BL still open to submissions from published authors

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BL still open to submissions from published authors

Postby Erunanion » Tue Dec 12, 2017 8:54 pm

Hi all. I saw the following on Gav Thorpe's December Q&A blog, and I thought I ought to share it with you all, partly because I'm sure you'll all be interested and partly to see if anyone can clarify whether or not it is accurate.

Gav responded to a question from a fan regarding writing for BL (emphasis mine):

Michael replied to my newsletter commenting: I have to say as an aspiring author my dream is to write for Black Library one day, if not I will continue my work and at least try to write some good books… you and Graham are the best thanks for the motivation and the excellent stories…

Thanks for your message. My advice has always been to be a writer (or games designer) in the broader sense and then maybe hope to work with BL or GW. Limiting yourself to such a single narrow window of opportunity rarely works. I was just discussing this with Nick Kyme yesterday, in fact. Getting something published elsewhere – Uncanny Magazine, Grimdark Magazine, etc – lets you jump the queue a bit in terms of BL submissions, as the process is different for published authors. It’s also just good practise and experience of the editorial process for if you do get a shot with playing in the GW sandpit

Now, this was discussed way back at Black Library Live! 2011, because I asked Christian Dunn to elaborate on what counted as previously published - his answer was essentially if you have had to go through a proper submission and editorial process, then that would count as being previously published and therefore allow you to submit directly to BL, outside the open sub windows.

I have let this fall from my mind in recent years, given that there have been a lot of changes at BL since 2011. However, evidently it is Gav's understanding - and possibly Nick Kyme's as well - that the direct submission route is still open to previously published authors.

Can anyone confirm this?

Yes or no, I'm sure a history of previous publications can't hurt your submissions when it comes to the next open window, and as writers we shouldn't confine ourselves to BL's windows or to GW's licensed worlds.

As a last FYI, Grimdark Magazine will open to submissions on 15th January 2018, and Uncanny Magazine is presently closed.

For those who are looking for opportunities to be published, I subscribe to the Submission Grinder. It drops weekly newsletters detailing magazines and anthologies and other opportunities, and can be tailored to particular markets and genres - it rather stepped into the space Duotropes made when it went to a pay-to-access model. Hope it may be of use to some people.
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Re: BL still open to submissions from published authors

Postby David Earle » Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:26 pm

Many thanks. Submissions Grinder definitely sounds useful.
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