Rise of a God ( short )

This is a dark age, a bloody age, an age of daemons and of sorcery.

Rise of a God ( short )

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Standing in the window of the town temple, Father Sigmander watched a host of some one hundred zealots marching by, chanting, whipping their backs, praying to Sigmar. Townsfolk kept out of the way, women and children huddling together as members of the zealous mob pointed fingers and called out accusations of heresy and sin seemingly at random. If it had not been so disturbing, it might possibly have been amusing to watch the fools. But Father Sigmander knew better, he knew it would be he who was the fool to dismiss the rabble.

“It’s a plague.”

Sigmander turned and watched his fellow of the cloth who joined him in the small hall, sitting by a dining table and enjoying Estalian wine.

“What was that, Father Ullvald?” Sigmander said and headed for the table himself.

“These Sigmarites” Ullvald continued. “They are a plague and should be dealt with.”

“Difficult with the Emperor in Altdorf being a member of the cult” Sigmander said and sat down and poured himself some wine of his own.

Ullvald frowned and sneered. “Altdorf… hmpf! I have heard that in Reikland, Sigmar has replaced Verena in almost all things concerning law.”

Sigmander nodded. “I have heard so as well.”

“How can you have law and order, if one turns to a demi-god over someone born by the gods themselves?” Ullvald argued with a chuckle. “Idiocy!” he added.

“Sigmar is the patron-saint of this Empire” Sigmander pointed out, making the sign of the twin-tailed comet over his chest as he spoke.

“Indeed! As he should be” Ullvald concured. “But gods far older than him have guided mankind for far longer than he has protected this realm. The Sigmarites prod and poke at stations and offices that do not belong to them.”

Sigmander nodded solemnly and drank some wine gently.

Ullvald let out a laugh. “It is even said, I hear, that Sigmar is now asked to guide in both battle as well as strategy. Have you heard? Generals are proclaimed, blessed by Sigmar, and not by the providence of Myrmidia.”

“Hearsay, my good man.”

“Is it?” Ullvald said and placed his goblet to the side. “Hearsay? Taal is no longer responsible for lightning in the south. I have heard so myself. It is not Taals mighty stone axe, but the hammer of Sigmar that strikes. The Sigmarites chant heresy, but it they themselves who are heretics!”

“So what place does Sigmar fill?” Sigmander asked and leaned back into his chair.

“Protector” Ullvald said. “Against corruption, protector of our future.”

“Is it then so strange that the feeble masses confuse him for so much more?”

“Feeble masses?!” Ullvald burst out. “The Sigmarite order and its temples do nothing to rectify all of this blasphemy. In fact, they support it!”

“Now now, old friend” Sigmander cut in. “You do not know that for sure.”

“The Emperor is proof enough.”

Sigmander sighed. “The Emperor… has sanctified certain actions, I agree, that favours Sigmarites. Mainly in the south, though. Not across the Empire.”

“No” Ullvald said, “Instead they invade us with these lunatics” he then waved at the window from which you could still hear the chanting voices of the Sigmarite zealots out on the streets. “Undermining the position of Ulric, Morr, Taal and all other gods. Save for Manaan I should think. Sailors are such a suppicious lot that I find it hard for them to ever relenquish their traditions.”

They both sighed and had some more wine, contemplating it all.

“It will lead to war one day” Ullvald said.

“War?” Sigmander said, looking up with some confusion.

Ullvald nodded. “I have… head rumours… from beyond Brettonia.”

“Estalia and Tilea?” Sigmander inquired.

Ullvald simply nodded. “Aye” he then said, looking as serious as ever. “The Morrites of Luccini are worried it is only a matter of time before Sigmar replaces Morr in the Empire.”

Sigmander turned pale. “And if the god of death and dreams demand tribute…”

“Then there will be war” Ullvald sighed heavily with a nod. “And if the orders of Myrmidia join, then their orders here in the Empire will join them as well, including Ulric and Middenheim. They would see it as a chance for a new Middenland Emperor.”

“Disconcerting” Sigmander said, looking truly worried as he considered the possibilities of religious war setting the Empire ablaze.

“Very” Ullvald replied to the fact. “Sigmar may be our patron-saint, but his followers however… are no friends of the Empire.”
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