Age of Sigmar Worldbuilding. All New factions/races

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Age of Sigmar Worldbuilding. All New factions/races

Postby schaferwhat‽ » Tue Apr 10, 2018 1:31 pm

So I got excited by the harpy elves, snake elves, fish elves and sky pirates and the totally out there bits of Age of Sigmar (cities built on giant worms and the like) and took to twitter to see what the masses would like to see as the next out there thing to be developed. Partly because I feel bad that so much of my energies in my Age of Sigmar city for my army is repurposing models I already own and sort of recapturing the world that was but twisting it a little. I should do more with the freedom the mortal realms give us. So here are the results of the twitter polls. ... 6326850561 ... 4248368129 ... 6796349440 ... 4916188160

5 new forces, a living stone Duardin, Dragon Aelves, Some Giant based empire, Nagashite humans and Insect aesthetic humans.

I kinda want to do some work, throwing ideas at those things. Wondered if folks would want in on it, maybe even getting to writing histories and fanfiction.

My ideas at the moment.
The Storm Titans:
An Empire of Giants, their magic users will have weather based magic. I feel they'll have domesticated humans in a similar way to ogors having their gnoblars but humans can be put to better work building things for the Titans I guess. It would make diplomacy with the Storm Titans hard because a human empire would just be at best stray cats and at worse wild cattle (for the humans that is).

The Realmforged:
The combination of the mortal realms being made of magic and dwarf runecraft being about shaping magic. A set of Dwarfs who to avoid Chaos bound themselves to the very realms. Living stone, other elemental powers stuff like that.

Insect Amazon types:
Because there hasn't be a warrior woman human faction, and having them ride giant beetles the size of horses or use ants the size of dogs to help hunt could be cool.

I don't have anything rock solid for the Nagashites (I keep thinking a more goth Empire from the world that was and that is boring) or Dragon Aelves yet (I had my heart set on bird Aelves). So pitch it to me.
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Re: Age of Sigmar Worldbuilding. All New factions/races

Postby Fenris » Sat May 12, 2018 12:42 pm

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