Non-Imperial battle that really need to be written

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Non-Imperial battle that really need to be written

Postby Fenris » Fri Mar 21, 2014 1:43 am

We had a topic for space marines some time ago (and i managed to get my Celestial lion story in the meantime so yay :D )....So,time for one about the rest of the galaxy:

-it's probably the greatest Caos VS eldar battle this side of the Rhana Dandra from the way it's described,with lots and lots of important characters showing up on the eldar side (just the fact that all the phoenix lords show up...).But we still know nothing about it.

The fall of the shrine of Asur
-probably hard to write,because it's meant to be one of those events that stay shroduded in myth.Still,once again,it's such an important point in eldar history (the whole path of the warrior is born there and there is the ever present point of "what turned arhra?")

Speaking of which..

Karandras and scorpions VS Arhra and incubi on Zandros
-this one was interesting already when it was just a note of background for Karandras.The flashback at the end of Path of the warrior made it so much more needed....Still,how do you write an interesting book about a 17 day duel.I'm not a writer so i've no idea :oops:

Trazyn hunt for Vulkan He'stan
-Why?Well,of all the slightly crazy new necron characters,i find Trazyn the most interesting for his collector side (well,the most interesting if you don't consider the high chance that Orikan is actually the Deceiver playing some kind of long game...).And we have seen the "space marine hunting someone" so many times that having the reverese playing out could be really interesting :D

The battle of Octarius
-endless waves of orcs and tyranid that punh each other.need to say more? :lol: Maybe the fact that you have 2 races trying to outsmart...Well,not outsmart maybe but something like that each other at every level.I mean,where else could you describe a war between ork spores and tyr bacteria :lol:

I'm probably forgetting something but sthose are the first that come to mind :lol:
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