Drabble challenge: Scream

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Drabble challenge: Scream

Postby Raziel4707 » Wed May 02, 2012 2:36 pm

You have 100 words of 40K or WHF with "Scream" as your motivation.

Fire away.
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Re: Drabble challenge: Scream

Postby Stuart000X » Wed May 02, 2012 5:06 pm

Frantically working at his terminal, techpriest Vokuo sought to maintain his balance as the platform his workstation was on rocked.

Clattering thunderously all around, the enormous engine room of the Cyclops shuddered, it starting to fall apart in various pieces; ranging from bolts to girders the size of buildings.

Looking across the expanse before him, Vokou watched as the giant engine begin to seep white plasma, it landing with a splash before gathering around the supports of his platform. Creaking, the platform began to shift.

Holding fast, Vokou said ‘the Cyclops screams its final breath, and so do I.’
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Re: Drabble challenge: Scream

Postby Schev » Wed May 02, 2012 6:13 pm

Mercy of Death

Guardsman Brewer tried to fire his lasgun, but his head exploded with the worst searing agony he had ever experienced. He dropped his weapon and ripped off his helmet. He desperately clawed at his ears in a vain attempt to stop the inaudible screeching resounding in his brain. Dark blood trickled from his nose as he flopped to the ground, unmoving. In the cold embrace of death, he was mercifully freed from the mind shattering shriek.

The hive tyrant stomped forward, casually crushing guardsman Brewer's corpse under a massive cloven hoof. It roared a challenge, emitting another terrifying psychic scream.
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Re: Drabble challenge: Scream

Postby Commander Shadow » Tue May 08, 2012 3:12 pm

Crawling in the mud, in the pouring rain, Guardsman Maen has lost his rifle. He has lost his helmet, lost his platoon. Maen is alone in the outskirt s of Bakker City, in a shelled out hab that has collapsed in on itself. There are dead in the ruins, trapped under the rubble, sprawled and strewn across broken hunks of rockcrete. There are men, women, children, and guardsmen.
Maen can hear the heavy treads of monsters, smell their stench of blood and musky sweat and urine. They are hunting though the ruins, looking for prey. Guardsman Maen knows he’s already dead.
- And there arose from the abyss a terrible beast and the armies of man were laid low by the walls of the ancient city. The ground shook and the skies trembled and all knew as the beast had come forth and that the end of time was upon them.

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Re: Drabble challenge: Scream

Postby RobertCruz » Tue May 15, 2012 8:24 pm

“Ha! I know you owls see much, but that battle held horrors that made the Ravens shiver with desire. The bloodbaths…”

“I’d imagine…”

“Ha! You think me metaphorical! Russ is my gene-father, not the Winged One. Remember that Mentor.

Public fountains, once ornate, had Imperials dragged to them, where they were beheaded, gutted, and left to drain. The heretics would bring their newborns to them. The bloody baptisms, we learned, were meant as a test of their parents’ devoutness. The lucky sucklings…they would simply drown in the froth…

But the unlucky ones...their screams…their screams called down the Blood God’s attention.”
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