Drabble Challenge: Music

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Drabble Challenge: Music

Postby Commander Shadow » Sat Sep 17, 2011 6:35 pm

hasn't been a new one in a while...

100 words.

the topic is MUSIC

Gallop a pace ye firey footed steeds!
- And there arose from the abyss a terrible beast and the armies of man were laid low by the walls of the ancient city. The ground shook and the skies trembled and all knew as the beast had come forth and that the end of time was upon them.

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Re: Drabble Challenge: Music

Postby Stuart000X » Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:20 pm

Silent Sympthony

At the heart of the forest of silent souls, the stalks of crystals each held in their cusp the ruby gem of a spirit stone, each one a marker, a grave for an Eldar that had fallen; in battle or otherwise.

Opening his hand Ulthran looked down at the soulstone he held delicately in his fingers. Pointed ears prickling up Ulthran could hear the quiet, distant sound of chimes, the voices of the spirit stone’s occupant.

Placing the soul stone onto the crystal rock before him, Ulthran said ‘rest young one, be one with the symphony of death.’


100 words in total, title included.
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Re: Drabble Challenge: Music

Postby hypomaniac » Sat Nov 05, 2011 7:33 am

A pall of fog was all that separated the pious from the blasphemer.

The men’s voices rose together across the expansive no-man’s land before them, they’re tenor breathing bittersweet symphony into the air.

“Men of the Imperium!” The commander shouted over the singing voices, “The heretic threatens our world!”

The singing grew louder, more desperate.

“Our families!”

The chorus swelled, the fog lifted.

“Our God-Emperor!”

Across the pock-marked land the enemy could be seen readying defenses.

The commander stood atop the bulwarks, his men shouting the hymns now, “Make them pay!”

With a resounding crescendo, the men charged their enemies.


100 words
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Re: Drabble Challenge: Music

Postby Prince Hal » Sat Nov 05, 2011 3:06 pm

This is definitely not the most original piece, but here it is weighing in at exactly 100 words with the title:

The Stand

Corpses lay scattered across a battlefield. Among them, a scant ten men stood, weapons worn from use, armor pitted, and eyes weary. Forty enemies still stood ready for them to fight.

Franz could see his men were losing their courage. It was than, he had an idea.

Turning to his men, Franz sang their song – a song of a last stand. Smiling grimly, they saluted each other, and, still singing their voices unwavering and melodious, they charged. “SIGMAR!” Franz roared. The Warriors of Chaos slaughtered them, but as they did so, not one man of the Empire faltered.
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Re: Drabble Challenge: Music

Postby Midgard » Wed Dec 07, 2011 6:16 pm

Symphony of Life

I see the grey of a dying world, a symptom of human affliction, encased in plasteel and adamantium carapace. Slow attrition courses through its veins, the flesh of a billion hopeless, grey souls.

They are abandoned, broken and without future, their fate enshrouded in a dulcet dirge of endless toil and worship they cannot understand. Divided by birth and privilege, they are the cacophonous sounds upon the fabric of the universe.

But today, they will be united, forever joined in the embrace of Nurgle, the Plaguefather.

With a gurgling sigh, I breathe out a symphony of life.

* * *

100 words, including the title
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Re: Drabble Challenge: Music

Postby RobertCruz » Tue May 15, 2012 8:45 pm

“Do you remember the Feast of Sarakason?”

“What of it?”

“My brother’s sons singing was so beautiful.”


“You don’t remember? Their libretto to the Third Triumph? The deep bass of his sons singing rumbling the foundations of that city square while you arrived. Resplendent in a simple tunic, emerging with your custodians as the crescendo ascended.”

“I seem to remember more of your actions that day than your brother’s…”

“Really? Oh that is a shame father. It really was a moving piece of art. The music that accompanied your 'Children' was composed by Fulgrim himself. It evoked such…meaning…such prophetic…irony…”
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