The Tactical Squad needs a rethink.

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Re: The Tactical Squad needs a rethink.

Postby Squiggle » Fri Jul 21, 2017 11:09 am

Administration in the 41st Millenium?

Its interesting, because

Spoiler: in Dark Imperium, Gulliman makes a point of trying to restablish the realm of Ultramar and appoints several space marines as essentially Lords of various planets which would then take them away from the business of blasting the enemies of mankind and back into negotitiating waste disposal contracts with disgruntled ex-guardsmen.

But I digress.

In reality, if a chapter consists of a maximum of 1000 space marines, and the Imperium is fighting for its very existence, I imagine the reserve companies are frequently committed into conflicts, either as stand along companies, or supporting the regular companies - perhaps with a squad here, and a squad there dependent on their specialties and then enemy being faced.

This discussion casts my mind back a number of years to an early computer game [i[Chaos Gate[/i] when, if I recall correctly, you had to kit out your marines before deploying them to each mission. So choice of weapons was very useful - primarily fighting against a mixture of cultists - weedy - and then traitor space marines - who were tough to bring down! I might see if I can find a emulator for that game. It was pretty entertaining at the time, although I doubt it has aged very well.

I am looking forward to building the Primaris marines from the Dark Imperium box and painting them up as Crimson Fists to fight a narrative campaign against some orks based around clearing Rynns World. As for when I get time to do this, I am not sure, but it will be interesting to see how they perform on the tabletop.
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Re: The Tactical Squad needs a rethink.

Postby Xisor » Fri Jul 21, 2017 3:25 pm

Great point, Squiggle! It's one of the things that *slightly* annoyed me in the TGS books: the timeline was ambiguous. Or rather: nonexistent.

We know Valedor happened close to the end of the Millennium, we know that 'the Eye of Terror campaign actually *has* to spread broadly into early M42, mainly because the events of 13thBC don't start until about 999999M41 or something silly.

So the time taken to flee from Cadia, to fight Abaddon on the outer worlds, to scarper via Biel-Tan, to accuse Eldrad of reckless shenanigans, to transplant to Ultramar and raise Guilliman... that all takes a lot of time. Thanks to the webway, not that much.

But then the big one: crossing the Imperium as the Cicatrix opens. They get waylaid at the Maelstrom for a while. They have to face Ruinstorm 2: Ruinstormer, and then actually appear on Terra. Doing that is not a trivial thing. Even the Ultramar-Maelstorm bit of the Journey could take years. Then in the Maelstrom itself.

So when does Guilliman arrive at Terra?
How long is spent at Terra inspecting Archeretek Carl's armada of shenanigans?
How long to outfit the Indomitus Crusade?

The crusade itself also has a non-negligible time cost, but it's boring.

More importantly: how are the blackships and Navigators coping? How are Techmarines getting between Chapter Worlds and Mars?

In all that time, how many Imperial world's have actually been seriously reonforced? How many have been overrun with an untrimmed populace of alpha psykers? The astronomican and throne almost burnt out its stockpiles after seven years of war? How much of a storehouse had been built for terra? How soon did it run out?

How many forgeworlds ran dry of imported raw materials and had to start cannibalising?

To put it mildly: I have some unanswered questions about the feasibility of an Imperium existing as anything other than a sliver of worlds hit by the Indomitus Crusade.

I know they said the Imperium Noctus or whatever it's called was a bunch of islands on the storm, but even this side of the Cicatrix, I'm doubtful things went swimmingly.

Also: didn't Segmentum Pacificus go completely quiet?
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