Imperial Prayers

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Imperial Prayers

Postby Shogun_Nate » Sat Apr 30, 2011 6:50 am

The Solemn Vow

Before the swollen gaze of the Dark Eye, do I stand
I hold for He who long ago sacrificed for man
I will yield no ground, I shall take no step back
In His name and for His will, I will never surrender
Pierce my flesh, break my bones, take my life
These matter not
In my sacrifice, ye of the Dark Gods shall know defeat
For even in Death shall we be triumphant in His name
Lo! I have fallen in battle for He and his flock
Prepare my place, O Lord!
I shall stand by thy side until the End Times
Until Thy will be done

Take heed, ye who have surrendered to the Darkness
We shall be unbowed and unbroken
For where there is darkness, His light shall shine
And the darkness shall retreat
We who have bled shall be redeemed
We who have fallen shall be exulted
We who have sacrificed shall be rewarded
We who have died shall be avenged
Stand, O warriors of the Emperor!
Let no despair fall upon thy bless-ed hearts!
Stand and fight!
For it is by thy sacrifice that thee shall be remembered!!
By our deeds shall we be known
Let these deeds be a mighty sword from which He who rests upon the Throne shall wield
For with mighty deeds shall the darkness be thrown back into the Abyss
And in them will thee prevail
Take succor in His strength
Steel thy soul with His word
Armor thy personage in faith to He
Arm thy self with His will
Suffer not the Unclean
Suffer not the Impure
Suffer not the Weak
Suffer not the Heretic
Amor Imperator!
Fiat Justicia!
Go forth in His name and find victory!

The Martyr's Prayer

Benevolent God-Emperor, hear my prayer
In honor I have served You, willing and without thought
I have fought in the blood and the mud of a thousand worlds
In Your name, have I smote the enemies that would stand against Your omnipresent will
Please benevolent God-Emperor, hear my prayer

Thine enemies now stand at the gate
The tides of darkness have come to destroy the bastion of the faithful
Their words are lies, filled with death and contagion
Their masses seeth before our mighty walls
Their numbers are without end
I am but one small guttering candle flame standing before the gathering storm of the Dark
I will not be able to hold
Most holy and benevolent God-Emperor, answer my prayer

I have fallen before the all-consuming darkness
I fought until I heard Death's clarion call
My life they took, my body they broke
But my spirit has remained true
I have faced the final test and passed
Their blasphemous words have fallen upon the deaf ears of one of the faithful
Please mighty God-Emperor, open the gates that I might enter
Open the gates so that one more fallen soldier might come home
Please, O God-Emperor, heed my call!

Both are old pieces written during the Black Crusade world-wide event. The second one hits closer to home as it came to me after the death of a friend. I still get a little misty-eyed when I read the silly thing. Ah well.

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Re: Imperial Prayers

Postby Gaius Marius » Sat Apr 30, 2011 7:14 am

Good prayers Nate, very realistic and moving.
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