to come up with some fiction if I can in between work stuff - I'll leave the interprative dance to the more graceful forumites.

Space Marine Enforcers (troops choice, 70 points)

The Emperor's Astartes are often called to put down rebellions on populated worlds where the general Imperial populace will be put in harm's way. If the rebellion is due to chaotic taint then the Space Marines will unleash the full strength of their arsenal, but sometimes the general populace may be good Emperor-fearing citizens of the Imperium with no trace of heresy. Genestealer cults, tyrannical egomaniac governors and xenos encouragement (particularly from the Tau) can all rise up on untainted worlds.

When this occurs, some of the more civic-minded Astartes chapters deploy the specialist Scout squads known as Enforcers. Armed with non-lethal crowd control weaponry, the Enforcers can swiftly gain control of a situation without bringing permanent harm to the Emperor's loyal subjects.

Of course, the ability to temporarily incapacitate the enemy is useful regardless of the whether they will be subsequently killed or not, and so Scout Enforcers are sometimes seen on the open battlefield - particularly where the capture of certain individuals for interrogation might prove useful to the war effort. Of course, the Scouts also carry close combat blades, in case someone manages to avoid the tangles of webbing from their rifles.

Unit Composition: 4 Scouts, one Scout Sergeant
Standard armament:
Scout Sergeant: Bolt Pistol, close combat weapon
Scouts: Close combat weapon, web gun. One scout can upgrade to a heavy webber for additional 15 points.

Web weapons have been employed across the Imperium by every level of enforcement from local militia and private security, through the Arbites and on up to the Adeptus Astartes. The weapon fires a large capsule which explodes on impact, but instead of shrapnel or flames the shell discharges a tightly compressed net of elasticated webbing which quickly expands and envelopes nearby targets. The web contains a mild, fast acting paralytic which temporarily incapacitates the target allowing for capture and control (or easy elimination)

Web Gun: Assault 1 weapon. Roll to hit as normal, no armour saves. If hit, roll against initiative - if roll is equal to or higher than initiative, target model cannot move or shoot in the opponent's next turn. Model will still fight back if assaulted. Other models in the unit can move and shoot but must maintain squad coherency. If not shot again or killed, target model will recover at the end of the opponent's next but one turn and fully recovers.

Heavy Webber: Heavy 1 Blast weapon. Uses normal blast weapon rules to hit, including scatter. Inflicts hits equal to number of models partially or completely covered by the template. Effects same as web gun.

(EDIT: added further explanation paragraph on web weapons)
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