The Archenemy of Mankind - Who's in charge?

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The Archenemy of Mankind - Who's in charge?

Postby ribbons69 » Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:07 pm

Please be aware that any musings or assumptions on my part are based on the novels alone,I have never read a Codex. And mild spoilers for Gaunt's Ghosts .
So obviously Chaos in all it's forms wants to corrupt and presumably lay waste to all of mankind but who's at the top making the decisions? Yes I know that the Warp boils and seethes to the laughter of insane Gods but when Abaddon decides to have another go at this "Black Crusade" lark having had twelve attempts already is it of his own devising or direction from above?
Now I'm not sure of the exact timeline but whilst Abaddon is doing his thing, across the galaxy in the Sabbat Worlds the Archon Urlock Gaur is trying to defeat Warmaster Macaroth's massed Imperial Guard fleet. Although he does have Chaos Space Marines at his disposal I think they are few and far between . I'm sure he'd love Abaddon to send him a few more to counteract those pesky Tanith that keep foiling his plans and killing his Lieutenants,but who is the senior figure? Gaur or Abaddon?
Do the Chaos Gods even care what their charges are upto?
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Re: The Archenemy of Mankind - Who's in charge?

Postby Rob P » Thu Jul 06, 2017 6:56 pm

Think it depends what you mean by 'senior'. Are we talking about who has the higher rank? Who can command the most power? Who is feared the most? Who is head honcho of the mortal forces of chaos?

If I recall correctly the Blood Pact of khorne aligned so presumably Gaur is Khorne aligned. You could say that he is less important than Abaddon in that he isn't a patron of all of the big 4.

On the other hand the Blood Pact seem much more competent than chaos marines. This could be down to the fact that the Blood Pact are more unified being under one god.

There is an argument that Gaur is more successful in that he has staked a claim to a region in the physical realm. You could also say that he has more consistent support.

It's possible to argue that chaos doesn't rate mortals that haven't been granted daemonhood.

It's also possible to see the Sabbat Crusade as a tiny speck of fighting in the imperium and much less important that what Abaddon was doing around Cadia.

It's also probable that Abaddon and numerous other servants of the chaos gods have no knowledge of each other such that no true superiority can be established (though of course, in the novels everyone seems to meet everyone else - 3 degree of separation max?).

If you want to get more philosophical about it you could argue that cohesion between chaos forces is anatheme to Chaos.
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