Far Worlds and Farewell

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Far Worlds and Farewell

Postby He2etic » Mon May 09, 2016 4:32 pm

Good morning folks.

Today, the contract for Far Worlds has come to an end and has been removed from Amazon markets. I'd like to thank all the writers and the faithful readers over the years, during the trials we faced in the creation of the Bolthole Anthologies. The anthologies (including The Black Wind's Whispers and Marching Time) have been a feather in the cap for the likes of Heidi Ruby Miller, K. Ceres Wright and Clint Lee Werner, and have helped start several writing and gaming careers over the course of the last three years.

With that said, this marks the end of the Bolthole Anthologies. Most of you probably already know that I'm out the door, and several other authors have effectively moved on as well.

The opportunity remains open for someone else to take the reins if they so choose. But know this. The names and accomplishments listed above belong to those who worked for them. Whatever credit the Bolthole Anthologies deserve is as an opportunity conceived and labored towards. They are not to be seen as success stories as much as stepping stones to greater accomplishments and pursued dreams.

If this is what you want, never rest your laurels. Stay hungry, stay dissatisfied. And make Kaizen a part of your life.

Good luck out there.
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