- About the Bolthole -

The Bolthole is a fan-run site dedicated to the appreciation of works from the range of publications, including novels centred around the Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 universes. Be it the latest Gav Thorpe or the new Necron release, someone here will be talking about it.

As well as discussing the products and the universes behind them, we're also a community of avid writers. Primarily setting fiction in the Warhammer universes, we come here to share stories for critique, to contribute reviews and to support each other in the quest for publication.

So if any of this sounds like your scene, get yourself on over to the forum and sign up. We're practically slavering in anticipation.

- The Bolthole Staff -

Ghurlag - A Computer Science student with a tendency to dabble in Warhammer fiction when the writing mood strikes him, Ghurlag exerts his meagre influence on the board by popping up here and there with a comment or a thorough review. A lover of anything dark and depressing, he can often be seen sneering at new film releases in the Insanely Off Topic board. He also serves as the Bolthole's web admin, and is responsible for dealing with any of the technical complaints you might choose to plague him with about the Bolthole's site, forum or blog.

J D Dunsany - J D Dunsany is a 41 year old English teacher, married with two kids. A few years ago, he had two stories published in Big Finish's 'Short Trips' anthologies, as well as the odd review here and there. On the Bolthole, his main area of responsibility is the running of the 'Read in a Rush' competition, which continues to produce fantastic short fiction. He loves all things 40K and Fantasy and is particularly fond of warrior nuns in power armour. Well, who isn't?

LordLucan - Howdy dear Boltholers, and indeed hello to the wider denizens of the world wide information mesh which has ensnared us all! My name is Lord Lucan. I am a moderator for the Bolthole, a graduate University student, and am just starting out in the big wide scary world of professional fiction writing. Also, I hope to be a regular contributor to this fine bloggifacular publication/page thingymabob. I am a dementedly loyal follower of fiction, and a keen fan fiction writer to boot. I was a member of the original forums, and have since followed each reiteration of the Bolthole, since escaping the old forum's sad demise. Now we are risen from the ashes and bigger and better than ever. Enjoy your stay and remember to call Squiggle a girl (he really doesn't mind it at all...)

Narrativium - Narrativium has always been here. Attempts to remove him frighten the cat. He claims to be a plural entity, but without the additional productivity. Once, a long while ago, he was a moderator on 's own official forums, a fact he abuses to get the cushiest chair in the Bolthole lounge. He is the author of a published Warhammer short story, 'The Last Ride of Heiner Rothstein', a fact which terrifies people into believing he might be capable of getting published again. He likes drinking tea, but if you're buying, make it a Magner's

ShadowHawk - Occasional dabbler in video game design, an aspiring writer (frankly who isn't these days) and an avid SF/F (likes to think so) buff, I can usually be found in the depths of alternate universe GW fanfic or slogging away in online games. Also a contributor at 24FPS for movie reviews and at The Founding Fields for book reviews. Feel free to check out my blog at http://sonsofcorax.wordpress.com

Squiggle - Squiggle is not a girl. There, that particular ghost has finally been made to rest. Long time fan fiction governor on the official forums, I came here with the bathwater when the Bolthole was set up. In my spare time I am busy writing a steampunk novel, occasionally flicking paint at an ancient and sprawling Iron Warriors army and when I'm not doing that, I'm out running. You can find my occasional random musings at www.iamnotagirl.wordpress.com and follow my more consistent ramblings @sqyiggle on twitter.