Historical Collection:Songs of the Astartes

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Historical Collection:Songs of the Astartes

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Historical Collection:Songs of the Astartes and Human Soldiery Through the Ages
By Machina Scholar, Durandal Series Diamond Mind, Unit #1120100012001002

Through the ages of the Imperium and into the mists of history, through the time of the Great Crusade and even into the Age of Dusk, soldiers have had chants and songs. Whether to raise morale, impart bravery, disassociate soldiers from fear or to insult the enemy, they have been recorded and collected.

During the era of the Magellan Reichs return to the Milky Way and during the various campaigns made in reclaiming ancient holdings, or in aid of the Imperium Pentus, a song was often heard, immortalised in Primarch Khanda Parashur's assault on Titan.

This ancient song can be traced to the 15th Century CE of Earth, sung in defence of an ancient bastion of the Cambria. It's rhythm has endured through the ages and is sung by Astartes Librarians and Astarted Sorcerors as a means of focusing their might and also to inspire morale. It also helps tremendously that It is a stirring, majestic time when echoed by Astartes, baritone and basso voices bringing forth a furious tempo that gives even daemons pause.

As it did in the Battle for Titan...


Men of Vulkan stop your dreaming
Can't you see their warp blades gleaming
See their warrior's pennants streaming
To this battle field

Men of Vulkan stand forth steady
It cannot be ever said that
For the battle we were unready
Stand and never yield

Through the Warp rebounding
Let this war cry resounding
Summon all to Vulkans call
The mighty force surrounding
Men of Vulkan onto glory
This shall ever be your story
Keep these fighting words before ye
Terra scorns to yield


The circumstances in which this song was sung was during a diversionary assault on Titan, during which Sol was awakened. It also marked the beginning of the Salvation War and the pursuit of Khanda Parashur by many of Greater Daemonkind, Doombreed amongst them. It notably eased the initial securing of a forward base in the Terran Marches and marked the beginning of the March of Parashur and his part in the War of Travesty...
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