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Rules and Guidelines

PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:28 pm
by Pyroriffic
This forum is the second incarnation of a fan-created replacement for the Black Library forums and was intended to give us Somewhere To Be whilst we are robbed of our daily fix. With the return of the BL website sans forums, those nice folks at BL Towers have since pointed many people over here.

First and foremost, this is a site for fans of the Black Library - so there is minimal discussion on the 'other side' of the GW hobby. That's not to preclude any, there's just not much of it. Fanfiction is very welcome here; the other idea behind the community has always been to provide a place where people can share their works and hopefully get something positive out of feedback and advice.

So welcome to our happy little Bolthole family - but please keep in mind a few basic ground rules which are presented here in no particular order.

  • Have fun. Be nice. If you're not nice, I'll kick your backsides. This goes for the Shoutbox as well: remain friendly and I'll never have to find out what the button marked 'ban' does.
  • If a moderator (denoted by their pretty orange colour) asks that people mind their manners or stop with the personal insults, please take note. Moderators reserve the right to close threads at any time, but will always give a reason for this. Posters who repeatedly ignore this will be placed on moderation for a period of two weeks. Posters who are pleaced on moderation for a period of two weeks who then go straight back to being deliberately provocative will be banned from posting altogether. Hopefully, this will never happen.
  • If you have a problem with a post or another poster, then please PM any of the moderating team.
  • If you have a suggestion for a section/forum to go up, let me know and I'll oblige, for I am a sad geek with no life.
  • Should you want a story adding to the Librarium, add your details at the end of the thread and either myself or another member of the moderating team will add it to the list.
  • In the best words of Davina McCall... You are live on Channel Four... PLEASE do not swear! Keep swearing to a minimum, or preferably not at all. It's not like it's a necessary thing on a public forum frequented by all age groups. Use your common sense.
  • Offsite linking is fine, but again, please use your common sense as to the content of any sites you link to.
  • Selling goods via this forum is not really a good idea. There are any number of other places out there where you can trade goods with other people. Please don't do it on a public thread. If you do put up any items for sale, the thread will be removed. Anything that you conduct via the PM system is your own affair, but please note that the Bolthole takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any mis-sold items or non-payment.
  • Yes, they ARE the BL authors who show up from time to time in their pretty shade of mauve. They have graciously agreed to set up 'Ask xxx' threads - but please bear in mind that they are very, very busy people who should be hard at work writing the books that keep them in beer coffee money. Please remain courteous and patient on their threads. They will no doubt get round to you.
  • Please do not give out links to websites where rulebooks for GW Codices, or FFG core rulebooks or... ANYTHING for that matter may be illegally downloaded

A final point - please bear in mind that whilst this forum is not officially endorsed by BL in any way, shape or form, I will personally not tolerate unreasonable levels of whining, complaining or general spite regarding them as a company. Not only is it childish and petulant behaviour, it will also end in us getting a C&D from GW Legal and I have no desire to see that happen.

Feel free to have an opinion, but do not take it to extremes. Life is way too short to whinge about things you have no control over. Try enjoying it instead.

If you really only want to have a whine, then there are plenty of Warhammer-centric forums out there who will welcome you into their arms gladly.