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Re: Ask... C L WERNER

Postby Lord of the Night » Mon Jan 26, 2015 6:09 pm

Hi CL,

I finished Deathblade today, personally my reaction is mixed. Sorry. I do have a few questions for you though regarding Malus Darkblade, though only the first is of importance;

1. Throughout the novel I noticed that you continuously referenced things that had happened in Malus's past, yet did not occur in the first Chronicles. Such as Malgause, Malus's rivalry with Ezresor, his liason with Khyra, Hauclir's death :(, and the references to the Wastes and the Screaming God Child. My question is this; did you lay these seeds on purpose as a hint towards things that would happen in the further Chronicles of Malus Darkblade?? Or in other words, is there a chance of you continuing from where Mike Lee left off and writing about Malus trying to get his soul back from Tz'arkan (once the End Times are over and regular Warhammer novels are published again)??

2. Why was it that Malus murdered Dolthaic?? I don't understand why a reference to a king shouted at some Ulthuanii soldiers merited Dolthaic's death.

3. Gav Thorpe, or possibly Andy Chambers, once mentioned to me that in 40k every single Eldar soul that has ever lived is still alive, even after being swallowed by Chaos. The idea is that the soul cannot die, yet in Fantasy both the idea of soul-immortality and vulnerability have been touted. It appears at the end that Malus Darkblade has ceased to exist. What is your opinion on that?? Is that really a case of Cessation of Existence, or is it that his soul was swallowed by Tz'arkan and nobody else could sense it after that?? (Same idea with Aliathra, would her soul have truly died or would it just be undetectable after Nagash swallowed it)??

4. If the answer to question 1 is no, shame, what made you decide to kill Hauclir but keep Silar Thornblood and Dolthaic alive??

Thanks in advance for what you can answer,

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Re: Ask... C L WERNER

Postby Carandini » Thu Jan 29, 2015 9:09 am

Sorry to have been away so long. I fear the other End Times questions I can't really answer as Deathblade was my sole contribution to the series.

1 - These are indeed seeds harkening back to the Chronicles and events during that time. I didn't want it to feel like Malus had just been sitting around all this time and felt that there needed to be call-backs to more than just the events in the five novels by Mike Lee.

2- Dolthaic made the mistake of using a particular slur within earshot of the Drachau. Just the excuse Malus needed to indulge his own penchant for callous murder (and to remind his knights that they should be more afraid of him than any asur). Dolthaic had been on his bad list since the eagle Gate in any event, so it just needed that little extra push.

3 - I think in fantasy (and I'd argue in 40k as well) that beings of certain incredible power can eradicate a soul completely. Both Nagash and Tz'arkan would classify as entities of that sort of power. Tz'arkan recognized Malus as being a bridge that could force him back into a mortal prison, so he made sure to burn that bridge.

4 - I kept Silar and Dolthaic around because they both figure in the final comic series Dan Abnett wrote with Malus. I figured that this novel would be the only chance to revist some of the themes from that comic, so I kept much of that cast intact. Hauclir, having been created later by Mike Lee, didn't figure in those events, so I left his fate as something in the past for fans to speculate on and maybe draw their own ideas about when and what happened.
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Re: Ask... C L WERNER

Postby Fenris » Sun Mar 15, 2015 1:06 am

So...reading Archaon:Lord of the end times it seems i got my answers anyway,even if a few months late :lol:

Spoiler: I know you didn't write that book,so i was really surprised when the oath between Gilles and Aborash popped up as the cornestone of the "end of the line" story for Bretonnia

Sadly i guess we readers will never know what that oath was exactly or how it came to life :lol: but still it felt nice to see such a nice idea used again

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Re: Ask... C L WERNER

Postby Xisor » Mon Jun 08, 2015 8:10 pm

Salutations, Herr Werner!

Made something of a start on The Curse of the Phoenix Crown and really enjoying it so far. I hope you can forgive me for trying to take my time on it - it's been a long time coming and who knows when we'll see such a thing again?

In any event, I wondered about your writing process and notes. More specifically, whether you sketch out any maps or timelines or family trees or anything like that? Perhaps predominately character details and important-to-the-story plot specifics, or maybe more wide-ranging things?

Anyway, in the same vein - how much collaboration did you get to do with the other authors in writing Curse? Enough for your comfort in writing, too much of that, not enough? How much freedom did that leave you with including your own ideas on how the war progressed, or was it much more of a constrained exercise with lots of 'this has to happen' details?

Sorry for the deluge of questions, but in between quick snips of commuting, they were mostly the thoughts that occurred.

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