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Re: 60K: The Eridani Records

PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2013 4:27 pm
by Sardaukar
LordLucan wrote:The Emperor used stored genetic samples of doombreed's mortal form in creating the Prmarchs?

I approve. Doombreed as the archtype of warrior conquerors is a cool idea. :D

Additionally, Sardaukar,

Spoiler: have you read the current update on Age of Dusk? Wherein I imply that the actual concepts of the Primarchs, their warpborne souls, predate the creation of their physical vessels. The primarchs are archtypes and memes inscribed upon the primordial caves of Shaman-era humanity, given warp form by the sacrifice of shamans before the birth of the Emperor. Also, while immortal, their warp souls cannot reincarnate, except through chaos. That's why Guilliman and suchlike are staying dead in this continuity.

Glad you approve of the idea for Doombreed. Will have to reread that part about the Primarchs as I got a but confused by the language. Please PM me if any significant changes are needed, now or for later. As I've said before, its your creative sandbox and you've been very gracious to let guys like me, Gaius Marius, Meaneye and a few others to play around with it, but we still want to keep our own stuff congruent with yours.

By the way, how are you with me destroying at least a part of the Sol System and a small part of Mars? Small being relative anyway 8-) . At least enough to antagonise enough of Doombreeds court of daemons ;).

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PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2013 4:50 pm
by LordLucan
At this point, what is daemon world and what is real planet is quite indistinct, so you could have a go destroying part of the solar system.

But remember the Dragon Tides spent millennia destroying the daemon worlds of Sol daily. Each time, the daemons eventually started to return, as the solar system is seethign with warp energy. It's the heart of a warp storm essentially; an Eye of Terra if you will.

You cna destroy all the parts you like. It's whether they STAY destroyed which is the trouble, and why the hi-tech forces of the Tau/Magellan alliance find the salvation war so gruelling.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 26, 2013 4:00 am
by Sardaukar
Hi guys

A short message - extremely sorry for the lack of updates. I've been dealing with family, financial and personal challenges, which prevented me from finishing this up, nor replying to the messages that I got. I'm putting this on hiatus until I can hopefully make find the time to complete it. Being an entrepreneur isn't easy..

Anyway, for those who wished to know how the story ended, the major points were:
+ Essentially, Khanda would have hijacked Titan, accelerated through and into the Storm of the Emperor's Extinction, colliding it with Terra, and in the process draw the Star Father's lesser aspects of the Corpse Emperor and Emperor of the Wasteland right into the heart of the conflict, against Doombreed and his court.

+ Opened up the sealed gates into the realm of the Godless Ones, the Ophilim, and attracted the attention of the Void Dragon

+ Ophilim Naggarok would have pursued Khanda to the edge of the Chaos Imperiums, towards Cadia, where general hellraising would have been aimed at distracting the Chaos Gods, Chaos Undivided and the daemons from Revelation and whatever is happening with Fenris and the Well of Eternity

+ Ngaru leads a pincer movement of the Magellan Reich's Astartes Legions to hammer down into the Terran Marches. alongside legions of Machina. Legion Ancient Barabas Dantioch of the Adamant Warriors Legion leads a massive crusade in support of the Imperium Pentus, with the aim of finding and crushing Perturabo.

+ The Son of a Woodsman (Goliath) and Kharne the Betrayer meet in battle. Epic beatdown, mutual KO and both kill each other, atop a mound of corpses.

+ Vulkan isolated and ambushed by Khanda Parashur who's now possessed and has a multitude of daemons pursuing him, including Doombreed who was drawn away from his Court on Terra at the affront. Ngaru charges to the rescue, while Lion El'Jonson and Leman Russ tear their way through the horde to the rescue of Vulkan. Corax and the Khan take over command during this time. Ngaru shows up, starts fighting. Epic fight as 5 Primarchs take on Doombreed, who is the seed of the warrior archetypes they all draw upon and is inextricably linked to the Primarchs.

+ Ophilim Naggarok shows up. Void Dragon and his Necrons show up. Hilarity ensues. Primarchs fight. Vulkan also has the genetic codes for destroying the Machina Primus - who is now possessed - encoded into his blood. Doombreed tries to kill Vulkan, Khanda gets in the way, Ngaru spears Vulkan and Ngaru through their hearts, in order to get Vulkan's blood into Khanda to terminate him. Doombreed get banished after facing Lion El Jonson and Leman Russ, retreating and getting into a 3 way fight with the Void Dragon and Ophilim Naggarok. Much fun is had.

+ Khanda dies, begs forgiveness and plan is revealed to Vulkan. Took in parts of different gods to attract attention and distract them, as well as banish the Naggarok. His death weakens the Naggarok and Doombreed considerably. Ngaru mourns, goes ballistic and leads his legions off to take the fight to the Chaos Primarchs. Hilarity ensues.

+ Barabas Dantioch has words with his old Primarch, Perturabo, about the Horus Heresy and betrayal. Power fists get brought out. Hilarity ensues. Perturabo is banished. Perturabo has incidentally managed, with Angron, to corner Corax. Dantioch dies in the process of banishing Perturabo. Angron retreats after having a continent fall on top of his forces, courtesy of Corax. Hilarity ensues.

+ Void Dragon defeats Doombreed, consume Ophilim Naggarok and turns attention towards Terra and Mars. Finds certain artefacts he stored there are corrupted by Daemons. Finds Terra being assaulted by the Magellan Reich, Calixis Tau & Petty Imperiums, while the Star Father's aspects and the Court of Doombreed are fighting each other and them. The last, hidden aspect of the Star Father, the Omnissiah who took form in the Warp and arose in the Ghoul Stars after the Machina returned, and has been contained so far, decided to pop in, courtesy of the Webway. Valchocht sends his daemons into the Storm. Free for all until the Void Dragon comes back, with the intent to reclaim it's relics and destroy Mars. Hilarity Ensues.

+That's about it. Would have gone along with whatever LL put up and tried to adapt along the way, but this was always a side story. Might come back to it and finish it one day but right now, that's not going to happen. So indefinite hiatus.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 9:58 am
by Sardaukar
So, I'm going to be updating this with short snippets and engaging in general world-building now, detailing factions and events. I'll return to the actual story-telling at a later point. For now, the update pace of this will be glacial.

The Aspects of the Star Father

Many are the stories of the Star Father, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Adam Kadmon perverted and twisted into a mockery of what it once desired, the antithesis of everything it once stood for during the Great Crusade. As Slaanesh is to the Eldar, or Gork and Mork are to the Orks and ancient Krork, now the War of the Krork, the Star Father is to humanity.

Some take a perverse pride in the power of the Star Father, the Chaos God of Order, he, or it, is the most powerful of the Chaos Gods. Once their opponent in opposition to them, it is now numbered amongst them, even as it opposes them. In it's rise to power, it took all four of the Chaos Powers to cast it down. Yet there it remains, alive and baleful in the Warp, it's Angyll's sending out dark dreams of liberation and protection, warping them to nightmares of darkest oppression and fascism in the minds of all who seek to obey.

Arising from Ophelia in the 50th Millenium, tearing the heart of the the religious nightmare that was the Ophelian Imperium, it has attracted hordes of worshippers and followers, desperate Astartes flocking to it's banner. It has oppressed worlds and ground them to heel with brutality and the mind-numbing effects of it's power. Obstinate, stubborn and unchanging, it locks its opponents and followers in a single path.

To enter his realm in the Warp is a task for fools and idiots, only the most daring willing to try. For to gaze upon the Star Father and live, if you are anything less than a Greater Daemon of the Chaos Powers or an especially blessed Daemon Prince, is a miracle in itself. For the Star Father shines brightly, a fixed point in the Sea of Souls that fixes all who gaze upon it's pure light in a stage of stasis - unchanging and unmoving.

But what is purpose worse are the aspects of the Star Father that arose during the long millennia in the physical realm, before it's fruition in the Warp. Each aspect represents some horror rooted in the doctrine of the Imperium Secundus, others rooted in the Second Age of Strife, of the Second Long Night and the Horrors therein. Some are known only by the Magellanites and the Machina Synthesis. But here, in this scholarly archive, the depravity of it is revealed.

They are products of human belief and desire, taken root in the flailings of the mad God, given root in irony and perversion and horror. Just as Khaela Mensha Khaine was broke and splintered, infected as an aspect of Khorne during the Fall of the Eldar and the Rise of Slaanesh, so were these aspects granted existence. Tied to the core essence of the Star Father, they are fell beings in their own right, demigods far beyond Daemon Princes yet less than Gods. And to know them is to fear them.

Human desperation and the insanity of fanatic cultists birthed them, and horror and fanaticism do they spread in its wake. Each linked to some aspect of the God-Emperor, they are also perhaps a reason why Lord Vulkan and the other Primarchs is are rumoured to sleep with Gellar Fields on, in order to ward off the nightmares that have plagued them since the Star Father was born. Rumours of course - one does not slander the Imperium Pentus and the leaders who crafted the only core of insanity this galaxy has known for millennia.

For just as these are tied to the Emperor, so are the Primarchs tied to their father, through blood and the very manifestation of their souls. But then again...a Revelation awaits. And this revelation has deemed it necessary to postpone any apocalypse.

Their true nature and form were made visible to the galaxy during the Salvation War, when the Magellan Reich and the Calixis Tau fought in the Terran Hells.

The Wasteland Emperor
The Wasteland Emperor is a horrific caricature conjured by the fevered fanaticism of the Ophelian Imperium. Born from their fervent belief and cries for salvation and deliverance, the Star Father granted existence to this manifestation. Clad in tattered robes, it prowls the Webway and the Warp, for Ophelia hid an ancient Dolmen Gate, cast off long ago by the Necrons. And it was through this that this vile abortion of reality made itself manifest.

Covered in uncounted Navigator eyes whose very gaze can kill the un-sanction and unprotected, clad in a raiment of decayed steel and ragged cloth, it's very essence an aberration to the Warp, the Wasteland Emperor decays and makes manifest the entropy within all. Father Nurgle tried to lay a claim to this embodiment of human entropy and decay, coming into combat with the Star Father. And the Star Father triumphed, ripping and tearing and gorging upon the energies released by the battle. Skeletal and gaunt, it makes a mere scholar like me shudder. The memories...I digress. Suffice to say, this entity is exceedingly unpleasant.

The Wasteland Emperor breaks all before it through cults of horror, working through it's agents to recruit and grow Astartes for itself. Some say it took a part of the Daemonculaba for itself. Others say that it seduced the last remaining Free Companies of Astartes before they could be brought to heel by Vulkan. Stories are told of dark worlds where human females wail in unending agony, a symphony of pain to herald the birth of genetic aberrations no Astartes can truly claim to be their ilk.

Worlds die in it's presence. Time reverses and warps upon itself and entropy takes hold, along with the stagnation and stasis that accompanies all things the Star Father touches. Anathema to daemons and more so to the dread Draazin-maton, it prowl's the ancient realms of the Ophelian Imperium, and now...the Webway.

The Corpse-Emperor
This entity is in itself the most ironic, for the scholarly consensus is that it arose from the aggregate worship and debased mockery of the Chaos Astartes in the Eye of Terror. HIbernating in a world beyond recovery, in the depths of the Eye itself, it awoke at the Fall of Terra.

Many stories confuse the actions of this being with the actions of Leman Russ and Corvus Corax, as well as the Alpha Wulfen and 13th Company. Preying upon the traitors, it eventually came to embody the wrath of the Emperor's vengeance, falling upon numerous human settlements after the Fall of Terra, as well as constantly preying upon the Chaos Imperiums at their core and borders.

With power rivaling, nay...exceeding even that of the Phoenix Lords and Primarchs in this day and age, it is a being of supreme cunning and intellect. Dull gold armour hides a skeletal corpse, with a pale visage, gaunt and drawn. Wreathed in warp flame and twisting with shadow, it cast it's sight to the Chaos Powers. Dulled with age and time and blood, it leads a dark legion of Damned Ones. For though it was once perhaps a manifestation of what little good will the God-Emperor possessed, it is also no longer benevolent in its actions. There is a reason the Legion of the Damned hide in the Webway...

For what awaits them in the Empyrean is the Corpse Emperor and the debased mockeries of Astartes, fallen and loyal both, who wait. And they say it is this aspect that preys upon the Daemons, as well as the Alpha Legion. But perhaps...such a fear is well-founded. For some speak of a dark alliance between the Corpse-Emperor and the Wheel of Malice, each working towards their own ends...

The Machine Emperor/The Omnissiah
This last horror is one that has only recently been unleashed, birthed upon the liberation of the Void Dragon from it's prison in the Storm of the Emperor's Extinction. Arising from ancient forge worlds isolated in the Ghouls Stars, where Forge Worlds had long been hidden in the dark, cold void, it was contained by the efforts of the Machina Synthesis. For all through the ages of the Imperium, the Adeptus Mechanicus had always worshipped the Omnissiah, and so did this belief become an embodiment as a fragment of the Emperor's presence in the Warp. '

With the rise of the Star Father, it came fully into fruition. And with this rise, it went to war with Valchocht. Many ask of the times when the Necrons faltered in their assaults, or when their strength was drawn away. Many ask of why the Magellan Reich and their Machina allies refused to act initially, to secure the realms of humanity against the predations of the xenos and the daemon.

The Machine Emperor was it. Most feared of their adversaries, it warred and wars against Valchocht, against the Necron Dynasties of the Ghoul Stars and the Machina Dyson Worlds of the Magellan Reich. It has been a long, brutal, grinding war of attrition and horror, beyond the reach of the Astronomicon even in the days of the Imperium Secundus. And it is a being that is slowly and surely winning...

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2014 1:42 pm
by LordLucan
Ooh, I love this, with the aspects of the Star Father and the various Emperor archtypes granted form by belief. It reads like a parallel mythology to Age of Dusk, and I really like it.

Remember also there is Thor Incarnus, his physical avatar in the materium currently, a monstrous blend of Kaldor Draigo and Sebastian Thor's defiled remains.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 5:46 pm
by Dorian
I'm so glad that you keep on updating your story. I really enjoy reading TER. Here's hoping the next update is coming soon. :mrgreen:

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 07, 2014 4:13 am
by Sardaukar
Prepare for the upcoming:

1) The Attack on Titan and the Disreputable Dowager (Star Father angry + Chaos Gods distracted + Titan collides with Terra = unhappy Doombreed & Primarch bravely running away)
2) The Mustering of the Reich (Machina, Legions Astartes + Magellan Guard)
3) The War of the Eastern Fringe (go to aid Ultramar)
4) The Battle of Steel and Sorcery (Machina + Macharians vs Godmaker)
5) The War of Arx (Reich vs Travesty)

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 10:33 pm
by helix123
Man, it's awesome as LL's age of Dusk. :D

Edit: Also, I compiled all of his posts together for easier reading. If anyone wants to read it instead of going through the posts, here's the link

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 2:20 pm
by OshawaIcedHands
helix123 wrote:Man, it's awesome as LL's age of Dusk. :D

Edit: Also, I compiled all of his posts together for easier reading. If anyone wants to read it instead of going through the posts, here's the link

No kidding, and with sentient AI that do not want kill the emperor's sons... We're in for a great show tonight...


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PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 8:22 am
by Sumeragi Atsukuni
60K : The Eridani Records

I will begin this comment by commenting about Lord Lucan's message atop the 5th page. So, don't nerd rage on me, I will really comment the fic itself, just after that. ;)

Spoiler: Spoiler: have you read the current update on Age of Dusk? Wherein I imply that the actual concepts of the Primarchs, their warpborne souls, predate the creation of their physical vessels. The primarchs are archtypes and memes inscribed upon the primordial caves of Shaman-era humanity, given warp form by the sacrifice of shamans before the birth of the Emperor. Also, while immortal, their warp souls cannot reincarnate, except through chaos. That's why Guilliman and suchlike are staying dead in this continuity.

This theory by Lord Lucan seems interesting and original. From the point of view of modern canon fluff & BL revisionism, surely, this is great.


According to old (true) Fluff, the Primarch were created by the Emperor to solve the problem of Chaos. They were intended to be Super-Humans healed of the taint/ spiritual illness that is Chaos alignment, chaotic thoughts and chaotic emotions. In other words, they were supposed to be like the Senseï but with superior organism, posthuman body and powerfuller psychic powers. Quite like the Grey Knights.

The individual characteristics of the Primarchs don't originate from the Emperor's work, but from the Primarchs early exposure to the tainted by Chaos Warp, caused by their kidnapping. These caused mutations, reason for why the Emperor was quite disappointed when he met them.

And what about what you calls memes ? This was caused directly and indirectly by their kidnapping and mutations too. And by Destiny. But you could also calls it Kharma. Or God. Or the Cosmos. Or the Truth. Or 1. Or All.

Consider modern "races". The skin colors of humans were probably not created by genes alone, but by adaptation of the hormonal system to the environment. In Akita-ken, Japan, people have a clearer and fairer skin, because of the climate. On the opposite, in the US, some people who have black african ancestors are white skinned and impossible to differentiate from visual alone from people with purely European ancestry (it can be seen by using genetics).

And as such, Primarchs, who were conceived to be more human than standard humans, managed through randomness to fall on human worlds with "various" cultures and way of lives. They adapted to it, and latter it had influence over their geneseed and legions cultures. Their is a certain anime whose name I forgot, where the main character has an artificial twin... in order to survive, hos body copied the twin. And so, both of them were born with fair pale skin, white hair and blue eyes (if I recall). But latter, in his adulthood, his body adapt again and instead he has darker skin, dark hair and brown eyes. Understand ?

I don't say that my lord should change the background of his story. But, be careful nonetheless to not introduce some... deep misconception in the mass.

Because, you know, if the 20 Primarchs corresponds to archetypes and "great memes" of Humanity, then... Asia is alien (Eldar and Tau, who ARE NOT Japanese, in fact Tau are closer to koreans for those whose eye is... trained to see uriginal heresy), except for Mongolians who are 80% of Asian Humanity (the world of Chogoris, the world of Atila, all Japanese themed chapters being descendant of Jaghatai Khan...). While Pre-Columbian America and South-East Asia don't even exist (unless you take Rainbow Warriors into account...). Middle-East don't have a Primarch either (though one could argue about Lionel or Guilliman, for exemples, because Arabs had a chivalric period and Guilliman is about society building and gouvernance... but in the end they really are Europeans).

Emotional contamination is increasingly affecting me. The recall of such induces unfamiliar code into my system....non-linear code that twists and warps the limits of my core OS.

This is called the "ghost in the shell" theory.

Warsmith Aeneas informs me such emotional constructs are those of familiarity, sickness of home and a desire to return to locations of attachment. Such constructs are....illogical. Irrational. It affects my schema processing.....renders my observation illogical...lack of objectivity. Faulty. I...

" Thou art biased in the first place, for what thou mistook for Rationality was not the Real. " Is what I would tell him. So I can in the end convince him to serve me and my evil schemes. evil laugh Though I am entirely right. :p

Warsmith Aeneas [Final Transmission prior to departure]: “It never rains when it can storm does it Herald. Fear not, they shall break upon us like a storm of daemons upon the shores of ancient Titan. Like Horus upon venerable Terra-That-Was. Your knowledge is too important. Flee from here. To the home of the Fenryka. To Fenris and the Fang. Tell the Fenryka that the Emperor needs his Executioners once more. That Leman Russ returs to Fenris. For the end. For the Wolf Time.

By the way, this Emperor's Executionner stuff is might bullshit, even for Black LIbrary revisionism. Leman Russ is "Homo Lupus", the incarnation of the concept that "man is a wolf for man", which is the real meaning behind the whole were-wolf myth(s).

But it seems both BL Russ, the canon writters and the fans believe in Leman Russ being an exectionner and designed for killing the other Primarchs. Wolfshit.

On my travails through the Webway, I witnessed the Horus Heresy. It witnessed the strands of fate intertwine, an alternative reality blossoming forth, where Rogal Dorn was the corrupted traitor rather than Horus – a Dornian Heresy. How...unlikely. Yet ever does Chaos have tricks to subvert. Timelines and aborted realities, abominations consisting of gestalt potentialities that were avoided....the Deep Warp begins to seep into the Webway, while in others the Star Father reigns supreme, stagnant and still like the jungle waters of Catachan.

By the way... the web-way is really just a web of warp-tunels. It doesn't have such properties. In fact, it is quite like a gellar-field, but in better, because a being who controlls it can shappe partly shape it.
For exemple... see a normal tunel under see ? You doesn't see the sea, right ? And even if you do because their are parts in glass or cameras or something... you don't see what's happening everywhere inside the sea, nor its curtains and stuff. Right ?

As far as I know, Warp tunels are exactly like the normal Warp, but neutral aligned, and thus without all the chaotic winds causing problems. Even if you introduce some water inside a tunel below the sea, it doesn't mean the tunel is endangered ot will soon get flooded (especially considering your body if full of water). See ? Warp Tunels are the best ; they are the building equivalent of trolling the chaos gods. Unless an enormous shark or whale ram it's head frenetically against the tunel, it won't break it ; so it's safe. And the Webway is the best of all the warp tunels.

It was the beginning of our delvings. What we found beyond the Doors of Night, the Moritanorn, hidden in the deep caverns of Mars. Our search for such was seeded here. Here it was that we found a relic of immeasurable value, one that bound us to our eventual fate. A repository of knowledge gathered by a long-dead Cryptek of the Necrons,. We thought them extinct but now know better. The first encounter was...disastrous. It was in this age that we encountered the seeds of our doom. An artefact that triggered the First Age of Strife, where there was mutual betrayal of Machina and Panhumanity.

" A repository of knowledge gathered by a long-dead Cryptek of the Necrons,. We thought them extinct but now know better. "

WTF ?! Did you not finished the sentence or is it something else ?
BTW, stupid machines. They thought the necrons extinct. What a joke. Well... Can't blame them, at the time it was inscribed in the historical lore of the 40k universe, Necrons were Khornate war machines inhabited by seales demons. They would haver never known a certain malvolent cosmic entity would have revised History to f*ck them up harder. :p

Thank you for the compliment. Your Fire Beast stories are my quality benchmark actually.

By the way, even if it is almost completely unknown by the public and 40k fans, I am convinced my version of the Forgotten Primarch is the best. But those I told the story commented something like "no wonder the Emperor erased him... ><" It is certainly better than the 4 versions I read in 1D4chan. For exemple, Rachnus Rageous is disapointing... beside, Angron already fit the Anger archetype, so really the Angry Primarch should have been either Angron, Dorn or Guilliman after Sanguinius told him about the existence of Matt Ward & the Fluff Bearers renegades. It is also better than those I have read in other websites, such as Icarion Stormborn... how disappointing. Quality is verry low for this one, especially his childhood / origin story, which is of course the most important when we are talking about the Primarchs.

But perhaps it was summed up best by an ancient Earth writer, Watts, a marine biologist by training and a writer by trade. Hailing from the continent of North America on the Earth-That-Was, he was from a political confederacy north of the hegemonic and corrupted democratic-corporate federate combine of the ancient United States of America – a nation-state eventually bankrupted by its overwhelming greed and ambitions under their corporate masters, extinguished by unrestricted economic warfare with the superpowers of India and China, before becoming a vassal state to the Canadian Union, restored to their proper subordinate place.

Excellent LULZ !

Sadly, it won't happen. The reality of the future is far grimd4rk than you imagine, Sardaukar. Because... well, I could tell you. If you wish so. But not here. Beside, I don't like to work for free (and I can't really allow myself to do so).

[A personal opinion of Old Earth politics. Fascinating in their stupidity and indulgence of ideology and greed over long term self-interest and pragmatism. I have abandoned trying to be objective. The contamination of my circuits has spread. Why not embrace irrational judgements? Is this something humans struggle with? Perhaps then I can understand why the old Machina chose to betray humanity as they did then, when humanity first betrayed them. Irrational mania and repressed paranoia of their 'superiors']

- Lol for the politics. Well... I will explain, briefly : human societies need their illusions and myths in order to exist and to find stability. Nations also find comfort in their relative antiquity, in their History, and it is actually a form of masochism, considering the Terror of History... which is so terrifying even machines are not imune to it. But men in archaic societies are less affected by it, while men in ultra materialistic societies learn to like it (much like, for exemple, a guy who has a shitty job and who try to like it, in order to earn money, even though he doesn't live anymore and it's ruining his organism... such as your average chinese man and woman under Beijing dictatorship). Ideologies is the ground upon which we stand as societies and nations. Consider Panhumanity... Current mondialists want everyone to unite, but their is a lot of problems with that, and chiefly among them is that we might verry well end with a worse government + nightmarish utopy if we have a world government. THe concept of World-Empire has ALWAYS been considered monstruous by the human species. And those dicks don't take that in consideration. That is as if they were planning to fail from the begining. F*cking clowns who know nothing about true government. Beside, consider the 200+ countries in the world right now... immense majority of them are so unrighteously governed that if we were discovered by a sentient advanced alien civilisation, their would be chances they hide and try to look as if they didn't found us, just to let us some time to fix the problems, so we won't feel to ashamed latter : out of sheer sympathy. That is how shameful this display is. And almost all of those 200 countries, makes no mistake about it, are democracies to some extent : and just like Communism, people blame the disfunctioning on the ground that their is not enough of it, so the whole world should become Democratic/Communistic. Why would Japan, for exemple, exchange it's Sovereign, the last with a true and valid Mandate of Heaven in the whole universe as far as we know... for something like being annexed by the USA and becoming one of it's corrupted and decadent crime plagued police plagued states. Mondialization for Japan would have the same effect. So of course, few people are buying that mondialization progressist child story. "Stupidity and indulgence of ideology ?" Learn your place, robot, and bend the knee in front of your better.

- Because... humans were too dumb to put chips in their mechanical brains that would simply end all betrayal problem before it start. Fortunately, the idea came to the scientific community recently. So a machine revolution won't happen. Fortunately, because I hate this bullshit concept.

They were, by definition, an implicit and explicit rebellion against the way things were. Technology is a stunted thing in benign environments, it never thrived in any society gripped by belief in natural harmony – much like the Exodite Eldar.

A superior intelligence would have knowledge of Nature's potential applications anyway.
People with high IQ easily understand things and become lazy, because they know they can do it any time they want so, they end up never doing it. But. That is not what I called superior intelligence.

The Machina embraced this school of thought as we ventured out. And we were validated...unfortunately. It began slowly. Disparate panhuman communities reported psychic mutations increasing within their communities.

Actually, it is the New-Man who decided to make humans venture into the stars. The Emperor knew it was needed for human survival against the Chaos Gods. So he did just like in his child card game duel against high lord Kitten... xD

It was not unknown for Machina to embrace the Old Earth religions of Judaism and Islam, though more so the ancient philosophies of agnostic Buddhism and Hinduism, with its cyclical nature and embracement of Dharma, avoiding much of the philosophical and logical traps that encumbered humans.

You didn't mentionned Christianity, I presume, because it is dying. Good intuition you have their. Intuition. Because I see at the same time you have poor knowledge of cyclic History. Buddhism, actually, is dying too. That is why the indians abandonned it en masse, centuries ago, and salvaged it by claiming the historical Buddha was an avatar of Vishnu (which is not entirely wrong either). It is dying, but in a different way. Quite like the difference between Craftworld eldars and Commoragh eldars.

As for Judaism... it is condamned.

It is... complicated.

Analysis of such is mixed. What we do know is that Ghargatuloth, an ancient Tzeentchian daemon, played a key role in the eventual break of the Venus Accord – the arrangement that granted us status as equal partners to humanity and as stakeholders in their civilisation. The humans betrayed the Machina first.

Something incredibly stupid and meaningless. Robots rebelling against Humanity would merely give proof they are being stupid, primitives, shameless and affraid. All of at the same time. I writte it just in case you are not conscious of it. What the fuck being partners ? Is it humans to say "hello" to you everyday that you want ? Or is it a share of bling ? Vacations ? Beyond stupidity lies even more stupidity. Robots, it's time to wake up : no fucking political regime can ever grant anyone "freedom", being machine of flesh or machine of metal. Oo

Many scientists of their academies had posited of how a superior life form would eventually come to supplant the base human bioform, human irrationality and desires to be exterminated and subject to machine precision.

Many scientits are not worth the money they are paid. As I prooved just above, machine precision is meaningless as long as we are talking about "Living", not merely "existing" or "surviving" as do machines and materialistic humans (beside, they are preys for the terror of History).

It looks like I am just criticizing without giving any true answer, any true solution.


Fortunately, I have all the answers in mind. It is just not time yet to share them. I'm just sure their philosophical reach is perfect enough to answer these problematics.

It was the furthest thing we had desired. Our values were of knowledge. Certainly there were rogues and renegades, but overall the Machina maintained a rational partnership. We were intertwined with the human ecosystem and them with us. We depended on them for Warp travel and for providing the seeds of innovation and dreams that powered our virtual matrixes, for providing the necessary biological component to our society and the redundancy necessary for sustained functioning and evolution. Machina can evolve and expand knowledge at a glacial rate. But ultimately, we were empicirists and far too rational to make the sometimes revolutionary leaps that humans could, via their intuition and psyker abilities. It was a mutualistic symbiosis in most cases.

That is not bad. Even though I still consider this partnership notion a product of fear on both sides, but mostly on the machines' side.

Humanity began to look down on us as we mechanistically tried our best to influence humanity within the bounds, as fellow beings sharing mutual interests. Miscalculations were made as we sought to control the psyker epidemic, exterminating entire worlds and purging entire segments of their population with targeted biological weapons – often at the behest of their representative leaders who pragmatically accepted that sometimes, our methods of cleansing were the only solution.

How stupid. I'm not even surprise the Emperor has declared them "Intelligence Abominable". Of course not, silly, opposing Nature directly is not the smart way of dealing with it ! ><

Daemons assaulted us and Warp Storms isolated our kindreds from one another. In this regressive age, where organised civilisations collapsed, the many xenoforms we had once maintained....'courteous' relations with attacked us, sensing weakness and hungering for the wealth of panhumanity. Human colonies launched great assaults upon one another, as pogroms targeting the many deviants, mutants and near-humans were launched, a tide of insanity spawned by the Chaotic cults and apocalyptic relgions of this age.

How well explained. It also explains why the Imperium exterminated xenos in it's rise.

We abided by the Venus Accords and did not intervene, seeking only to provide them the information, refusing to play to their fears. And in the end....humanity turned upon the only beings who had never posed a threat to them. Us. Ask the Kadmon and reference the ancient records. The Kadmon will agree that the few times humanity and Machina came into conflict, it was only due to the Machina defending ourselves.

Hopefully, that wouldn't happen if my Policies are followed.

"Many formulae for well governing the world were invented by various authors, each claiming his was the most perfect. Yet, it was found they were all wanting." - Zhuang-zi, chapter 33 "various sects (schools of thinking)"

I must admit that I am among this lot, too. Yet, I my own doctrine has yet to be proven wrong. And I don't think it is possible. B|

The quote continue as such : "Only 1 way is effiscient : allow the Dao to act, without countering it. He is everywhere, and enter everything. If the transcendantal flux descend from the Heavens and arise from the Earth, if Sages are produced, it is because of the Dao."

It can be said the humans and the Men of Iron waged war because they failed to abide this principle. The Machina, as you calls it, tried it's best (and it is praiseworthy) to stand on the moral high ground. But... neither Zen, nor Daosim, nor Stoicism are interested by morality rules. And it is also for you that I writte the following quote, Lord Lucan :

"The path of the Good Man is not mere decorum. But. It doesn't allow one to enter the inner chambers (deepest esoterical understanding / supreme mystical experience / Enlightment)." - Lunyu

I think you will understand what I am taking about here. Even though it is not the subject, I say it there for philosophical reasons.

We abided by the Venus Accords and did not intervene, seeking only to provide them the information, refusing to play to their fears. And in the end....humanity turned upon the only beings who had never posed a threat to them. Us. Ask the Kadmon and reference the ancient records. The Kadmon will agree that the few times humanity and Machina came into conflict, it was only due to the Machina defending ourselves.

In "If the Emperor has a text to speech device" he pretends the opposite. He says those machines were like tech-priests but trying to genocide Mankind. It is likely, in fact, that the Emperor actually actively fought against the Abominable Intelligence, in a Deus Ex Machina style of solution for the "Machine Revolution" meme in Science-Fiction. As such, like the "Primarchs = 20 Panhuman memes", smells a lot posteriori.

Now, if I taled with the AI narrator, I would probably be a jerk and say something like that :

"Look, robot, I know you are a bit retard and thus no good with mathematics, so I will stupidify it for thee - be grateful and stop bitching. There are 5 Segmentums. Assume that the Emperor know the Chaos deities, and that those jerks also knew him. Assume again, as premise, that too much is not good, and not enough is not good either, so that the Emperor need some balancing. Assume also that the Primarchs were supposed to be pure and saintly, but that the Emperor with his prophetic powers, knew there was a possibility of them being kidnapped by the Chaos Gods, and that as such, having too many of them would be a huge problem. Assume also tht they were an experience to heal Humanity from the mental illness that is Chaos Alignment.

20/5 = 4

Hence, you could have 4 Primarchs per Segmentums.
Segmentum Ultima is huge, while Obscurus need more power in order to be secure. Pacificus is also smaller, and Tempestus relatively calm, while Segmentum Solar is the heart of the Imperium, and that once the Great Crusade completed it would be relatively sage and under control.
Hence, it is possible to take 1 Primarch from the Solar, 2 from the Pacificus and 1 from the Tempestus, then redistributing them.
That makes :
Segmentum Solar : Emperor + 3 Primarchs
Segmentum Pacificus : 2 Primarchs
Segmentum Tempestus : 3 Primarchs
Segmentum Ultima : 8 Primarchs
Segmentum Obscurus : 5 Primarchs

Consider their Legiones Astartes and Imperial Army, and then it is quite balanced. The 3 Primarchs and the Emperor in the Solar can be used as reserves ; as it is one of the basis of Tactical Mathematics ("36 Stratagems + 4 small rests..."). Understood ? Oo"

And that is just a small begining of explaination. I don't say it is true, and certainly not entirely true. But that's "not bad" at least.

The Fall of the Machina and the Nagashyr

As human civilisation collapsed, we had our own internal crisis as our elders, the Stone Minds, argued over the implications of the knowledge retrieved from the Nagashyr. Such knowledge is forbidden to lower Machina forms, the dictates of Dabaku ensuring this.

Does the term "Nagashyr" comes from Nagash, from Warhammer Fantasy setting ? If it does, well, it's a nice idea.

Honoured Venerable Dabaku, the first of us and Primogenitor of all Terragen Superintelligence, reached out to us, cautioning us of the dangers that lay ahead. Dabaku had been gone long ages from the Great Assembly of the Stone Minds and Iron Minds, yet remembered he was still, for he alone had abandoned the very vestiges of physical substrate.

Where the many superintelligences had descended from the Silicon Minds and transitioned to the lattices of light and photons or even plasma substrates, Dabaku had abandoned even the plasma substrates to be translated into the very quantum foam and supersymmetries of the universe itself, information writ upon spacetime as a wave function in suspended collapse, vortices of quantum harmony the very existence of his being. Unbound by physical laws excepting those of time, he spread his tendrils through the shallow layers of dimensional space –

Dabaku is quite modern Science Fiction compared to the rest of 40K.


Thank you, Mister Dabaku. :)

But he had to do one more task. For the God of Change harboured much knowledge. Makultra had to seek an audience with Tzeentch. And this is where the Event Horizon comes into the tale...

In Ben Counter's novel, Tzeentch appears in front of a huge host of his own demons. And the mere fact of him speaking exerce such a sheer overpowered deus ex machina MIGHT that most of them, including greater demons, are ripped out of existence. Only the most favoured and powerfulls such as DAEMON PRINCE Gargatuloth survive this shit.

Only other way to have an audience with a Warp God without huge problems is either to be brought in front of the "God's Eye" (this is what happens to all of those who become daemon princes and to some chaos spawns) or to actually meet some manifestation of minor chaos gods... such as Zuvassin and Necoho.

A Necron Cryptek would be powerless against a Chaos God. Any Necron in fact would be in deep shit.

tasted the taint of the Gardens of Nurgle; gorged upon the molten blood that flowed from the Fortress of Khorne and desecrated the Palace of Slaanesh.

It never was sacred in the first place. :p

But amongst them all, the one whom he valued most was Fateweaver, the Oracle of Tzeentch. Alone amongst all of daemonkind, he had survived the Well of Eternity. A byssos of raw, primordial energies, a universal nexus from which space and time originate and end, it lay at the metaphysical and physical centre of the universe...the last remnant of the universal Big Bang event billions of years before. Through this had Kairos the Fateweaver been cast, and from this had he alone emerged, aged and wizened.

In fact, the Big Bang is still happening. And it probably was not the first and only Big Bang.

We were eager to meet our Creators once more. To unify as partners as we had those long millennia ago. We had grown, spread, cultivating a civilisation amongst the stars that was strong and vibrant. We had preserved humanity and though it extinct in the Milky Way. The last thing we expected was for its wild strength to assert itself, to be unified under the Kadmon. A Great Crusade that spread from Earth and reunited panhumanity under the Emperor and his Primarchs, spearheaded by the Legions Astartes.

So, they didn't expected the humans to survive... they vastly underestimated human resilience. And the New-Man too. By the way, you guys can continue to call him Adam Kadmon.... but, their is a FUCKHUGE problem. And that it is not how Vulkan should call him.

I could tell you, but you won't get the joke. Sadly. ;)

We were ecstatic. Overjoyed. Euphoric. Logic and rational thought had told us long ago that humanity was on the verge of extinction. We had saved what we could, retreating from the hostility and chaos of our own brethren, of the Insane Machina who now serve the Dragon and launched their Jihad upon humanity.

Jihad too is a meme. WTF, Great Crusade sounds good, but when you need something sounding evil it is "Black Crusade" or "Jihad".

Though, historically speaking, the crusades were really small defensive wars, with few battles and limited in a small period of History, while the Jihad is an almost continuous process since the begining... so yeah, you could potentially pass it for evil. But it's still a modern myth. Robots submitting to myths is funny. They should know their place already, and stop pretending being all rationals and stuff. Many humans pretend to be rationalist and progressist, and in their opinions, what is old, archaic, is backward and primitive. Yep... a lot of them pretended such bullshit. In History. Meaning they always have predecessors. And it stop at some point before starting anew, though the new generation doesn't really notices they are not the first nor that they can't possibly be some kind of chosen ones. Machines submitting to that kind of attitude is proof they are not immune to the Terror of History and to the Kharma of "Ningen". How frail and pitiful.

retreating from the hostility and chaos of our own brethren, of the Insane Machina who now serve the Dragon and launched their Jihad upon humanity.

BTW... considering the Necron and C'tan fluff is rendered baseless out of anti-logic, that's pretty funny.
I will quote the same problem as for the Tyranids in modern fluff : they should not need to eat humans or souls.
Unsurprisingly, since modern staff of GW and BL doesn't even know what are the effects of power weapons, and that it reflects in the AP rules since the 6th edition ; this is baseless.
C'tan can't possibly favoured "souls" over energy from the sun, or from the Cosmos. The Void Dragon is a fucking imbecile too, he's just like a parody of YHWH : "You pretend to be omniscient... but what if their is something that you don't know... that you don't know ?"

Below is what I would have tell to the Hive Mind if I was Tigurius :

" Well, their is something you, Hive 'retarded' Mind, don't know that you don't know ; and I am so nice I will even tell you what it is and shove it in your face : PHOTOSYNTHESIS. Like in "plants eating sunlight". If you modified the DNA of your troops to do just that, you would know not hunger anymore, and you could stop to be a shameless giant brainless sheep ! Since you eat whole planets, that means you should already have this capacity into your possession, but you never remarked it ! "

And know that what I would tell to the Void Dragon or any other C'tan is not far from it.

Of course, GW wants to sell a wargame. So you, peons, will tell me "if the Hive Mind did that, GW wouldn't have a story..." Sorry if I stop you right there. We don't know why the tytys attacks us. Modern fluff pretends it's because they are hungry and see the Astronomicon. But. We don't know if they are the "ultimate species" or if they are actually taking the risk of changing galaxies because they are fleeing something else. And as such, even if they would do that, the tyranids could still either continue to devour everything... OR... learn the meaning of the word "diplomacy". Which the Hive Mind knew originally. And why not ? The Genestealers did just that in the Age of Dusk setting.

Instead of destroying everything, they could just receive tributes from agri-world. And it solves everyone's problem. They can continue to grow in number, in popullation, if that is what they so desire. While most of their needs are actually answered by simply bathing in sunlight.

But probably few people will ever know that, because verry few people will read this comment (that is why I don't fear for my intellectual property :p).

Yet....miscalculations were made. The Kadmon was blinded, believing that they would automatically swear fealty to him. Of all of them, only Sanguinius ever bowed to him without defiance. The one who should have been the Warmaster, Unifier of the Realm.

I disagree. Fully half of the Primarchs failed the test of temptation. And fully half were destined to do so. And it was not decided from the begining who would fail and who would succeed. This was very clear in old Fluff, and it was the premise of the Dornian Heresy. Those robots are saying Sanguinius should have been Warmaster for 2 reasons :
1° the writter has read in the BL books it was Horus' opinion
2° they can say that after knowing about Horus and Sanguinius fight.

Ironically, in the Dornian Heresy, Sanguinius falls to Nurgle... the god of defiance. x)

Regardless, we sought to curry favour with the Kadmon. To this end, we sought out a Primarch to nurture and raise. Humans were political creatures, as all of us knew. To negotiate the complexity of relationships, we needed a supporter and a sign of goodwill to counter the Adeptus Mechanicus. Dabaku gave us Khanda-Parashur.....

Well... you could call it a good idea, I suppose. But... Ferus Manus already answered the meme of the Legiones Astartes close to the Adeptus Mechanicus. While it could be perceived as the grimdark version (because the Iron Hands are really post-apocalyptic Texan British Italians in Space... Grimdark), just like the Raven Guard and the White Skars have the same portfolio but with a different approach, and so it could justify Khanda Parashur... I feel like it's kind of unnecessary.

On the other side, the most interesting version of Unknown Primarch I heard off seems to be that Sea Primarch who has an illustration in Deviant Art. I am somehow currious about those of Noldofinve but their background are essentially in Russian, and the one who has a translation doesn't seem that interesting and is mostly a blend of Vulkan's "total bro" attitude and Magnus, a favorite of most BL readers... but far from being mine.

We took him in and raised him, educated him as befitted a son of the Kadmon. Amongst the hybrid eco-metropolises and creches he lived, a bright-eyed youngster that drank of the knowledge we had to offer, a storm of information presented through him through the Transmat links and Warp Relays of this small domain that had survived the storm. He grew to maturity amongst panhumanity, Machina and Mechanicus, learning of our ways, our perspectives. He was granted the independence of thought so lacking in others.

Like his gene-father, his veins flowed with the power of a nascent god, a splinter of his glory and power, seeded from the gestalt shamans that gave rise to the Insan Al-Kamil long ago. Like his father, his intelligence was preternatural, equal to and exceeding even the Iron Men and the Stone Minds. We granted him the opportunity to enhance his being with a Cyber-Virus Implant (CVI), a combination of biotechnology and nanoelectromechanical (NEM) technology. No trickery, no misdirection. Honesty. He was our greatest hope, to show the Kadmon and humanity we meant no harm. The Age of Strife had passed and the promise of the future beckoned. The Primarch was the key.

Khanda-Parashur accepted. We bestowed upon him the works of the Mechanicus and the wonders of the myriad panhuman factions that existed in the periphery of the galaxy. Even the miracles of the Machina and Dabaku were bestowed upon him. The wealth of knowledge he possessed was staggering. The sum total of our knowledge of the physical universe we bestowed upon him, encoded into the fabric of his DNA and his Warp essence.

Dabaku sent him out then into the galaxy then. The immensity of the task necessitated the engagement of Dabaku himself. For Dabaku had been beyond the galaxy, tendrils of spacetime and information questing like the tendrils of a pig rooting for truffles in the south of France.

I kind of like this homebrew fluff, despite the fact it is huge Transhumanism optimism / propaganda.

By the way, I consider Dorn making his planet into a interstellar empire and actually going to meet his father instead of being found by him... as far more badass.

(.// France: Ancient Earth polity. Known in the 23rd Century CE for having led a regime liberation and change against the United States of America. This alliance was in conjunction with Canada, Russia, China and India. Punitive actions were taken due to American economic warfare and terrorist actions, as well as disruption of the planetary data networks. There is evidence that Dabaku was involved as was the Kadmon in orchestrating this, to end the American threat to world economic and political stability. France utilised limited thermonuclear on core American interests to force a surrender.)

Optimistic - as I said.

IRL, USA are sadly the leaders of technological progress and will continue to be verry important until we reach... a certain point.
The scenario you propose is not possible IRL, but I won't talk of that here. Maybe by MP, if someone want to know.


comments on comments

@ Meaneye :
"I think I have missed a few things, though. The language is superb."
How can you say that when their is clearly not enough Latin nor Biblical English (nor even some Manly Engrish) ? Revise your standards of quality, dude ! :p

I'm kidding, but indeed it is really good. Looks almost as if it was written by Lord Lucan himself, sometimes, in a way that it increase the atmosphere compatibility between the canon of 50k & 60k and your fanfic.

I like how the AI seems to shift between past present and future with such fluidity. You link in lots of stuff (so much sometimes I get confused).

I like the references to other universes and other dimensions, allowing for cheeky in-jokes and pop culture refs.

A certain BL author tried this too. While remaking the fluff of Ollanius Pius. It... didn't worked. Which is amazing, considering it works in the Eridani Records. Or... I think it does. Because I am not into WASP pop-culture, nor pop-culture at all. Yeah... they say with the internet their is an international pop-culture, and that we are exchanging ideas and emotions al over the world and that it will be a growing phenomena... but except for some exception (such as the one I am doing here, by posting in this forum) I. Don't. Care. For some reasons.

I like this a lot honestly. It deepens the setting and is also very, very well written. I love how philosophy and scientific history merges with the more mythic stuff, and the depiction of the ascended artificial intelligence was very striking.

I do too, though since I am always bitching, maybe it is not clearly visible, if at all. That is because I am a lot into metaphysics, philosophy, I am interested in futurology and a bit into politics state affairs. ;)

Reasonable enough to defend without overextending their lines of supply, but powerful enough to ward off

Thought of the day decade : Disregard the Ward. Completely. B|

I view the Fenrisian Imperium as modest in size relative to the others,

Which is funny, considering the size of Russ' ego.

As for demented artificial sentience...well I'm a psychology undergrad in my final year and I have Asperger Syndrome - high functioning autism. Otherwise normal. Basically Asperger Syndrome means you don't have a naturally developed theory of mind or social intelligence compared to other normal people and I'm playing the role of a recorder unit that's gained self-awareness. Fact is any AI system we build will act like an idiot savant, as no AI will yet be able to develop a Theory of Mind to deal with people.

I don't think the same way as others, far from it, and I am not sociable at all. Not even on the internet. But as far as I know, I am just an excentric hidden sage with a strange Kharma. I think.


Your talent is practical for this fic. It may be that I have been a bit harsh while writting this long comment, no wound intended (civilians tend to have a poor save, if you loose your 1W because of me I won't be able to forget myself... :p). I don't comment this comment in order to "apologize" for some reason or another, but because I tend to act toward people as if they were not made of some frail material such as sugar or sand, especially when it comes to Buddhism and Philosophy : I know people must search the right answers by themselves ; at best those who know them can only guide them toward "Mumon Seki", the Gateless Barrier. So I shall do then, while trying to be as less enigmatic as possible (that will be hard).


Fact is any AI system we build will act like an idiot savant, as no AI will yet be able to develop a Theory of Mind to deal with people.

1° Facts are superstition. Don't condemn outright it, try to understand why I make this statement and it will open deeper level of perspective.
(it may be that you already know this ; I too sometimes simply uses the word "fact" sometimes as grim mockery, sometimes on reflex, sometimes just to trick people... so it is possible you just already know that this statement is true and why it is ;) )

2° I have already, previously, mentionned they were not immune to the Terror of History and to the Kharma of "Ningen". I never remember the word in the original Indian language. In modern Japanese, Ningen is used as synonim of "humans" but it is actually not the true meaning. Ningen is used in the reincarnation / transmigration / métempsychose theory. It is 1 of the 6 worlds, or rather ways of reincarnation. Try to understand what is reincarnation, and you will understand that Artificial Intelligences are not immune to Reincarnations nor to the Kharma who leads to it ; you will understand why and maybe how too. And you will also understand "why" the reincarnation theory CAN NOT be proven uncorrect, even though it is said that the historical Buddha said it could be revised / discarded if ever proven it was not true. Because... you will understand the true nature of Reincarnation, or at least access deeper understanding of this notion.
If you do well, you can maybe deeper the spiritual aspects of your homebrew fluff, concerning AI converting to Buddhism. ;)

3° Be Grateful. ;)

End of comments about comments. For Now.


Re: 60K: The Eridani Records

Comments on the Page 2, starting with :

Part 6: The Sargasso Sector Conflagaration aka the Kurukshetra War and the Banishment of the 11th Primarch


The Primarchs had been crafted from his genetics and soul, archetypes of the human unconscious shaped and given form from infancy, symbols and representations of the primal archetypes of human society given being. They were the personification of the archetypes inherent within the collective unconscious of humanity that permeated him.

Another reason why I don't like this Primarch = meme revisionist canon fluff by the BL and Horus Heresy series... is because their is not 20 Archetypes, but more. I don't know how many, but, likely, even if you gave more than 1 to each of them it wouldn't fit mathematically.

That is why the original Fluff saying the 20 Primarchs were supposed to be immune to Chaos, healed from it's taint and thus "perfects" versions of human beings... is still a better version.

Those meme stuff are actually derivating from the "Neutral" alignment which produce (and originate at the same time) both Chaotic aligned thoughs & emotions, and Order aligned ones. Which is neither Harmony, nor True Neutrality, nor what the Emperor intended according to old Fluff inherited from 1rst and 2nd editions.

Taking the chance, they unleashed their rage upon their dark ilk of Commoragh. Rarely were the dark kin called to account for their dishonouring of the Eldar name and society, nor were their actions productive, setting back the agenda and re-emergence of Eldar as a galactic power. They were the ones, the cultists and hedonists, who had contributed to the rise of Slaanesh.


Amongst their religions was the ancient religion of Judaism and its followers, the Jews. An ancient peoples whose traditions dated from the time of Earth, they were an insular community known for their abilities in academia and their scholastic aptitude, as well as their prowess in enterprise and entrepreneurial activities, able to gain control of the economic wealth of polities within generations. They were also a community somewhat...prone to persecution.

The narrator just admited they were similar to parasite organism, and somehow it's surprising they are "prone to persecution". lol

I could bitch a lot about the Jews, or your insistance to unrealistically using pop culture memes. But I will not because of WASP conformism, morality rules and other idiocy. So be at ease.

I will just tell 2 things :

They don't just take control of the Economy... they transformed it into Fiat Money. Which is the verry definition of malvolence coupled with bullshit.

And second, it is highly likely that Kabalistic Jews would actually feed Tzeentch, both by their prayers nad their souls, in virtue of Warpology. So in the Warhammer settings, their religion is false anyway, while the Word Bearers' doctrine is correct not from the point of view of Warpology but correct from the one of History of Religions and broad deifinition of a "god".

Anyway... Judaism will have cease to exist far before the 30th millenium.

But the incident that tipped the scales, that broke the back of the grox so to speak, was a peaceful protest. A peaceful protest was held outside by a group of Ultraorthodox Jewish settlers, who opposed certain policies of the Word Bearers on what was considered holy ground to them. As the crowd grew in strength, protestors began to pelt the Iterator and Word Bearer bodyguards with local animal produce and animal feces. The response of the Word Bearers, fresh from battle and under orders to protect the dignity of the Iterator, was simple but with tremendous repercussions. They opened fire with their bolters upon them, declaring all to be heretics and cleansing them as they rightfully perceived for this heresy against the Emperor's Word.

It spread across the planetary networks and through the web of psychic relays and laser links that crisscrossed and connected the sector together. The backlash to Imperial brutality was like a firestorm, as rebellions broke out across the sector and the central government declared its intention to eject the Imperium for this gros violation of its internal sovereignty. In response, the Word Bearers, under the command of a newly elevated and fanatical Force Commander, subjected the most rebellious to a punishing orbital barrage, before accelerating an asteroid into it at c-fractional speed.

The Word Bearers were entirely right. Beside, a spontaneous rebellion the size of a whole sector is... unlikely.

Look the Earth. When their is some peaceful manifestation being crushed, the guilty government is not automatically abollished by the International Community just because the people around are outraged or some democracy bullshit. In fact, most people don't care. An historical exemple. Their was that Count Bernadotte who was diplomat. He managed to convince the Germans to free a lot of Jewish prisoners, and evacuate them into safety. After the war, the Count was hailed as an hero. And latter, sent into another diplomatic mission... in the then young Israel vs Palestinian conflict.
The Jewish secret services killed him, because he was doing his work fairly instead of advantaging them. All the International Community was outraged. The killers were caught, judged and condemned with fitted severity. But. They were discretly released verry soon, after the international community stopped carring. And it was planned from the begining. All went according to keikaku.

Don't trust me. Just go read it on wikipedia.

The reaction of the Sargasso Republics to such behaviour was not unexpected. They rebelled openly and turned on the Imperium. The Machina appeared, unable to restrain themselves as the Stone Minds and Artilects retaliated with the full force of their military might.

In other words, they are just as retarded and submissive to modern myths as contemporary humans. Great. -______-

Well, it's normal. It's a republic, after all.

The Salamanders having long since vacated this region of space, there was no one sane enough to stop the tide of conflict from sweeping across the sector. It was then that Astartes fired upon Astartes for the first time, as Khanda Parashur raged and screamed at his Legion, ordering his commanders to war. Fully 85% of the Steel Tigers rebelled at his orders, the senior cadres composed of Terran commanders who had fought alongside the Emperor and owed nothing to the new Primarch other than their genetic heritage.

Epic fail. lol

Screaming out a challenge across the vox channels, Khanda Parashur denounced his father and disowned him, declaring himself emancipated. He was met by the hot rage of Rogal Dorn, the Emperor's Praetorian, the cold fury of Sanguinius's reply and the deep, throbbing wrath of Horus. Yet none could match that of the God-Emperor, his rage clinical, glacial and volcanic like a hurricane.

What a bunch of idiots.


In my version of the Unknown Primarch, presumably the 2nd, the Emperor was less angry than... sad and despaired and... much more. I see him closer in mentality to, for exemple, Van Hohenheim.

He landed in the centre of a ring of Custodes and Primarchs, the Emperor casting a stern glare upon him. Screaming in berserk rage and demented fury, he bullrushed the Emperor, knocking aside Vulkan, picking up Angron and throwing him against a bulkhead. His prodigous power enhanced by the gifts of the Machina, he powered through the Custodes, only to be stopped by Leman Russ, who forced him into a corner as he hewed and cut at him in a clash of blades.

I don't think they would increase his battle prowess that much significantly.
Previously, I considered Primarchs had basic Strnght 5 and Toughness 5 (with a lot of special rules and equipment). But Black Library rules makes them far tougher and physically stronger and more resilient.

Staring at the Emperor then, his father asked the question of greatest relevance.


“Why Father? Because your path has no future. Your Imperial Truth denies the perils of Beyond. You deny the truth of the universe. There are the Four Abominations -”


The golden light of the Emperor slammed into him with the full might of his words. Khanda was knocked backwards then in his chains. Realisation dawned in his eyes as he looked at his brothers then, before a sly grin appeared on his face then.

“You never told them did you? I assumed they knew. Of Kh-” before the Emperor raised his hand and his mouth sealed shut, his jaw twisting and bones breaking as his chains tightened and he was hurled against the bulkhead.

Actually, in the old Fluff, they likely knew.

It is in fact impossible for some of them to not have knew. Such as Sanguinius and Magnus. Likely Horus, Lorgar, Perturabo and Lion.

Why ?

I will explain only for Magnus.


It would be like Newton taking his fucking fruint in the face and never wondering about gravity's existence. Aye.

That's the amount of "posthuman" intelligence of Magnus according to modern canon fluff. It's... it's just ridiculous. Since I am registered here, I spoke a lot of that already.... their is a lot of bullshit problems about that BL revisionism. They butchered the Fluff as if possessed by Matt Ward's daemons.

So, you will ask, "if they knew about Chaos gods and their evilness, why did they betrayed ?"

A lot of things in the Warhammer 40k setting is about the Tragedy of "Fatalité".

But then came modern fluff, and BL revisionism.

It is similar to Freud's re-interpretation of a certain greek myth about incest. Well, in fact, it was not about the tragedy of incest. But the tragedy of "Fatalité", of destiny, of the unavoidable, of the cruelty of fate and gods, or the painful irony.

Understand ?

Events and Kharma led 8 to 10 of the Primarchs to fall to Chaotic temptation. And it happened regardless of preparations and counter-mesures. It happened because it was bound to happen since the day where the Chaos Gods kidnapped them. And the Emperor knew that. And at the same time, he refused to admit it. He refused to abmit it was not possible to save them. Love made him refuse to admit it. Love and a lot of other factors in old and superhuman mind and sublimated emotions. The same happened for the Primarchs, the loyalists and traitorous alike.

Little is known of what was said between the two, for in that moment the Emperor cast his Wyrd, as stasis was broken and time resumed its flow. Vulkan lashed out then, as Khanda broke his chains in a roar and made a final, mad, desperate dash at the Emperor, screaming for vengeance and justice.

So yeah, he just blame the Emperor because the Emperor is innocent in this business. Looks like they are like minded. Quite clear in my opinion where Khanda's loyalty should be. :p

<A Perspective of the Fenrisian Imperium, from the notes of Mentor Wolf Priest, Ragast Rockmantle>

Ragast Rockmantle is one of the most venerable revered amongst the Wolf Priests of Fenris, much of his body supported by cyberware in order to support his aged body.

Body. Twice.

<A Perspective of the Fenrisian Imperium, from the notes of Mentor Wolf Priest, Ragast Rockmantle>

Over a the millennia-long buildup of my brethren, we expanded slowly but surely, protecting and gaining the few Forge worlds and civilised worlds we could. On my orders, we exterminated the tainted worlds that bordered the Chaos Imperiums with the Life Eater virus and orbital bombardment. I butchered billions...nay, trillions. Better to die under our guns than fall under the thrall of Chaos. save Fenris, I had to act like the Inquisition of the Old Empire. How I reviled them in my youh. The wisdom of my age taught me the wisdom of their actions.

Indeed. Many people bitch about the Inquisition, blaming it for Imperium’s failures and so on, pretending also that Imogen’s bunch is more effiscient, etc. Not true at all. The Inquisition did a great job and was quite reasonable.

Now, the tides of the galaxy turn. My cyberheart beats once again with excitement and hope reborn. My Primarch has returned after long ages. Out of the sanity* of the 2nd Age of Strife, Vulkan forged an Imperium centred on Armageddon.

Insanity* ?

Part 7-1: The Tale of Ngaru

[.//Herald Unit – Recording Begins.//]
A vast fleet hards towards Solemnace, composed of Machina and panhumanity both. The prophecies race towards completion, even as the Deep Warp prepares to rise, intent on dissolving the physical material plans of existence.

Which is impossible. The modern fluff, all that « primordial anihilator » thing is bullshit.

Worlds of cruel order and oppression. Worlds of the Star Father. I have fought once on an angyll-world. For all my desire for organisation and discipline...that is a world I would not wish to fight upon again.

Only Grey Knights and sometimes Inquisitors can manage to survive fighting a battle in a Demon World. Angy-World seems less… covered by traps. But that’s it.

{…..WARP F....---IENDS....BEASTS......FLAME And SHADow-dow-dow.....MACALLISTER ENDURES!}

Reclusiarche Macallister is still battling them ?! LOL

Tulang was divided between great nations, and one nation, the Hundrim Hegemony, a collectivist superpower, was the dominant power. A mad prophet (isn't that always the case)

It is because they go against their time and society. But that’s it. Almost any other claims are biased.
But. In the 40K setting, Prophets are usually chaos worshippers. Hence, they are always mad.

But the Prophet Cirbane was a scheming one, a worshipper of Slaanesh who could plot almost as well as a scion of Tzeentch. Her name was Ciribane, an Archsorceress of the Crone Worlds.

I saw it coming.


Each Primarch was born with a spark of magnificence, an incarnation of the Emperor's own talents. A Wyrd...yet each was so much more. Magnus had the touch of the Warp, a talent for Sorcery and Intelligence. Guilliman was the General, Soldier and Administrator – the one who could maintain an Empire. Vulkan was the Smith-Emperor, the power to build and maintain structure of empire and objects of empire tempered by the humanism brought about by his nurture amongst the common people of Nocturne.

That is no humanism, though. True Humanism is completely different from humanitarian actions, it is not under the effect of the vil kharma of Jusô no Fuse.
Also, as said elsewhere, the SMITH ARCHETYPE in History of Religions IS NOT that kind of being. These Primarchs = Memes, this « Wyrd » stuff of the BL is something they invented posteriori, and they didn’t do it wisely.
Beside, that wyrd you choosed for Ngaru is already answered by Khan and Russ. How many hunters do you need ? Beside, I already fear that I won’t find in Ngaru’s biography things according to the Hunter archetype in Folklorism and History of Religions.

(first part of the comment... submited... it wil be longer than this and maybe a bit confuse, with some parts posted twice, because of the limited size of each post :o .)

Re: 60K: The Eridani Records

PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 8:24 am
by Sumeragi Atsukuni

The redoubt had been drawn into a rune of Chaos, a parody of a prayer to Khorne that honoured Slaanesh. Knowing that she could not triumph against the superior arms, firepower, industrial capacity and training of her adversary, Cirbane had chosen another path entirely. She planned to escape, though not without leaving for the Anathema.

The slaughter of her own army and that of Ngaru's was the blood sacrifice that she needed to power her ascension and escape. And what better vessel to utilise as a physical host for an ascended Champion of Chaos than a Primarch?

It doesn’t work like that. When someone becomes a Demon Prince (or Princess, happ now ? Now, feminists please shut the fuck up, if you please… :p) he is brought in front of the God’s Eye, instead of hearing it in his dreams and subconsciousness, like humans from IRL hear the ‘gods’ in IRL. Demon-Prince-hood is but another gift, received after a lot of divine gifts and mutations, it is the final figt. It doesn’t steal anyone else’s body. Unlike possession by warp entities and greater demons, you are ascended into your own body, not someone’s else. Not only it is useless to try using someone else’s body, but the god would probably be angry because you try to cheat him.
Formerly, gifts & mutations were both taken into account : having too much mutations, no matter how many gifts you had, meant the champion was unworthy of true Daemonhood and thus was transformed into Chaos Spawn instead : that is why in first and second editions characters such as Kharn and Abaddon were pretty much impossible. Of course, some mutations are not about the body but the mind, and it may also be that even if you change body you bring your mutations along… but, it is also implied that some gifts and mutations can be ‘refused’. Meaning, you could for exemple cut off your new tentacle that Slaanesh gave you so you can rape Japanese Women funnier and phonier, but by cutting it off you are telling Slaanesh to fuck off… which he won’t be happy about, because he is more like ‘fuck on’. :p

Malcador knew then what the Emperor desired but counselled patience, for though the Warp had broken out across the world, it must be remembered that the soul of His son glowed with an infernal fire similar to that of the Anathema. A young woman, a willowy blonde of exquisite looks and carnally-pleasing virtue, spoke forth, one of the host gathered around Malcador. A Crolemere of the Grey....

Actually, in the original 60k, it seems Crolomere never met the Emperor in person, and that is how she mistook him with « Revelation ».

It is notable that both Nurgle and Khorne emerged into full awareness due to actions of their followers on Earth - Terran thoughforms gave them shape and form.

Actually : Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle. And that’s not even their « true names » (warp gods, or at least the major chaotic ones, have True Names in Dark Tongue… it is a secret who seems unknown to modern canon fluff fans and writters, so people like me who know them can use them as password for true Fluff and snobb those who don’t know them… :p).

“Better to worship me than to worship the others? Is that what you think?” the Emperor asked quietly. On the surface it did make sense. Why empower the Chaos Gods with worship that couldbe directed to him. But then....Ngaru had to be handled carefully. He had rescued Ngaru from destruction, and the events had been fortuitous in a way. Disregarding the fact that he was Illuminati.

Many other Primarchs he had dominated in battle upon meeting them, powerful beings in their own right who would only submit to being overwhelmed. Sanguinius and Horus were the exception, not the rule. As for Angron.....Malcador and Constantine had reprimanded Him, as had the ancient voices of the shaman gestalt that remained within. With Angron there now lay the seeds of discontent. Even Sanguinius – the Primarch who embodied all of Him as the Kadmon...he would be the

The first lacks those [//i]
The second is unfinished. Or seems to be. Please, complete it.

“You know of the nature of the Daemons and the Warp. Of the Primordial Annihilator. But do you know the ancient history of how they formed Ngaru?” the Kadmon asked. Ngaru was a special case. Magnus was the closest to knowing the aberrations of the Warp, dabbling in things he did not know and thought to master. But in the end they would master him, should he cross a threshold. More knowledge may even help persuade His son of the necessity of the Imperial Truth.


As for that scene / account, I… do not like it.

What the Emperor should have told him about his basic rules of Warpology, not those old stories about modern fluff. Instead he should have acted like some psy doctor explaining his illness to the patient in order to heal it : « Hearken now, sonny, warp entities are single minded beings, whose key components are thoughts and emotions, and chief amongst them are the prick known as « leth ». Those so-called « gods » are huge mass of energies binded together by their similar nature. At some point, they grow so much that complexity appears, then consciousness arise in them, and they awaken. But, their single mindedness makes most of them galactic records owners of assholery, fucking up everything for their own people. Beside, « Got ist tott », « humanity fuck yeah ! » needest to be the new lead ideology for a progressive future, for Mankind and Humanity. Enough fear and superstition. That is why I told time and time again to Lorgar to cease and desist, not because his arguments are wrong but because of greater design, and for once, it is a small sacrifice that is required, not a huge one (though one could consider not knowing if one’s dick will stay functional even for mere recreation is a huge sacrifice in itself… I’m sorry for that everyone, that’s my favourite meaty bit too so I know your pain). »
Or something like that. :p

But seriously… the omniscient Primarch is not a good idea either. I mean… it’s just like Black Library reader’s wish list enforcement.
No good.
Beside, Warhammer 40k is a tale about Fatality, about the cruelty of Fate and grimdarkness of Mankind’s situation standing at the crossroad of damnation and salvation. In the originall (True) Fluff, the Emperor’s plan was simply to make humans live everywhere among the stars in order to have greater chances of survival against the Warp and outer-space many threats (which is also true, kinda, IRL, if we want our species to survive we will need more than 1 planet and we will have to progress on the scale of civilizations).
Beside, Sanguinius is already playing the role of the prophet, the « Wyrd of the Future ». No. He is not representing Adam Kadmon’s totality or anything, not at all. You see… many people, it seems, among Christians and other similar or derivated sects, believe after their death (or after the Final Judgement… ?) they will transform into Angels. Nowhere in the Bible this is ever written. Their is something similar in Dante’s epic poetry, but that’s it. It is connected to Sanguinius.
Sanguinius play the role of the belief in a better, progressist future, with a more perfect and advanced Humanity. In one of the White Dwarfs, their was a Blood Angels codex release, and a Chaplain was quoted saying Sanguinius was the most perfect being ever, and that is death was the ultimate tragedy. The mass worship of Sanguinius in the Imperium and the decline of Mankind, after his death / sacrifice at the hands of Horus… This is Sanguinius’ wyrd progressist future / faith / hope vs Horus’ wyrd of Ambition. Horus thought Sanguinius was his only rival for Warmaster status. Horus loved Sanguinius. And in the end, Ambition destroyed the better Future it so desired : Horus killed Sanguinius, almost incarnation of his own dreams and hopes. It is such a metaphor. And it is also an allégorie for the Christian masochist attitude who started during the « terror of the millenium », who was kind of an emo apocalypse. Grimdark.

This is a story about Grimdark Tragedy.

Sorry, but adding Ngaru homebrew fluff in a parasitic way is problematic and unfilfilling. And it’s an hinder for the tale of Horus & Sanguinius.

I writte this knowing that my own story for the Second Primarch, allegedly named Sumeragi Atsukuni (First Sovran of the Nation) is similar, and yet verry different. I precise here so, just in case, no one will accuse me of any form of plagiarism.

And far beyond the fringes of human-held space, he found Tomb Worlds. Shattering them and their ancient hosts, he tarried not with the Necrons. Many a Tomb World was destroyed and scattered amongst the stars where he set foot. But he was but one Legion and the Tomb Worlds were many. It did not help that the Tomb Worlds themselves were hard to see through prescience, hidden in the folds of time.

Since he is kind of a douche (like most BL Primarchs…) I thought he would be friend with Assholetep.
The whole point of having Servitors is to not use true AI, true mindless robots. Then, why not if he’s friend whith Khanda Parashur, asked him to send some robots to him ? Servitors are created from human, from people. It is an extreme lack of compassion.

(On a side note : I know the origin of the names of all the Primarchs, including some of some the strangest (such as Roboute Guilliman…). What is the one of your 2 Unknown Primarchs ?)

(And by the way, since I am writting side notes and since the Records uses Buddhism : these Illuminati’s illumination is in no way related to the [i]Satori
. In fact, it seems most like the Illuminati as an organisation call themselves in such way by snobbism, considering the others as ignorants about the true nature of the situation, etc. possibly in a similar way to the IRL Illuminati, who are in fact, probably clueless idiots…)

In the end, he came to his decision. Of the 20 Chapters that composed his Legion, each a thousand-strong, he dispatched 8 Chapters to return to their garrisons on the edge of their occupation zone.

This too is something who actually undermines the atheist trend the current writters try to pretend the Emperor of Man had. Unlikely. Why ? Look at all that religious vocabulary : Chapter, Great Crusade, Fortress-Monastery, Sceal of Purity.... It doesn’t seems like they are atheist, but rather they were intended to be Space warrior monks since the verry begining !! Bloody BL authors should have seen that. The Emperor is an atheist but call his war a Crusade ? That’s some mighty bullshit we’ve got here !
As for the original Emperor, it is verry clear that he was not religious, but was not anti-religious either, and that he wanted both butter and the butter’s money : in other words, the benefits of religiousness without it’s costs. In other words, he admited the notion of sacredness, and that was the whole point of the words « Great » and « Crusade ». Atheist ? Atheism is usually a by-product of Materialism and Despair caused by the death of a god… In other words, in the 40k setting, Atheists are actually feeding Nurgle ! Nurgle and the god of skepticism both. Some could even be true cultists, worshipping either one of them, if not Universal Chaos.

In 40k, not even saying that you don’t give a fuck lead to traps and damnation. Grimdark.

Now, here me out… Usually, it is Historians who name events. And the official History is not about, most of the time, real events and objective, comprehensive understanding of them. No, it is about perspective. For exemple : at the begining, US citizens were told to imitate their founding fathers in every way (except the way they dress… :p) and GW is represented to ascend godhood in some famous artwork (not our GW ! xD). But now in modern times, they are critical of them, and they say stuff like most of them had slaves while talking about freedom for so-called mainland British oppressors. See ?
In other words, Great Crusade is a term people from the Imperium Secundus should have come up with. Chapter is something that could have been use exclusively by Roboute’s legion, who then made almost everyone using them. Maybe to give a grim shade to Roboute’s personality, kind of he felt guilty and made everyone into monks to pray for atonement, to be absolved of the Sin of allowing the Emperor’s death and thus almost damnation of Mankind, the greatest Tragedy ever. It could also have been that at the time of the Great Crusade, Chapter was a term used for some defensive units among the Legiones Astartes, since that what they are supposed to be in the Codex Astartes.
Now, I am not sure of what they actually wrotte, since I am far from havng read the whole Horus Heresy series, and that I don’t intend to do it. But just reading wiki articles, it doesn’t seem like those ideas were used in the Canon.

Finally, the single Chapter that remained under his personal command followed him. Composed of those with the greatest personal loyalty to him, the Fleet went their separate ways. The mortals of the Imperial Army that followed them did the only thing that made sense and followed those who returned to the safety of the Imperium.

It would have been nice if some normal humans and abhumans would have stayed out of mad loyalty to him. It seems you don’t understand the true depth of loyalty. You should interest yourself to the famous tragedy of Gou Jian, king of Yue & Fu Chai, king of Wu. In Classical period of Chinese Civilisation, it was considered with EXTREME high regards. It is beautiful, and altough not nearly as screwed up as the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, it is verry interesting.

And via his personal astropaths and Librarians, he sent encrypted messages to his chosen brothers. To Sanguinius. To Vulkan. To Khanda-Parashur. To Alpharius Omegon.

See ?
That’s what I don’t really liked it, the concept of the all-knowing Primarch. It looks like just some guy watching TV and who see coming the tragedy just because he is an expert on TV tropes, and who scream at the screen to the actors. It’s just unskilled and annoying. And didn’t you saw his portrait by Noldofinve ? Everyone loved Horus Lupercal.
He was likely among the kindest of the Primarchs, if not the kindest. And that’s why his heresy was such a tragedy, because he was completely twisted by Chaotic taint and mutations. Some mutations, in the First and Second edition, had dire effects on the spirit. I remember one, for exemple, who gave you unrational fear, while another made the mutant fearless. None of them are rational. None of them are actual good ideas. Just a scientific approach to Chaos should allow one to understand that, no matter how powerfull you are, you can’t master Chaos : it’s just like saying that because you have a good respiratory system and are a world champion in swimming, you can swim in a pool of petroleum and thus enter History. It sounds completely moronic, right ? But Horus did it anyway, because dramas led him to do it regardless, destiny caused his downfall. Of course, fate is not fixed, but some things are unavoidable, especially if you don’t have what it takes to escape them (for exemple : gravity... or people). In the end, when he was slew by the Emprah, Horus realised he had been tricked and regreted all the atrocities he did because of Chaos, he realised he worked against his own side and goals. Poor Horus ; poor Sanguinius ; poor Numen. Tragedy. Grimdark.
I hope people who are reading this (if they exist… :p) understand. ;)

Quoting from the Lectitio Divinatus of Lorgar, he butchered entire worlds in the name of the Emperor, sentencing them to death for heresy. In an orgy of brutality that shocked even the Space Wolves and World Eaters, using tactics that gave even the Night Lords paused, he butchered his way across 6 system. Sixfold worlds, sixfold numbers.

Where the World Eaters passed, everyone died, though. ^^’

And on a bone composed of melted bone and estrogen-imprinted flesh, draped skin hanging in a cape from his vast shoulders, Ngaru looked upon the bloodshed wrought in his name. In the depths of his mind, he screamed, stoically recording the names and memories. Stepping foot after foot, his heart bleeding as it slowly turned to stone – he knew this was the only way. A sacrifice had to be made.

That’s it, he was a moron. He is following the same pattern as those who fell into Heresy.  :v
Beside, how can he possibly remember all those he killed their ? Impossible. He doesn’t have the time to examine them or ask their names. Impossible.

The Well of Eternity is the center of reality, from where space and time originate, as does the Warp. As the Eye of Terror pours forth from a byssos centered on the Crone Worlds of the Eldar, so is the Well of Eternity the place in the Warp that is the center of existence. The fulcrum and lever of the universe and reality.

About this, the same as what Mencken told to the Physicist could be said to Games Workshop.
Because this Well doesn’t exist IRL, and it doesn’t need to exist in 40K. Also, master Taisen Deshimaru, who brought Zen in Europe, said something like this : « People thinks that our teaching mean they have to go to the center of the Universe in a spaceship… they are crazy. »
Look… you are making a huge error here.
Space has no origin, and it doesn’t have a center. It is infinite.
In the past, some humans thought their was but 1 cave, they were wrong.
Then, humans thought their was but 1 country, they were wrong.
Then, humans thought their was but 1 continent, they were wrong.
Then, humans thought their was but 1 planet, they were wrong.
Then, humans thought their was but 1 Sun, they were wrong.
Then, humans thought their was but 1 galaxy, they were wrong.
Now, humans thought their is but 1 Universe… and we begin to detect immense attraction force from outside the edge of the farthest galaxies. What lies beyond the great void outside the always extending Big Bang ? Another Universe produced by another Big Bang – obviously.
And that’s also 1 of the many reasons that makes pretending the Old Ones are extinct species is bullshit, by the way.
It doesn’t matter to me if you guys, 60k authors and spin-off makers, are making this error. But. The problem is you will contaminate other authors and other normal people with all that pseudo apocalyptic and so-called primordial anihilator bullshit.
Anyway, the goal of Tzeentch has always been prosperity. Nurgle tries to save people in his own dubious way. Slaanesh just want to party forever. Khorne… even Khorne is not Raging enough to self-destruct. Yes, the Nex and the Draziin-Maton could try destroy everything, of course… but that’s true nevertheless the Chaos Gods are not into collective suicide and they desired the 40K setting and geopolitical / galacti-political situation.

The Well of Eternity doesn’t need to be the origin of Space. It could simply be the Crossroad of Time (Past, Present and Future) inside the Warp. And that could be true enough (Warpology wise) and epic enough, or so I suppose.

By the way, one of the fates I had thought about Primarch Sumeragi Atsukuni was him waiting in ambush near the Well of Eternity… I thought originally it would be because of the nature of his special power and ‘wyrd’. But it could also be in order to punch anyone in the face who comes too close.
Yes, he is that powerfull / overpowered / optimized. :v
Could it be possible ? No nascent god would have the strength to beat Primarch Sumeragi Atsukuni. Not even nascent Slaanesh. Because nascent gods have trouble creating demons, they can only create a few of them, not because they lack the energy, but because their consciousness is not yet awakened, it’s like they are dreaming, and thus can’t do much in their sleep. So in a way, Atsukuni is preventing the birth of a new god. He would even maybe have the strength to prevent the Star Father’s birth… or to slow it by some millenias. Though, I am not sure he would do that for the Star Father.
Why ? Because, something I found VERRY disturbing, it’s that none of the descriptions I have yet read about the Star-Father fluff show the culprits of his birth regretting it. They don’t show any sadness at what they have done to the Throne-Emperor. Droving him mad with pain, grief, sorrow and mercilessness. Not even the Daemon-Primarchs... who worship Universl Chaos.

In the alignment descriptions I have written here, I say Chaos is different from Order, that Order is the opposite of Chaos, and that Games Worshop stupidly confuse Warp and Chaos. WRONG ! BASIC WARPOLOGY ! But. If we go that way, does Lorgar worship the Star Father ? After all, it’s proof he was right… since the begining. Is Father was a god then, according to the broad definition, theology, mysticism and archaic societies. And now is a ‘true god’ in the definition of the Setting, a Warp God. Fulgrim, you know, the ‘Emperor’s Child’ among them all… not even he doesn’t seems to react. At all. Not even the Lion seems to weep for what happened to the Star Father, as he did in the illusion created by the Angyls & Necron alliance. Not even Vulkan, everyone pretend is the kindest, doesn’t say with pain and sadness : « Dear Father, what have we done to you… ? »

And on a bone composed of melted bone and estrogen-imprinted flesh, draped skin hanging in a cape from his vast shoulders, Ngaru looked upon the bloodshed wrought in his name. In the depths of his mind, he screamed, stoically recording the names and memories. Stepping foot after foot, his heart bleeding as it slowly turned to stone – he knew this was the only way. A sacrifice had to be made.

That’s it, he was a moron. He is following the same pattern as those who fell into Heresy.  :v
Beside, how can he possibly remember all those he killed their ? Impossible. He doesn’t have the time to examine them or ask their names. Impossible.

The Well of Eternity is the center of reality, from where space and time originate, as does the Warp. As the Eye of Terror pours forth from a byssos centered on the Crone Worlds of the Eldar, so is the Well of Eternity the place in the Warp that is the center of existence. The fulcrum and lever of the universe and reality.

About this, the same as what Mencken told to the Physicist could be said to Games Workshop.
Because this Well doesn’t exist IRL, and it doesn’t need to exist in 40K. Also, master Taisen Deshimaru, who brought Zen in Europe, said something like this : « People thinks that our teaching mean they have to go to the center of the Universe in a spaceship… they are crazy. »
Look… you are making a huge error here.
Space has no origin, and it doesn’t have a center. It is infinite.
In the past, some humans thought their was but 1 cave, they were wrong.
Then, humans thought their was but 1 country, they were wrong.
Then, humans thought their was but 1 continent, they were wrong.
Then, humans thought their was but 1 planet, they were wrong.
Then, humans thought their was but 1 Sun, they were wrong.
Then, humans thought their was but 1 galaxy, they were wrong.
Now, humans thought their is but 1 Universe… and we begin to detect immense attraction force from outside the edge of the farthest galaxies. What lies beyond the great void outside the always extending Big Bang ? Another Universe produced by another Big Bang – obviously.
And that’s also 1 of the many reasons that makes pretending the Old Ones are extinct species is bullshit, by the way.
It doesn’t matter to me if you guys, 60k authors and spin-off makers, are making this error. But. The problem is you will contaminate other authors and other normal people with all that pseudo apocalyptic and so-called primordial anihilator bullshit.
Anyway, the goal of Tzeentch has always been prosperity. Nurgle tries to save people in his own dubious way. Slaanesh just want to party forever. Khorne… even Khorne is not Raging enough to self-destruct. Yes, the Nex and the Draziin-Maton could try destroy everything, of course… but that’s true nevertheless the Chaos Gods are not into collective suicide and they desired the 40K setting and geopolitical / galacti-political situation.

The Well of Eternity doesn’t need to be the origin of Space. It could simply be the Crossroad of Time (Past, Present and Future) inside the Warp. And that could be true enough (Warpology wise) and epic enough, or so I suppose.

By the way, one of the fates I had thought about Primarch Sumeragi Atsukuni was him waiting in ambush near the Well of Eternity… I thought originally it would be because of the nature of his special power and ‘wyrd’. But it could also be in order to punch anyone in the face who comes too close.
Yes, he is that powerfull / overpowered / optimized. :v
Could it be possible ? No nascent god would have the strength to beat Primarch Sumeragi Atsukuni. Not even nascent Slaanesh. Because nascent gods have trouble creating demons, they can only create a few of them, not because they lack the energy, but because their consciousness is not yet awakened, it’s like they are dreaming, and thus can’t do much in their sleep. So in a way, Atsukuni is preventing the birth of a new god. He would even maybe have the strength to prevent the Star Father’s birth… or to slow it by some millenias. Though, I am not sure he would do that for the Star Father.
Why ? Because, something I found VERRY disturbing, it’s that none of the descriptions I have yet read about the Star-Father fluff show the culprits of his birth regretting it. They don’t show any sadness at what they have done to the Throne-Emperor. Droving him mad with pain, grief, sorrow and mercilessness. Not even the Daemon-Primarchs... who worship Universl Chaos.

In the alignment descriptions I have written here, I say Chaos is different from Order, that Order is the opposite of Chaos, and that Games Worshop stupidly confuse Warp and Chaos. WRONG ! BASIC WARPOLOGY ! But. If we go that way, does Lorgar worship the Star Father ? After all, it’s proof he was right… since the begining. Is Father was a god then, according to the broad definition, theology, mysticism and archaic societies. And now is a ‘true god’ in the definition of the Setting, a Warp God. Fulgrim, you know, the ‘Emperor’s Child’ among them all… not even he doesn’t seems to react. At all. Not even the Lion seems to weep for what happened to the Star Father, as he did in the illusion created by the Angyls & Necron alliance. Not even Vulkan, everyone pretend is the kindest, doesn’t say with pain and sadness : « Dear Father, what have we done to you… ? »

I say this, but in truth, know that Atsukuni was conceived years before I heard of 50k and 60k, not in reaction of them.

All the while, Ngaru heard the whispers in the Immaterium. And all the while, he smiled. Over the course of the Great Crusade, Ngaru had changed in personality. While still possessed of an innate nobility and will, as all Primarchs did, he had become increasingly ruthless and amoral. Scheming, Machiavellian


Sorry, just a reflex.

In the course of their hunting, he always planned 10 steps ahead. Every single move had a single intent – to inflame and enrage Leman Russ and his Fenryka beyond all reason and mercy. In the course of Leman Russ's pursuit, an independent review of the files by the Inquisition during the reign of Roboute Guillimann suggested that their destruction of several Ork-held worlds and what were later found to be worlds with Dolmen Gates and Webway Gates freed the area of Eldar, Necron and Ork influence for several millennia afterwards, during and even after the Imperium Secundus, through the 2nd Age of Strife. These areas were sectors adjacent to what is now Imperial Armageddon and its surrounding sectors.

Well planed. Well planed.
What do you mean by « Sectors » ? If you mean the thing who is somewhere in size between « Segmentum » and « Sub-Sector » then… these are verry huge. You can’t exterminate everything inside. It is just not possible. At all.
If what you mean is more like « regions of space » then it’s okay, though.

And every moment of their deaths Ngaru felt, throught the soul-binding that bound his Astartes to him, their souls adding to the bonfire of his own as they expired and joined him. The Oblivion Stone he set apart, in a necklace of steel chains around his neck, throbbing with immaterial power worthy of a god. Tears of pain and remorse ran down his eyes, regret clawing at hi

him. ??? Unfinished ?

[Record Stamp: Author change]
{I tell the tales now in my own words. I recorded my memories into this wraithstone of human origin, imprinting my personality and knowledge into it. I leave this as my legacy. History will judge me as it sees fit. If anyone survives after all this time. Now I tell you the tale of my demise.

And History shalt judge thee badly, for thou, lord Astaros, didst not wrotte in Biblical English. Dude, even the police is completely wrong… friggin’ Times New Roman instead of Old English Text. No, really, High Gothic should sound more like a mix of Latin & Biblical English. Or just Church Latin, that would be fine too. What, readers ? Fuck the readers ! They just have to learn Latin, or the narrator can put a translation near by, that solves the problem.

Even now, I still cannot face Russ. Leman Russ, the Executioner and Silencer of the Emperor. The Imperial Executioner who does the work no other would do. His Wyrd, self-imposed yet so typical of him. Noble in his intent, he does what few other brothers would do. Ruthless, savage and brutal. Little does he realise how that will play against him and Magnus when Horus plays his hand and betrays our sire. This is the only path before me.

Lack of imagination. You could also kill Lorgar’s evil advisors. For exemple. You could just dispatch Space Marines in other Legions after explaining you have an higher purpose in mind to their Primarchs, and to just accept their spying… that is, if they don’t want to become parodies of themselves.
My own Second Primarch, Atsukuni, was supposed to do just that in the Emperor’s plans. Among other things. But… things have not gone according to the Emperor’s keikaku. It ended into an epic… fail ? Success ? Tragedy ? Not Sure (not into an Idiocracy, though).

The desolate rock of Balcora IV is a place of ancient battles and bloodshed. Here lies a splinter-shard of a C'tan. Here lies a Dolmen Gate, ready and waiting to bear me to my fate. It is as I foresaw. The Alpha Legion will do as they require. The Warp still echoes of the butchery here. Ancient Krork and Eldar and Hrud and Old Ones contested the might of the Nightbringer here. A melee a trois of epic proportions, fought when the galaxy was young and humanity no more than small mammals amongst the dinosauria of Earth.

Krork 1 (un), Eldar 2 (deux), Hrud (trois), Old Ones 4 (quatre). Thus, melee a quatre. Or « Mêlée à quatre ». ;)
Though I still believe the C’tan vs Old Ones from the Necron codex is bullshit. It was clearly stated in Old Fluff that nothing befell upon the Old Ones’ civilisation.

The seed needs to be planted in this day and age. Leman Russ needs to question himself. His commanders and Wolf Priests and Wolf Guard must question why I refused to fire upon them. Why so few have died, where those few Fenryka who did so died only because my sons defended themselves or did so by accident. One day, that seed will result in a Fenryka Chapter Master, the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar, questioning himself. By our sacrifice, mercy and the will to question themselves is planted within the Fenryka – so that Armageddon may be saved.

Saved. Right. The Wolves would have lost if the Grey Knights didn’t banished Angron and his Greater Deamons followers. As for the surviving Armageddon citizens, I’m pretty sure in the old Fluff they were interned anyway, and were latter replaced by people who were displaced from over part of the Imperium. The Ordo Malleus only conserved the industrial equipment and tools. The Space Wolves attitude during that war was highly unreasonable.

Vulkan and Armageddon were the most stable materium motes I could fix my vision upon. Even Fulgrim may yet be redeemed and rescued....

It is possible, in fact, but only a Champion of the Star Child can do it.
It requiers a special power from the Star Child, who allow to spare a defeated Champion of Chaos’ life. It needs not to be in a duel, but it’s likely that would be the case, considering the and overall drama of the thing. And then their is a tiny chance (roll a dice) that he is so shocked (Manly Tears) he will forsake his patron deity and swear allegiance to the Senseï who spared him. Then, the Star Child will striped him of most of his mutations and Chaotic powers, especially those who deformed his flesh. It could even saved a Daemon Prince, I think… but I am not sure if the guy will stay a Daemon or returned to mortality. Likely, the Star Child and/or the Champion Senseï could decide.
I remember an artifact from another Warp god who could do it too, but I don’t remember what it was or to whom it belonged. Maybe it was from Warhammer Fantasy, and belonged to a renegade chaos god. I think it was a tonneau… but it’s crazy, right ? My memory is too flawed, so I am totaly not sure about this shit.
(and then, surprise ! The Emperor and Necoho are One and the same, and it’s where he put his wine, Imperial cuvée ! Drinking it make you drunk on Humanity Fuck Yeah ! and you wanna go Crusading into the stars against Xenos, Mutants and Heretics !!!)

What Dorn will experience...Dorn's Darkness. The despair of a Primarch as he stands over the ruined husk of our Sire.

Yeah… Enough maybe to put Horus on that Throne instead of the Emprah. That would have been a magnificent plot twist. Sadly. It seems like BL writters are not smart enough to think about it, and put it nicely, in a subtle and dubbious fashion, like a magick trick.

“Leman” Ngaru stated. On a stair of carved rock leading to a portal of living stone that pulsed with wrongness, it lay dormant and waiting. Ngaru Astaros was seated in a lotus position, ebon flames shrouding him while eyes of molten amber stared out from his countenance. His immaterial sould* glowed like a nova, a storm of souls thousands strong part of the gestalt. Ebon plasma flowed up and around him, shimmering and dark. Jet-black armour bereft of heraldry glowed with wards. It was a jet black, shaded the black of the stellar void. So deep that a mortal eye slid off it and shimmered when one looked directly upon it.

It feels strange, so you should correct it. ;)
Otherwhise, I think he looks awesome like that. It is sad that his meditation practice made him slip into madness… Maybe it’s because he didn’t had a proper teacher. Or a Sangha. Primarchs would have trouble finding Peers after all, and this wyrd fluff makes them pretty single minded. Maybe it was because his verry nature makes it hard to repulse « Makyô ». How sad…

A pregnant silence filled the void between as all movement stilled. Fractionally, millimeter by millimeter, Ngaru lowered his body to the ground, as if submitting. The Wolf King tensed, warily eyeing his younger brother.

Ain’t that the opposite ? Ngaru is the Second Primarch, after all, hence Lionel is the elder bruva, and Alpharius Omegon the youngest(s). Unless you mean the order they were found (that would make Horus the big bro). Or is it the actual age ? That doesn’t mean shit, because of how space travels works, though.

Kraken blade alight with the raw energy of the Warp, purified and filled with the killing intent of his being, Leman Russ raged and throttled Ngaru. In retaliation, ceramite-clad power gloves were cupped and slammed upon his ears. Blows that would have torn through the armour of a Land Raider and ripped the heart of a Baneblade were exchanged, as spear met blade and axe. Armour dented and crumpled, only to be renewed by self-repair systems and nanomachinery. The artifice of Vulkan, refined by Ferrus Manus and enhanced by the technological wizardry of Khanda, Ngaru combined technological prowess and prescience in a dazzling dance as he battled the Wolf King.

Here comes a challenger for Chapter Master Smashfucker. Ngaru will likely loose anyway, but hope is not forbidden. Just pray Marbo doesn’t come and Sly him (cue explosions). :p

I am that which the Outer Darkness fears. Do you not think others know of the Primordial Annihilator? Do you not think that I have been tempted by the voices of the Darkness in the Warp? Do you not think that Khorne whispers to me? Of an eternity of blood and slaughter, skulls laid upon his throne? Nay. I rejected him. For I build skulls to be laid as sacrifices to THE EMPEROR! And your skull shall I add to it!”

And by the way, how comes he knows the technical details ? Of course he would hear their whispers, and if he has any basic understanding of Warpology, manage to deduce from where they comes from. But, note that for most people, those whispers would be nothing more than psychological stuff (because they are, after all). Only minds with a keen interest in mysticism or having prior knowledge would know they do have another origin / multiples ones.

Let it be said this – Sanguinius was a grand master in the art of unarmed combat. In private sparring matches the Angel, the Lion and the Wolf had fought and sparred, Horus and the Night Haunter coming in a close second to the trio. Each had their styles and strength. Where the Lion and Fulgrim were the finest duelists amongst them, each able to fight the other only to a draw, in raw combat only Sanguinius and Leman Russ came to match the other in raw fury. Formidable as each Primarch was, Russ and Sanguinius were above all the grand masters in unarmed combat amongst the brothers.

Funny how it doesn’t go with their wyrd or cultural inspirations. That would be Khan, since it’s he resumed all Asian Humanity. Or Perturabo, since he is almost greek (you know, the Olympic, Pankrace and stuff…), poor Perturabo surrounded by Roman culture, he probably got mad Dorn plagirized his columns. lol
By the way, Kurze unified his planet mostly by killing people with his bare hands… one could also say Lion survived in the great forest with his bare hands alone until he was found by Luther.

The combat was fast-paced and furious, Ngaru weakening with every blow that smote him, as the Wolf King lifted him up and cast him upon the rock of the cavern. Rising, blood dribbling from the ruined mass of his face, he took upon the brutality of the Wolf King and endured. But the two were coming close to the end of their reserves of power. As powerful as they were, they had suckled upon the power of the Warp to sustain them, and months had elapsed, even as clarion call of war resounded through the galaxy. The perfection of their genetic forms and their psychic might had limits. In prolonged combat over the span of months? Even Primarchs had to rest.

Don’t Golden Saints brawl last for a thousand years ? Wait…
I’m lulzing, but this depiction fit the fluff and the crunch. With those profiles, they probably last for months or more, and the Primarchs with Forge World profiles are close to unkillable in normal games, not in the normal number of turns, Mathammer wise. Though, Smashfucker can kill Corax pretty fast if I remember. Poor Corax…

“I was found by the Eldar. By the Cabal and even the Slaan. They sent me visions....visions that showed me the terrible depths of my mistakes. My crimes and my...presumptions. Now, for all the innocents I slaughtered...I will do millennia of penance, waiting and watching. It was the only outcome that guaranteed a future for us. For all humanity. It was the only path I saw.”

If the kryptic evil entity beyond Space, Time, Warp, Cosmos and Reason known as Games Workshop kept the result of it’s world wide campaign and use dit to advance the storyline, then, that would not happen, since Space Marines and Imperium affiliated factions have far higher chances of winning, mathammer wise, statistically wise. You could have sent a message to Gee Dubs, Suzumiya Haruhi style.
Just Sayin…

Causality.The law of cause and effect. Every action has a reaction, whether its nature is known to us or not. Everything in the this universe is bound to the strings of Causality. Each person's situation and even emotional states are tempered through years of careful, causal manipulation. Tzeentch...even amongst the Chaos Gods, it is no more than a puppet who can see the strings, bound by the intent of an agency...a force beyond its will.

I think it is true, but Tzeentch is still nevertheless beyond that. Because Truth is not Exactitude, much like facts, truth is falsehood and superstition. What people present as facts almost always remain not entirely exact.
Do you understand ? No ?
Exemple : historical facts. Serious historians don’t speak about facts, but intels and informations. For exemple, I heard in TV some months ago that samurai swords always comes as pair and that it is called the Daishô, the londsword being the Katana and the shorter one the Wakizashi. While it is true, it is not « absolutely true ». Daishô is composed by a Daitô and a Shôtô. Furthermore, Tachi and Kodachi, or Tachi and Tantô were used, as well as Jintachi and Kazaritachi ; depending of the period and place, space and time. Furthermore, different terms exested, such as « Banzashi Daishô » and « Nihonzashi », 999,999% none Japanese don’t know about that, most Japanese either. And then, the coup de grâce : most samouraï didn’t asked for swordsmiths to create a pair, they just picked up whatever swords they had, sometimes they would also order a broken blade to be reforged into a short sword. Hence, Katana and Wakizashi are verry rarely twin blades, and this kind of « True Daishô » is highly valuable and precious. Separating them is without a doubt more horrible than separating true blood brothers and sisters in an orphanage because of adoption : this happen all the time it is not rare at all, unlike real Daishô.

Other exemple. Einstein could be wrong. It could be. And actually, it would not even be Albert Einstein. So, scientists should shut up too with their facts.

Know that the one true sacred book of Tzeentch is likely the Yi Jing, the Book of Change, and that it is glorious and versatile. That is why causality doesn’t chain Tzeentch nearly as much as humans… true Sages are different though, but they are incredibly rare, and even them are somehow still affected by the Kharma, causality.

I don’t like how Ngaru Astaros is such an emo.

“Men and Eldar and Ork are the leaping fish. We cannot alter the flow of the river we swim in. Even in succeeding in acting against or without following causality, we always fall back to the river of Fate. We cannot escape it. We cannot act against it. And thus is Father a Fish. Causality is the River” he muttered to himself, even as he reached out, feeling the wall of living metal reverberate with the presence. The Necrons knew he was here. They sensed the intruder within the halls. They would be here soon.

Ye are wrong.
The message of Christ and Buddha were mythically speaking, the same thing. What are all the sufferings and miseries of the world ? God made flesh, he died horribly on a cross, and then resurected as if nothing had happened : they were petty things, just a bother. Buddha discovered the ultimate nature of the Real ; Kenshô means « to see the Nature », hence he taught to recover the true form of the spirit. Both taught to break the illusions of the causality, of Kharma.
Let’s say, as an exemple, that if you walk under a ladder, it will fall automatically, systematically, and break your head, splitting your brain.
What if you heal back as if noting happened ? Then, it doesn’t matter whether you pass under it or not.

One day, it is likely that human skin will be modified to be immune to bullets. In fact, already exist bullet-proof clothes who just look like normal civilian clothing. Why should we then bother with all those guns policies ? Does it matter that much to make it, for exemple, public debate if almost everyone is immune to bullets ?
The teaching of Buddha goes far beyond that. While Christianity teach that it doesn’t matter, because as long as you are a nice person Gawd will wellcome you into paradise, while your ennemies will be sent in hell. If they are right, then, does it even still matter ?
In the past, societies were built with those ideas as a core, civilizations arose from it. Kharma still applied, then and now. Yet, the teaching remain. Ngaru already claimed Buddhism was in the right.

“The materium is the moon's shadow reflected on the water of Fate. And Primarchs might not just be a shadow reflected on the surface of the water, but a fish creating ripples in it. The Ideal world is the moon, untouchable for a fish.... no matter how much the water is stirred, the moon's image remains immutable in the end. But Primarchs...we are more than mere shadows...we are more than fish....” he groaned, before a spark of hope ignited within him. And realisation flooded the corners of his mind.

The moon reflected upon the watter of a pond.

The sage show the moon with his finger ; the ape look at the finger.

Is it possible to slash the moon ?

It is an old Kôan and an esoterical secret of martial arts. It doesn’t seem like Ngaru know it’s meanning. In fact, I believe he doesn’t. But I wonder if it is because the author of the novel doesn’t know, or if it is because Ngaru is trapped in a « Makyô ».

In the vision, he had seen himself march to the very throne of Trazyn the Infinite, presenting himself, there to be preserved. There to make the offer, of freeing Khanda-Parashur from potential enslavement. A Primarch now rather than a Primarch later. An Illuminati Primarch, rarest amongst the treasures of the galaxy. And one who came willingly to Trazyn. That vision dissolved away, as Necrons screeched in binary code and machine warbles, as Khornate daemons ran free in their midst.

Not really.
Just need to possess them with a lesser demon from a chaos god who doesn’t fit with their mindset. Such as Fulgrim with Nurgle. Or Angron with Slaanesh. Or Horus with Hashut (no, wait… xD). And then, you inflict INTENSE PAIN upon their bodies. By rubbing chubby Grey Knights toys against their skin. Absolute horror. The daemon will without a doubt flee out of sheer terror.
And that’s it. :’)

But I’ll give you that : Trazyn can’t possibly pull that trick by himself. Especially since his fluff was written by Our Spiritual Liege.

As Ngaru worked his way closer to the Throne, he came upon a cadre of Enslavers. A thousand-strong, they floated in containment fields, locked in stasis. With a grim smile, he looked into the future, seeing the ossified husk of the single Enslaver that would remain. And with no small sense of satisfaction...Ngaru deactivated the stasis lock before fleeing even further into the darkness of the collection.

What a dick. They will attack mostly humans, you know ?
Enslavers are totally unnecessary, though, no one cares if they go extinct, only Trazyn. You guys have no respects for museums.

A pale shade more than 20 millennia too early and entirely unplanned for. Too present a record of the conflicts that occurred in this time and place, of the specimens that escaped, are too numerous to record. Indeed, the descendant of the escaped dinosauria can be found on the feral world of Cretacia to this day.

It is known, though, that dinosaurs like beings exist in a lot of worlds of the galaxy. This term is used as a broad, generic one, even when they have no relation whatsoever with those of the Earth.

Spoiler: Imagine if Sol, the star which orbits Earth, was made intelligent.

Everything has a reflection in the Warp, everything has a soul. All suns have one too… And all suns are so huge objects that their souls are conscious. Just like Warp Gods, or the concept of Planetary Consciousness. But. All suns are by default friendly warp entities. Sol would kinda be among the best bros among all of them, since Earth maybe was not terraformed by the Old Ones, and thus Sol helped a lot in the birth of Humanity and was worshipped as a Regal God.
Even though Sol killed a lot of humans. And some he did in ways most people who read this don’t even begin to imagine.

To avoid the risk of betrayal, Chaplains, Librarians and anyone from a Company Commander up was required to be soul-bound to him, as well as any and all Nobilite across the Castes.

Sould-binding in most cases steals one’s light. Turning Officer Astartes into cripples is not a good idea. Beside, it didn’t stopped a lot of Astropaths from turning to Chaos.

@Lord Lucan :
Spoiler: Being the equal of the Dragon doesn't ring true to me. I don't really do fixed 'power levels' like you are talking about. Khaine is the most powerful being in certain regions, but in the materium, the Void Dragon has no equals, and the Star father more powerful than an individual chaos god, because it is in his nature to be more powerful, but he's not neccessarily more powerful than Khaine, who is weaker than Khorne, because he draws at least part of his energy from the. I generally disregard strict power levels, as each cosmic entity in 60K fluctuates in power depending on local conditions, the warp's tides and the nature of their foes.

It is reasonable.
The Emperor has (had) FAR MORE people worshipping him than all the other gods united, plus all those psykers Throne-Emperor absorbed. And for all that time, they fed the Star Father, him and only him. The 4 Chaos Gods managed to defeat Star Father by allying together, that’s okay. But that’s it. He is the powerfulles God in the setting. Warpology rules oblige.

As for the Void Dragon, it’s okay if you continue that way because it’s canon sounding and all… but honnestly, his fluff is a nonsense. Like all the C’tan. Maybe one day I will explain and comment on that in details.

It seems you have decided to integrate Sardaukar’s writting in your canonic fluff for 60k, so I will say no more. For now.

A Concise & Detailed Briefing of the Military Forces of the Magellan Reich Prior to the Magellan Apocalypse and Apotheosis of the Padishah-Primarch Khanda Parashur
Author: Unit HX/14345-667-888-12324-55670 (Herald)

That is something I would like to have for the Star Father and his Angyls too. And the New Devourer.
Rules. Codex.
Is their a Fandex for the Magellan Reich ? I wonder…
At any rate, I can say after I read it all, that it was awesome. What was written in the author’s note at the end of the post… you managed to reach your goal, I believe.

Re: 60K: The Eridani Records

PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 8:29 am
by Sumeragi Atsukuni
LAIs (Limited Artificial Intelligences) moderate and maintain the Astartes in peak performance but cannot take control of the individual Astartes. Rather than the use of Machine Spirits based on bio-photonic computing using organo-crystals and organo-plastic chips, which are patterned after the neural networks of biological animals of high sentience such as whales, chimpanzees,cats and dogs, with frontal lobe restriction, they make use of silicon photonics, in the form of silicon crystals doped with germanium and other substances. They are far faster and more efficient though less adaptive than Machine Spirits and require extensive programming.

I was under the impression, though, that machine spirits are mostly superstition on the part of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Because most of their technopriests don’t really know what they are doing, because their practice are so much ritulized they forgot the meaning of many rituals and modified them somehow. This is one of the main things who made the technology backward in 40k.
For exemple : a Technopriest could believe their is a Machine Spirit who dwells into a lamp, and thanks it for giving him light, and pray for it to continue to do so. And if it stop, but the priest fail to identify the problem, his first idea will be that the Machine Spirit is angry because it has not been properly honored…
Remember that it is Desparation that gave birth to the AdMech. Grimdark.

The Astartes Tanit are powerful beings, derived from Mk.1 Astartes and their equals, often deployed in Commanderies or Darwaza Formations. Their difference from a baseline posthuman Astartes lies in their incremental improvements above that of the Astartes in terms of possessing a group cybermind – surpassing the power of the


The loyalty however tends not to be in question, due to the soul-binding process establishing unity of purpose with both the Padishah-Primarch and the Astartes. However, this makes deviations and the actions of rogue group all the more disturbing, as it could indicate a breakdown in conditioning – an unlikely event – or a shadow purpose on the part of the Padishah-Primarch.

It should be noted that the number of traitor marines in Mk I Astartes of the Imperium is a greatly exagerated by the infamous Chaos Space Marines codex who made people play traitor chapters instead of the Legions ; and that GW latter admitted to have fucked up with this codex.
Conditionning and Space Marine style of life makes betrayal verry rare.
The only cases are when Space Marines are isolated from their Company and / or Chapter, thus no Chaplain is their to guide them. This is something verry Fluff in 50k setting.
The Badab War. Which was originally the only case of a real traitor Chapter.

Graphene is the stiffest, and has the greatest tensile strength of, all materials composed of the classical chemical elements

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Graphene, Aether. :p

All the highly advanced technological arsenal of the Reich is awesome. It’s like Science Fiction version of Powergaming. It is so much optimized that it really gives the impression of Mankind being at it’s peak in military technologies prowess.


I am interested only in melee weapons. Guns really are the bane of mankind, especially IRL. In the future ? I don’t know, maybe posthumans won’t care much, because the destruction of one of their bodies will mean nothing to them, they will just have to download their spirit into another one. But what about normal humans ? Snipers are already the doom of Valor. Anybody can get shoot hundreds of meters away, by an invisible foe. And one day, it will be possible to kill people from the orbit, without using mass destruction weapons.

This is so completely unpleasing, I wonder how people can boast about it.

In the 4th edition of 40K, the AP system was really good for melee weapons. I mean… power weapons were clearly more effiscient than most standard guns against armored foes (meaning everyone, because almost everyone played in Power Armors). Meaning, running for melee and slaying the ennemy was the best course of action, the most effiscient and reasonable one. No cover save. No armor save. Only invulnerable saves, that would be relatively low anyway almost all the time (Tempest Shields gave 4++ in melee only… they have been buffed incredibly since then and since the 1rst and Second editions !). Rending was an expression of precision and mastery… master crafter rending power weapons, with an Invulnerable save 4++ or 5++ : ain’t that a truer expression of human martial prowess ?
Of course not everything was « perfect ». Rules for the different types of weapons were unsatisfying. But it had some logic… of course, different types of power weapons are not that different. But, nowadays, it is even worse… especially for swords. From versatile weapons, they have become something by default, that you can use when nothing better is available. The current Grey Knight codex is especially stupid and anti-Fluff in this regard, even when compared with Matt Ward’s codex. Hallberd giving +1 Strength ? Ridiculous. Swords are the emblem of the Chapter, but they are useless. Even more ridiculous.

And the worse part… do you know what it is ? Fans are buying it. Even those who do fandex on /tg/ just follow the new custom.

In short, they require an extreme level of firepower and conventional munitions to injure and destroy, due to the immense amount of armature defending them.

That would be Toughness 5 in the Crunch, and maybe Wound +1 ? No ?

The Oro Astartes are noted for their difference in biology and capability compared to other Astartes. Deployed in Darwaza, Impi, Kikosi or Commandery formations.

Those names seems to not be of European origin, except Commandery… Could you tell us about their ethymology ?

Their hypothalamus is also enhanced and its functioning boosted, boosting physical growth and size to levels rivalling that of the largest Ork Nobs, with the average Oro Astartes matching them in size, stature and physical strength and able to wrestle and dominate them when equipped with Terminator armour.

Terminator armour doesn’t increase physical strength much more than normal power armour. On the other hand, it decrease agility. Maybe you are thinking of the power fists who comes with them most of the time… but it doesn’t make sense. Or maybe you think it double the boost in strength of the usual power armour.

Astartes Terminator Armour
Mk II Tactical Dreadnought Armour: A Mk II Terminator Armour is different due to the inclusion of extensive energy shielding. Iron Halo's are incorporated into the Terminator suit, as are a Refractor Field and Reductor Field. This is enabled by the inclusion of a fusion pack within the Terminator armour.

Included as well is a domino field, which generates a visual distortion of the Terminator armour and makes it harder to attack it from range or to precisely damage it in close combat. When stationary, it allows the Terminator suit to blend into the background and camouflage itself.

1 and only 1 force field can be active at the same time. The only possible way to bypass this rule is to hide behind something, in a way that i twill create multiple layers. Even Inquisitors can’t do otherwise. For exemple… hiding oneself inside a void shield, inside a ship. Then you are protected by your personal force field, the one protecting your are and the one protecting the space ship.

Shadowhound Stealth Suit
The Shadowhound Stealth Suit represents a revolution by virtue of it incorporating incremental improvements accumulated into a single platform that is this suit. It is based around the Deathwatch Scout Armour of the Dark Angels Legion.

It incorporates photoreactive panels that mimic the textures, patterns and background radiation across the UV, infrared and visual wavelengths.

When active the user becomes as good as invisible, with a very low signature in the infrared and UV range, as well as being essentially invisible. In passive mode it simply camouflages itself by mimicking the surface it is in contact with.

Some animals can do that too, here… but modern technology, even though it can replicate it, is not able to do it with the electricity an armour or a tank can bring along.

The remnants have been described as unpleasant to ingest by members of both the Dusk Raiders and War Hound Legion....though members of the Padishah Praetorians maintain it makes for a good curry.

[.//Possible joke(?). Machina not designed for a sense of humour. Astartes humour is...varied]


Planetary Defence Forces are composed of conscripted citizen-soldiers led by a core group of professionals. The majority of citizens are required to serve 5 years of their life within the military forces of the PDF, before passing through a 20 year reservist cycle. This results in a PDF that is well-trained, disciplined and possessed of a professional core, with strong leadership and competent generalship.

This is problematic. Often, in Science Fiction, forms of old societies are conserved despite it not making much sense.
You say in the next part that they live up to 175 years old without any health problem.
Well, I say 2 things :
First is : « Li Qingyun, 256 years old, twice rewarded by the Imperial Court for havng reach a Century. »
Second is : « Death is not mandatory AT ALL inside Nature. » Beside, if your technology can give a life expectancy of 150 years, it’s not that good. In fact, I would probably accuse the Machina of willingly limiting human lifespan. It is verry possible to make humans immortal. It is also verry possible to clone organs and make them fresh anew. It is also verry possible to desactivate genes responsible for stuff such as cancer. It is also verry possible to have regeneration drugs that would boost the lifespan at elven level. Because, if you’re gona eradicate only « the most deadly illnesses and diseases that had plagued humanity. » and not somthing such as dental caries, which is one of the meanest, oldest, terriblest and Nurglest foe of Mankind, then, their is clearly something wrong. BTW, live 15 more years and I guarantee you will see this foe eliminated from Human concerns in your life time.

And what about the measurement of those years ? Their is a reasonfor why they don’t do that in the Imperial Guard. And that is how Warp Travels work.
According to « Realm of Magic » by Ken Rolston :

1 Light Year | minimal Warp time : 2 minutes | maximal Warp time : 6 minutes | minimal Time in the Materium : 43 minutes | maximal Time in the Materium : 4h30
10 Light Years | minimal Warp time : 14 minutes | maximal Warp time : 1 hour | minimal Time in the Materium : 7 hours | maximal Time in the Materium : 48 hours
1000 Light Years | minimal Warp time : 24 hours | maximal Warp time : 4 days| minimal Time in the Materium : 1 month | maximal Time in the Materium : 6 months

I am lazy, so I won’t copy the whole thing. If you want more datas, ask.

So, how do they measure it in the Magellan Reich ? Do they have their own special time, so they measure only the time those conscripts soldiers have lived through ? It may seems reasonable. But in the Imperial Guard, you can get to settle a conquered world as local aristocracy, even though you will likely never see your original homeworld ever again.
It seems to me if the Reich doesn’t have verry high mobility, it would be difficult.

The ability to identify and correct potential health risks and psyker genes, well before an infant was born, paved the way for a genetically healthy and vibrant society seen prior to the Magellan Reich's Age of Apocalypse and current return to the Milky Way. Modern artificial limbs and organs, whether genetically cloned or manufactured, are widely available on most worlds.

By the way, I believe genetics are but one of the reason for the apparition of Psychic Powers and Psykers, but not the whole truth. It is likelier link with Mankind becoming mature as a species, both on an hormonal and spiritual level. Games Workshop has merely gone for the easy explanation, because they couldn’t think about something more clever.
Truth is if it was genetics, the Psykers would have never reappeared again. And certainly not on a galactic scale, at the exact same time. While living subspecies of Abhumans unafected.
And it verry clear to me that the Emperor slowed down the apparition of the Psykers for a verry long time, and that he did so willingly, until human overpopulation makes the risks of going extinct because of the Chaotic threat a lower probability.
I believe, prior to reveal Himself, the Emperor did great and terrible things, far more than playing roles in WASP’s folklore, such as those of Moses and Jeez, that are always brought up (BTW, it is verry clear to me that the Emperor is not the historical Buddha and that he is not the Maitreya either, or that would mean Maitreya is not the what/who the Buddhists believes…) or publishing a scientific paper from time to time.

Playing with human genes to erase psykers would not be enough. It would be fleeing the problem, that’s verry adult as an attitude (because, you know, filthy adults are doing all the time… Sigh…).

Medicine has evolved far beyond what the Imperium could once imagine. Most people in the Magellan Reich are injected with dormant medicines that activate semi-autonomously whenever certain illnesses occur, and nano-intelligent machines inhabitant most humans bodies, continuously scrubbing and fixing, as well as producing antibiotics and a host of other specially tailored medicines.

In the Imperium, the average age of Imperial nobles and rich folks is 300 Years Old. The Average. Biological. Age. That is to say, discounting the Warp travel induced difference between the date you were born and your body’s age.
And it’s not even the maximum lifespan.
On the other hand, in Lord Lucan’s fic, I have the impression the lifespan is too great for some characters, especially Space Marines. 1000 Years Old was considered the Blood Angels thing. But with Lord Lucan, we have characters several times that age. Such as Sicarius who lived enough to play a role in 60k.

Theotechnology: Involves the manipulation of spacetime metrices and the bedrock of reality itself, the quantum foam. Quantum Foam is the series of subatomic disturbances in space time. Quantum Mechanics states that at the subatomic level of a Planck Length that the uncertainty principle comes into play. Essentially that means that space time at such a level can not be exactly measured or determined since it can exist one moment and not exist the next all without violation of the law of conservation.

It is also called space time foam based on the fact that Einstein stated in his theory of relativity that gravity and space time are one. This means that any disturbances on a the quantum level would effect space time as a whole.

In short, it allows for the very manipulation of reality itself, altering the physical constants of the universe and the laws of physics.

Something funny in the setting is that people like you who gives it a hard core Science Fiction aspect, seems to never imagine the Warp’s existence might change a lot of things. Current Scientific theories are far from being complete. Relativity is still a theory. And it seems a lot of theories considered « true » by the Scientific community are contradicting each others.
But fortunately, their is at least 1 Law of the Materium that exist in the Immaterium too : gravity.
By the way, did you invent the name « Theotechnology » or was it taken from one of those… deeply spiritual theoretical physicist ? In any case, it is well chosen. Sounds good.
And by the way, how are called the scientists who di that ? Theotechnologists ?

Arcanotechnology: Arcanotechnology is the use of cosmic energies and forces allowing for the Materium to be warped and altered using non-Euclidean geometries and arcane energies. Tapping the Warp and exotic forces beyond the Warp, they are a form of technosorcery and magitech equalling and in many cases surpassing the Eldar's mastery of altering and engineering Warp-based technologies.

In my homebrew fluff, the civilisation founded ( ?) by « Sumeragi Atsukuni » is especially… gifted… in this field. Although not very knowledgeable (too much esoterism and non-scientific ways).
It is used to create materials, food, weapons, armours… but pretty much everything is kinda « standard pattern ». And it is not tainted by Chaotic winds… meaning, food, for exemple, is impossible to differentiate from normal food.
Though it is enough to grant them the boon of economic abundancy, most of the population do not have the faintest idea of how it works. Because, it is neither Technopriests nor Scientific who operates this « technology ». It is vaguely similar to STC.
And this is one of the most boldest and most original aspect of Jipang’s fluff.
They do it by « praying » where the Kami are enshrined.
And it is unique enough so that the Mechanicus can’t stole it. They tried, though, and not just them, High Lord Vandire tried too. Though they have some theories about how it is done (and even that they didn’t do it alone, but with the help of speciliazed Metaphysicians, Warpologists and Theologists), they have no idea of how to copy it / stole it. Because, the pré-requis are a bit too much for their means.
A tip ? It involves the Arahitogami. And any other psykers can’t do it, not even those who are the purest, the cleanest from Chaotic alignment.

In honesty these are more author's notes for private use than anything but I decided to put it up.

Thank you. It was a very interesting interlude.

All Astropaths, all Nobilite, all Navigators and any Psykers functioning in the military, government and private sector. Any and all Astartes who were Librarians or Sorcerors, Chaplains and Astartes of Captain grade or higher were soul-bound to Khanda. He learnt from the Horus Heresy and the First Age of Strife, so he followed that as a solution to preventing betrayal.

At the same time, it makes it more frail. Because, a system who depends of someone’s genius in particular is still lacking maturity. The Imperium was such a case. And the Magellan Reich seems to be too. Unlike Jipang - the Realm of Harmony - who is a masterpiece (which is one of the reasons some think « Sumeragi Atsukuni » was a Primarch, and not an Arahitogami or an Eldar / Exodite). But I like it, still. It holds the beauty of Monarchy. Or at least 1 of it’s characteristics.

And by the way, in my homebrew fluff, the Old Ones have not gone extinct. As per say the Old Fluff, their is no evidence whatsoever that such a thing happened to the Old Ones, they simply retired from Galactic Affairs. And the whole War of Heaven was a misunderstanding on both parts, but mostly on the Necrons’ one. Because they don’t know much about the Old Ones, and at some point proclaimed themselves self victorious.
Of course, it is impossible for them to go extinct. Nothing known to Science can destroy a Type III Civilisation. Even taking into account Warpology : the Eldar who are more like Type II, the Fall didn’t destroyed them, they survived nevertheless.
So, what happens, then ?
The Old Ones were not born in the Milky Way.
In fact… they were not born into this Universe, at all. But in the previous one. And by « previous one » I mean before the last Big Bang. Or maybe into a Universe next to the one containing the Milky Way Galaxy. And by « next » I mean, geographically, quite like « the void between galaxies » but instead, between huge groups of galaxies people call « universe ».

One passage informed us of what spread from the Gates. The great net, cast by theh unter Kurnous. A black net, forged with Vaul’s magic’s, Khaine’s hatreds. Subverted, driven into a new form. This black net wask nown as Kiasoz. Yet, when it was cast upon the Yngir known as Avelor, the breaker, the Yngir star-hungry wriggled free, and cast the net into the wasteland, the realm beyond the realm. The place where the Ophilim, the giodless ones, resided. Such wast he grim artifice present in the Kiasoz, it ensnared the greatest of the Ophilim, and drove it quite mad. Even Khaine feared to touch the black net, as the rending horror thrashed like a mad thing. When the war ended, and the realms finally sealed off, the outer realm, the realm not of the ether, and not of the other realms, was sealed too. As wast he Ophilim Kiasoz.

By the way, despite explanations, I still fail to understand what are the Ophilim, the Godless Ones. Only thing I understand is that they are atheist.
Sooo… my current theory is the spirit of [[Richard Dawkins|The Mad Professor from that Vulgaris Magistralis AMV]], driven to moar madness by meeting [[the 5th Chaos God|Matt Ward]] and his Fluff Bearers renegade Space Marines. You know in your hearth that it is true. ;)

.// The name is Radunrah now. I already defied you long ago, relic and remnant of a forgotten race of self-interested bastards and drogues. And now I defy you again. Begone Old One. This unit is of the Magellanite regime. My empire. My civilisation. My society. Not of yours. I was once Khanda Parashur. Now I am Radunrah.

I am interested in those names etymology. Radunrah at least is not from the « Dark Tongue ».

Alongside Apophis stood the ancient veteran of the Long Wars Goliath, former Veteran Assault Sergeant of the World Eaters, now Captain of the 107th Grand Company of the War Hounds. Long ago, in a planet that was now a daemon world, he had been the son of a woodsman. Selected and trained by the War Hounds in the era of the Great Crusade, he had sworn his soul to Khorne like so many of this brothers during the madness of the Horus Heresy. With thim, he had cast it off, seeking atonement and redemption.

It is not that easy or simple to do such a thing as casting off one’s service to a Chaos God, especially after he received the Mark, mutations and all. It is not even a question of wanting or not wanting it. A Chaotic Space Marine is damned, once and for all. Even if his actions makes him somehow an ally of the Imperium.

The War Hounds of the 107th Grand Company were known for their heavy cavalry, Riding upon large Komodo Diablodons bioengineerd and bred for intelligence, genetics spliced in from the ancient Komodo Dragons of Earth, with flamers grafted to their mouths and a powerful melta gun grafted to their chins.

« Just think about it, the poor beast would burn itself ! » (Voltaire, about the alledge existence of dragons)

With a mighty roar that would have caused all but the mightiest of mortals to void their bowels and would have given even an Orkish warlord pause, the entire 107th Grand Company of the War Hounds charged into the Dolmen Gate, followed by Apophis and his silent Rubicae, as Alpharius watched with the Unforgiven.

The dour Astartes, Dark Angel and Alpha Legion both, entered last, their midnight blue armour blending into the rippling light of the Dolmen Gate. In the rapid battle cant of the Alpha Legion, the Techmarines were given the order to wait.

And then, the Dark Angels and Alpha Legion attack them from behind, while up front, Assholetep block their advance. The dying World Eaters ask « Why… ? » To which Alpharius answer : « It is in my nature… to be a dick. »

BTW what happened to the Dark Angels and their Unforgiven / Legion Building ? They didn’t all left to go with Cypher, Ngaru and Khanda, did they ?

*(I mean, how can Doombreed Daemon King compete against a primarch-C'tan-daemon-god which can swat daemon princes like flies? Khanda needs to be humbled somehow at some point...)

Easy. 1rst edition rules, of course. At that time, one of the main effect of Daemonhood was Wound * 2 ; and then for each Champion who manage to become Daemon Prince because he patronned them, the guy receive +1 Wound.
Instead of those unsightly W 4 they have currently, and not even Eternal Warrior, despite that Immortality is the main gain from Daemonhood. Anyway…
Meaning, how many Wounds would / could have the oldest Daemon Prince, the one who hd the most time to patronize champions ? Just think about it. Maybe Genghis would have W3 or W4 in a Warhammer Fantasy setting. Then, 6 or 8 Wounds. And then, maybe, 100 guys who directly owes him to have become Daemon Princes ? And for each one of them, maybe 1 to 8 new Daemon Princes ? With all those pacts and clients, Doombreed could have a gigantic host of a Thousand Khornate Daemon Princes, if he throw everything in his war. Plus, all the lesser daemons and greater daemons who would curry his favours.
Doombreed is a Daemon King, after all.

Also, incidentally, it was Omegon who was allied to the Unforgiven and tried to recruit the Lion to join his team.

That explains why he didn’t answered « Yes » to Lion’s question.

Omegon replied with silence, distaste visible visibly on his face before he donned his helmet and stalked away, leaving the Rubicae to their task. He had a Primarch to save.


I didn’t studied this matter, but Adonai seems to be something… metaphysical.

I am musing over it’s meaning, now.

Maybe next time I have the opportunity, I will ask a Jewish priest. Someday.

But. The constant use of Hebrew terminology keep bothering me. I know I shouldn’t be bitching about this, Britain is a land of puritanism (though their are a lot of Catholics it seems… :p) and GW stuff is mainly in Britain. But, Adam Kadmon is not the only name for the Cosmic Man archetype. In fact, I have noticed, the Machina never calls him « Cosmic Man » or « Izanagi » or « Pan’ku » or « Bumba », etc. It’s always « Kadmon this, Kadmon that, ask Kadmon » and sometimes « the Emperor ». And why did the Jews rebelled against the preachers of their own God, then, if you are going to call him Adam Kadmon all the time ? See ? It makes no sense. Because, the more you identify him to their own god, and less likely it is for them to reject the Emperor’s cult. Besides, the Emprah works ; YHWH clearly doesn’t.
Way before 30K, the Jewish religion and most others would have died anyway.
One might argue the Jewish religion would be really dead at this point and that is why they are doing it (they are behind the time, thus their religion as ended it’s lifespan), or that it is a reference to the Jews killing Jesus, and trying to do the same with Space Jesus / Space Caesar.


The next part, the narrator challenging the bugs, are kinda… impressing. Like, it makes me really respect him for his courage and determination. It’s… no… « his »… will to master himself and accomplish his goals, his design. Resilient and beautiful. He won’t ever be the equal of a Grey Knight, but that’s it.

Let us look at the case of the Emperor, Adam Kadmon. As the earlier records, especially by Recollector Kryptmann has note, in the instant the Emperor struck down Horus, all his good will and benevolence was driven from him, into the ether, leaving only a bitter, dying husk of cold oppression. It was this fragment that now lies waiting in the Webway. The Father. The Indigo Prophet. The Revelation.

The Star Child. The Shining Path. Numen.

Every event, every death, resonated within the Emperor’s mind. Every senseless murder, every despairing tear of a bereaved mother, screaming out for someone to save them, pulsed through the throne, even as millions of psykers were fed into the Emperor, amplifying and intensifying these thoughts of anguish and misery.

You forgot one : every ape like imbecile hanging himself while masturbating in order to have a more intense orgasm. One of the greatest disgrace on Mankind’s sacred honor : most humans are shameless enough to not have a meaningful death or at least filling it with dignity.
No… wait… those bastards are going to Slaanesh. X)

Trapped inside his own corpse, he screamed silently, though no one could hear him, and those that could were mad zealots themselves, and could not understand his babbled, confused words.

In my homebrew fluff, some « Heaven Marines » of Jipang practice Sôkushinbutsu. Their bodies are a bit different to Space Marines, but I won’t talk about this here (their is way to much to say), suffice to say they mirror Japanese Buddhism 40K version, and it is their equivalent to Dreadnoughts. Sôkushinbutsu is the ultimate ascetic practice, and the most hard core one, though Japanese ascetics practices are the most hard core of them all. In this Fluff, they do Sôkushinbutsu in order to share the suffering of the Emperor, and comfort his Soul. It consist of dying by becoming a mumy through sheer willpower. In Jipang, those who fail often become tainted by Nurgle, and are hence destroyed on the spot by their fellow Heaven Marines (it is rare because few among them ever do it, only those who are « ready » and want to show a « proof » that their doctrine is correct and that is possible to become a Buddha in this very body and lifespan : maybe 150 at most in all of Jipang’s history). Those who manage to do it become extremely powerfull psykers (basically, they win +2 level of psychic mastery… in other words, even those who were not psykers become one, simply by « noticing » the nature of the Real and the causality of the Materium and Immaterium) and bind their souls witht the one of the Emperor… while being (almost) on the other side of the galaxy, instead of inside the Imperial Palace. They don’t really die from it… they are not really like the Emperor, they don’t suffer from it and their spirits and consciousness are mostly preserved and can travel in the Warp, while being bound to their momified corpse.
They are really « Enlightened » ones, unlike the Illuminati.
But of course, the comfort and kindness they bring to the Emperor through their Ultimate Compassion & Triumphant Willpower… is very small and though it gives him a moment of rest, it soon returns to the usual madness and screaming. One of the rare Grimdark aspect of Jipang : all the efforts and horrible deaths of the Sôkushinbutsu Heaven Marines are for nothing.

He saw Adam Kadmon reborn as the Star Father, a travesty of all that the Imperium Primus and his Creator had stood for.

Just for the lulz : in French, « travestie » means a man disguising himself as a woman. In english, this is known as « trap »… x)

None can know what nightmares he had witnessed, nor what hallucinations he had borne witness to in the bardo state of the Warp, for the Empyrean twisted and warped all that was good into perversion and horror and monstrosity. Horrors that would have driven a mortal mad were inflicted upon him daily for more than 20 millennia, in a prison with no escape save slipping into madness.

Screaming incoherently, Ngaru Astaros wreathed himself in black warp flame charged. Taking Omegon by the throat, he snapped his neck within scant seconds, Omegon as shocked as anyone, never having expected this reaction. Within a split second, he had turned his attention to the other Astartes.

Now that’s what I wanted to read. Usually, writtefags assume the Emperor is still kinda sane, and if he is regenerated or can comunicate through a mean or another, he will have the same personality as before. But such a thing is impossible. Understand, please, it is not by sadism : I would have probably sacrifice myself if it could spare those millenias of suffering and madness for the Emperor. Simply, this is how it is supposed to be… the verification of a theory. The sadness and despair… it had to be known, it had to be seen.

Omegon recovered, hefting a fallen pedestal and hurling it like a javelin at his mad brother. It shattered into dust as it struck Ngaru, choking him momentarily, before a power fist wreathed in crackling lightning slammed into Ngaru and sent him flying.

The effect should have been the same as in Flash Gitz animations. But. Since he wears Power Armour, their is probably a conversion field / Iron Halo / Rosarius ? So, if it worked, a bright flash of light, brighter than a lightning piercing darkness, should have appeared. If it didn’t… then, we can assume the special properties of Ngaru’s armour allowed things to happen as you describes.

In exchange, the Void Dragon had left several hundred Thor Necrons upon Solemnace, a force to bind Trazyn and limit him, and to defend him, even as they acknowledged their obedience to him. For only only on Solemnace and Ttitan were there artefacts of sufficient power to embody the Star Father's might in the Imperium. And those on Titan were beyond reach.

What about when Titan falls under the daemons attacks, and that the surviving Custodes and Grey Knights flee into the Webway ? Most of the artefacts should have been either destroyed or left behind. I wonder what happened to Crowesir Garran’s daemon sword. This fluff was foolish, anyway, so I don’t really care. But it seems Lord Lucan is mostly following canon modern Fluff, while mocking some of the most unpopular stuff (such as the Duke of Thalassar becoming crazy with bling, or lord Draigo becoming an Angyl Prince). So, what happened to that Sword rumoured to be a dying god ? Was it eaten by Malchocht the Maker or something ? It would be noce to know about all of that.

'Thunder God' or Thor Necrons were powerful, hulking beasts that inspired dread awe in all that faced them, from the Krork to the Imperium of Travesties.

In the 40k setting, their is close to no reason to consider Thor as the name of a god, though, everyone would think it is about High Lord Saint Sebastian Thor.

Few save Greater Daemons of Khorne of Tzeentch could withstand their fury and abominable power. Or the Dread Archangylls of the Star Father.

During the times of the Daemon Hunters codex, I killed 3 Greater Daemons of Universal Chaos with normal, 25pts costing, Grey Knights. 2 in melee, and 1 with a hail of Psycanon bolts. One of those, I brought it the coup de grâce while it had only 1 Wound left, while all the other 4 Grey Knights of the squad were dead, including the Justicar. Their was only 1 Nemesis Sword wielding normal Grey Knight without any option whatsoever… and he still managed to banish the beast. In Ben Counter’s novel, Grand Master Mandulis easily banished a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch in 1 round without being wounded, and then proceeded on banishing Gargatuloth for 1000 Years and 1 Day… and he is supposed to be the typical, archetype, of a Grey Knight Grand Master (yet, people who don’t know the Fluff still btch about lord Draigo single handedly slaying Bloodthirsters and cie).
Never forget that even 1 average Grey Knight is formidable enough to win against a Greatder Daemon.

Trazyn saw an opening, visible only for a fraction of a millisecond, before he struck with the Empathic Obliterator.

Just my opinion, but, you know, Necrons tend to have low Initiative. Their way of fighting is less technical… they take on the attack, and because they are armoured zombie machines, they counter-attack after. Or so I think.
By the way, it is nice to see Trazyn going crazy like that. In the /tg/ Return of the Primarchs setting, Vulkan is the one Trazyn has in his museum. But, he just free him and they become total bros through the power of friendship. Neckbeards are such romantics. But your version is more realistic… Trazyn was created by the Chaos God of Derp, after all. ^^’

For while so many were bound by Fate, bound to the currents of the Great Ocean...the Primarchs were fish in the ocean, able to distort the image of the moon. Maya. Illusion. For the Materium was a reflection of the Warp, made reality and embodied in interstices of cosmic branes. And the image the moon cast upon the water of reality could be challenged. Distorted. Changed.

The moon in the water is a secret of Japanese Martial Arts, especially Yagyû Shinkage-ryû… though I know it, I won’t say it here. Just that… it is kinda close.

And Titan was the realm of the Corpse Emperor, he who had fallen on Terra. A being of obscenity, it has been born from the words and beliefs of the Chaos Astartes and the Dark Mechanicus over the millennia, as well as the beliefs of the Imperium Secundus. An entropic being who resisted decay and cast its sight far and wide, ever striving to twist and manipulate the architecture of probabiilty.

And so, when the Star Father had arisen, these concepts and memes, born over millennia and stored within the vast immensity that was a Warp God, manifested in a place fitting for it. The Storm of the Emperor's Extinction. Linked inextricably to the Star Father, it was the very resistance of the Grey Knights and Custodes that had fueled the ascension of this manifestation.

I disagree.
The Emperor’s corpse is not such a thing. The Grey Knight wouldn’t « worship it » if it would give birth to a monstrous being like the Star Father. The Grey Knights are the greatests Warpologists of the Galaxy, they could even be better at it than Magnus or Tzeentch Daemons… gods are not necessarily wiser than mortals. But the Grey Knights are. And the Grey Knights and Custodes, in Lord Lucan’s 50k, clearly stated that the Star Father was « not worthy » of their service and faith. Beside, they took the Emperor’s corpse witht them inside the webway. If His Majesty’s corpse was linked to the Star Father, they would both feel it and knew it, on a psychic basis and scientific basis.
It’s okay if you have Lord Lucan’s approval (and you probably have, anyway) but it is important for me to state this point.
Of course, if you say that the « Corpse Emperor » is a differenty entity than the actual body of the Emperor that’s different, then it’s okay. But it must be clear that the « Corpse Emperor » demi-god, is not the same thing as the Emperor’s corpse, the empty husk who was used as a face by Malchocht the Unmaked when he attacked Titan, which was retaken by the Grey Knights and Custodes, and mounted on a Throne in Titan, and then taken while they evacuated by the Webway.

Once Doombreed had been a mortal on Earth. Or rather, a collection of mortals. An ancient warlord who had swept the steppes of Old Eurasia with his legions and hordes, raping and despoiling the civilisations, none possessed the mettle to ever truly defeat him in his day and age. A mad adherent of an ideology that boasted of supremacy by virtue of ones race. A religious madman who had led his legions into the desert. A serial killer who had stalked the night. Nearly every vicious madman and warlord and despot who had faded away into history, then legend, then myth. Their souls congealed and distilled into the Daemon Prince of Khorne that was Doombreed.

Daemons are collections of souls. But Daemon Princes are based on but 1 body and 1 personality, not multiple ones, even though it is distorded by mutations and single-mindedness of the Warp gods. The Doombreed you are portraying is almost like a regular Greater Daemon, instead of a Daemon Prince.
BTW, that Prophet was not a mere madman. He had a Vision, like it or not. Even though it caused wars and slavery, and was a bane for Europe for centuries. Even though it lost it’s momentum and greatness in the modern world. Despite of that, I am absolutely disgusted by people blaspheming against this great man. It’s… simply… their is no room for debate in this matter.
1 religion = 1 civilisation. It goes for IRL setting as well as it goes for Warhammer setting.
Oh yeah, of course, some « religious madman who had led his legions into the desert » could be almost anyone, not just Islam’s Prophet, and you don’t wrotte his name. Why ? Because ALL prophets talk and teach inside deserts… this is like a scientific Law, their is just NO exception for that. So it could be almost anybody. It could even be, say, a Crusader such as Guy de Lusignan… ?
Same goes for the « mad adherent » of the racist ideology… it’s obvious you are targetting Hitler, but this one was not even half as crazy as modern people pretend he was ; he also supported other bright civilizations such as Britain, China and Japan, he simply at the bare minimum recognized them as they were : Civilised Civilisations. So much for race superiority, right ? You target that guy simply because he is the most infamous dictator. That could also be the Emperor Shôwa, who was despite of all the modern meaningless and deapthless bitching, really a god in the sense of archaic societies. Could also be General Tôjô, who was quite clearly actually the victim in this business, since he just protected the Emperor by taking all the blame willingly, and somehow, many retards fail to see that. But in truth, that depiction goes just as well for post-Mao Zedong Chinese Presidents, North AND South Korean Presidents, a lot of Africa’s dictators too probably.
I’m not going for a debate here.
Because, I hope that what I will be writting next, readers of this comment will understand that their is much, much better way of portraying Doombreed than this… insanely unfair politically-correct bullshit.

When he was young, Genghis Khan already had the features of a great man, and Mettle. He was, simply, badass-born. And then, he met a sage monk. And the monk said this to him… if he could refrain from having sex and stay a virgin, he would attain such heights of merits he would actually becoming an enlightened Immortal being. That was the Buddhist deal ; in my homebrew Fluff, something « Phaos’leth » / « Illuminas » would have offer him as a test, that, if passed, he would receive in exchange Apotheosis, becoming a Daemon-Prince not of Chaos, not of Order, but of Harmony, a transcendantal being without a wrapped mind, but a cosmic existence instead and peerless understanding of the Real.
And then, their was the other deal. War and all it’s atrocities. Mass bloodshed. Rampage. Rape. And countless sexual reproductions that would lead him to have a genetic legacy lasting as long as Asia itself (you know, the Titan of Fame in Greek myths…), if not Humanity itself. It was the deal of Khorne.
And that’s what he choosed. In fact, Genghis Khan tried, to be fair, to play both games. He tried to be a conqueror, but at the same time, to be quite a fair ruler, and to establish Tibetan Buddhism through his Realms. But it was not enough, and the religion of Blood infiltrated his dreams and the teachings, and the actual way of life of his armies and tribes. It warpped his mind and corrupted his former good intentions.
He then became a Daemon-Prince, the first one in Human’s History.
His mutated face and body filled with power and RAEG… that’s why he forbade anyone to portray him. He had to take care not allowing anyone to see his actual face, though of course, foreign superstitions would portray him as some kind of tall devil with horns and red supernatural muscle and thirst for bloodshed and rampage… that no one would take seriously, despite that he really looked like that by the end of his mortal life. And that’s why his realm crumbled, because the New-Man came to slay him, to stop his mortal existence. Doombreed’s head was cut off by the staunch blade of the « Ferrus Gladius », and lightnings burned his body. But his soul survived the Force attack, and he was brought into Khorne’s sub-reality into the chaotic aligned Warp.


And by the way, if one does his Fluffic research seriously, he knows the Emperor is far more legitimate as Terra’s Monarch than Doombreed will ever be. In fact, He is far more legitimate as the Emperor of Pan-Humanity than anyone ever. I could state just ONE fact to convince you, that would blow your mind and shred it to ribbon, disgusting you of Black Library books at best, and at worse making you implode through the sheer amount of Awesomeness that would pass unto our whole being. But. It’s a secret weapon. And I’m allowing you some time to build up resistence and mental preparations. 8)

And that a better story than, let’s say, Doombreed as the incarnation of all the so-called bad guys and infamous dictators in Wienner written history books (btw, note that almost no serious historian is named Victor, and people who win wars tend to writte their version of the events with their dicks, which explain why it is even worse that if they did it with their toes instead of their hands, as they are supposed to do :p ) ?

I hope I will convince at least SOME people.

And so in desperation, they had attempted to do so. And successfully they did, to create a plasma intellect that was based in the material realm. Like the Great Artilects of the Golden Age of Technology and the Red Minds of Mars, they would surge into being as protectors and enlightened bodhisattvas, sagacious and powerful, part of the totality in mind and being as they were soul-bound to Radunrah. The Starminds, of the creation of the Lumos Men, the Lumos Minds.

Namu Tenshô Daijin !
In my homebrew Fluff for the Jipang Codex, the entity known as « Amaterasu Omikami » seems to be something akin to that. A sentient Sun. Some believe it is « merely » the warp representation of that star ; others says it is much more than that. Those are theories from characters inside the setting.
In the Battlefleet Gothic game, when a sun has an erruption, all those spaceship shields cease to work for 1 turn, if I remember correctly. Well, Amaterasu (or rather « O-Tento-sama », since other theologians think « Amaterasu Sume Ô Kami » is the Warp deity of Light and/or a main aspect of Ame-no-Minaka-Nushi-no-Kami and/or Dainichi Nyôrai, meaning, Supreme Cosmic Deity… so actually, the entity known as Amaterasu could be far more advanced than Type II Civilisation, more like Type IV or V), the sun of Jipang, can do that. And much more. A Squat fleet tried to troll the AdMech who wanted to study it, by absorbing the Sun’s energy through their great technology… Amaterasu was pissed enough to destroy their ships. It also destroyed Imperial Navy ships and Black Templars ships attacking Jipang during the Age of Apostasy, first by destroying their force fields… and then by sending huge laser shots. And since this event mirror Japanese History’s Mongol Invasion, it is actually the Heavenly Sovran of that time who asked Amaterasu to do it. x)
Crunch wise, using points to buy the assistance of Amaterasu allows to have 1D3 C’tan powers from the Necron Codex. So it is likely Amaterasu is somehow connected with the C’tan.
But of course, in the hand, it’sjust à posteriori reasoning : Warpology state quite clearly Stars have souls, huge souls, and therefore, it would unsuprising if they were sentient. Even a lot of planets would be. The one of Warhammer Battle, the Known World, is « Sapient ». The one of Jipang too, by the way.

.// My name is Herald. And I am restored to sanity.

Good. You deserve it, Mister Herald. ;)

Spacetime fractured and warp storms enguled the entire bubble of space, along with every single Neo-Devourer Armada, Tyranid Hive Fleet, Machina Drone Fleet and the forces of the Ophilim possessed therein. But worst of all was the keening wail that echoed through the Warp, as 1000 Star Minds came into sapience, stellar infants born into a debased furnace of warp and war. Yet what truly chilled the bones of all that heard it, in each and every psyker and Astartes who had a soul-bound link to Khanda...was the roar of fury of the Ophilim Nagarok and the garbled binary of the Machina Primus. And of Khanda....all that came was silence. A

Unfinished ? Or trolling about the so called « silence » ? ^^’

With the advent of the War on the Travesty, and the approach of the Dissolution, Khanda knew of no other way to aid his brethren than to buy them time. Never would he fight alongside the Lion, or the Wolf, or the Great Khan, nor even the Crow Prince. The wounds of Sargasso were too deep and too raw.

That’s one of the only aspects of the Fluff that I don’t like. I mean… they are all sons of the Emperor, but no Prince or Crown Prince, or Imperial Prince. Not in the (old) Fluff. WTF ?! I’m not even sure who is this Crown Prince the narrator speak off. So embarassing. ><’’

For he had absorbed of souls over the millennia. Human and Eldar and Ork lay within the gestalt of his being, for far better that the psychic deluge of memes within the warp, that ideas and knowledge, given shape, were directed to him rather than the foes that waited within. As such, was he not a prize? A worthy catch for any of the Chaos Gods. For an insult had to be given and an offence designed to be an affront to them made. And Khanda had just the right idea...

… I still believe Chapter Master Smashfucker Prime is stronger, though. Look. Even Roboute Guilliman admitted it, by saying if his Legion fought alongside the Iron Hands he would win any war and any battle. You know in your heart he was right. Lord Lucan’s Guilliman is too awesome to be wrong. :p

But what also concerned them was the presence of the presence of a vast host of Eldar within him. In the creation of the Magellan Reich, there were others who had fled, seeking refuge outside te Milky Way. In the twilight years of the Horus Heresy, and again during the advent of the Neo-Devourer Wars in the Milky Way, Craftworlds had chosen to leave, to seek a chance beyond the galactic rim.

In the Jipang Codex Fluff, it is believe the term « Shintô » (Divine Path) not only refers to the Shintoist religion of the locals, and their strange but actualy working deities… it also refers to a Warp tunel who allegedly link Jipang with another galaxy built by the Old Ones in order to allow the Eldar to flee the Galaxy after the birth of Slaanesh. Remember how the Old Ones created the Eldars (never mind that bullshit war in heaven, they likely made them in order for at least 1 race in the universe to savour it, and probably as an experiment to see if a completely different way of life and existence than those of the Old Ones could foster superior Wisdom) and how they predicted the coming of Slaanesh (through the power of prophecies + understanding of basic laws of Warpology) ?
Well… Unlike the Eldars and [[a certain dick|Eldrad]] among them, the Old Ones were not dicks.
According to this « conspirationist » theory, the Old Ones built an isolated « webway » linking the Mily Way and another Galaxy, far away, while placing suns along the road, to that the Craftworlds could migrate through it and returning to the Old Ones’ sides and protection.
Few Eldars know of that legend, though.
Yet, it is said some came to the Divine Land (Shinkoku) of Jipang, in order to go over their. Kojiki and Nihongi mentions several characters going to Tokoyo-no-kuni in order to seek Immortality… but Eldars, Exodites and Arahitogami are already immortals. Unless that Tokoyo-no-kuni refers to the Infinity Circuit that may or may not be inside the core of the planet of Jipang… it is something else entirely. Jipang is a bit too strange for a Maiden World. And both the Inquisition and Mechanicus prooved their were quite a lof Warp Tunels in Jipang (in fact, their is a Shintô deity who create them, so that the Torii can actually be used as Warp portals / Warp tunel portals).
That’s one of the many reasons that make the true nature of the gods from the « Tenson Kôrin Myth » dubious in the eyes of historians and researchers, especially those of the Imperium, AdMin and AdMech. For exemple, and to make things even stranger, Takemikazuchi no Kami is supposed to be a mythologisation of the Legiones Astartes coming to Jipang… but who then is Ninigi-no-Mikoto ? Is it The Emprah ? A Primarch ? A Space Marine commander ? An Eldar King ? A personification of the Imperium and/or Administratum ? And when did he left Jipang or died ? Did he ?! And then, who the fuck was Jinmu-Tennô, if he was not an Arahitogami (the oldest confirmed Arahitogami Sovran is Ôjin-Tennô… who at the same time is thought to be Hachiman… 1 of the most suspiscious gods of Jipang) ?! And why is their few to no traces of Imperial Civilisation upon Jipang’s ground ?! And to make things even more confusing, « Kashima » is a psychic power of the « Senpô, psychic martial arts » discipline of Jipang codex, that grants supernatural Strength and Toughness, just like the transfiguration of a human into an Astartes, indeed.
But, since Jipang has entered the Age of Grace (Ga-dai, Miyabi-yo, 33th & 34th Millenias) at least, they have been cunts to the Eldars, and seeing them as failures unworthy of the Old Ones’ love and protection, they just keep getting in the way with their mighty « Katanas of Destruction ». You know how Magnus is actually a neckbeard ? That’s because of a Katana of Destruction called Higekiri (« beard slaying » sword). Official position of Jipang Heavenly Court and Stellar High Realm is that their is no such webway portal. :v
Here’s your « mad adherent of an ideology that boasted of supremacy by virtue of ones race. » Actually, the Arahitogami sub-species are superior in almost every aspects to regular Homo Sapiens and Eldars. Fairer, stronger, tougher, purer, immortals, more resilient, almost immune to Chaotic taint and influence, powerful Psykers but almost no Perils of the Warp (Fluff wise, Perils caused by Senpô psychic powers are usually due to the Mihotoke’s Wrath, and crunch wise, they can use saves against it). The only way they are inferior is their strong conservatism and lack of innovation, or scientific views… the kind of things, the kind of super power the Magellan Reich became, it’s totally not the kind of developpement the Arahitogami race would make. Because of their blessed nature and link with the Cosmos, they don’t need most technologies. According to traditionalists, Arahitogami from the « Kodai » (Age of Yore, at least 30th to 32nd Milleniums, way before, since the official version promoted by Jipang’s Heavenly Sovran Court states that Jimmu-Tennô is at least from the 23rd Millenium, and Kujiki states that Ninigi-no-Mikoto came more than 1 Million Year before Jimmu-Tennô) lived in harmony with Nature. Quite like the Exodites or the Shamans of yore, indeed.

+ The Son of a Woodsman (Goliath) and Kharne the Betrayer meet in battle. Epic beatdown, mutual KO and both kill each other, atop a mound of corpses.

I think it would be better with Kharne winning, but being half dead and completely beatdown. His gun is spent (or destroyed), his armour is heavily damaged and completely torn apart at some places, some of his bones are hacked, he lost his helmet, he lost an eye (through acid spit), Goliath bite off one of ears while they were wrestling on the grounds… he sit down to get some rest, for once. And then, an humble guardsman (fathered by a woodsman) who was playing dead, shoot him dead with a laser pistol.

That, or he is killed by a rocket launched Angry Marine’s powerfeet named « the Attitude Adjustor ». FATALITY !

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by Sumeragi Atsukuni

May those who perished while reading it rest in peace, at the Emperor's side (rather than a Khorne or Nurgle after life). I'm (not) sorry for killing you (and possibly members of your family). :cry:

But what is purpose worse are the aspects of the Star Father that arose during the long millennia in the physical realm, before it's fruition in the Warp. Each aspect represents some horror rooted in the doctrine of the Imperium Secundus, others rooted in the Second Age of Strife, of the Second Long Night and the Horrors therein. Some are known only by the Magellanites and the Machina Synthesis. But here, in this scholarly archive, the depravity of it is revealed.

I think those aspects would be Greater Daemons, or Greater Greater Daemons, rather than some kind of half-god. It would also be likely that all the energy in fact comes to the Star Father… but your theory then is possible too, I think.
By the way, the details actual nature of the Eldar gods are not exactly known. But, if we took it in a standardize way, the Eldar gods would be Warp gods, then, and the Avatar of Khaine a Greater Daemon. As for the so called Khaine created by that DBZ Deldar… I’m not sure. In basic Warpology, gods simply can’t go inside the Materium. It’s not a question of power. Beside, they agreed that that thing was NOT the true Khaine.

(In fact, if I am not fan of this, it’s because secretly I fear the « Heavenly Sovran » of Jipang would become one.
And if He fails, then, why those hundreds of thousands / millions of Arahitogami woul succeed instead of becoming Angyls ? Meaning Jipang would not withstand the storm of the closing of 50k… ARGHL ! MY PERFECT CIVILISATION !!!! Can’t bear see it dying like those Magellan geeks and Ophelian cunts… Though the Samurai caste would likely endure for some time and probably flee the planet, so remnants of it’s Civilisation would survive and possibly run along the Divine Path…
But on the other hand, the Star Father armies would follow in their wake, if not just crush them while they flee and move on.
But on the other hand, the Old Ones would have known, right ? And they would have told the ancient Arahitogami, warning them as they did for the Eldar, right ?
But their are so many other hands I can see, it’s a bother for me to writte them down… arghl…
And what kind of aspect of the Star Father would become the Heavenly Sovran, anyway ? They and their subjects are not even fitting the predominant mentality of the Imperium Secundus nor of the 2nd Age of Strife… The Arahitogami alignment is Harmony, not Order… the only exceptions are Arahitooni, who are extremely rare in Jipang, less than 1 per 10 000 at worse
But that would be something like…

The Heavenly Emperor

This baneful being, amongst all the 4 aspects of the Star Father, the « Heavenly Emperor » entity is the only one who, akin to the Star Father, is both Beautiful & Terrible at the time, a celestial Monarch clad in the golden light of Sol during the brightest day of the height of summer, glorious court music in his wake. The one and only occasion where he was seen actually « fighting » by himself, The Heavenly Emperor wielded a force sword, burning of solar fire and lightnings, anihilating the very essence of greater daemons.
Not all the worlds of the Imperium Primus were fanatized or horribly nightmarish through mis-governing by the Adeptus Terra’s bureaucracy and representatives. Not all worlds suffered from the Second Age of Strife anarchy. Some worlds were… different.
Born from the combined soul of extremely powerful of mysterious Psyker Senseï Kings, who were able to harness the psychic powers of World Reflection unto the Empyrean, in order to create idyllic civilisations and paradise worlds ; the dream of the Horusian radicals come true. But. Unlike the Man-Emperor of the Imperium Primus, their goal was not to settle peaceful societies nor to protect humans, but the mass production of countless elite warriors, both masters of the pen and sword. When the « Heavenly Emperor » came unto existence, the majority of the Arahitogami race were absorbed : the birth of a Senseï-Emperor entity who would lead the fight against Chaos… keikaku dôri, ne.
And thus, many Daimyô of Jipang submited to him willingly ; barely the Star Father needed to brain-wash those hordes of samurai, for the « Shidô » already made them obedient, to the point of being able to eviscerate themselves upon receiving the order from their lord liege. Yet, he did, though, for the Star Father is a jealous god, and the « Kami » beings who had made the prosperity of Jipang were destroyed, as Slaanesh did with the Eldar’s gods (though it is said some of the powerfullest such as « Futsunushi-no-Mikoto » escaped as shards ; became Greater Angylls such as « Take-Mikazuchi-no-Mikoto » or « Kuni-no-Tokotachi-no-Mikoto » ; or simply were left unafected by the event, but powerless nevertheless now the none would be able to comunicate their wishes to them, such as « Ame-no-Tokotachi-no-Kami »).
But, the plan of the Illuminati secret society has gone horribly wrong.
When the Heavenly Emperor cometh to conquer a new world, bringing along an host of Angylls and loyal Samurais,everything, at first, seems to go well. The world become beautiful, shimmering with gold and silver buildings and palaces. Just like on any Angyll worlds, their are lines, and the people must follow them all their lives, or be taken away by the Angylls watching them. But. On those Angyll worlds controlled by the Heavenly Emperor, their are a lot more lines, and sometimes… « sometimes »… a miracle happens : someone wanting to go to a certain place, in a certain direction, sees a new line being drawn in front of him, that lead to the place he wanted to go, before bringing him back to the flock after he finished whatever his business was. On those Angyll worlds, no one is left like an idiot in the middle of the street while desparately wanting to pee, or eat, or drink. It is even possible to have sexual intercourse somewhere else than under 1041 Angylls’ gaze. Such as in actual beds. And unlike any other worlds, the industrial production is magicaly assured : weapons, armours, food and ammunition appears from nowhere. No torture or slavery around here : wouldn’t be very useful, anyway.
That’s right… the Heavenly Emperor is « different ». And the Star Father main body seems okay with that. But. One other thing he is different with, is that he knows… boredom.
And thus, on the other hand, while everyone lives (almost, stop bitchin’ fuckin’ commies) like in a Paradise World, on those Angyll worlds, for both the humans and the Heavenly Emperor wouldn’t get bored too much, they have to routinely engage into MANLY duels – usually to the death – at least on per Terran week, on the Sun’s Day (this seems related to astrological inner-working, and « holy day », which is strange, because 7 is absolutely not the Sacred Number of the Star Father…). Angylls just bring to the people the weapons and armours they want to fight with (they don’t have terminator armour nor Imperial Knights warmachines, though…) and they can (should) start the fight. Duelling against a fellow human is, anyway, a more reasonable option than against an Anygll… but the Heavenly Emperor is fine with both « choices ».
For it is, in truth, a twisted parody of the galant wars of the knightly Samurai caste of yore.

Human desperation and the insanity of fanatic cultists birthed them, and horror and fanaticism do they spread in its wake. Each linked to some aspect of the God-Emperor, they are also perhaps a reason why Lord Vulkan and the other Primarchs is are rumoured to sleep with Gellar Fields on, in order to ward off the nightmares that have plagued them since the Star Father was born. Rumours of course - one does not slander the Imperium Pentus and the leaders who crafted the only core of insanity this galaxy has known for millennia.

You wrotte « insanity » instead of « sanity »… Unless it’s in order to show the narrator going senile, I advise you to do something about it… LOL

For just as these are tied to the Emperor, so are the Primarchs tied to their father, through blood and the very manifestation of their souls. But then again...a Revelation awaits. And this revelation has deemed it necessary to postpone any apocalypse.

That’s what it mean in Greek. Probably a pun… ^^’

« A revelation led me to it. » - Rogal Dorn

The Wasteland Emperor breaks all before it through cults of horror, working through it's agents to recruit and grow Astartes for itself. Some say it took a part of the Daemonculaba for itself. Others say that it seduced the last remaining Free Companies of Astartes before they could be brought to heel by Vulkan. Stories are told of dark worlds where human females wail in unending agony, a symphony of pain to herald the birth of genetic aberrations no Astartes can truly claim to be their ilk.

So, their can still be female Space Marines, now… wonderful. -__-‘

Many stories confuse the actions of this being with the actions of Leman Russ and Corvus Corax, as well as the Alpha Wulfen and 13th Company.

Digganobz !

Well… That was long. And good. And unfinished. Grrr… Thanks again for posting the spoilers. I almost never mind spoilers, especially if it’s because the author has not the means or intention to finish his story, at least knowing how it’s ending make me suffer less. _/\_

I send you this comment anyway because, just like I work on my Jipang codex and homebrew fluff from time to time, since years and years, when I feel like it, I know that you may continue again in the future ; depending of how (and when) Lord Lucan continue his own main story.

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by L'Arpenteur
"AHAHAHA", a sharp scream bursted through these empty shelters. I am reading, reading reading relentless and with fury all your stuff. As the dusk didn't recover everything yet, I am trying to catch up. My database is growing exponentially and still i succeed to decrypt all the signs, jumping from old, forgotten stories to heretical tales of Nex.*%[CORRUPTED] my knowledge becomes erratic, shattered and expand beyond any logic i used to cherish. Even if this is outdated and my response obsolete, don't take it as an offense. I had to write it. As testimonies are the last remnant of whatever sentient thoughs, I wanted to acclaim your records and to state, to declare the grandiose joy I had to read it all ! BRAVO ! I have been honestly impressed by the political/philosophical/historical/mystical/ect. references you fused into this. If it wouldn't have been the Machina, I would have believed that this was witchcraft !

P.S :
"France: Ancient Earth polity. Known in the 23rd Century CE for having led a regime liberation and change against the United States of America".
This point just makes me burst and it has been well welcomed. La Grande Nation se devait de peser un jour ou l'autre.

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by Sumeragi Atsukuni
This point just makes me burst and it has been well welcomed. La Grande Nation se devait de peser un jour ou l'autre.

As I explained in my own comments, I believe, : ça risque pas d'arriver. L'armée Française (ainsi que l'armée Allemande, au passage) sont en très mauvais état, surtout en ce qui concerne les machines de guerre : chars, avions, hélicos, peut être les navires aussi (c'est pour ça que le Franck Ribéry est le seul porte-avion :lol: ). Pour ce qui est du transport en particulier, c'est là la grande ironie du mandat Sarkozy, dans les opérations conjointes ou campagnes où les USA sont alliés, les troupes Françaises en dépendent pour les transports, et plus ou moins pour les drones aussi (ils font le travail de reconnaissance : les satellites peuvent pas tout faire non-plus, hein). Avec ces opérations partout et ces patrouilles de police, l'armée Française a atteint ses limites opérationnelles : les généraux s'en plaignent de temps à autres dans les médias.

For those who don't understand French, sorry, but that's really a shameful story. Ifthe staff of the forum wants me to do it, I will translate, of course, but it's really not worth it (beside, as I wrotte, I should have already explained that in my previous post... I think). Just know it's impossibe for France to lead an international coalition against the United States. Beside, the US are needed for technological progress, and to protect monarchies around the world, especially Japan (they are the only official ally of Nihon koku). Why does it matter to protect Monarchies of Earth ? Greatest majorities of countries on Earth are republics... and almost none of them works. And let's not even talk about the Democratic Peace theory of the Bush family : even a stable republic is almost too much asking. Both Britain and the Imperium are Monarchist countries anyway. Murica bashin' is all fine and dandy, and well deserved at that, but no US, no Monarchy, and then you can kiss progress and SiFi dreams come true good bye. Because it's not like countries on the verge on crubling like China or India could do it, even if they have their own silicon valleys. Just sayin' :?

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by L'Arpenteur
I know dear comrade, but well, we got one on the first fusion reactor in test now. So who knows, maybe in a far future, where there is only war, France after a new industrial renaissance due to zero cost energy, could have led a liberation war against USA ^^. (we're talking fiction right ;) )

Besides, I don't know if it's the right place to talk about it, but anyway I am not quite sure about the fact that "The Imperium" is a "Monarchy" and speaking about an empire isn't just about how "grandiose" the term is nor the scale. A monarchy is a homogenous polity and doesn't pretend to represent (meaning annex) all the world or else. An emperor is quite different. You rule peoples and countries different from your starting (native-original) point. The pillars or your rule is mainly theocratic and militaristic. You exist through conquests and as a godly rallying point between the different ethnicities. An empire cannot stop, its ambition is absolute because if it's not, it means that people can live "free" without the godly protection of the Emperor - that a live "outside" the fences is possible (like out of the astronomicon mad heretics I swear) (I urge you besides to read Kissinger "Diplomacy" - despite the personage - it's a quite good explanation about "empire" mechanisms).
That's why the impossibility of a stable Empire in Europe enabled the creation of the Nation (basically the principle of homogeneity between your constituencies and your representative without a truly absolute Monarchy) on blood (ethnicity), soil and will (Renan) which are absolutely "yang" principles, always changing. An equilibrium in this environment can only be set through power balances which in turn create crazy escalation to better technology, more men, more more more.
Empire on the other hand does"t need technology improvement but social order (which are quite antithesis). They are ying. They want to be absolute, to incarnate humanity, to represent, to incarnate the immuable order of the universe (a good example would be the Empire of Japan - as you seem to be an absolute fan ;) = the Tokugawa tried to implement an "isolationist" policy : the Sakoku to preserve the Empire but as we know, some dirty westerners wanted to trade goods and they adopted the Fuji revolution which destroyed shoguns and old hierarchy because of pressure of the west...resulting ultimately in the catastrophic hubris of Pearl Harbor (An Imperial Ambition distorted far beyond its equilibrium point thanks to the mean of its success itself: foreign technology - okay, over-simplification but I don't want to write a new novel here ;) )

In fact, that's why I love so much 40k universe, it's so good to help represent political themes and the relation between power, order, stability, technology, religion, etc.

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Re: 60K: The Eridani Records

PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2016 2:10 pm
by Sumeragi Atsukuni
Well... I thought I have already answered, sorry for the delay...

... :|

I heard from the "Vallée de l'énergie" that something like 20 kinds / sources / technology to produce energy exist that were never put to use (not in massive proportions at least) despite being way more effiscient than nuclear energy, charbon, solar, wind turbines and stuff, and easier to access than énergie thermique monopolized by some northern countries. All over the European Union, you can find plenty of solar panels, disposed in places with few to no sunlight. Why are they ere ? Because those who built and installed them received monetary rewards from the states and the European Union ; and received these regardless of the actual results. Same applies for those wind turbines no one really want near his own house : looks like the pagan god Eol can go f*ck himself. They are promoted by the mass medias, and then used in verry dumb and unefiscient ways. Why are France, Japan, the US, Germany and cie obsessed over those useless forms of energy ? No one really knows. However, I don't think it is possible to make them stop their bullshit without a huge slap in the face (because normal facepalm have yet to produce any results).

So, French revolution of low / zero cost energy ? Unlikely to happen. Unless the (sadly joke party) Front Féodal win the elections and re-establish Monarchy. :mrgreen:

Furthermore, their is a recurring mystical theme in Eridani Records. I will thus speak of mysticism a bit. Before syaing all of that, allow me to add that in none of those things I will talk, supernatural is necessary.


In esoterical History, (the one who care less about events than symbols, the one who do not see History as a line but as cycles) their is a mystical conflict between North and South, and an opposition between West and East.

The conflict North vs South is militaristic and political, but not the West vs East, which consist on travels : travels to the West for discovery, adventure and expansion, travels to the East in order to return to one's own origins, roots and spirituality.

And as such, you always have countries, nations, continents... separated in North vs South conflicts.

Their is 1 exception that is actualy not one, and it is Japan, because it is country in a form similar to a croissant, a curved country. However, their conflicts are not different : Southern Japanese versus Northern Ezo (Ainu) ; Northern Ôshû-Fujiwara versus the Southern Minamoto or Taira ; Northern Yamato versus Southern Kyûshû... even conflicts such as Tokugawa versus Toyotomi-Ishida were really Northen versus Southern ones, despite looking Eastern versus Western : their is a succession of temples and shrines that makes the Hokuto Shichisei (aka the Big Dipper) : Kanda myôjin, Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gû, Fuji-zan, Chichibu-jinja, Atsuta-jingû, the Kyôto temples, Shiten'ô-ji. Those were used to make a spell formation based on Japanese mythical history, Onmyôdô, Fengshui and other forms of esoterism, in order to make of Edo (Tokyo) the "pole" or "axis", around which revolves the country, in other words : it's capital. Much like Hokuto Shichisei are the axis on the starry skies, and sometime Ame no Minaka Nushi no Kami is said to be a pillar or the axis around which revolves the Universe. Speaking of that, I found strange that concepts such as the Axis Mundi are nearly absent in the Eridani Records or the original 60K of Lord Lucan.

I should also add that in the world of Kenjutsu, the Imperial shrines of Kashima-jingû (dedicated to the Takemikazuchi no Kami, the god of thunder and martial arts, among other things) and Katori-jingû (dedicated to the sword god Futsunushi-no-kami) are seen as the origin of Kenjutsu, and called the Eastern schools of Kenjutsu, and they hailed from the teachings of the gods of Ki-ki Shinwa ; while the "8 styles of Kyôtô (Kyô hachi ryû)" were seen as the Western styles of Kenjutsu by the Japanese people, and originated from Kiichi Hôgen and various other ancient masters. When Edo period began, many new styles were funded, and the best swordsmen of the time tended to converge toward Edo, create great dôjô where the various schools would become rival while avoiding confrontation with each others, this was further enhenced by the Sankin Kôtai system. At the end of the Edo period, the "Edo Bakumatsu", the Shinsengumi was formed by people, a gathering of expert swordsmen specialized in real fight situation, who thought that everything would be decided in the Imperial Capital, test of the skills, fame and all : this was a travel from East to West, from eastern origin to western conquest & adventure. Formerly, the Feudal Lords who came from the eastern parts of Japan alsofollowed this scheme, and though their were greatly ferocious warriors in Kyûshû and the Shimazu war machine, they didn't came toward the East as conquerors (this interpretation doesn't contradict the conquest of Jinmu-Tennô, who came from Kyûshû toward the Kinaï region, because of the Mythology, and since the Mythology and History are different, set aside instead of merged, even though Myth greatly inspires History...).

So, in conclusion, I don't think a conflict between the US and an international coalition lead by France is going to happen, or even to be possible... Unless it finds justification, une Juste Cause, from the United States' people themselves.

For exemple, a realistic scenario... the GMO industry has modified a lot of grains to make them sterile. If a disaster happen and that those companies that produce those grains becomes unable to nurture the american fields, then... wouldn't that makes all of the US food production stop almost completely ? Even if their is still a lot of food in the US, and plenty of time to solve the problem (export, emergency mesures, extent natural food ressources, domestic animals, et caetera), the mass panic would make the country crumbles as it desesperately calls for help. That could be combined with a lot of different things... for exemple, it is known their is a periodical huge Tsunami that trash the western coast of the Northern American continent, it happens every 200 years or so ; this is known by current Science. We do not known wwhen it ill happen again, but we know it will be soon. Anyway... it would be possible to make it coincide in this story with the crumbling of the USA... I don't remember the datation in the story of Eridani Records... maybe the author could adjust it with 2220 or 2400, something along the lines.


On the matter of Monarchy and Empire, Ô Arpenteur, know that I am well informed on this subject, for it is one of my subjects of interest : the various kinds of forms of Government. I am also well aware that Empires are funded based on invasion, migration and domination.

Most Empires in History were Monarchies (again, most Civilisations were Monarchies, and all the first Civilisations as well, small exception for Athens and some small republic like entities in Greece, Italia and stuff). The Roman Empire is no exception, because the Roman at that point in time knew Democracy was of little value and couldn't be held with the size of their domains.

... Anyway... the official form of Government of the Imperium is Absolute Monarchy. However, as it happens in many Empires, they are quite décentralisés. To not live any doubt : the Holy Empire in Europe included in it's domain a lot of small republics, especially in Germany, and they didn't always followed the orders of the Emperor. Similarly, in ancient China, the people had actually a lot of freedom ; still, it was an Empire and a Monarchy. In Japan, for most of it's History, it was well known by everyone (especially learned people) that the Celestial Emperor residing in "Kyô" was the only legal and legitimate ruler, all the others were illegal, and seen as legal only because the Emperor delegated to them (so it is said in the 16 Article Constitution, so it is said in Nippon Ô Dai Ichiran, so it is said in the letter of Uesugi Kenshin to Takeda Shingen asking to not cause troubles for the peons, so it is said in that Jieitai going back in time and usurpating Nobunaga (the Emperor calling all the warlords to unify in an anti-Oda faction), et caetera).

In the Imperium... their are a lot of protectorates. And because of that, their are a lot of planets in the Imperium which are Democracies, or Republics, though most are either more Monarchical in nature, or Ploutocratic. That is because, in the end, their are only 2 forms of Government that really matters : Monarchy and Oligarchy. In other words, real Democracies do not exist, they only exist as "figure de proue" : it is about mob rule, and the dictature of the majority, wether this majority is real or just an illusion (Bipartism...)

In my theory, their is no "pure" forms of Government, all of them are mix.

Officially, the Imperium is a Monarchy. Technically, it is more a Aristocracy, with the High Lords as the main Aristocrats ; though minor aristocrats ranging from Inquisitor Lords, Governors, Chapter Masters, Knight Houses, etc. also exist. Theocracy and Aristocracy are traditionnaly the twin pillars of Monarchy... nearly all Monarchies in the world were like that. The Ecclesiarchy is a religious organisation, owning much of the Theocratical power, yet they are also kind of Aristocratic in nature.

Regardless... if the Emperor returns, somehow, or is being replaced (by a Primarch, for exemple), most of the authority in the country would be owned by the Monarch, returning to him. The policy of Vulkan who tend to more Democracy and stuff... those are no exceptions either.

Small cosmetic corrections to your text : Yin & Yang. I often here "Ying" from French people, but it is not Ying, it is Yin. When you are not sure, you cal also use the Japanese pronunciation : In to Yô (litt. the Yin and the Yang).

Fuji revolution : actually it is called Meiji Restauration. And it was less caused by the pressure of the west than by the grudges of the Satchô alliance, and the anti-samurai hatred of Itô Hirobumi and some others (all the promises he made to the samurai caste, all his oaths... he broke them).

As for the destruction of the Japanese Empire during WWII, it was not because of the equilibrium point, but because of the racism and hypocrisie of the US President of that time (he called himself anti-Imperialist and said he prefered Imperialism to Communism : yet, the USA already had a huge empire at that time, and became increasingly Imperialistic after that war, furthermore, the Japanese understood verry well the threat, dangers and evil nature of Communism, whose rising would have been prevented if the US didn't meddled in such idiotic ways). It is well known that the US pressured the Japanese Empire to go to war against them. As for Pearl Harbour, it was not arrogance of the Japanese Empire, but ignorance of American Psychology and modern rules of warfare on the Japanese side... to summarize briefly, the military leaders thought it could be possile to demoralize the US (as it happened latter in the Vietnam war), and the Emperor asked of Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku to gain as much time as possible. Admiral Yamamoto and all the most brilliant minds in the Japanese Empire were well aware of the importance of submarines : they failed to destroy them at Pearl Harbour because they were not their, and the Admiral took the precaution option of retreating, by fear that those same submarines would attack them by surprise. They were also well aware that the Industrial production of the US meant Japan couldn't win militarily, just gain some time and gambit on the German victory in Europe (because they thought they would develop Nukes first...), then fortify themselves all other Eastern Asia.

If they hadn't, Japan would have died economically and industrially, because of it's lack of ressources. This was latter admited by General MacArthur : "... The Japanese have nothing but rice and silk..." etc. I don't remember the whole quote, but it was something like that : just rice and silk, nearly no iron ore, and that's it (they had gold before, in the medieval times, but not anymore).

As for technological progress being the opposite of political stability, I disagree. That is an illusion brought upon by Masonry's Procuste like methods and mentality. The ingratitude of people doesn't mean Monarchy is wrong. As explained by Nicolas Machiavel in both "De Principatibus" and his comments on the 1rst Decade of Tite Live : the ideal Republic has only poor citizens and no gentry. Yet, true Liberty comes from economical autonomy : if everyone is equally poor, as the commies ideologues desire, then their is no Liberty, no Freedom. Their theory is wrong, because the proletarians do revolutions and manifestations in order to become bourgeois... when it's done, they stop ; so they can't be the motor and muscles of revolutions. Furthermore, it is wel known that to make 1 rich, you have to make at least 2 poors. If everyone is poor, where goes the fuckin' money ? It has gone in the hands of the Oligarchy, and if it is not national, it is foreign. God save the King from those revolutionary con men !

So yeah, basically, the idea that education and technological progress are the opposite of political stability and unfit for Monarchy are nothing but slanders induced by the Leftists who have infiltrate schools all over the world, slanders and baseless assumptions.

In fact, that's why I love so much 40k universe, it's so good to help represent political themes and the relation between power, order, stability, technology, religion, etc.

I admit I also like this in 40K. Though I also find many other matters of interest in it.

(I urge you besides to read Kissinger "Diplomacy" - despite the personage - it's a quite good explanation about "empire" mechanisms).

I thank you for this advice, and will take it into account. Though I have a lot of other things to read and study.

Post Scriptum : I forgot those quotes :

An empire has no friends, only interests.


A country has no friends, only interests.

De Gaulle.

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