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Lord of the Night wrote:
JReynolds wrote:Hi LotN,

I can probably answer a few of these, in limited fashion.

1. Nope, but he's mentioned. Bile actually has a crew of assistants this go-round.

2. Earlier. Post-Talon of Horus, pre-everything else.

3. Possibly. Some of those haven't happened yet, and the others have already had their pay-off.

4. Possibly.

5. Not really, I'm afraid. Later, possibly, but not right now.

Hmm, interesting.

1. Cool, I think that'll be entertaining. :)

2. Ah, does that mean that we might see how Bile actually reacted to Abaddon and the proto-Black Legion destroying his work? Because after the very ominous line "He won't like that," we don't see Bile again in that book (obviously he was smart enough to abandon ship at that point), but I can't imagine he was happy with the result of the following events.

Good stuff, again looking forward to reading the trilogy. One addendum, thanks for finally giving Bile a series. He's deserved one for a long time.


1. I hope so!

2. Possibly, yes.

And I agree. I hope I can do the character justice.
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